Dear reader, think is good to develop a brief SUMMARY about small detail that have been able to observe at that WIMBLEDON 2023 but also mustn’t forget the rest of the previous grass season, that in some point if bring it an my particular area, sadly had been one of the most painful ones that haven’t imagined that had to live on, a feeling that can resumen in that sentence:

” Be thrown into the gutter like if was a rubbish bag with a number attached on ”  

However, as well said Djokovic the other day in his responds to the haters:

” Haters are good problem to have, Nobody hates the good ones, they hate the great ones ” (Kobe Bryant).

“ They’re actually doing me a favour,” Djokovic said earlier in the tournament. “The more they root against me, the better off I am. With me, they wake up to something they might not want to see – a winner. ” 

So, I can just respond them exactly that same words, because if I was already one of the strongest man, right now I am still more strong ever while accumulate more and more resources to manage everything in the right direction and bring out a AUTHENTIC WINNER, A WARRIOR with Capital Letters.

An invitation, ” know me on short distances, I can sure you that won’t be expected anything that there is inside of me, unreal “

As also Djokovic said:

” I am not raised my children on that way…..hate is a negative emotion…”  

I would ask, if you have sons, daughters, grandsons, granddaughters,…., as  would you be going to feel if you see them on their working station being treated on that way of hate and jealousy that I was treated on?….    That question have a big depth pool behind of it, so need a brief time of empathy and development before you get an honest answer in.

” One must be always an AUTHENTIC person that pretend to like everyone, it means keep firm on his/her principles that along of a process that have taken a long time if we have been working on ” 

Of course, I do mistakes, probably a lot mistakes, but the difference is that realised about them in the same moment, take responsibilities, accept the consequences and work so hard to find the best solution about the context, said in other words, I am a person that learn super faster and that every detail is integrate on my brain in a super short time than people have drawn in theirs minds, the first step to BE A WINNER OR BE ABLE TO DEVELOP A WINNER, is that must be an AUTHENTIC PERSON, from there can start to EXPLORE the limits that won’t find spaces over them, because the path is unlimited and healthier.


Said that direct introduction, let ‘s go to the main substance that considere so important to gain conscious about it, and which I have divided that SUMMARY of WIMBLEDON in three areas:


Here there are different parcels to touch on:


When some human got a STAGE FRIGHT inside of a match as we can watch during the female’s final, that is not casual, previously in other matches or trainings have had a lot of  information to write on and have been able to stop that seeking at least that the human is being able to compete, simply it, that can compete freely on.

Other aspect that need to highlight on, is the EMOTIONAL ACCUMULATION of the players ( HUMAN ), so there are many sides that are responsables of impulsing out that apprehensions, inhibitions or simply accelerated systems body, basically about it, is a thing that I can talk really well, because live it on my skins every day (more intense on summer time) for my phobia ( PHS person, raising up to the strong noises), and now contextualising with the degree on psychology, the issue is that the players are accelerating the system nervous that directly are reducing all option of reaching their reals abilities of response on, said in other words, if we are closing our body – brain, then just have three options to try to gain some similar to be in a balanced state: The mediation, the sugar ( peak of performance up and down without control), and the medicine (analgesics,….), however it sooner or later is always playing against our own interests or goals, that have each of that three on mind as an option extreme of resources, that is right, but have them as substitutes of a solid Psychological job (cognitive) that are hiding our weakness that need to be worked in a short or long-term process in according as is predisposition’s job of the person or even the abilities and knowledge of the professional on charger, I am so sorry, but is not something that recommend ever on.

” Clay’s idols that belong to a production that even theirselves are able to separate who they are and who they are the actor/actress “

Two days ago, read a to person to say:

” A picture, a video,…. shared or doesn’t share for the RRSS or other medias can’t say anything about he person… ” …..    

my respond is clear,

” if  we watch it with the googles that a fanatic or most the crowd use on, then I am agree, is so cruel place us in a position or other (love or hate), simply influenced for your past’s experiences, however if look it from a point of view that is full of common sense ( an clear point of objectivism, identity) like that as though of a psychological reading clearly structured on that signs out point by point every detail, then there are a lot information to squeeze on, other thing is as the human is ready to listen that doesn’t want to listen on….. “.

The last part that want to emphasise, is the called SELF – DECEPTION to process of SOMATISATIONa point must differentiate in two areas:

  1. From the Spectators: it is on relation with the introduction, that call us the attention for the colour, texture and even the way that they act / impact against the ball, to that in our mind are drawing an imagen, an ideal or even a possible process of covering, in juniors that is cruel and unrealistic as are observing through of a sight glasses instead of using out all our brain spectral, so human that have abilities to grab a highest potential are leaving more naked; relation with the adults, is still worst as we believe that are the owners of their lives and honestly only very few can observe small sharpest details but even like that there are a lot missing information about to grab a pack with a sincere and real perspective of the issue that have lived that human on.
  2. From the own Professional (Player):  After have worked at the Queen’s Club and at the National Tennis Centre for the LTA, and have been able to treat with many players (women and men) although it wasn’t on the deepest human way that have wished, if can say that are humans from beginning to the end, that think the own expectations aren’t being placed right in relation to the levels that offered on, and about all in technical aspects that after of 1 year are exactly the same, said in other words, ” Nor before you are so bad, nor now you are so good, but believe me that you can be much better than you are doing on “,  Where is the difference to cross the level?,  on the brain? on the technical’s job?, on the TEAM? on the Dynamisms’s process (automatic systems)?.….even,  What is happening in his/her inner when a player get injury (+process of recuperation) or is already coming back from it? or the last thing, How is the human in his/her process of retirement or feeling that it can be close or even worst after of that?.                                                    That try to explain here is that if you think that your IDENTITY is being ripped off, because the opponent is pushing against your game, or also you get an injury, or even with the highest demand that is the retirement because although you are millionaire, maybe in very few cases the transition is properly but so frequently, the photo says a thing, but the reality when you cross in front of them, say other completely different. Think that small things must look after it much more and go elevate our demanding in according to the development that are getting in the player, but if you aren’t able to do it, then be honest and put your person away before it is being so late and the damage is being more painful and complicate to repair on. 

2. On the TACTICAL WAY.  About that aspect, have always said that is a mix between technical and psychological aspects, a 80% and a 20%, so recognise where you are, that your need is a step that looks like easiest way to do, but if you are not transparent with yourselves, then are placing a lot of barriers out to get to see any improvement that pushing you to get the expectations. On that point, feel also that the coaches and other components are interfering too much in the development of the player as a human as a player (lack of spontaneity and lightness in), means, at least I feel it, every time that listen or observe the behaviour of the coaches and other components remind me when was young and had on my hands old scratcher cassette tape that tried to play on a music system. 

3. On the TECHNICAL WAY. Firstly, I recommend you that take a look on my previous articles written along of that two weeks of Wimbledon where there is explained many technical aspects, but even there are others missing from those matches that have been watching on flashing moments but didn’t include on the articles. Anyway there is a thing that is so clear, and that is in according to the two previous points explained above, on special in the psychological field, because technically are painting an idea that usually is not clean (objective), then also development a higher expectations but that in some point we are struggle with it, Why?, well, I  have observed players that if don’t adjust small technical aspects, in some cases with the service, others with the steps, or in the others with touch (feeling racket – hand), or in other all together, will be quite tricky that can break their own roof….. even in other players have to focused in small aspects in relation to avoid injuries for the future or directly is happening right now, seeking the best condition ever and that the springs (impulse) of the body pushing an action more healthier and effective ( higher consistency).  

” The job based in science and evidence is perfect, but the technical knowledge in relation to the impact technical – body considere that is a key that not mustn’t admit argue at all and that is provided for the COMMON SENSE and HIGH EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT ( Closest about that is the EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE), that will let us a brutal level of observation without losing ourselves against an unique point of focus “.



In the same way that have commented above, on that aspect, recommend firstly to take a look about my previous articles as investigate through of visualising videos online, then you will be able to check that there are schools like the Russian, Czech Republic, Germany, American,…. of course Spanish one, where there are several players that compete with a flag but the tennis education have Spanish roots,…. like that as other schools must do a deep reflection about the job that is developing, because to be honest when one observe a type of ball and another one, the positions of body, transferences, speeds, points of acceleration, abilities of touching (spin, effects and feeling),….etc.. there is a very big difference between some schools and others, you can feel so well where there is a great technical job (all pack) in compensation with others.

It is important to remind to all of you, I am not referring to the parents, just to the coaches and people who are around of them, that they are still teenagers and that given case by case basis depending upon particulars factors can already be developing some inner circumstances or habits that must to be aware about that matter, let me to divide it in three sectors:

  1. The habit of the player, TECHNICAL (physical – body impact – automatic corrections to grab a sweet hit of ball)  or BRAIN (Thoughts – field of concentration – focus).
  2. The essence of the player.  The IDENTITY, the develop that has his/her PERSONALITY, but also that areas that probably are mixed up with the EGO.
  3. The Coach’s job.  The INDIVIDUAL MAGNAMENT, the GROUP MAGANAMENT, and the last one is to get an accuracy READING about the exact point where the self-esteem of the player or players are in that right moment.  

       About that third point have observed at least three kind of profiles (women/men):      

  1.  The DICTATOR.  destroying or obstructing all the emotions of the player/s, it is not on purpose, but they are not aware at all about that they are doing on, a supposed good intention (pressure to keep your position, maybe….) are having dangerous consequences as on as off the court.  
  2. The BLOCKER. There is a huge interference between the brain of the player and his/her responds on, so develop a block in small pieces that through of the time of the match, it can finish in predictable aggressive reactions, full of frustrations, because basically the messages was inappropriate or unfinished that didn’t bring any context which put to the brain of the player in a CHAOS of information about that the player is not ready to manage it on or even don’t have to be ready for it neither. 
  3. THE LIGHTER.  The coach motivational, practically throw out multiple sentences or orders that bring the same flat speech, that apart from painting a self-deception on the player, also block a clean develop of the player on and off the court, because at the end the player will feel so lost and don’t understand that have to do, even miss the chance to self-observe small technical aspects that impulse them up. 
  • Obviously, the behaviour of the DICTATORS is which felt so worried, MY EMPATHY is heartbroken on my heart, because observed as the player/s are, in some case is not new for me, because have observed it before, but one feel impotence, and was close to cross in the middle to say them, ” that is not the way, look at your player how is there, come on, look at there, like that you won’t get that they give you the higher peak of performance that they can do on ” .     Reminded me of few similar cases on my country or abroad (USA for example) that some athletics reported on public, but insist there are not bad intention but both sides are not conscious about it, but inner of the human being and the performance if noticed that.



The last paragraphs that have commented above, honestly can transfer it to the professionals as well, so that pushing me to that last part of the article, that englobe as professionals as juniors, because from the irruption of Rafael Nadal, the journalists and some coaches that like to give theirselves so much importance start to popularise the mental issues in a way too high in comparison with whatever other sports and honestly all of that have slippered from our hands as empties in many aspects as full of ignorance, details that have taken advantage some humans inside as outside of the tennis to make business through of it. 

Anyway, come back to talk about tennis, that Wimbledon 2023, also have been able to observed that as coaches as analyst or psychological, without caring that type of flag has their players, feel that are a little bit distracted about that have to observed on, said in other words, as said in the beginning of the article are missing an information that is the base of all the develop on and off the court, but there is other details that is so important, as for psychologists as for coaches because must never say to the player (human being) that have to do or think about, said in other words, manipulate their minds while conditioned their responds, which can destroy or block whatever brain activation to go develop a nivel cognitive as wide and powerful in reaction, someone who don’t know that or that have lived very few experiences and is lack of a solid basement must be extra careful about the feedbacks or the way to bring the communications with his/her player/s. 

Following the subjects commented above as also about all the breakdown that have been doing along of that Wimbledon 2023 on my previous articles that recommend to take a look, at least for me, it leaves a sharper picture, that is so important to have a wide and clear conceptual tennis’ job to be able to develop a great TECHNICAL JOB (body/impact vs Performance), because otherwise we get mini injuries (bounce back) that are huge warnings from other more bigger that if don’t see that nor take any action about it, then the player will get to be struggle with issues that are avoidable, but even in aspects more technicals in a seeking of self-discovery that place himself/herself in a vulnerable position from which put on practice that effective solutions that will have an intense impact in our inner, without spending energy about that the other opponent is doing,  or even about our own communication with two negatives ways or that goes on excess or push us to a self-affirmation that is a fucking liar although believe that is true, but all that pack simply is limiting our ability to get to feel the racket an extensible and natural area of our arm, in other words, that the BRAIN feel the vibrations through of the sensorial communication as an all where after can divide the information adequately to let that the body responds in the way which is intended to be if are conscious about every small detail that can interfere on it. 

A last detail that have observed intensity on that WIMBLEDON, in relation to that last paragraph, aside of that, of course that have been a player independently of your ranking or titles you won, it is not certificate that knowledge that try to explain you, but as also many of them have dropped on each of their interviews as previous one as during the championship, independently that they are millionaires, at the end are sailing in a portable office, that means that in relation to other personal factors, the option to get on burn out is quite higher, and that is much more realistic actually when feel that players are more ready to that emotional demands that most of the coaches or other components of the teams which drastically can do unintentionally a great damage to the player, after everyone is talking (criticising) like they know them.

That is happening on many humans from different sectors, but on musicians looks like so common or like we are touching here, on TENNIS, from children are being teaching (instead of being guided) in an abuse of thoughts that keep stuck about two fields that will never be fixed in a static hole, it will be too loose like a flock of flys flying on circles through of a room, and is what it is when grab our inner (BRAIN) to thoughts of CONFIDENCE OR SELF-CONFIDENCE, however as have observed in that last few weeks but also during all year, it is not only can observe players completely TIRED or even on BURN OUT, if not that there was other fact that is so dangerous that are easier to detect through of the body-face gestures as listen properly between lines all their communication, is that are traveling inside of a PSYCHOSOMATIC process, that even is saved on silence or normalised for other external circumstances that are not, which is a detail so dangerous that will go moving on different phases or stuck permanently in one of them, and it is obvious that will have prejudice on their peak of performances, get to frustrating with a lesser evil. 

” A player from my person won’t listen that need to hear but if is going to listen that want to listen, where that chat will begin and of course will finish in the process that is his/her SELF-ESTEEM, with the goal that can project a neutral map that is filled of infinite resources on ” 

Honestly, all job must have on parallel a wide journey based in two fronts, one based in a development of a SELF – ESTEEM absolutely independently and the other one, an implementation of a wide range in details  BODY – TECHNICAL that let to them a great responds to whatever situation that have to cope on, so means that in both cases the players don’t have to attach to an infinite of factors that are not their hands, that leave them with a type of vulnerability about which are not ready to understand nor even put over the paper the properly tools to manage it, that in some way that tighten up the body, don’t let themselves to move as could do, so is basic to know as find that middle point on the player (human), once that have that, could develop a skills that won’t find limits on the skyline. 

Must remind a small piece, 

” Everyone is different, everyone have lived their experiences,….etc…, when are in front of his/her drive wheel and want to change the gear, must be enough conscious about that type of gear can use about that person on that right moment, and after go step by step switching up the gears one by one, in a dynamic way that must find any obstacle to stop it in ” 


Well, dear reader, after so much paraphernalia written on that article, if you have reached that point, then could check by yourself all the arsenal that have to offer if give me different projects where work on COURT, but let me to finish that with three facts are essentials, two of them are about creating awareness if is that have already done it through of all that article and the other one is get a smile from your face (sarcastically):

Awareness (It is in the all article, but that can be a brief summary):

” When place your person in the middle of a point, about all in a close place and make a turn around of 360 grades, and observe the mobility of the people, where practically are permanently moving on an oval position, then archive that point of full awareness where the ability to listen every sounds or communication noise is so clear and make you think where is the fun area of the a sign, a picture or buy items that are absences of values once that is past in an essential time, when that really matter are the moments that you are able to save in your memory or ability to interact other humans, on that cases to share experiences with the players, coaches ( on my case WANT IT LIKE MY OFFICE OF JOB), and each other be able to be much better than previous day, so the rest the facts, I don’t know where the society want to go on. ” 

” The example of  DELE ALLI, a football player, after to listen his interview from the other day, but is that on tennis, as in that last two weeks as my year working on the LTA, observed many things that don’t like at all, won’t give names of players, but if that ADVERTED on capital letters, that if there are not changes, is go back to make the same thing with worst consequences on the skyline, because have felt so much the LONELINESS that a player can feel, and look, dear reader, I am a lonely person 24h/7, but the lonely can be your worst enemy but on my case have been the bigger WEAPON of SELF-KNOWLEDGE that have got ever in, making easier a job and development that will have to live with it forever as have commented above; anyway that pretend on that text is that you, but about all the coaches or other humans who are close of them on their profesional development that are able to understand, that never crucify, classify or condition whatever option to express out or explore their limits (healthier brain, body – impact), that won’t be ever inside of your cruelty judgements that if you haven’t spent time with them in a short times distances, you won’t be able to discovery them even understand much better that are living innerly, TAKE RISK OR LOST, but don’t MAKE JUDGEMENTS “. 

The smiling in your face (Sarcastically):

” To watch a Matteo Berrettini’s match with intention of observe small TECHNICAL DETAILS, can converted in a pool full of aroused woman that looks like that haven’t seen a beauty man in their lives, in all the context, just miss that they removed their T-shirts while show their boobs to him, lololololol….. but clear, exactly happen the same, even more intense and much worst, when are watching a ladies match, that there are too much plenty man, even someone with their cameras on their hands, so you are in an office of job where want to observe small TECHNICAL DETAILS or support someone that appreciate and respect in human terms, and that is converted in a flock of perverted guys delivery around of the crowded, if you don’t want to watch tennis, why are you spending money on it?… anyway is what is… “

FINALS WIMBLEDON….. remind you everything written above, the issues are not casuals, as psychological as technicals (injuries) are impacts – movements that are there to detect, and after need depth once that got to the player is being able to express out.  On Carlos his service undermine him as physically as on mind, responds brain – body, even his position to the rest could be more effective adjust small things. 

REMIND THE BES SOULMATE WAS YOURSELF, if you want to help others, think that you are getting in, before to continue on it. 

Thank you very much to read me till here, hope so you can be on consideration to work together on any projects, I am a SAFE BET.





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