Dear dear, on that article I don’t want to lost time, so we are going directly to talk about the matches that have been able to watch, basically all juniors, and obviously focused on British one, after below on the summary will talk about some differences in academies that called the attention, and leave naked out aspects that are a need to point on.



Mingge. On the service is directly loading up which lost force and development, also her codes back on twister way that push to draw aleatory movements and the wrist is super blocked, all that pack is making that she is not grabbing a good point of impact, and lost a lot of consistency and force on. Also on the baseline strokes, the movements are so stuck against the floor that means that lost agility and time of reaction (lower), also has influence on the point of impact of the hit, that usually is not right.Other thing that must sign out is that her way on holding the racket is loose and with spaces between palm and fingers, lost a lot of control and power as for a bad habit the blind resource is grabbing the tighten up (wrist blocked). About mentality – brain is as if was in a setback position in relation the body, it involves about that lack of touch that observed in relation between her wrist and the racket on.

Cara.  Her service was quite clean, but think that on the toss must be more soft that let her to take an better aggressive impulse up. About the baseline, honestly her strokes were really good, needed to it a little bit longer, rushing more against the ball and keep the timing on (low it), but also had a very good hand – touch/feeling hand/racket. About her mentality, here again must mention as a coach can influence a lot in the performance of the player, too much interference, there aren’t clear linea of reception, and it was doing on her more and more heavier, too much noise – self-complains and emotional disorder on.


Thomas. On his service, all the movement was so faster through of a strong movement with the wrist in a free position (liked it). About the rest in question of position in the moment of the impact or creation impulse was good, but had a split so higher and signed on that was go late too much times. On the baseline movements that in the moments of hitting the ball, lost his position on special with the forehand without drawing a little of twist on the body, apart from missing a higher sensibility racket – hand on. That last point has in according to his mentality – brain soaking in speed – reception of information.

Phoenix. On the service is unbalanced all the movement from the beginning, arms – body, elbow / shoulder through of strong impact behind of head (don’t harmony) and after create a whip effect on. Is it effective???… I don’t think so, if look far in a long time period. The holding of the racket (not miss with the grip), was so aggressive and without getting mobility with the wrist. On the baseline movement, miss better short steps, and on the forehand made a close movement super shorter and faster one (lack of extension and timing on), and a relation of that with the rest was that being a big guy his position was so small and didn’t have any exit on, that is a big trouble. On mind – brain, called it a blind point, where get frustrated innerly of a very several way without understanding that must do, obstacle to built a self-esteem and a destructor of the confidence on.


Wakama. On the service her wrist was blocked but the point to sign out is that made the movement as in two phases, so made it a little bit weak. About the baseline shots, her mobility was quite good, really have a lot of agility and good steps on, also the movements of forehand and backhand was quite clean. About mentality – brain, it was heavier and somatic, loading information that is not belong her with lost on interpretations of the situations.

Mika. On the service is super high, that it is ok, but there is a little wait that make the service easier to read and even that sometimes the point of impact is going down, her toss the ball is so accelerated as also is a little bit out of control, also her left leg is stuck a little that affect after in the counterattack. About mobility too high jumps back on permanently movements, which lost a lot of space on the way to place her position of hitting on, need work that steps; the backhand is so beauty and so well point out, and the forehand is a little straight but also grab the ball so late, honestly if work hardly that forehand, that player have a lot of game to offer out as it is quite complete on every area, even on Mentality – brain, quite emotional lady with courage and intensity.

*While others talking about other ladies, that one for me is the most complete athletic in the whole game, think that is hidden from other three is good for her.


Greta. On the service, her support of the shoes are really short, so difficult to make a great impulse up, also her holding of the racket is quite aggressive, all that conditioned a little bit to the rest of the movements. On the baseline of the movements, her mobility is quite good, but on my point of view her steps should be more wides, about her forehand made an arch with the racket and need to twist more the body, with the forehand has a good position, and on the rest is happening like other strokes, her position is bad and shorter on, but have a good sensibility racket – hand. Mentality-brain, a good squeezer of resources, (suffering and resistance).

Imogen. On the service, the wrist is super blocked, all the movements are in a very disorder position, so the swing of the movement are a little out of position; on mobility there was too much impact against the floor, the exit is a little bit small, means wasn’t clean, about the strokes on the baseline had a closed gesture on which to the ball can hit a spin but push to that grabs depth and consistency, point of impact quite open, basically is that the shoulders didn’t have exit neither, position so small and closed to the higher that she is. On mentally – brain, flat and automatic, miss small pauses and varieties on.


Volodymyr. On the service although is so good ahead the toss is quite disorder all the set accompanied of excess of aggressiveness, on the rest there is a jump – split so hight and late permanently; on the baseline, he stopped the hit (unfinished) like a sharp knock, through of a mobility so wide and also was on disorder. About mentality – brain, over excited, it was going over the body.

Henry. On the service goes with determination, forced and really can take more advantage about it, the wrist was too tighten up, about baseline missed that the body twister so draw a better transference to gain power and consistency; on mobility the legs didn’t have enough verticality, nor agility with movements so wides that created unbalanced supports to bring off the head of the racket; about his mentality show a strong spirt but in the same time some hidden waiting and saving, must open it more in both ways.


Malwina. On the service after making all the movement she go down too faster, closing everything earlier, falling to backwards, lost time to counterattack. On the baseline if close each stroke too faster while used the shoulders, loading it, instead of opening the back and user all the force that has a big bod like she is. About mobilities was in position too in front so or your twist enough the body or then you can’t get any transference / impulse of ball, also her exits to the ball was shorter, on the rest her position wasn’t clear on. Mentality – brain, literally broken and it makes that everything is heavier and lack of esteem.

Ranah. On the service is quite clean, but must seek more flow on and back articulation to gain force, a pump!; about the baseline, need to work more the steps, need to find impulses and her sweet point of the contact, honestly as on forehand as backhand, it goes a little late, with the body so close, in fact she can do it, because have showed in many moments that have a good feeling with the racket, a good touch, so must seek improve on execution and confidence; on the rest accompany more without closing too faster.


Petr. On his service is absolutely blocked and rigid for everywhere, after on the land lost space of legs and the reaction arrive out so late; on the baseline the strokes are a little bit close and without exit to the ball, with the forehand was if it was divided on different pieces on; with the rest his position too straight with a split or jump that didn’t have sense and lost too much time as to face up properly the beast opponent that had in front, and his mobility was missing from clean steps on.

Darwin. It is an authentic beast on!, I know who he is from that was 7-8 years old in Wimbledon 2016, a story that some day will talk about it, really funny but is not a surprise that he is where is now, and the beauty way that has in front of him. Well, his service can still develop much more if get put his wrist free (it is a little block) and also if on the toss of the ball place the arm looser because right now is tighten up which lost a brilliant percentage of consistency and better impact for the body; on the baseline all his strokes are as spectaculars as beauties, the movements, the steps, the rotations, even still I would do a little more of extension to grab a impact where the racket doesn’t so much below of the ball (longer); on the rest is one of point where work, with split or jump a little high and slow that make him to lost a little efficiency, and of course next to the next that think that zone is no his favourite area; on mentality, is in his stage, strong, a leader, seek the dominancy without fearing and keep a permanently pushing up, a rock that the fatigue (like me) is not with him.


Maxim. Honestly this guy although he lost, really played a lot, but lost himself through of a dirty personal communication with too much attention to another side of court; on the baseline have a wonderful movements and hit the ball really well, but there are moments that make some jumps that limit and close his supports to hit the ball in the exact point on, must work about mobility because the rest the things are there, it is a player really versatile; on the rest, must seek a little of exit and much more agility on that frame, pushing much more, that at then is in relation to the last area the mentality – brain,  have to find his point of balance and from there with everything that has there, will get to put more tennis on.

Kaylan. The service from my point of view is completely disorder for every area which is quite difficult that can give it more power and consistency; on the rest is completely tighten up with split that drive against the floor without getting option to move properly; about he mobility is quite static without getting exit and movements on line; the strokes on the baseline, obviously on that case that mobility to that the movements as with the forehand as the backhand are being with shorter line of track on; about the mentality show a great ability of suffering and resistance, pushing, pushing, keep a good stability on that aspect.


KATIE BOULTER / ALEX DE MIÑAUR  vs JORAN VLIEGEN / YIFAN XU ( Screen in the hill, last set and super tie-break)

The other partner had so clear the strategy and on the net both of them were really an authentic spiders, so about Katie and Alex, I miss that have much more rapport on the game.

IGA SWIATEK VS BELINDA BENCIC. ( Screen in the hill, few games). 

A small flash, saw to IGA that her body was so closed in relation to the ball, detail that is not usual on her, even on brain felt that was accelerated and with a behaviour really startled, detail that limited her focus and put your breath in other rhythm.  About Belinda, I feel that was static, nervous and even had a little apprehension, so break your concentration, specially in important moments.

ELINA SVITOLINA VS VIKTORIA AZARENKA ( Screen in the hill, few points). 

In the calm is the victory, probably could define it like that, it let to take great choices, but about had a mobility much more opening, position – hitting than Viktoria that the pressure that she placed about back is limiting to herself to break a barriers to back that ending rounds on.


SUMMARY,   Honestly, when observe the Czech school or the German ones or the American, The Russian or even the Spanish ones, that even there is players that are competing with a flag but really all their technical and educational development is being done from Spain, as we can observe as the position of the bodies, twisters, mobilities shorter and faster from steps, grab of the points of impact…..etc…. make that the speeds and acceleration of the ball are being highest so gives an attractiveness to the game that leave in evidence to other schools.

” On The technical begin and finishing everything then after the mind – brain will be a complete to be aware about it but never before of that ¨.

As said once Rafa, in a detail that I am agree with him ¨ La cuestión es meter la pelotita, si la pelotita no entra, nada de lo otro vale ¨ ¨The matter is to put the ball in other side of the net if it is not going in, then the rest will be useless (Brain) ¨ .

Work with a passion, devotion and consciousness, then after we can start to talk about it.

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