That article that will be reading below is an inspiration that came on me after that made a reflecting about the actual situation that are living now, as about all experiences have lived on the last months (Switzerland, France and England) through of all the immense trail that every psychology reading have gone leaving back of itself and also details that have been able to pay attention through of watching videos about that period of pre-season from many athletics, specially on tennis, because think that would be so useful over there.

We need to start from the beginning, so means, must know that all the addictions come first from the habits, that in the same time that habits on many occasions are treated as something ordinary that travel around of our own logic, however on many of them are exactly a warning to annunce us that something should be worked and then after get it on evolution to bring us to other different way than usually it is, and that if we don’t take any action that will go to make bigger without limits on, so means to reach different levels of peaks really dangerous at all, because on whatever area of that peaks will be extreme situations that will demand us a kind of development about our abilities to grab it over, so will always be a tough inner challenge taht very few human beings will be willing to take it up.

Other subject that must have really clear about that the addictions is that means at all, now that have always tied that concept up with external issues like the alcohol, smoking, gambling….etc.., all of that come in through of our zone more irrational from our mind-brain, that of course is too much influenced (Noise = unreal fatigue between other things…) for the medias and other different kind of environments that without breaks at all pretend to hit us in to don’t let that we could create any kind of introspectives spaces what it all means; well however is very important to be aware that an addiction doesn’t have to be just something material or situational, because even could be something come from our inner, in fact every time have more clear that all kind of addiction as material as situational start also in our inner but that also there are issues that are totally specific from the inner, just around here, where the level of demand will be too hight where should be able to see as that “professional” are or maybe are not so good on action, means that if really have got inside the enough personal exposing (don’t mix up with the experience, EGO), to be able to detect it even understand that information about that is happening inside of an living being (humans or don’t be it), means to read that information independetly if make it after or later on from action is comming up, although obviously is preferably to get it on the exactly moment. 


What kind of addictions am I refering to? Exactly two kind of addictions ( probably could be added some more).

1. The situational inners. 

That doesn’t just mean that those emotions / feelings that make us to feel a specific moment, also refers those others that are traveling permanently stuck in our inner (if we haven’t worked about them), exactly in our unconscious area while in the same time have gone building a thick fence of comfort to get a kind of fake protection to all an arsenal of stimulus that coud receive on, in other words means that every one of our own actions that take on as our ” personal ” opinions and that throw out on a several situations without having any idea about the dangerous consecuences that could get in others, as in the same way we could think that all is done or even said out from a point of freedom on concordance with the reality that are living on that right moment, however on practically all that moments, that are reflecting on is our own dirty area (mirrow) that constantly avoid to face up with that inner area, an behaviour that can travel perfectly between the own unconscious area where we are not present at all in, as on our own positional space as also the own demand situational, and even justly come out since a simply and coward behaviour to work hard about our own issues, both grades of action must be considered as high grades of personal and social unresponsability.


2. Mental speed and body.  Very usual to see that mistakes on the physical trainers, physiotherapist, chiropractics…and some one more.. 

Well, really are all of that where our emotional magnament are going ahead of our own actions, means that all our senses will be saving on a position of standing-by mode for a while or even for years or the rest of a life; also means that our intensity is not our mental speed so push us to make movements or take actions in a offside position, that in the same time to pretend us to elevate our high performance through of pushing the individuo up through of elevating external speeds so many times is confuse with a high intensity however that are doing is forcing that our mind is going on far away from the our body instead of woking on harmony, between them, then from there can take boths rythms that there are on my point of view. firstly the dynamic but in the same time, few seconds later on have to be able to add an psychologic rythm that must bring up through of a short time that will us to get a level of conscious so sharp that will let to involve us in dimensional cube really wilde that will benefit as each choices that are taking on as on our movements’ position, and obviously all of that will have a lot to say about the probability to get injuried as in our integral well-being as well.


*  An very important note, many times we have heard or just reading about three brain areas, the conscious, subconscious and unconcious, well, from my own personal story based in an tremendous psychological esposuring for minutes, hours, days, months and years, and still have to do it day by day, I can’t defence that subconscious area could exist on, I don’t think so on that, because such see that like an area where can save our own excuses for a short period of time with the just intention that avoid us to go straight away to both ways that really exist at all, the conscious and the unconcious areas, where must always go from the unconscious to the conscious with the objective to make a job that place us on a permanently, strong and authentic feeling of well being.


Before to go in about as all that have talked about the way between the habits and the addictions get  influence on Sports or even leadership magnament as well, considere that is very important to throw you out two tough questions to that by yourself could get in on a depth reflection (if you have doubts feel free to ask me like that we can learn each other), they are:

  1. Are we concious that the self-confidence and confidence are simple motivationals tools and that to walk with them without getting the self-esteem in our inner, is so dangerous from the first instant although hidden it, with what it all means in?
  2. Are we concious about where are our actions and opinions coming from when execute them out, although our reality is and must be respected but practically at all is not coming out from the contextual reality of the situation and even from the emotional state from the living beings that could have in front of us?

* Pay attention to the habits don’t only to those that make noise or even could create more impact on us, there are a lot information on every action, word, gesture through of their tones and contexts, like that will anticipate to many issues where of course all that bring the performance up without stopping on any peak as also will get in an authentic and perdurable feeling of well-being, the real force of truth WARRIOR.

How does make the way of development between the habits and the addictions get on influence on both fields, leadership and sports? (know both fields so well, I don’t want to force someone to believe on my inner and my job about it, that woudln’t be represent out who I am at all)


1. ON LEADERSHIP. Well, here we have two clear ways of behaviours, one is going to get there by infliction and the other one is keeping us on a field of defence, so the common point from both ways is that from there, no one human being won’t be able to create as a value of cohesion social as a channel of individual communication, obviously all of that always will have important consequences to pay for it.  On that I could develop plenty of live situations, between:

  • The fears (unsecurities and other inner problems) that transmit to others, that always prefer to keep on silence although it damages theirselves or others on predjuice of the our own healthy and the development of the task in a great level of performance that is able to keep the appetite opening on.
  • A big lost about our spacial consciousness, three common situations that usually comming up, the first one, that can have close to you someone with a serious issues, for example, gambling problems and that is worst don’t realise about it that will affect firstly the own living being and after all the group; second one, also see in an ignorance way about the living beings that is sucking up to you without scruples and obviously nor generoisty, and third one, that fix us on a reality totally opposite from the real situation, on many external things, so means that lost all the time in situations that they are not transcedence in the task at all, instead of paying all our senses on details that reallly are so important to take action inmediatly because although have a less visual impact but are those who are signed a way of influence on the high development of the actions.
  • The need of control. Permanently on tension. Basically is that want to get the control of everything detail that happened around of us to that right situation is going to happen like we wish or think that should be, so it will always come us stucked of brutal level of infliction, because also would get in the game as the power of reasoning as the line of perception, also that apart of that infliction comes in with a fridge full of emotions saved inside of our chest, all of that many times is confused or even pushing out to that appears out with the nerves (that is something puntual without any affectation at all), but really is something much more serious, and should have so careful with it, now that we have two kind of directions, one from outside to the inner, and other one just stuck on the inner (built a fance with the outside, a fake apparence of relativization, very easy to buit it without being conscious about that, it is something very dangerous, on sports have seen it, so from my side didn’t advice to buy it).  Real live examples, look that happened on the champions league draw, or go and check some videoconferences from our tennis and “coaching” influencers (here there so clear visualizations about it), or situations that live day by day on our jobs or previous one, between, manager, general manager, supervisor and the staff, have lived even that on my ex-family company.

2. ON SPORTS.  Although have already explained it a litte bit above when talked about pushing out the mental speed from our body because we are forgetting it, through of all consequences that have in; means that I am not saying that isn’t really important to get super strong physically like an ox, making a good job on balance of every area of our own body (coordination and agility), but fall down permanently on that way to cover up somes weaks areas that should be worked in other way and that after we will grateful on all our human extension, that won’t benefit to the athletics at all because when have to come back to performance on their different stages, will be in a ferris wheel without exit, means that how are being able to see many times, the body is going to a side then the brain to other, so reduces our visual field (perspective and management of the emotions in old and new one context) that in the same time get influence on very negative way in our choices, movements and of course is a great friend for that all kind of injuries are coming up (physical and mentally).


Once reach that point why is happening that?

I have already explained it above, but well, starting in a basic situation, think that there are too much games between the overestimate and the underestimate, so practically never leave spaces to get the balance in and on, or said in other way to create a natural development; all that means that when take in one direction or other one will be destroying human beings or living beings, ones because we are focused on many external things and  all of that in some or other moment will never be enough (even Rafa Nadal pays it sometimes) as in other ones, because undermines or even stop drastically the growing up of the human beings or living beings, so on both cases are leaving many areas underneath of the life on proposition of a different seeking that without inner tools in that will bring tremendous consequences that no one external action will be able to cover up although the human being will always try to do it with the only goal to avoid responsability or maybe is an authentic lack of knowledge to situations that demand us much more than basic actions on.

About examples in according with that second point, well there are a lot, just watch plenty of the physical trainings of the many of the players, as from my point of view we are mix it up, intensity, speed and accelaration while on the same time the brain – mind is just going on back or other humans goes ahead, but very few times walks on the rythm of the exercises, as have said a little bit above, of course you are getting strong like an ox but when are going to the stages the mind-brain won´t respond as could do, and will walk on the same circle again. Other example, exactly one year ago, in an online congress, I don’t want to say who even which academy was, made a shy question (because I am not anyone yet, and don’t want to get embarrising to anyone, empathy first), asking the next: What are you doing to work on the same emotional rythm of the players? (more or less was something like that my question), do you know what was his answer?, I am so sorry but don’t understand your question….   Of course that it doesn’t mean that he is not making his job so well, simply is limiting all a powerful way of developments or even simply small jumps of evolution that could be show up on short time and of course without forgetting that in some way the injuries are going to talk loud because every action has consequences on but about all because that absence of concious about what rhythmic position is our brain-mind found as before as during the actions are a great oven for that the injuries is coming up without stopping it independently of their rythm of frequence are on.



Really, that can give a feeling of being in game of kids while get through four pillars in that strict order:

  1. Novelty.
  2. The actions.
  3. The habits
  4. The addictions.

Obviously that before to get in that channel there are multiple variants as during our travel on each one as even on the own spaces that there are between them and as also of course a posteriori through of the certain thoughts grab on and that let us to fix up a way that although you think are acting on concious as from the inner as with the dimensional space around of us (our memory on that will feel it so grateful), however that have done is left our concious area blocked without chance to use it just for a while or maybe sadly longest or the second one is getting on the maximum reduce our ability to use the concious area, because we have left all our functions on the hands of the our uncosncious area, that is really basic but that however after should be able to bring it back to a concious area totally super natural.

A very basic example about it, because there are other areas much more serious that could apply on the life, when you are teaching new tecnniques or just to correct something, know how you can do it, first you won’t need any stupid and damage external thing to support your poor job, second one will anticipate to all the troubles that will come in, and third one that will be working from a very natural healthy point so is always the best alley to get a sharp focus about the potential to development on if we talk about that example.

Also is important that remind you the interrelationship about the job to develop in according with the self-confidence, the confidence and although could be it strong for you about to add it on there, also need to place our brain on full consciousness, because all of three cases are situations that never is going to stand on the same level of peak, the two first are external motivational facts and the consciouness is an state that must be worked from the unconscious side through of the facts, where the multiple stimulus are always going to play with her, but that if you have the self-esteem really integrated in, means that have got the tools that will need to use in one or other direction through of kind of demanding that receive us.

On sports, have serious problems, first one because who should give example about many issues, really are excessively politically correct, curiosity although can create that are conscious however the fact of the psychologic manipulation is so silence that even if don’t stop to push theirselves to other rythm will never realise about the game that is in; second onethe sport psychologic, with all my respect and big defender of the clinic psychology (traditional) where took all the job from the root without that the human essence suffer any damage on the way, I can’t respect a linea of “job” that its focus is just the surface and the multiple factors, because the damage is not just to the own show on, is that it is going right now so far with the own individuo, because if there are not any solid layers one behind one, the damage will be a hot plate to serve on; the third one, everything that have already commented above on that article, as the psychal is going ahead over the brain-mind, in a relation that is according also about as we are placing our obsessive focus on a unique subject, because think that thus is the only way to get strong conditions to compete without being absolute able to realise that about it we are completely losing the balance (our or from our player as well) as in the same time are placing in a very silence way a several dangerous keys that will flow into serious inner issues that many cases could go to other level of sickness, the fourth one, the own structure of the athletics’ development since that they are kids, a way of robots without souls, super signed without space to get in the creativity but about all a natural development of the self-steem (concept that on my opinion is exchange on) without that it has to be mix up with feelings of confidence or self-confidence that always be seeds that feed a “humble” way of self-deception without that theroically no one be able to “identify” that.   A big BALLOOM that always repeat the same FERRIS WHEEL.

On Leathership but as have said before could be transfered to other infinites areas, as have already commented all that fears or better said all our arsenal of insecurities issues without being to face it up, thus consequentely the lost of our spacial consciousness and also of course stuck an anxious need to control every situation in a way that supposedly point out that you are the authoritiy or a similar thing, however from that point of infliction, altlhough is never going to be a surprise with that kind of behaviours the hypocresy is the star recipe of action through of set of lies or even recomendations that are going so far away about a very healthy impact in our body and brain-mind (working like a team, human interactions, generosities, empathies…etc.)  that they are believing it like own but that need to place it over the back of others, a way to cheat to their own dirty mirrow so by the way feel theirselves so scared to face with it up, but it is truth that many times there are not any intention on proporse to push the things like that, if not that are in a level of unconscious as if it was a glass of water on full that is on explosion or close to it.

Even other very sad matter is that could pass on the time just four or six months or maybe more, that all that fears (insecurities) that already are inside of a backpack but that will add many other issues from the present state that will burst that backpack, so when you are going to meet with that kind of humans after that time of period, long or just short, are not going to recieve others humans, but about all on those whom could have tools that would wish to get them in, with the arms opening, full of happiness, if not sadly with a feeling of anger where will want to find some weak point while pretend thourgh of a psychologic game inverse the real context of the situations, a kind of competition that just is on them, but that through of that psychologic game and grab on context between the underestimation and the overestimate think that are going ahead of you, so take it for granted that you are going to put your head down without getting to place your perception out with all the respect, empathy and benefit to the group, so is a total contrast to the path that could take and that even the own life have brought them a wonderful gift on the right moment to take adventage about all that potential that situation and even those living beings could offer them and that they just need on that moment, but are absorbed for the fears (unsecurities) that bring them to grabs to their routines so means that condition all their consciousness in a fake state of comfort although it can bring to all a group or individuo to the destruction (I am not talking just about politician, it is about my whole expositions on diferents jobs that I have been in)

I don’t want to finish the article not without mentioning about the that external addictions that can be items like redbulls, cokes, coffees, other sugar drinks, smoke, drugs, and so on, that are all of set the final consequences of many issues that haven’t been to face up or that even maybe the half have stopped on the midway of that, which are formulas that avoid to face up to our fears (unsecurities) that keep following our “way” while send an infinites lies to our brain-mind to that finally arrive a explosion behind of other are or are not separate in space of time, the fact is that against that kind of situations all of that addictions, action + habit + addiction + consequences won’t be anyone although that person is called Rafael Nadal, because the silence addictions clearly perceptible if you have a good psychologic job to read it, are serious warning that will never stop although pretend add whatever other external addictions to that our mind-brain feel relax while communicate us a fake state of relaxing. As the happiness as our maximum power of performance will never come from that point, in fact will always be interrupting it in one or other way. Have to be conscious about it, please!!!.


” If we are not conscious or even feel panic about our free membership of freedom as living being that we are, without that introspection inside of us is absolutley imposible to get involve on whatever kind of personal development, that is the first frame to understand our own freedom, for that later on can love it, feel it how much or just a few, but that in some way are able to get in a process where it is the first base of all of that, as in the same time our panic to it would be our first base of a dark way that is going to push us to all kind of addictions, beginning obviously for the more silence at all, those that is going to stuck in our inner that with the time will go to grab all the possible external options that will create in us a fake state of calm ”  BY CARLOS AZUARA. 


” We must work every situation, psychal or situational being reall conscious about where are going to communication of our brain – mind, without interrupting the process but neither to accelerate it, just mens work on strong integral stability without that must be confused with other terms that cover an issue that later on could get involve on tremendous healthy consequences, our real mental force is not coming to push more noise that wraps situations that will make that get an dirty feel of being super strong, but that when are going to our stages of actions, will “HIDDEN” many details that will appear on step by step, who forewarned is forearmed. ”   BY CARLOS AZUARA.

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