Dear reader, I have been wanting to reflect on THE TOLL for some time, for me a concept very interrelated with the world of Psychology , especially focused on reaching the maximum peak of a pyramid of personal development or personal growth , as everyone wants to call it, simply brutal, even reaching the maximum peak there are no edges that do not have to continue polishing, a continuous improvement but already from a consciousness as full as it is liberating, but without the predisposition to pay said or said tolls , with absolute firmness, I consider it non-viable.

“Everything outside the tollbooth will be something else but never a piece or part of the path of personal development, it is more likely that they will be soft sands moved by the force of waves that we have that day, a figure for today, but a desert for the next day. ” by Carlos Azuara. (I am afraid this is the mobility chaos of the smart ones who want to take advantage of a fashion with the complicity or use of others but without having a clue of what they are doing, it is done because it is what it touches, irresponsibility for MONEY is unheard of and endless on the part of the human being).

Although I am not going to go fully into the concept of TOLL, its derivations, what it implies, … etc … because it would take me a long time, text that no one would read, the intention was always to do it on video, but risky decisions that led me to take a trip from London to the border French-Swiss wax Geneve , intending to enter Switzerland, but it is likely that I will soon redo the path in reverse, they led me to surround myself with unexpected circumstances as prolonged in time, which condition and totally interfere in the concentration camp, attention focus, even in respiratory situations they have a great implication collateral, without forgetting that I have to fix the cameras that broke down, and I count with little savings each time, more and more rushed in time by not having work projects that collaterally give me income.

“I never gave importance to money and if the human side of people, the Being, now I am paying for that imbalance, but I will never change the concept of seeing it as a collateral consequence of a human service towards another or other human beings.”

Simply what I want to achieve by mentioning the concept of Toll, is to generate a reflective awareness to HR departments, to trainers whether they are sports federation with or without an institution in between, university institutions, institutes or schools, as well as the health sector so crushed in it last year, without forgetting any other work area that in a more direct or less direct way will benefit from the respective reflection for the benefit of a truly comprehensive growth.

I insist without really touching the concept of toll , I invite myself as a human being to other human beings, or to be alive to other living beings, the first and indispensable step to enter the Toll, in many cases more evaluative than personal development or growth personal, is to completely put aside one’s own feelings and emotions, that is, subjective evaluations, which are still accusing, judging and sentencing evaluations, since they are the reflection of our own channel of contamination, a reflection of our own mirror through the different armor that we have built through theEGO, a form of self-protective defense or attack of our fears (accumulated wounds or added to a trigger that creates the definitive hemorrhage).

Allow me to remind you of the 6 types of Egos that exist for me:

1. The ego for what you achieve.

2. The ego for what you have or possess.

3. The ego because of what they tell you that you are or should be wearing.

4. The Ego of defense.

5. The Ego of Attack.

6. The Ego in Activation. The latter is the only one that we should have in presence without interruption, it is the one that allows you to be alert in an absolutely natural way through a development of the 5 senses at levels never imagined. (My phobia, in this sense was and is a great gift for my being, despite inconveniences).

I will not go into explaining one by one each one and what they imply, I will only say that it is absolutely impossible to obtain the last mentioned Ego , Ego in Activation, and the only one that we should have, without achieving personal development or personal growth in absolute fullness, and let’s not forget either the three types of Empathy (I have articles here and videos on my channel about it) that exist for me, as they are oblivious to one or another ego.

In short and this also helps me to give a slap on the wrist (at the end I leave a very important general note to the world of sport), the RFET (Royal Spanish Tennis Federation) rather who they are composed of in front of and in the shadow or other associated individuals , but valid for all sectors, than an authentic LEADERSHIP, a truly more accurate, constructive and evolutionary evaluation , such as living beings and human beings, with reasoning capacity (not to be confused with the Power of Reason), communicative capacity You are two differentiators from the rest of living beings, as well as the ability to listen, the active one I do not mention because of the difficulty it takes to reach it, and it would only be possible fromobjective evaluations.

We must not forget about power in its maximum exponent of the rest of our senses, it is to be aware that in front we have human beings or living beings, each with their own life history behind including themselves (those of power, those who evaluate, those who judge …), before prejudging, labeling or sentencing someone, or going for victimization (looking for enemies or haters where there are none), Let’s stick with the bravery that is assumed to occupy a position or job label over another being or human beings, the notoriety is minimal and as well as evaluating all the parts or pieces of a puzzle full of more than a thousand pieces before making evaluations that can condemn not only the possible career of a human being, but also his own life, and of course that of a collective or group, because,

“The habit through fear is the most difficult cleaning of oxidation that we can find as human beings.” By Carlos Azuara.

* Examples in this regard about the Toll, I insist according to the meaning we want to give to the toll, including that of personal development or personal growth, many come to mind at the level of terrorism, even the current situation, at the sports level in the thousands including recent ones, … etc … there are of all colors … the danger is when we push another human being or living being, to dying states or chronic states, camouflaged by what I call the “EMOTIONAL STOPPERS “, the most serious being taking him to the edge or practically to SUICIDE real as emotional.

* The most valuable toll or tolls is the one we pay for ourselves, an opening in a canal like “the anatomy game for children”, without traps or cardboard, in an uncomfortable, painful but necessary opening to enter the path of PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT OR PERSONAL GROWTH, from the root, with knowledge, ethics and own morality, of others and of the environment that surrounds us.

* I paid my own TOLL, I am paying it very expensive right now, but I would do it again and a thousand times, I would not change it for anything in the world, because even if one goes out late to the world, it is better to leave late than never, and most human beings, never go out into the world, live under a shell / labor label, chronic and institutionalized without resources, in short, although between now and September I may end up sleeping on the street between cardboard, I can always say that I AM INTERNALLY FREE, THAT I KNOW WHAT HAPPINESS IS AND THAT I HAVE IT ENJOYING IT Free of YOKE and LOADS.

“We do not judge from our mirror without empirically transferring to others, because there will be a lot of information left behind very effective and efficient towards mutual learning, a surprise that did not fit into judgments without arguments or grounds.” By Carlos Azuara.

The note.

It is a situation that has been occurring for a couple of years, but this plandemic policy has accentuated it even more, exaggeratedly more, not only in Spain, Switzerland, England, the United States, … etc. .. is something global, in some with good intentions but ignorant in others a series of unscrupulous attitudes where MONEY, THE FASHION of the moment , gives to use the mass, deceive it and put them in rather more than dangerous placebos , because in the moment that a DETONATING will appear again , which will appear sooner or later yes or yes, the explosion will no longer be a small wound, but an uncontrollable hemorrhage, as I commented a little above, from the subconscious taking them / asto suicide or emotional chronification.

What bothers me the most about all this, due to the abhorrent social influence that it entails is seeing the names of players or foundations with their names or their own mothers or fathers, associated with some of these COURSES OF MENTAL STRENGTH, MENTAL TOUGHNESS ,. ..etc ….. without forgetting the books, some using them as copy and paste, when the pyramid of personal development, according to your predisposition and flexibility to tolls or tolls, capacities to elaborate the what, how and when, the play of the psychological and dynamic rhythms , without forgetting of course the capacity of the guide that you receive or receive, and even some other external factor, includesthe vital need for a long time of years, which can be reduced in a short percentage as mentioned, that is to say a time process that is also and must be Individual.

* The toll is vital in all this … among other things for a physical and emotional detachment, not a placebo of self-confirmation of an unreal emotional state.

* Stefanos Tsitsipas , being a very emotional being, is not only leaving touches on a tennis level, but on an emotional level, despite possible details, he is one of those beings that has left a very interesting and fresh air for some time now. of which you would share a talk far beyond life. Writing something like what I expose below, apart from the way an art like photography also feels, already says a lot about what is hidden under that human being, “Aspire to Inspire before we are Expire”.

But to inspire others you have to be / be very clean, that is, pay THE PSYCHOLOGICAL TOLL because otherwise what is going to be achieved is the opposite , to pollute by satisfying our Ego (Fears of internal emptiness, surely emotionally covered by other human beings) , remembering that pollution is very silent, that is, apparently invaluable for those who do not have psychological and physiological readings, that is to say, all content of personal development , through a toll , that is not taught in any school, university or company.

* I know that you have to be very brave to accept someone who leaves the prototype habituated and oxidized in comfort, being non-manipulable, ethical, coherent, with morality, in addition to arguing and debating with height, which would come into play other components psychological apart from all those already mentioned throughout this article. Be brave and bet on the strangers, the strangers, the different ones that transmit a coherence between both images, the external and the internal , although apparently they can turn out to be abruptly opposed .

Being short and direct,

but to him / themselves and in turn putting a group in absolute social risk. “By Carlos Azuara.

“To every individual in psychological – emotional situations, even if they are not evident to others (If they are for it), but that they get to dislodge you or some part to attract attention, it is an obligation not to follow the flow of the river by increasing the armor through emotional plugs placebos, but to help guide that he is SICK, at the right time and place, not to let the time pass that took his lie to a state of increasingly difficult treatment. ” by Carlos Azuara. (Unfortunately in tennis there are several, if not enough, cases that it seems that to the human being, the Interest with a hypocritical colleague is more important than the mental and physiological health of the injured or injured and the group that surrounds them).

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .