Well, dear reader keeping the line from the previous article which highly recommend that take a look before to read that one, basically because from someone have already told about them, and obviously from a day to other is not going to make any changes at all, at least is not going to happen on the context that they are moving on and off the court, but can affirm quietly that if we know that have to do, said in other words, if have the skills to make analysis without letting that the score commands our next actions that invite to the set to move in spiral of self-deception because in many of contexts is not walking on parallel with the reality that are signing out the facts happened on court. As have said in other previous articles, place everything on PERSPECTIVE is a great victory of future, on special is quite important to make it with the juniors ones.

Let’s do it to analyse small details that never anyone else is going to say you. (Recommend again that read the previous article and other post on my RRSS, there is a good value of content, I think in a very humble way).




MINGGE. As said, miss order in her game and feeling in her pattern racket – hand, Check the previous article, WIMBLEDON DAY 7. THE GAME.

KATHLIN. On her service was so straight, miss her arched on and even a little of crashing between the legs (more stability to go up), on the baseline strokes was going a little late as scratching the ball but without impulse it with force, obviously that it comes because her mobility with the legs was slow and stuck with are splits out of place that left her in a weak position that after her upper area with the arms don’t let her to make a clean and force track to the ball; on the rest, grab a position so stuck against the floor, so was a little slow on reaction; other detail to be aware is that there is too much tension on her wrist in the way that she is grabbing the racket (Don’t miss it with the type grip, are difference things.) Mentality – brain, was quite courageous ” aguerrida ” and even perseverant, but the technical area have an influence that can be frustrated on.


RAINAH. Feel that saves more tennis than she is offering out, because has a great feeling and touch with the racket. Check the previous article, WIMBLEDON DAY 7. THE GAME.

CHARO.  Think that must be clear as on that case there a lot to improve if want to make her space on that game, but on mentality – brain, can’t say anything, as it was perfect in attitude, aptitude, bravery and courage, but her field of concentration is a little bit scattered which has influence on her focus on; once said that, talk about her technique, on the service has a serous issue, it is super blocked, after on the air, in the moment before to prepare the racket to swing of hit, she loose the racket from her hand and after grab it back again on, so lost all option to give force, control, address,..etc.. after on the toss, the hand is going for a side and the ball for other, so is disorder and make so difficult to grab a great point of impact; about the baseline movements, the movements of legs was moving without sense at all, lost all exit to the ball, really didn’t exist to be honest, just on the Backhand got to grab a better position to make damage with it ( maybe because was it playing on grass and lost all type of adaptability?, don’t think so.); and on the rest, didn’t have impulse ahead, it was literally straight or simply as sometimes just need to place the head of the racket on, didn’t find that exit neither; but as said above, aparte of a great character with a good base mind – brain, also there is a base where squeeze properly each small detail that honestly doesn’t requiere too much time, a little job to do in a couple of weeks o months, simple ones.


MIKA. That girl, from my point of view, is the mot complete woman that have the Britains, must have during a few months, her forehand, once that she got that, that girl will be a DIAMOND, in fact is being good for her, that the people are distracted with other three juniors, but that girl has the most important thing that usually the big players have on, the EMOTION and a natural cleaning of each one of her strokes. Check the previous article,WIMBLEDON DAY 7. THE GAME.

LUCCIANA. Firstly I want to say that that little girl (height) through of all her movement, game,…etc…, reminded me a lot to a spanish player, ” CARLITA SUAREZ “, honestly it was so similar in many aspect, although don’t like to make comparisons, but mention that because there are details that is good to work in properly technical way without getting lost on the physical ones. Her service, the left leg was blocked, the toss was so faster with lost of management and miss a little bit more of aerodynamics in the whole se of the movement to gan on effectiveness, basically because was easier to lost the position of the ball on the air; on the baseline movements and strokes on, there was too much splits, jumps once behind other, so there wasn’t any exit with the dominant legs (so reduced), honestly if you are already a small human, obviously don’t make sense to do that as is delivery all your time to the opponent and practically to move on backward steps, means late to the ball and force the articulations of your physical body (frustrating the brain as well), on the rest miss more impulse and a better position of the head of racket, felt that was waiting too much time; on mentally – brain, it is really strong with an impulsive character with an excess of emotional fatigue, so it can tighten in the inner without being really conscious about it, and stop our peak of performance.


HANNAH. Firstly have to say that all Britains are putting their eyes on that girl, pushing on her shoulders an unnecessary pressure, even probably neglecting other players that also have a good colour for the future, but about that girl, must leave her on peace, on freedom, but at the moment I am observing details that don’t like at all, firstly that have observed of the other way is that she was so nervous with dosis of anxious, too much, which she is still a teenager as to live the tennis on that way, out of control, after if go to talk about her technique which knew well from the last national championships and other trainings, keep the same observation, on the service goes too aggressive to the ball making too much swinging with the body, the hand on the toss go out faster and the left leg is too stuck against the floor (pushing down like if have put a clue on); the backhand is her stroke that most l like where much better grab and keep good positions with a great speed and address on, although I would seek more exit on that stroke, about her forehand, here is where the trouble is huge and can damage her physical so soon that expected on, her amplitude is so wide and the rotations or twist of the body lost the angle of turn on chaos “DESCONTROLADO”, what does it mean?, that her forehand lost effectiveness obviously because have that correct automatically for inertia or habit that movements with other parts of the body, on that case her knees or patellar tendon must suffer or will suffer a lot on time through of the time on, like that as other zones, after also missing a higher level of harmony racket – hand, that you can feel when have to play inside of the court or in the volley areas; about mentality – brain, as said few sentences above she was so nervous – anxious, miss a little bit more of emotional transition and consciousness that let her to be more clever and much better player in relation to each detail on.

MALAK.  That girl plays a lot, making everything easer, in fact on both sets had a lot chances to go up 3-0, but on mentality level her peaks of vulnerability was up and down all time, on that case think the interference externa can have a little of answer on, but also showed that doesn’t hide her character, so let herself to push the limits on, is a good beginning on; about her technique, on the service her elbow is quite blocked and some straight, which are details that condition all the movement that even at the end had a severe influence on the match; on the base line strokes, the movements are really good, but on the backhand usually stopped the shot and with the forehand arrive a little late, so just scratch the ball and didn’t get depth with that stroke on; and as have said few sentences above nor a complain in the type of mentality that she had, but really can go far away.


ISABEL.  Really has a lot to improve, didn’t fine enough resources to counterattack that had in front of her that to be more aggressive, but it was flat and useless obviously, why?, well, mentions the technique. On the service, on the air the hand of the racket, draw a blocked in the air, after t the toss is so high and super accelerated, too much time waiting for it, which makes easier to be able to read the service; on the baseline the whole mobility was reticular, splits too much signed out and stuck and short steps, with the forehand is a little bit late without forced, the backhand doesn’t have any track on, very short on movement and closing the elbows  fasters and without spaces with the body, lost the control, address and option to push it with power; on the rest, too much step back, also with wide opening stance, losing the mobility of the hip and could be dangerous to paint out an injury on.

CLERVIE. That lady is already a professional as her ranking said, soon will be up, on mentality – brain, it is pure energy, it is tornado full of an unstoppable emotion on, but well there are details that can improve, on the service, she is a little bit blocked, the toss is faster with lost angle with the hand, but after has to force a little to bring it down; on the base line, her mobility is amazing, bringing a great transference from the body ahead although sometimes have the ball over, with must improve that steps, basically start because her exit of the movement is very short and then conditioned the rest of her movement, on the backhand, usually have the racket too close to her body, making that her body is gong to be small so make herself to lost the control about it; About her mentality – brain, is said above, if think that must ration out all that energy brought on every corner.



If one made mistake or go down, the other one is able to bring both up, that important is to work together properly like a true teamwork, although one can be weaker than other one that are able to get that both parts develop their potential although in some moment reduce down, that after faster come back to a higher position where can help to the team to resolve the issue on their favour or at least pushing it to the last point on.


As have already the Carlos’ technique is the nature tennis extension of the body, quite similar to the mine, and it is adaptable to whatever surface, all at the end is on our mind – brain and that want to do with it. Berrettini in many parts of his technique, that think that could correct small details made a lot of effort that loading unnecessary the own body and mentality is go to leave oneself stuck on and more if in front have who had in front of it.


Honestly, stop to cheat people with the mind – brain, that if want to play tennis on higher level, then we have to be aware where and how are our technique, that are making on the court and high percentage of influence are having in our way to play on, after as it goes transference to our brain, because once that information reach our brain, it by itself has to delivery to the rest our body and emotions to express out with the goal that it can move around without letting that it block any area of transition, and obviously the more healthier more better answer we will find on.

A stupid example: ” A snake bite you in any area of your body, if it is venomous, then quickly you have to block the are for their two areas of exit to avoid that it gets to extend to the rest of the body ” , so in relation to the tennis, its technique and rest of determining points is basic has that so clear on.




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