Firstly should define that we understand about the meaning of Stigmatization, that is the action of describing or regarding someone or even some material things as worthy of a disgrace or that deserve to receive the worst at all. Also recomend that read many of my articles that have gone writting as the last one about the Addictions (now would come so good) as that can watch some of my videos, of course always fix the attention on the context instead of other details that I am aware that must be better done in other personal conditions. 

As have commented other several times, I don´t read even watch neither anything from the medias ever, so is a great ausence of noise about that I am grateful tremendously, so when something is coming up the own social networks talk me, then in a very Objective way through of the own subjective of the people, whom are throwing out an asernal of information without being any conscious at all, that all that kind of opinions that are writing or even saying throug of small frame of the screen, are not saying out from real free inner because have just gone in through of a silence game of manipulation as social as psychologic, so let that we are spreading behaviour that are full of a lot of hyprocrisy althouhg it is our first intention at all.


Fears (Insecurities) + interests ( ” protect ” our fears) + Ego (unreal persuasion of our self) =  Messages with the same story time and again without the punch of the determination (PUMP!).


The case of Verónica Forqué after that I was able to read some contents from social networks, reminded me inmediately cases as the situation lived and listened about Robin Williams, even many others that are still alive, but that usually is said that behind of a smile, or even about other kind of gestures, could find a really tough and dark inner situation, to be honest even recently in the last jobs that have been working in the kitchens, where hope don´t come back there anymore and start to help a lot through of my huge passion the TENNIS, because I am tremendous happy in a tennis court, and can help a lot in many of aspects that must be transfered to other areas, anyway coming back to the point that were talking about, on that jobs, I could observe human beings next to me with serious gambling problems or with the drugs, or whatever other kind of addictions, but the most dangerous was that the managers, supervisors, etc…are not any conscious at all about that were working or still going to work with colleagues that in some way need help, but that in fact even are placed in situations or positions that mustn´t be on or at least keep on company with some limits on.

“ Means that is not so difficult to detect whatever kind kind of inner situation, other point would be as can get in depth about it, where we can find different ways to do it”.  By CARLOS AZUARA (At least for me is easiest) 

It is usually more common on capitalism groups or inversments groups, where many times you can see the boss of a department, or even the own director of the group get through the different areas / places with the chin up without stopping theirselves in any moment to talk with their colleagues (humans beings) or their staff but not even able to express a simply but helpful tool as would be to shake on the hands and say good morning/afternoon/evening, or make the questions how are you? how is everything going on?, simple questions that make a lot, means said it in other words to get on consideration to others human beings without that really must be so important that kind of labour development is defining you on that moment to a group or colective, basically because it will create a habit of reactions on the day by day on many of their staff, although they are not conscious about it, believe me it built a kind of pattern so silence that are going to influence in one or orther direction the development of the activities inside of the company, means the emotinal state with that the worker will go to work through of the time.


Personal frame:

Inner + Personal development =  the expansion of our self (Don’t mix it up with to get our fucking better version) is will bring us to grab the authentic capacity of freedom and happiness that belong us. 

Social or Group frame:

Identity = Your professional labour.  Means that your Personal frame doesn’t exist because must walk hand by hand, but won’t be descovery on the first phases because there are not pattience as neither abilities of listening or even “enough time” to share with the human beings that are in front of us to open it in a very objective way, all is leave as the basic reflection as the subjectivity of our fears (unsecurities), so means act in a very selfish way throuhg of just think in our own material goals although is meaning to push out other human being. 

The better way to development are those where you are going to open our own space without pushing others to go out or other corner or even that is worst using them to sell ourselves a fake image that “hidden” our fears while unconsciously will always be ahead and to whom are using want that to keep them behind without getting interrupt on the picture “…     That have always been seeling so good, because is so easy to find us too much psychologically handled (lost of concious without know it) that touching our sensibilty even our feeling of culpability. (On tennis, sadly that is very common to see it).



As the femenism, as the racism and obviously the mental health (psychologic state) think that through of the medias with absolute complacency of a herd without charism nor any kind of intention to open their own personal identity that unconsciously step by step have gone diving inside of a psychologic ocean manipulator without being able to think by theirselves where the image that transmit time and again is like if are moving to the same rythm that the wipers´cars so means that don´t care the the kind of conditions that could have outside, although it could be just a little, or heavy, but also intense like a shower or even sunny, so move it on with the same frequency or of course absolutely are not able to stop it, basically because when are in your word, and in fact think that really are thinking on total freedom conscious by yourself is when get an inner feeling of control, that is totally fake, but that keep us in a parallel reality where think that is the absolute truth, however the several information that we are missing on that point while spend our time believe that we are so conscious through of a unconscious that is far away of being on consciousnes, when the fact is that must get to develop a unsconcious on total consciousness that let us to walk to the conscious in a total full consciusness, that will do in us have a emotional maturity on fullness about whom must be without taking care about a lot of personal and social beliefs that have gone inflicting us with our own passive behaviour cover it up as if we really were free human beings in their total expression.



On that small section, that have a narrow relation with all the have mentioned above, but I want to bring it to a point that is as smallest as a hot point in nowadays because the intensity through of receiving it on every time is too high without breaks at all, obviously talk about the medias, social networks and whatsApps Groups (other similar platforms).  

I don´t want to repeat on the same thing that have gone talking as above on that article as in others artilces or even other videos as well, simply that bring us readers together with my person to the point that can realise as the communication tha trasmit through of medias (reading, tv or other platforms) and right now also through of the respectives social networks included Youtube channels, and after all of that strongly confirmed on the whatsApps Groups (other similar platforms) pushing us to create inside of us a contaminated idea or opinon about an individuo or subject, without taking any care about the drastic consequences that it could have on that individuo or even on that situation contextual.

For example, on sports or music world is happening day by day, with an athtletic (human being) or through of a song or the own singer or band, to be more signify with it, that is happening with the Football Club Barcelona is the best reflect that have in nowadays in front of our faces, where are doing permanently that love or hate to a player or other without that surely no-one have been able to analyse at all more that two or three details during a match that previous that information have already been contaminated, so means that the objectivity won’t be present in the analysis, so will start to destroy or even bring to the heaven a human being or other without any kind of limits a all and of course psychologically the group will feel it.  On Tennis, exactly the same, have been loading to that love or hate someone that even we never meet him on person (I am lucky that can’t say that, lol, although miss to take some teas with many of them to fix the details more in) so without any kind of information in, we must decide who have to considere a goat or even that is worst and awful to push the stupid label of next gen to show things that don’t have any reason to do that, bring the herd and the players (all human beings) to a way that is as absurd as full of hypocrisy that will never bring stuck in anything constructive for everyone.

And on the tv shows, is exactly the same, but with much more intensity in because is keeping longest on the time, means that don’t receive it and go, if we that is repeating during a long space of time or even between spaces but the enough space of interruption to manage a savage amount of awful and useless information in where our area of comfort between habits of the past plus the own emotional state of the day will bring fix the interested process of information that have to do it, although it means that are bring our inner to a reality far away about that really is happining on, but the most dangerous that all of it, after on the time, maybe inmediately or just in a while, throw out all our level of anger (lower or higher) through of our conscious state while are in a uncosncious way (the fear to get in our unsconscious to work in) to find our fake feeling of light breathing in, so in all of that groups of platforms like whataspp or others, like that as also on the social networks are the field of mines about it, because if you have the brave to give a different opinion or want to bring a bridge to the group will always be shaking out with a level of rubbish from send all it that reflect a sad reality of finding locked all the intention of evolution (The intention or determination are other fields that have their subject to tell out as well..), with the silence and complancy of who have fear to defence or argue an opinion or thoughts about that are in harmony although could exist areas that don’t understand at all on that instant.

” We are conditioning our thoughts through of all the information that we are receving in because are not able to create a debate that could begin from of an middle point where bring it to a constructive way, the worst that don’t have put any intention to work on it, so is easiest for us to make classifications while in the same time go commended both sides without taking care about the consequences, because the only thing that is matter is our own fake state of relief (Ego) ” by CARLOS AZUARA.  (In education that fact shouldn’t be let at all, on tennis we are looking for anoher side have already consequences).

Example: The day before to get the news about the case of Verónica Forqué, even previous day as in other several times, in a WhatsApp group, because about that time were as the umpteenth that gave an oportunity to the group through from the only human with whom keep a litlle contact from my small village, it was because supposedly want to ask something about my last articles…but if you check all that messages on that fucking group always are addresed to the destruction to that they considere vulnerable on that time, sometimes could be one or other, looking permanently the suspected weakness….reasons always are so clear when are able to get in the unconscious area, although try to throw lies for the mouth, all that is always with the permissibility of all, doesn’t matter the profession, the kind of different generations that there are in, or the location of development, is always the same bullshit, so always have to use the same excuse “have the group to ge fun between us, that is all “, but without any conciousness between them, so also get to go in their own destruction at the end, because on the individual and personal times of everyone, that spaces of the lonely ofur unconscious won’t understand the colours, then clearly when it happens on many human beings, and observe that it is coming up seeking to get involved on permantly groups because we are not able to get alone and face up against our own real way of development (the inner gave us a lot of fear) although seek are permanently surrounding of the people, the inner’s demand will never disappear, that are doing with that behaviour is bring our inner to a bubble that in some moment have to pop on, it will be in a level that never is imposible to work in but that evidently will be really tough and complex (very few will be willing to help on that) than it could have been taken on time or faced it up with bravery as human beings that supposedly define that we are.

” If my person that I am not anyone, just a simple human being with a very narrow contact networks, can happen issues that very few will have tools to manage that properly, could you see that human beings as in the case of Verónica Forqué, or other human beings can be famous or maybe are not, the level of pressure that must hold up through of a brutal trail of information that is coming to them in a permanently way and in most of them without any tools to face it up, because it doesn’t have any relation with the profession that you could develop on, now that is something much more depth? ” .  



I will try to be short and simple, well, they are whom have created that influence space on millions of humans beings, it is not just on Spain is happening on everywhere, they influence is really tremendous on both ways, as on the right way as in the wrong way. That kind of responsability have on all that the own Rafael Nadal and that other part would correspond to his uncle Toni Nadal, on there won’t go inside of that cake, but both of them have pice of cake on all that.

Let me to explain, don’t remind at all if was Verónica Forqué or other actress/actors/directors.. on total a high number of the human being, famous on that case but also those are not, talk or just admiring the figure of Rafael Nadal, but all with an excesive attentional focus on the Mental Force, strong psychologic or whatever way you want to call that, so details that in first impact could be obviously to take on consideration while show out a feeling of gratitude, that of course deserve it, however if the meanly actors don’t put any kind of limits, in a serious way at the end all that wonderful and harmless words or emotional situations have to convert in a dark drama for many of the human beings even in some point for theirsevles, while we are saling in an ocean that probably is going to bring us to the self-deception at the end, through without forgetting the several factors that will go step by step adding in that dark way, that of course have every time so clear that is a clear access of injuries (health and physically obviously).

Means that all of that can be a apparently funny game of admiring or even hugging a “SUPER MENTAL FORCE”, of course through of a medias or better say, some kind of journalist that surely not even they will have at least a maturity inner that pushing to write or do things full of image absolutely rancid, sometimes on cooperation with the innocent athletics or interested coaches, other times by theirselves, that all the set is pushing out a sick society that already have a lot of stimulus around so don’t let to take some breaks or small pauses that give oneself the real inner power that have inside in an absolute natural way, to go out to grab all external possible items without a vision that bring us to go out from that circle spiral without direcction that we are now; for that reason although for example few months ago Carlos Moya was on a roll with some journalists think just through of social networks cutting short some issues, but is also truth that miss that kind of things have happened more times from 2006, where the RAFA’S NADAL BALLOOM, was doing so big and dangerous for everyone, think that in that case have to involve more to Tony Nadal than Rafa, have had situations, actions and speeches that after have gone slipped fom the hands off, all it always have consequences on, about all when begins to grab an imagen that have an “hidden” enormous potential to damage many of realities there out.

They should be more conscious that independently of the reason that is coming from that point that have wanted to transmit that or simply is coming on through of their spectacular performances on courts, doesn’t matter which way have came from on to get touch to the people, now that have a level of influence on the people that sometimes and to be honest to us it scares on a lot, because all look like herds without any kind of control, simply insist on that because I don´t know sure if really they are aware about level of depth of influence on the planet that they have on, specially Toni Nadal, where show a determinantion and a PUMP! without more things, start to be more basic at all, much more that the own content in. A example clear of that, just before summer, in the long interview with Jano Garcia, so always has material really interesting, think that at the end also take his herd for his interest, but in the case with Toni Nadal, was an oportunity that wasn´t taken as must have been on, without getting on details, so would be a lack of respectful from my side, simply defence the mental health and come back to the same circle spiral, exactly the same that 1 year ago as with ¨considered influencer¨ as in the own RFET, was also a repeating of the same way, cleary as read some comments or listening someone, can be able to observe as the manipulation could bring to grab situations that will never let to catch up the real powerful of work an deveopment that could be taken from every contextual situations lives on. (With RAFA o Without RAFA)

From 2006 till now, on the tennis groups, the promotions,…etc..doesn´t in Spain or outside of Spain, We have always have the same question throw out of a point of view really limited, always looking to find there just love or maybe hate, the question was and still going sadly, Do you think that THE FIGURE OF RAFAEL NADAL HAVE DONE WELL TO THE TENNIS OR DOESN´T IT?  My anwer…below..

Well, from my point is moment to be so clear to all the society from once time for ever, to honest if we are talking about tennis, technique (although is not the most healthy one for many humans), tactic and human race (charisma on court),  there are not any doubt about it, of course, have got to bring many people to play on that wonderful sport or even pay attention to that sport in from different physical medias, however if have to talk about psychology, I am afraid that sincerely have done so much damage at all, must be clear on that, of course is not come in a direct way but sadly think that if is happening in an indirect way; leave so clear that I am not refering about that case of Veronica Forqué, or whatever other cases, but in some way if that have gone to the mix the concepts up, self-deceptions, lack of informations and about all built around of that figure a lot of mental noise (chaos) about something that is use to walk in a way built about a structured support and closed path in, but obviously in which also have to show out many strong abilities, but doesn’t mean to be perfect or sell situations that the first that haven copied things in a wrong way are the professional of tennis area and after many of psychologist or bad called sport psychology that hold it as way to survive on, when want to trasmit issues out of their hand, and that didn’t represent all of those, because haven’t showed some kind of resistence and that have seen forced to take external items to reduce effects to the excess the mental noise.

Simply, I want to finisht to say out, that we are humans beings, sometimes could be the egos, other times there are interests or even lack of personal development to gain conscious through of full job from the unconscious that pushing us to get out the comfort and then realise about facts that were there but have never realise about it, like when you see a movie three times or read a book another times, here exactly the same, there are serious issues that have slipped from the hands off, and that on the case of the RAFA NADAL’ CLAN, like them or didn’t like, even are more ready for that or are not, come it from a free choice of them or even through of the influence theirs performances and weight from the sponsors must be enough aware the level of brutal influence that have theirs voices on the world, because have said before can scare a lot but in the same time if it have a very good utility could bring very human benefits for the whole society. so every detail “hidden” has a great or negative influence on that actual world, pay attention on it and will have a society more healthy and strong, absolutely of  IRON..

On sports I don’t mind the rankings or classifications between living beings just for a matter of ego that I would be more interested is about theirs behaviours and psychological abilities to develop as in as outside of court in a real strong and honest identity till whatever kind of situation that were coming over there, like that is strange that don’t have a powerful influence in the performances and all itself variants on a regular and permanent way with a unique focus up”.

* The same could be said to other many influences athletics……. although are a step below….




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