Dear Reader, I cannot think of a better definition to qualify the unexpected success of Monica Puig , where journalists, mainly Spanish, but also foreigners, when Garbiñe Muguruza was eliminated in the third round , so many things began to be said, like Disqualifying that it was amazing, basically for not following women’s tennis, and above all thanks to the wonderful journalism that invades us today, where women’s tennis, although it has a very good level, is despised day yes, day too. 

Basically Monica Puig , is number 35 in the world, for something she is up there, I was aware of her last year, through the different tournaments, some on TV and others following the results, summaries and others. When I was at the Mutua Madrid Open this year , on qualifying Saturday, look at what life is like, that to not access the center court as was my first intention, to be able to see Paula Badosa Gilbert and other Spanish women, look at the list of matches , and when I saw who played as boys and girls, I opted for Spanish and British, since I am currently living in London, but I saw one of the British, Naomi BroadyShe was facing off against Monica Puig, who had wanted to see her live since last year, because when you are live, you see more those little details than on television. 

I remember perfectly at the end, by a certain match that Monica won, when I met a friend around the venue, saying her, I have been watching the matches of Maria Sakkari and Monica Puig , they have been spectacular, it was nice to see them, you should have seen them, at the same time. That they polish certain details, and calm all that claw, surrender, they can do great things, which I did not imagine so soon, a case similar to what I experienced with Marcus Villis , months before Wimbledon , and in the end he was planted in the second round in the central against Roger Federer , almost nothing; and even similar to the case I lived with Novak Djokovic at the Madrid Arena before it was known, things of life, and to observe beyond tennis concepts. 

Let me make a little impasse at this point:  Whoever continues to say that women’s tennis is shit, boring, and other disqualifying, is because they do not see further, because they do not stop comparing it with men’s, and they do not change the way they see the things, women’s tennis is very good too, I advise you to see the final repeated, for example, the semis and many of this past week’s matches. It is true that sometimes some are completely bland, but you should never generalize. The press treats him really badly, and they hardly broadcast any of the aunts.

Is it really bad that each time someone different wins? If they always win the same, doesn’t that mean, everything would be monotonous and predictable? Compare both tennis, both physical and others I consider inappropriate and not coherent. 

Returning to what we have to talk about in this article, Monica Puig , apparently of Catalan descent, is already taking some time to come out and say that she was Puerto Rican-Catalan, jokes aside, if it could be said that she is Spanish-Puerto Rican. Being honest with all that tennis-tactical-mental work that he has done, he accompanies him with that basic and indispensable independent attitude, full of strength, courage, dedication, bravery, passion, love, humility and respect for what he does, that to the The end is usually rewarded, practically always, Garbiñe Muguruza knows this well , when at Roland Garros he changed the chip a bit.

For me, and that is how they should see it, those who have influence within the tennis world, I hope one day I can have it too, especially humanly, that Monica Puig’s victory is very good not only for her, but also for women’s tennis, a tennis where there is much more patience than in the male, this translates into more exchanges, this I believe many players in the end although it does not seem like it, they will appreciate it. The generation that comes from behind, they come with a lot of professionalism, more emotionally mature than men, with a claw, pride, truly admirable delivery, like Maria Sakkiri, Sara Sorribes Tormo, Daria Kasatkina ,. … etc … apart from Monica Puig herself, which is coming a women’s tennis, that who does not follow it, does not know, really exciting and with players with a lot of dedication and connection, that is fantastic in my personal opinion …

Now, dear reader, there is a lot of talk in the media about Who is Munica Puig ?, Who is Monica Puig ?, and no, a star has not been born, she is a tennis player who has surpassed herself, enjoying what she loves , and giving a benefit to women’s tennis, as simple and humble as that. You know if you follow tennis, there are many means to see even some highlights (summaries), results, ranking and others, to follow players, or as in my case, when I go to a tournament, I go unpretentious, you let yourself go and the Life surprises you as soon as you know how to look, beyond tennis aspects, in my case of the girls, also physical.

I do not want to forget, to send a capon to Angelique Kerber , I did not like her way of losing, she just shook hands with Monica Puig , very reluctant and without congratulating her, very bad management of a defeat, which after all you have the silver medal, that is not for my Olympic spirit, every defeat or fall is known to be part of the game of sport and life, which were not the most heartfelt ways of doing things.

I just say thank you MONICA PUIG for giving you, women’s tennis, and tennis, a different drive and vision, from which everyone can and should learn something, if they use their heart, reason and not without reason.  

A Hug, and to continue enjoying the rest of the Olympic games and their different disciplines that still have to be played.


Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .