Dear reader, although it is a subject, not exactly in the same way but similar, I have already addressed it previously, I think I remember that by this same means that is my website in the article called THE PSYCHOLOGICAL NOISE or even perhaps in some more ( or simply through social networks), where you can investigate through my articles, if it is true that at a visual level (Video) I have not dealt with it yet, for me it has a great importance, a load weight simply as unbearable as it is silent, one sentence sums it up for us “It is easier to deceive people than to convince them that they have been deceived.”

Allow me an impasse, before getting fully into the agenda of the article, to make clear a detail of real importance for me, is that the interpretation approach of this article that you are reading, I do not want to focus exclusively on tennis, where evidently from the The confinement stage, accompanied later by the different tournaments, regardless of category and including Roland Garros, has left us the skeleton in the air, without being able to disguise its parts and their respective physical and psychological influences, of course, if before Were or were we incapable, as now with it naked, which implies a lot more information, will they be or will they be able to make a reading with certainty of what is shown?Because precisely for that reason, and through what I lived in 4 different cities in 4 different countries and what I continue to live where I am now on that nomadic path in search of the door to be able to help, through my passion, vocation and human sense for life, and also for an absolute possession of content, understanding, integration and execution on the matter in question, that same naked skeleton has transferred to other areas without restraint of shooting, through the essence as human beings and living beings that we are by nature.

You know reader, so that you can position yourself at least at an elementary level, it is not because of degrading yourself far from it, but because everything that has to do with psychology, as if we were talking about philosophy or religion, are topics of a lot of emotional weight that It requires a significant amount of time to complete the entire process. That said, so that you understand what I mean when I talk about peaks, imagine some radio or electromagnetic waves, like the one in the drawing below, but create it in your head without it being uniform.

My definition of the peaks are nothing more than the different emotional states of the individual through their current psychological state and in confrontation with the possible open fronts that the same individual may have from the past, which the sum of the set will create peaks upwards. or downwards , that is to say towards the ego, through a deceptive possession of self-esteem concealed by confidence and self-confidence, which are no more than ephemeral states, or downwardswhere the ego’s covering is covered in mud, its state being constantly visible, in the same way both peaks are theoretically “invisible and silent” (with content they are never hidden from detection), this sum of the whole being a very electromagnetic cable. dangerous in the face of the sum of open pains or wounds, one after the other, without closing when and where they should be closed, which means that the state of the individual is exposed to the chance of external factors, being an unplayable game full of irresponsibility and ignorance towards the charge of these waves that form the variants of the peaks.

“The healthy peaks are those with linear waves without brushstrokes up or down, achieving a psychological stability of the individual through the discharge and cleaning of the thoughts that create their unreal state and the management that never exists control of a sea ​​of ​​emotions that give it a human and spiritual value in the face of any situation exposed independently of the intensive category of said situation, creating a permanent regularity independent of the results “.

or put another way with a much shorter definition,

“If the individual in question is removed all the pieces or legs of the table that make up its stability, that wave of peaks remains unchanged both upwards and downwards, with an unbreakable capacity for endurance, regardless of the external factors present in every possible situation “

What does this imply in today’s society?

Simply that the social mass as a whole seeks as references or idols figures that melt by waves in their high and low peaks, accompanied by shuttles or vertiginous collapses, all this creates a source of limitless manipulation by the immense unconscious ocean that the Its own mass self-imposes itself by preferring to live in that fanatical, excessive or simply interested ignorance, despite the fact that the long-term consequences will not play in its favor.

This implies a brutal lack of critical thinking, not only because of “I prefer to live in ignorance and go through the hoop without complaining” , but because of the worship of the covers or armor that are consciously formed in the swings of waves between the high peaks. represented in attitudes through the moderate, the good image with an apparent leadership and power, which will rarely receive criticism, and the swaying of waves between the low peaks represented in attitudes through the aggressive, novel, non-argumentative spontaneity and non-marriage with the environment.

Now, these wave maps, in every human being or living being, are not the same, there are variants although some may be similar, but if there are certain patterns on which to rely without being carried away by them, you have really been able to create a deep content, then you are able to detect, draw and represent these maps with a solid argumentative breakdown as congruent, and without realizing it, honestly you are more than halfway done, it goes without saying what it would mean to have these maps present in any performance professional, in order to always apply a therapeutic approach that apart from “facilitating the task” will give us a panoramic enlargement of the infinite points of which any situation is composed,strongly raising the level of development of our task and if appropriate the influence on the social mass in need of that task or research.

What is dangerously worrisome?  Allow me to describe it point by point through psychological and social situations, which I observe every day, not only at mass, in public transport, supermarkets, walking down the street … etc. that happened before but now it is very marked by what we are experiencing and by the greater information, slowdown, focus, repetitions and prolonged unconscious exposures that digital media give you (video calls, webinars, videos … etc.)


1. Walking like living zombies, that is, being alive we are dead inside, we see a line, but we do not see more, nor desire, nor motivation, nor interest only if we are interested in changing our attitude and apittud something, it is poor as ephemeral , we do not question anything or deepen, we bow our heads at the expense of others. I prefer to live free, strong and without manipulation, than with fear and being an exclave of the irrational, because there is no worse mistake than not sharing your potential with others, your wisdom, your music, giving and delivering what you can truly give, regardless of the role played in life, or how I was educated, from therung of life in which you find yourself, if later you can climb the rung, do it, but having firmly completed the previous one, so as not to fall later, if you have to fall, fall into the one that corresponds to you.


2. Titulitis or job labels (eg he was an athlete, …) simply the power to reduce our vision to observe only what he has or possesses or what he has been, that is the recognition of the ego, we only know how to observe what another human being lets out through the mouth, however we forget the entire informative context, starting with the voice itself, tone, voice, accents, … etc., following through the body information, an infinite variety of gestures that go quickly and there are We have to know how to catch them on the fly, and now with digital we have been added another context that encompasses the entire image in front, behind, to the left and to the right, which will also give us the ability to find the point of coherence to the supposedly relevant information that is released through the mouth.


Work dynamism without self-demand of content , the great evil of the 21st century, I mean, you follow a rope until you reach the surface, without any type of autonomy, there is no psychological demand or demand out of context or real to the power of our nature , which creates docile, weak human beings, supported by external factors to stand erect, lacking psychological developments to become wisdom, in turn breaking down lights of pedagogy, creating therapeutic approaches with natural endeavors without search, in anticipation post for the Consequence of maximizing the potential resources of the human being in charge, be they patients, students or future professionals.

It scares me a lot with the current situation we are living in and with the enormous deficiencies on a psychological level with which professionals have been trained, the level of infinity of triggers and ramification in the explosion, including denial or apprehension towards any fear, they are in front of a class of children, future professional university graduates, patients in consultations of any kind (with going in person through the sites or browsing the network you get an idea), as well as that any investigation scientifies with influence in society we depend on the bulk of today’s professionals.


 4. Searching and creating content. With systems as obsolete as they are lacking, in the different educational systems (universities, institutes, schools …), teachers or professionals from other areas, governed by labor dominance, after explaining, following that linear structure, without a real demand for the life, when they leave that context they dominate, but not in absorption of maximum qualities, in anticipation, prevention and healthy development, the whole armor is dismantled piece by piece, being very exposed, without being excessively conscious, but in struggle constant because of the fear of it, which is seriously detrimental if, as always happens, personal development, content creation, is not linked or does not have to go hand in hand, although it should for the good of society as a whole, of the position or job growth.

The absence of vocation or love for the tasks carried out, whatever the profession, that is, in the human social service that we do to another, is not the limited justifying excuse on which we should base ourselves to exonerate or exonerate ourselves before different situations that we experience, but the abuse of conformity or inaction, easy or structured achievement, the abuse of prejudices, acts of value and labels, which deprives us and society as a whole, from inviting us to an intense search for knowledge and experimentation that does not experience, that leads us to the creation of content, later becoming wisdom.

Although in any career, the search and creation of content is essential without any discussion, in psychology and pedagogy, it is an absolute priority, the ability to be clear about the recognition of the peaks and what they hide, for me is a fundamental basis, it is something that one must search for oneself, but that educational systems, so obsolete, should invite and reinforce the search and creation of said content, from individual freedom and unique essence belonging to each individual.


 5. Comfort zones and justification by experiences,  Currently, if we talk about psychology but reciprocal and sprinkled with the rest, with the language of positivism, the well-being of the body and soul from the outside to the inside, instead of the other way around, which is in my opinion how it should be, as well as the Hypocritical and comfortable invitation of your best version, without forgetting the basis of many decisions and management of situations in the vast majority of jobs, through the super comfort of number of experiences, years or quantity, as something infallible and that goes to mass Whether or not you share your limited risk of such action, which time always intelligently tests, being an unnecessary risk to take, much more if your actions can influence the life or quality of life of other living beings, including rebounding the your own.

We forget that human comfort zones arise very frequently, even if we leave one, in a short time we will be in another, and in another, so on, leaving them, recognizing them are keys to maintaining commitment and loyalty. , with the grateful situations prior to the new recent one that you find on the way, that leads to constant personal transformations, increase in the management of tasks, increasing the healthy quality of them through improvement in action and development of qualities , not only physical but mental-cerebral abilities we have in our roots-genetics.

Experience is never a degree, it is a branch of the many comfort zones that we can grasp, that is one of them, sincellamente very, very dangerous to come across professionals clinging to it like burning nails, because educated in such a way form, which is their only escape route, towards their own fears, existential voids and the more than probable sum of constant pain without wound closure.


6. Dictionary structure.   Here we can make the sum of all the points previously explained, the straight linearity is such, they are sadly a reflection, like the tables of many students or of some hospitality places today, two methacrylate screens, straight gaze and they see no more They really seem like dictionaries of the RAE or simple promoters of what I call firm positive self-belief. There are the holders of the titulitis and the intruders, even more dangerous, because a structured dictionary even without content is “preferable” than having neither structure nor content.

Although, allow me to be even harder with different cases, not only because the recognition of the peaks is blown up, by not developing or working the capacity for it, but within the internal nervousness that these individuals are going to find. in their day to day, due not only to the obvious insecurity of not being able to defend what they offer due to the lack of solid arguments, but also due to the need for protagonism, access to their objectives, without their manipulation cake being discovered, a consequence of own emptiness in the face of own open wounds that add up, creating two triggers:

  1. The abuse of the use of the experience or the tagged content of your titulitis.
  2. Mental chaos, I refer to the facts, creators of emotional waves with very pronounced peaks both up and down, but boasting a lot when the peaks are up, in the long term, like the low peaks, they are time bombs. very harmful for individuals unconsciously involved, not only in performance or capacity development (as I call it) but in terms of comprehensive health.

 This situation in any professional branch is irresponsible, especially if your actions can lead to immediate consequences, with almost no recovery time.


7. Recognize that they have been deceived. The ability and honesty, because for me there is no value in this, but there are gestures that would honor you as a human and professional being, in favor of life and the profession or professions that you love, to recognize that you have been deceived or are being deceived. ; However, the existential void, covered by the Ego through a defense of its supposed reputation, prestige or social situation, makes them not look at the truth in the face, as I said at the beginning of the text “it is easier to deceive people to convince her that she has been deceived “, although that harms those emotional peaks through the unstable and unpredictable pronouncements of the waves “a priori”, since they would feel a state of vulnerability, from which they flee, allowing the deception to continue to rise despite knowing that they are being deceived , forgetting that being a true warrior, an authentic human being is one capable of finding their vulnerabilities, loving them and working them without limits.


8. There is a LOT of everything. In today’s world, where year after year, more and more human beings appear, so-called professionals, as a faithful believer that I am in that we all have as unique beings that we each have components or pieces that differentiate us from the rest, Being able to find it, empower it or find support and reinforcement in empowering it is basic. However, the educational system in all its aspects (Colleges, Institutes, Universities, federations, …) apart from not having full level teachers without abuse of labor dominance, with widely developed psychological and pedagogical capacities, which makes very difficult the ability to observe and care, not only what is already offering externally, but also what the individual in front of us can offer us without interrupting the process,

The world of sport, due to its social visualization, is a clear example, transferable to other areas, in the justifying wheel where it is surmounted, after training sessions or a game, observing only 5% of everything that could be reached. See, currently abusing external factors, as if they were to change the perception, it really is not having external reinforcements, but how they are used, to achieve the how, that which differentiates you from the whole of the whole, it only goes through one path, the ability to create great content through your own personal development and thereby reciprocally influence others, without polluting or leaving them in a bubble without dilution.


The unconsciousness about the importance of knowing and understanding very well the living being in front of us, human or animal, is as high as the imperative need to promote an iron consciousness about this, since I consider that any regeneration should start from here, especially educational or training (Schools, Institutes, Universities, federations ..). Understanding and knowing how to read the wave maps so different in each individual, without ever finding two alike, is essential to maximize not only their development of their own abilities or skills, but also their quality of life in absolute benefit of a state of well-being. integrative and later, which would imply the development of their professional task, be it with students, patients, clients, co-workers or investigations with social influence a posteriori.

Obviously it is not easy to know how to detect these small details, you have to be at a high level, have a great content creation, outside the technical part or structure of the career, solid in experimentation away from experiences, since it will give us how to live them, letting yourself really soak up the situations or concepts, which they are in their entirety, the when through the moments in which it corresponds, hence the need to create a good area of ​​concentration, to achieve then with focus an implausible attention ; Faced with the inability to do so, the worst mistake is to try to correct a difficulty, through flight with the fragile support of external factors or objects.

Honestly, nowadays, this is a situation that worries me a lot, because I do not observe any consciousness about it, and not only because when I go to mass, I am usually without the muzzle, I look around me, I observe a herd of undead, or when you walk down the street or in other situations throughout the day, it is something that had already happened before this plandemic, but now sharpened and stripped, like an ocean far from the coast, only miles and miles of salt water, for here is an ocean of the undead, mostly surrounded by ego; but because of the reflections to which I was driven to ask myself in those same places, and to bring them here to you, dear reader, through this article.

Obviously not everyone has social networks, but all of us who are in the labor market or should be, yes they have or even if they don’t, we already know that especially in some of them they are a posture mask, wanting to pretend the opposite of how not These, it is that part of the ego, I think about me what others think about me, necessary search for approval, however there are also the opposites, those of the dictionary structure, and for the rest, those that we are more transparent in the whole global set of essence.

Then among the sea of ​​the living dead in which we find ourselves today, in the absence of recognition and understanding of the peaks as an initial part, and then add the rest of the work requirement that would correspond, I wonder,

  1. Who do we have (the undead) as a teacher of our nephews, children or children of the society of the future? 
  2. Who do we have (the undead) as university or federative professionals? …
  3. Are the living dead who are going to treat me in a hospital, a clinic? …


I mean, if seeing, this situation in Spain is probably much more elevated and drastic, if these undead are the ones who have to train our children, our future professionals or ourselves in the field in which we want to empower ourselves or even precede ourselves in any service, especially in health issues, such as a doctor, a dentist, … nurses … etc …, being in such extreme situations, regardless of lack of external resources, which depends on oneself who is the interior, and that little has been taken care of both by the parents and by the educational institutions or those who have weight in training, the personal contamination that can lead to the innocence of some children, the lack of resources to manage undead adults,It is of intensity levels difficult to calculate, as to be exposed to that type of energies so contaminated by absence of work in the most important area of ​​the four that we have as human beings,the personal . Are we or are you willing to take that unnecessary risk? What society are we creating? Are we willing to seek the solutions that are closer to us than ever?


I conclude, with a final objection, something repetitive, however, very important in the creation of content, for the development of the capacities to detect with maximum certainty who we have in front of, in turn, the reading of wave maps, observation of the drawing of their peaks of emotional states , is to refresh the automatic line that certain self-concepts must follow until they reach that level:

  1. Self-esteem you have or you do not have, neither rises nor falls, the constant mixer with self-confidence or confidence, achieving the highest level of both through immense repetition work at high intensities.
  2. The empathy brought from the factory (research an article of mine that talks about the three different types of empathy) without being assertive, but it is necessary to develop one of the following two types of empathy to obtain assertiveness at one level or another, but without those empathies, forget about achieve assertiveness.
  3. Mental strength or the current word resilience, without the previous points, can also be forgotten.
  4. Emotional intelligence, all the management and factors in between that have each and every one of those previous points incorporated, without that forget it, you will get something similar but not her.
  5. Internal Freedom. The consequence of all the previous work, depends only on yourself, it takes a lot of experimentation that I do not experience through all the subjects to work between the different previous points.
  6. The happiness. Being happy, being happy are only ephemeral moments, being happy is the consequence of all the worked together … leading you to full consciousness without magic from your own personal work, the rest being helpful reinforcements.

All these points, plus many factors to work in between all of them to go through phases, information that I have already begun to explain through different videos (I recognize that not the best external visual quality of my cameras, I hope you can excuse me), They are essential to know how to read really very clear emotional waves, thus knowing how to understand who we have in front of us, offering a really very complete help or training.

I finish with an example of reflection of the many reflections that I leave in the article,

 An individual lost in the desert, only that individual and the desert, without supports, without table legs, without GPS, or any digital gadget, only him and nature, what attitude will he take to the situation and in what emotional state will he be? Will you find if you have all the internal arsenal that life gives us to develop us? Or on the contrary, who we normally praise or look for as an idol, what attitude will he take and in what emotional state will he find himself, I am removing him piece by piece on which he is supported, every second, hour, day or week? How will you see the image that the desert gives you in all the spectral photography? What would they look like on a desert island? Or in a big city with 100 euros on the street? All this with no other resources than themselves as individuals.


Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .