Dear reader,

With the end of the Olympic games , I have wanted to make a summary about the emotions and the amount of information that a human person, a sport, and life itself always leave us in their day to day. Although allow me to recognize how difficult it is for me to see or follow each event of what happens in some games, but without being in person, and hardly having to trust myself by following a little through what the media transmits to us and they do not want to tell. 

You know, dear reader, for me the Olympic games every time they arrive, the details of how I followed the first ones that I was aware of, curiously because of my age they were those of Barcelona’92 , then those of Atlanta’96 … and so on, you know how I followed them, they always caught me in the mountains of Madrid or in my town ( Valvieja, Segovia ), with the old square television, with the cable connected to an extension cord through the window , the truth was funny but at the same time emotional, apart from helping me discover sports that if not through games, I think that I would not have much knowledge.

However, from that year 92 until now 2016, it leaves me a detail that overwhelms me, it hurts, and I have the feeling, even that it has gotten out of control in disproportionate levels, is to see how many of those who manage to obtain that Gold medal mainly , even the silver or the bronze one, they are emotionally unprepared to be new “IDOLS” or “INSPIRATION” (as they say today) of someone else, everything surpasses them, or ends up suicidal, abandoned, or totally outside of place, evidently the opposite side exists, although I do not know in what equitable percentage. 

What I have been able to verify in these games, not only because of the miserable media that we have, I do not care exactly the country, but also because of the federative executives, such as that of a German federation, when I harshly criticize some German triplets, where two of them crossed the finish line of the marathon shaking hands, telling them “that they were having fun instead of competing for the medals” , maybe they forgot that is what the sport itself is about, but politics and money make the rest, although for me also influences the attitude of the athlete and his work environment (coach, physiologist, … etc ..).

We exalt details, which should be nominal, of our day to day, such as that of two athletes who fell to the ground, and one of them waits for her to get up, waiting for her later, as always when love is given, its fruits are collected, Judges classified them for the final, it would not be for less, when that is the human spirit and in the end the famous “Olympic Spirit” , a spirit, increasingly stained and doubtful of transparency.

I also hate exaggerated exaggerations towards athletes who when they win someone, trample them after the victory, without being anything empathetic with their rivals or rival they have just defeated, that if when they lose they receive their own medicine, the worst thing that that athlete is not empathetic either in victory or in defeat, unless he watches the video of those moments again, he will not learn anything emotional, with his possible inspirations towards others, honestly for me that is horrible, the Victory and defeat are always friends, but if you do not know how to treat yourself equally, for me it is not an example of humility or anything like it , in this, speaking of my tennis sport, Novak DjokovicHe gives us lessons every day as well as in these games, of course without forgetting what was also shown by Juan Martin Del Potro , completely the human-emotional spirit that the Olympic Spirit has by definition.

Also say dear reader, that I did not like it either, how a Japanese coach threw his fighter against the photographers after losing the final for the fight against Gold, as his fighter cried desperately, and that he had at least the silver, if it is They really compete to win, but win by winning at any price without enjoying the trip? , I prefer to win like Ruth Beitia or Carolina Marin or Usain Bolt to give several examples, where in each of the rounds, even in the middle of the game, the smile is never lost, nor the place where you are, for me that represents part of what the  Human Spirit-Olympic Spirit is.

Another detail to highlight is the different ways of treating the achievement of the Bronze , curiously in sports where it is required to play a consolation final, it is as good as it is useless to obtain the bronze as if it were obtained as if not, instead In sports that are obtained in a single final, such as athletics or rowing, wow is it an achievement to be among the first three, in which we remain, is bronze useless to fight for it or is it a great achievement to have a medal even if it is bronze ?, is the media aclaráis ?, I even hear people on the street, say it is useless fighting for bronze, somewhat disappointing, as to what are the values that are transmitted to the population ?. 

More details, the exchange of countries, that is athletes, where a few years ago they competed for their country of origin and then they compete, for completely different others, there are different nationalities, also of course, there are different cases and situations, the feeling is that there are few who really change from one country to another, for love of the adoptive country, the Spaniard Orlando Ortega , for example, are the exceptions, however the power of money for both sides, regardless of anything else, weighs and much.

The attendance-audience , I have the feeling that football continues to take the cake, although the truth is that disciplines such as volleyball, beach volleyball, badmiton and even rhythmic gymnastics, the pavilions used to be quite full, I have to say for sure that the media where they cover more with soccer, or making comparisons with soccer, or even aligning athletes of the discipline that is with some of soccer, as if the person of reference of the rest of athletes, had to be a soccer player, or even in some cases, some athlete, very swollen publicly by the media. 

You know something, dear reader and the media too, that in the Olympic Games and in their respective day-to-day competitions, there are no KINGS OR QUEENS, only SPORTSPEOPLE-PEOPLE who outdo themselves day by day, some with closed doors, others with doors. already open, some truly know the suffering, others scratch it and think they know it, however they all have a point in common , they are INSPIRATIONAL for later generations and for people considered “normal” on the street, after all, regardless of our work identity, we are all THE SAME, HUMAN BEINGS, where we should or should help each other.

In short, THE OLYMPIC SPIRIT-HUMAN SPIRIT, is not something that should happen every four years, it is something that we must carry within us and show it in our day to day, in each of our day, in every second, in every minute , in each hour, something that we all carry inside, if we look for it and work, because we can live without it, but without really having a real life, for me that is ultimately happiness, our Emotional-Olympic part.

 Now for the Paralympians , still of even greater inspiration and sports and personal improvement.

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .