Well, wanted to remind you, dear reader, an article that wrote before than Xavi got on charger of the team, commented details that should be worked on depth and that it would help to make the team much more competitive, of course that to share that again, togther with some words that I am going to write down, on both of them, there is not any intention to be oportunist, simply that although practically in any chance my person is taking on serious on psychology and tecnique terms by reasons that are on my control, want to show my hands on and even a litle bit light on all that.

The link of that article, just on case that you would like to read it again, https://www.hiddentennis.com/the-leadership-of-the-fc-barcelona/

Right now, we can go to talk about that happened yesterday but about on the last month, and thay yesterday reflected the fact hasn´t been brave enough to reach on that match even against the Benfica in a way to get to be much more competitive throuhg of goal that bring on stuck instant results but even a good regularity thinking in a long way. To be honest I don´t know that match the people were able to watch on, however I haven´t watched a Barcelona sincerely as poor as many want to see, think and about all I am absolutely confident that indepedentely of players that they have, sincere there is a team much more strong than they have shown till that moment, believe me, have psychologics reasons to believe on that I am saying out.

Yesterday, saw players as Coutinho that really have a great force jusn´t phsyically but that the feeling is that playing as if had a rope that hold him or a wall ahead that block whatever kind of avance, means is playing in way totally retained, here if there are responsabilites outside of the player;  if we talk about Depay, on my observing is all a simple matter on the seeking of a stable balance between his psychologic management and his psych force where very often is focus on, that means that if the emotions are traveling ahead of his own body is practically imposible that his level of performance could be higher than his body could result to be on, because will create two different ways that won’t go to anywhere simply will create a peaks on the curves of management really dangerous that won’t bring any benefit to him nor the own team neither. 

About all the several pusnishments that are receiving as Lenglet as Mingueza are really too cruel that impulse to the fans to act in a way of absolute violence without any kind of excuses for that, about the situation of Lenglet an image can transmit a lot information, specially on individual sports as the tennis, can gain many benefits for the player, in a sport of group as the football, also have said me a lot don’t just about him even the context emotional from the team before to the match, but always must be able to analys all the context instead of holding on focus just in a player, that is not fair at all. About Mingueza, that is not fair at all, about everything that have been reading or listening about him, think that in other categories included his period on Barcelona B, played as center defender instead of playing as wing-back, of course that one should be teaching to adapt on whatever situation, but sometimes small psychologic or even psychal issues should be treated instead of block an ability of performance on, well once said that, I would like to see Mingueza play as center defense together to Araujo building a partner that course really solid on many senses. 

Eric Garcia, listen that has a very good skills and about all good movement with the ball on and of course also I think that he has a great argument for all of that, however must go to his inner root to see that is happening there, really have instinct for some details that prefer didn’t say on loud, but work about it to develop everything through of all level of that, which if it is not working like that will be blocking his career, his potential even his own human side. 

Frenki de Jong, Riqui Puig and Sergi Busquets, like always have thought that the midlfieder is the frame that mark a rythm to the rest of the team, said it on the before article, Busquets should be a starter again at the moment because in some way create a certain condition to the rest of the team through of an overthinking that rest spaces; about Frenki, have observed some matches about him that he want to do much more but don’t find the company, creating on him an emotional disheartening that reduce totally his level, here is where should have got in long time ago Riqui Puig together with him, have shown things different, movement on the spaces, rythm and good transistions, but can pretend to force to be the best when barely got minutes that usually are those that inside of a waste time without the team greasing at all and what is more, if Xavi had the enough brave to place Araujo on as defensive pivot and Mingueza, Piqué or Eric Garcia on defense, later will arrive Dani Alves that could be a great hand on.

About Gavi and Nico, on special the last one have too much psychologic apprension that is not going to help a lot to get high performance through of a clean ability of suffering that don´t push him to some kind of anxiety between other things, Gavi should just take the responsability that is on his parcel to loose on the pitch much more, and probably like that don´t take too personal details that are inside of him, but if the leadership to unite that help to his teammates and after all the team in a work as group. In realation about Ansu Fati and Pedri, are big balloom too much inflated that are not ready at all for that emotions, that obviously if take out all his fears and excess of psychologic chargers will benefit to his body, performance and even his regularity on the time, if not is probably that is keeping to get on trouble as psychally as on emotional terms.  

And the end, want to finish talking about Ter Stegen, that also recevied some hard words, think he don´t deserve it neither, because all is consecuence about the state psychologic of the backstone of the Barcelona, also to push out a higher power of leadership and even to brave in take some choices, obviously if the contracts and other influences let to do it, because that understand as is the football on nowadays and the millons of conditions that there has to be around of it, however to be brave mustn´t be enough thourgh of changing some tactics plans if not just to mover the sheets of the game even to know as go in inside of them, that is not enought neither as positive speech or motivational words as showe us once behind of other the huge damage that the own sport psychology usually do on general terms, conditioning the life of human beings that must be first before to the sport that is practiced on the equation.

Tennis is a magic sport where can reach really so sharp conclusions about many things that have always tried to explain on the last few years while keep myself on my fight to get my dream on put out a little bit of me through of a clear exposition of psychologics, pyshics terms, on special on Tennis that is my sport, my passion, about as work or be able to see that hide details where very few are readings on that level over the field to transmit it on.

The Barcelona has much more team that they have showed out, even more far away that the rancind journalists that sadly have around of us, that is other thing but that is not journalism, simply we need to know as read some information and after being so brave to take the choices and go forward to excute them absolute confidence and without any kind of fear and that sooner than later on that you could think will be able to collect the fruits of that brave behaviour. 

*it doesn’t mean that can sign someone that could consistency to the group, but if there are not a job from the backstone, won’t be matter at all, because the project on short or long term will be conditioned to other crash over the same shit that will block all of kind of evolution.

With all respect of the world,




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