Dear reader,

In my last articles I have always insisted on the pragmatism of the videos when explaining certain concepts or skills, much more in my case that I do not yet have any specific weight, especially in tennis, I suspect that more in my country (Spain), that in others if the content reaches them, they are looked at with skepticism, indifference, contempt “with a childlike concept or perception” or even the contagious confinement of one towards the rest, which I do not know if they read my articles or if they really so quickly they are shared quickly they become residual without further action.

It is something for me, it does not take away my sleep, nor all the powerful inner weapon of which I have been building phase by phase, section by section, where life, God and altruistic circumstances have always greatly respected the process, grabbing on each one of them, a really wonderful toll cost in reward, the most important and basic thing for me is that regardless of what it weighs, at least my wisdom is not within me, I share it out there, in this case through my website and my YouTube channel, so that it can be grasped, even more in-depth or simply serves to open a path of questions to other living beings, without me having control or depending on my interpretations.

* Forgive me that it continues to be very heavy and repetitive about what was commented in the previous two paragraphs, but in my essence it is very important and I like to make it very clear, how people forget so quickly because of interests or fears, covered by protective Egos or self -protectors, I think it’s good to remember it, so take me or take you with more clarity to the concept that I am going to develop below.

Here I want to arrive at a concept that I have always called THE DIMENSIONAL CUBE.

I begin, with the first person, I, that is, my person from my mother’s womb, with a phobia, unusual, difficult to understand on a social level, its advantages and disadvantages, the obligation without being an obligation to see you absolutely involved in a An exciting world as a complex as well as a variant in factors that is the PSYCHOLOGICAL – CEREBRAL world , led me not only to be a ” fucking fly” as we would say in my country constantly, but to develop a very critical thinking for survival,to ask absolutely everything, to naively create a feeling or supposed power to control any situation outside my person and that was happening at that very moment, regardless of the size of the place, a bullring, a town square, a park, an open field, a sea without a horizon, … etc … whatever it was … it made me and I continue to do, the abrupt and intense use of all my five senses (all humans possess even if we forget of them), taking them to their maximum power of integration, execution and development, with a simple objective or intention, the anticipation of the coming of my phobia, that is, a State of Alert at its maximum possible level.

Obviously, and with great firmness I am going to transmit the following, the psychological work developed in this regard, together with that capacity for critical thinking raised to levels of a great deal of specific weight, have transformed many of the details involved in that mental-cerebral application, especially in intensity and management, with what the concept of management means as a whole , this is where we enter the DIMENSIONAL CUBE.

How many faces do we see?

How many faces are we willing to see?

How many faces do we want to believe can exist?

How many points are we willing to see on a single edge of a face?

How many points can we get if we add all the points of each edge of each and every one of the faces?

How many vertices can we see?

How many edges can we see from each vertex?

How many points can we have if we add each vertex of each edge belonging to each side of a face and in turn the sum of each of the available faces?


If we take it to Psychology – Psychiatry,

How much privileged, anticipatory Micro-information can we find beyond the external zones, front, back, below and above, that is to say between areas, zones, unions and various compositions?

Do we know what this means in the immense range of Psychology and of course of Psychiatry?

What implication would it have in Mental Health?

Why do we talk so much about an Emotional Intelligence, which is the roof of this whole process, as an involvement in search departments such as HR or in relationships of personal and social performance, when honestly it will not be found printed in the majority of human beings , for really obvious reasons?

Why should we consider ourselves or label others as experts or specialists in some matter or field derived from the matter, when deep down there is no single control of the situation or even a developed anticipatory capacity where to capture all the Micro-information of each one of them. the faces, edges, bases, vertices, unions, compositions, …,?

Are we aware of the damage or silent self-damage of the self-concept in the form and intonation of the word Expert or Specialist in?


A dimensional cube is what we are as living beings, the greater the number of living beings and other situational or circumstantial factors are incorporated into that dimensional cube, much more micro-information we will have to explore and classify, of each being individually, obviously or apparently we will have much more complexity in the detections but the shower of informative details will be inexhaustible, however they always live camouflaged by ignorance, naivety or simply the action mentioned in the previous article called, “emotional plug”, usually the set of the sum of the three things, accompanied by a manipulative self-protection or self-defense from the unconscious brain part, which indicates or makes us believe that we are doing the right thing, a situation that keeps us in comfort integral part of the Being that we are at that moment. Why does all this happen?

The explanation is simple and very simple, no matter the career, titles or the permanent class justification of the conceptual abuse of the word Experience, in a dangerous detriment to the real power of the Experimentation concept, where it carries a much more evolutionary burden in all aspects, And it is that when we interact or want to share something or exercise any other action, whether vocal or bodily, we always do it from the only visible one, THE IMPACT , that first image, or specific face of the DIMENSIONAL CUBEthat catches our attention and traps us internally, activates the triggering factor, a consequence of everything that we carry accumulated inside us and that has never been worked on or wanted to be worked on, or even more dangerously there was some intention but it was left open accumulating to the other two factors again.

There, in that initial impact, the only face of the DIMENSIONAL Cube , which splashes us strongly, the only one we have in presence, we even allow ourselves the unpleasant luxury of wrapping ourselves in it with eagerness and claw, as the only identity of our neighbor or of the factorial situation. of the whole of the action or fact, once at that point, the result of fears and insecurities, trapped in this case by an increasingly thick shell of the Ego, the time that passes, seconds, hours, days, months or years, that the only visible face of the dimensional cubeIt will continue to be the same, not only of the reflection of one’s own being, but also of others, with the enormous psychological danger, especially of those who receive it for mandatory work evaluation, but said neighbor does not have emotional psychological resources ; I mean, that there is no capacity for perception, of the infinite conceptual and contextual micro-information of the whole, nor the rest of the faces, points, vertices, unions and new compositions within that great and marvelous Dimensional Cube that we are as a species.

“Other human beings pay for the broken plates of other human beings who do not want to be or are not invited to be self-responsible psychological-emotional for themselves I do not consider it anything sensible or honest.”

Is this from the initial impact, with what many human beings play to captivate you, transmitting information that for another human being or group of human beings is new, which sounds very good, interesting, little by little from the unconscious area you are immersing yourself in a supposed matter, becoming an ally and defender of something without knowing why or why it is real, a game strategy of many of the mental coaches in tennis, pressure of bosses to coerce to achieve something, of pyramid sects of all kinds existing in the world …. etc ….. but when someone comes to debate with argument through solid content, giving them examples and challenges, data after all, the answer is mockery, buffoonery and the imposition, the move to the more mass they find supposedly better for themselves and for the collective,This situation is occurring in tennis, especially pointing out the Spanish is a mix between sadness and concern.

Examples in this regard:

In tennis a lot comes to mind, of another nature too, but forgive it for tennis, because that is what I have the freshest right now.

Ex 1, Training coaches with national weight. (valid for those with private weight)

” When I still had social networks open (I only have LINKEDIN now), a coach told me you look at everything with a magnifying glass, or like a couple of days ago another coach, I have the title of chair tennis, …, in addition to the two beings Humans have wanted to have weight in the Spanish formation, both justifications follow the same line, the custom of seeing the same side or even a simple edge of one side of the dimensional cube,to get out of there the Ego shell would not hold it, because it is anchored so tense to keep the essences standing, straightened and familiar only to what is customary, that predictable but comfortable within its subconscious wall, ….. etc .. wanting always navigate by steam of the virtues or labor dominances but never by steam of the specific deficiencies or incompetencies to be developed “….

* At the top level, we have had examples of consequences, not even thinking about what is below (other categories or varieties I mean, something I already witnessed at the time) and currently we are already witnessing it, we will do it with even more intensity, and in some other case, from time to time, whoever warns of these things is not a traitor, he knows very well from what he says.

Ex2. Mental Coach, intruders or not, and Psychologists. (Valid for many Businnes men / women and sects)

“Mental coach intruders, some psychologists, they will never face or go straight ahead, they wait for their guinea pigs, placed from the subconscious in a reduced Dimensional Cube , defend them like lions, at the right and opportune moment. they are left without resources, and they appear, adding more dominated mass to the situation, while they a priori from a less recognized interior laugh at everyone, their price of elevator sensation clearly deserves it, … for the irony together with the sad realities “.

Ex3. The everyday. “Normalize what should not be normalized” that’s how he clears up. (valid for those who also qualify)

“I read in a book of a tennis coach, it is not necessary to give the name, because there is no bad intention or bad faith, each one teaches according to the dimensional Cube that they wish to possess, but when they have influence, normalize an anecdote that It can be taken with humor, laughter and a pleasant smile, but that at the end if there is not a good conversation, that is, an integration of the cognitive or behavioral problem, the short-term problem is much greater than a long-term laugh or laugh, The whole of the situation can become a record of their personality , defender, protector or attacker, nothing healthy neither psychologically nor physiologically speaking, reaching a chronifying phaseeloquent. Although it is not in our control, having a sense of responsibility is essential when it comes to psychological and physiological aspects, because in this case I have witnessed how most of the readers received this anecdote with jokes, even wanting to hear it, as something unimportant, funny , but underneath it hides a much more complex situation that must be worked on from the moment it happens, in these cases the times are basic, without losing the own and unique essence, which should never be touched.

The graphic example that I refer to is when it is listed in the book or lectures, “I was on one of the courts next door playing his game, they called me because there was no good face, he was losing himself loudly, it turns out that he was playing with the string broken, he had not perceived it ” , hence the integral psychological context is much more than a mere anecdote and he thus awakens for the next game, which too, but the background goes much further than the next game, in which dimensional cube We want to meet will mark the future of what we want to be done and its contextual and conceptual influence.

Ex4. Social relationships. Behavioral psychology.

” Surely in this example, if some can empathize something (without evaluating which of the three existing empathies for me), because it will have happened to you, you are in a group of co-workers, with two or more friends at a meal or any other relationship with a certain relative-social compent, you see how while you are going to speak or are already within the argumentation or explanation, they are losing listening, not so much because they are not interested, but because of the mental-cerebral deviation towards both or several components according to group size, to carry out your power of self-conviction without opening your mouth, of their theory or anticipatory prejudice of all action or execution, decision-making power, of the human being in front of them, conceptual or contextual situations that occur very quickly, but micro-information is there, they are really very settled in the reduced dimensional cube , interested and comfortable , the rest of the sides, edges, vertices, joints, or new interior compositions, do not exist, they do not want them, it scares them. ”

Ex5. The own treatise of Psychology. Labels.

Some of you will not consider it an example, allow me to do it, at least directly of what should not be done, along with example 3, well and the rest too, for me psychology (even psychiatry) is the whole of the Everything, the BEING with infinite dimensions, possessing a dimensional cube without limits, because whatever we do, or we camouflage ourselves between labor or social labels , we will continue to be the same BEING , the same essence and that is what should always prevail, taking it into full consideration without interfering in it, however the current current leads us to PASS OVER …. , that is, to impose theWORK PERFORMANCE (Crushing your BEING and your neighbor) above human INTEGRITY, a very dangerous long-term robotic path, consequences of the interests of the relevant schools, a beastly ignorance about it or the addition of fashions in this regard without any kind scrupulously, I insist and consider that the maximum INTEGRAL PERFORMANCE (implies care of mental and physiological health) comes and will always come from the development of THE OWN BEING.

* Remember many expressions related to terrorist actions, or economic crisis actions, or even the current situation mix Sanitary and POLITICAL …… THIS THEME OF THE DIMENSIONAL CUBE, It would be a very good tool also FOR SANITARY, let’s say to see the TORNADO of different spectra and figures, how do I say, areas, edges, vertices, unions, and said variability in compositions, the infinity of billions of points, existing micro-information, more in such a hectic situation, which will always make it difficult for them to get out of the anchor and enter cleanly to the observation and orientation of all the amplitude that the DIMENSIONAL CUBE offers .

In conclusion, I learned since I was a baby, more out of necessity than obligation, the developmental capacity of through the five senses, taking them to their maximum power of action, to observe each set or context far beyond a whole, that is, more far from the basic and simplistic shape of a squared Cube, but creating a Dimensional Cube of enormous magnitudes,where for me there are not only sides, bases, edges or vertices, but billions of points around surfing through the entire informational set of the situation that occurs both at a conceptual and contextual level, which allows me to get a lot of micro-information that by being or Those involved will not always be extremely amused, because it would imply a psychological-emotional demand that very few human beings would be willing to carry out.

In tennis , curiosities of life or not, I also had a coach and I have him because he is still alive, who has always watched each shot, each situation with many points, although he did not add so much the psychological-emotional part, compensatory old-school things with a character or race, which would continue to be very good for us, in this I also have to add, otherwise it would not be honest with me, both my parents and my grandparents, as well as an uncle of mine, especially my father, my uncle and my grandfatherin the way they looked, they treated things, as they would say in English “An Alley” that silently added to everything that was inside or was acquiring, working from other beautiful scenarios, in short, in tennis I analyze it in the same way to Through billions of points, some members of the Queen’s Club know it well, such as a couple of coaches from Barcelona.

I just remember that in any evaluation, it takes immediate or prolonged execution in time, although in the immediate one it would be more incipient as certain external resources that allow us to self-correct our own and neighbor damage later, than embracing the DIMENSIONAL CUBE , Although we feel more lost than abundant, it should be a personal self-obligation for all living beings, with more involvement in those human beings, with a great direct influence on other human beings or living beings (for example dogs, a detail that I have good base a great job with a trainer), because otherwise expressions will come, such as “I thought that …., I believed that …. it did not give a feeling that ….. this seems to me to be …. .., all conjugation with the VERB SER or in CONDITIONAL TENSESThey should be absorbed to be able to enter many more areas, places and spaces of the wonderful wealth that the DIMENSIONAL CUBE offers us , a powerful anticipatory and decisive tool.

* I hope that I have made myself understood, any doubt ask, ask and ask, ask you thousands of questions, the only way to enter a true DIMENSIONAL CUBE, is only through personal work in parallel and other personal factors (own), the get into a DIMENSIONAL Cube, free and stratospheric, completely natural, effortless and innate, intuitive.

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .