An parallel line in according with the Barcelona.

Yesterday night while was watching the match between the ATALANTA agasint the ViLLARREAL, a pair details called me the attention whiile was watching it, one with each team; well I commeted on my last article about the lack of bravering from the own technical team, here in that other match have happened some readings that was missing at all, and that usually bring consequences behind on, so that on intesity will go over from other one, but that other if there are not good job of recognition on the time will bring a several punishment on back.  

If I talk about the Atalanta without going to sign someone, there was a great emotional disorder, but specially a player from the begining was already on that feeling of emotional desorientation, so can convert the rythms and spaces a very heavy stone for both sides, he and his team, as think that have been happening during the match, if the coach have got that reading during the match on specially during the break time although wouldn’t be a enough time to development that gaze on the long way, however but to get cover the day if have been super enought to get in the player and then take out their potential, obviusly if during the second half can’t see a clear evoluton, then to exchange for other colleague, because I am 1000% sure throuhg of the evolution of the match, that if is not for that detail the Atalanta will be in the Champions League yet and the Villarreal in the Europa League.

Now, if we talk about the Villarreal, on my point see a lack of spacial placement, means a big reducing about your positional space that alwasy will bring on stuck a level of imbalance that in the same obviously will affect to keep your solid positiion as also to get an effectiveness in every one of your movements, that always have consquences as on defense as on attack, but about on the total balance of the team in post of regulatrity and a potentiation thereof. (Careful with the relegation’s positons).

* The obsession to a subject, being a scheme of working or a set of tactics, will do that lost our focus if everything is not working on balance, miss a lot of information that will be as relevant as all that that we have in our mind, but with that information will do that the set have a kind of harmony that will move to the group or the individuo (TENNIS an example) on their own natural compass, it is easier than you could think but for that we need to know the psychology on terms of disorder to surprise you and the rest that are willing to go there. Ah! of course on terms of injuries will have the last word to say something with a lot weight in.



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