Well dear reader, ever since I was 23 years old (now I am 38 years old), Nepal’s Country have accompanied me in some different situations, I don’t know the reason but some say want to go there, maybe with a van camper and travel around of that country even Vietnam and Thailand between others around there. Let me explain you the different facts around of it.

Curiously or mabye wasn’t, because everything is wroten there, after have been for first time at London where spent the whole summer learning or at least trying to learn english at London, but from the last moment I knew perfectly that my experience there wasn’t over that some day would come back, but you never know when would even how many times more; well, after of that had to come back to Madrid to finish my studies of photography, the equivalent in UK is a AVCE / BETEC National Diploma in Moving and Still Image ( “Grado superior de imagen, fotografia y cámaras de de tv), because in other case I had stayed at London on my first attempt, obviously that after bring stuck to make a intership in some company, as I am a very lonely guy probably was one of the only that left to the collegue chose for me the place, more reason when I had to do it at October instead of being it on March if everything had worked well, however as on everything have had that to do an effort more than the rest, sometimes by own mistakes other times because there are circunstances that are outside of your control, but that in the same time make you more and more strong without doubt at all.

The company that was chosen, it was located other time curiously at Majadahonda, barely few metres from my Psychologist apart of being a town that known very well from I was a child as spent long periods in other closest town like Navalagamella, or other cities that from child (after as adult as well) meant a lot on my inner as well, as for example Villanueva de la Cañada, Villanueva del Pardillo or Torredolones, and it that was studying that on Leganes’ town, but still waited me other curiosity more intense, it was that the company was the same that one my sister chose to celebrate her wedding, think that don’t even on proporse could go everything working like that, of course haven’t been the last time that have been happening myself things on that similar way, but then will you ask dear reader on yourself, Which one is the relation of that company had with Nepal on my person?.

Simple answer, the company was so small, it was a lady (who studied on the same college than me) and the boss, but in that case as it was a company of video, usually, I don’t know now, but before made plenty of collaborations between all, on objective to cover still and moving image from the event that were requested to go there. The girl didn’t like at all that always ask for every detail as felt that needed to learn, really I want to learn, however thought that wanted to step her on, so on my three months of the intership never leave myself to do anything or go with them to cover any event althouhg was as observed, then here the situation, arrived up a customer with more than 800 anologic pictures from his last holidays or probably months spent abroad, well dear reader, all the pictures most of them was from his period at NEPAL, and the rest from Vietnam, Thaliand, China, and Japon (think as well), had that go one by one scanning that in very small scanner that was under of a small desktop, so means that It wasn’t so confortable nor good to be faster with the job, but remind part of my intership be wasted just working with it because even days after came in with more pictures to transform on digital, and the other thing that remind about it, is that as could see that wasn’t going to be assigned with other task, felt the need to take care a lot about that pictures, means, that needed to keep gazing that with the enough attention that deserved them, so was creating on me an opening feeling to keep investaged inside of me, detail that really in the same time have never stopped to work in about my psychologic position, as said it was barely few metres once place from other one, but remind you that psychology is a consistent natural work of life. 

So there, you have my first approach with the Nepal Culture, the second one was during my period lived at the Queen’s Club, my supervisor, a strict Italian Guy, but that with the time, patience and about all a good communication every detail would go up by itself that kept a heatlh development of the journey, between all of that, I don’t know but he spent many weeks by year traveling to NEPAL, visiting some communes but also making trekking journeys around, when he came back to the club always showed me some pictures or even videos around of it, detail that always touched my heart refreshing an area far away from our ego that remind us that firstly we are human being, obviously think that there is not need to say as so important can be it when you work or in that case worked in a place that is sorrounding of luxurious things that at the end are absolutely empty and that leave the own actors/actress fatigued without mercilessly at all, because everything is a wet Tower of Babel that is destroyed as easily as it comes in.

Like that come to my third and at the moment last approach to the Nepal Culture, my experience in a “Japanese Restaurant “, here at London, to call that in some way, because it is really a company as form of investment group where open plenty restaurant around of UK even some oustide, so make that politicians of a efficient magnament can be place on doubt, so reflect the high risk of the intoxication for the final customer but even for the staff in relation of performance which obviously will take influence on all of that.

Honestly, I was two different periods, once May and June, and other just that November, both period on that year 2021, even in other placese where I have been working on the last 7 months have been very short periods, as you can see on my curriculum showed on LinkedIN. If you don’t give any chance to investigate everything on depth as in the same time spend time to know that I can offer you, although my goal is and will always be to help on the tennis and psychology world, that let my person to put on my small feed, you then will ask yourself, what is wrong with you? what have been happening on that places to leave it earlier than usual? Remind you, that I have been working on all of them like kitchen porter, so means that on the 99% of that places were treated like a bag of rubbish, nobody take care about everything, it would always be a high risk for the customers in relation with the final cleaning on.

The matter that we have at nowadays, much more in a city as LONDON, is that the money is the value most important even over whatever other issue, included your pyshic, the health of the customers or the value of a team work that let a group that one supposes that are human being work in that united way, but the reality is totally opposed, because something that have always repeated insistently even that actual global situation have unmasked out is that the EGO is not the real trouble of the human beings but rather the HABITS, means that as actions that start very smooth wihout trasmiting any feeling of being important are not going to be stopped on the right moment or place, go to push the people to feel it as something logic although by the way are destroying themselves or even taking in a high risk to others. 

” A good leadership must never come from your own personal fears or even add it to the hot seats of you suppose amazing position on, if not said in other way, must come from a clear communication, that let me to the neigbours feel that will be worth to express theis points of view, instead of losing energy and time on points that on the end of the way really are not important while done really are being too dangerous and that are warnings to take on consideration are going away undetected without taking anticipation of predictable consequences that when we want to take any action on will be too late even with some irrepable human damage. ”  

or like say on my country ” En vez de estar en la gilipollez, estemos en lo importante, tonterias las justas. “

Come back to the Nepal issue and the restaurant, obviously that I am sick and tired to work at hospitality because the environment that you can find is nasty and absolutely unhuman but is not about the hours of working, I don’t mind that, as have said above, I am refering to the own behaviours of everyone, who of course are begining for the own managers and head chefs where the situation are going over them day by day, absolutely outside of the control; let me to explain that easy to make a breakdown point by point:

1. The generosity and consideration to other human beings (empathy). There is not any trace of that around, feel an absolutely selfishness from everyone. 

2. Team Work. The most hypocritical value that you can find there, careless talk costs business (Por la boca muere el pez), I wasn’t able to see that on any moment, not just on that restaurant on everyone that I have been on the last 7 months.

3. The Impact on the health, physic and mind. The incoherence between the own actual situation, as about the own demands of the every position, is a bad joke that sometimes you don’t know if you should laugh on or just crying of anger.

4. The lack of conscious. That is a continuation of previous points, is so huge that finally everything is coverted in a jungle of ” running for your life ” ( “Sálvese quien pueda”), is an easy way to don´t take the real responsability while place a dirty mirror or at least tried to do that on the mind of the other human in front of you, think or let me to think that is from unconscious side of our brain, a HABIT about defence ourselves of ours personal fears while hot choices or even seats keep us alive, but is not more than a fake that when a real damage is comming up will roll everything over that find ahead on even every frame that there is inside of everyone.

5. Pause and communiaction.  That is look like are looking a needle in a haystack, means you can´t request that if there is not any kind of specific qualities and also the rest of the other points commented above, because will never answer it, so sometimes to show an image as that you are a fool while save a clever silence to don´t waste energy and time in some facts that won´t go to other level, is the best idea to take up in that moments.

6. Emotional Hungry plus addictions. Thought if must add that as a point and think that yes, I must, because is really noticed as at hospitality through of my experience and other places where I have worked, as all the feelings of the people are on peaks absolutely on disorder and they need to drink at least 3 o 4 coffes by day, even 2 o 3 redbull or other sugar drinks or even eat just for eating, but that after half of the plate is going to the bin, as the fact that lost about how many times they are going out to smoke, saw it permanently, insist that is happening because the HABITS are our worst damage (comfort or excess of confidence, doesn’t matter the point that they are taking on), together to managers that lost of sense of the space, is a set that will never create harmony between staff, the task and them, pushing situations where the customer will be the last coin in.


The Kicthen porter´s job. Although could find some differences between to make the job in a restaurant or other, there are details similars, however let me to explain which was my job in the Japanaese restaurant and even which was the behaviour that received after, because is like a bad joke:

Morning shift from 7am (suppose that about 10:30 or 11:00 everything should be done):

1. Take off the Bin. One or two piles of cartons, two bins from the bar, like you know they didn’t do anything and many times leaving it in awful way because didn’t matter later is coming the kitchen porter to cover our ass without moving any finger on, a waste bin, that usually was super heavy and overloading, so must to take out like three or four bags till you could move it out, because if you ask for help, looked like that must apologise first, and after taking advantage that the bin room were empty because all the bin were in the street, mopped the floor that usually was sticky from the night before even sometimes get to order or even take off other bin from the machine if was full, and people who have worked at nigh haven’t left their job complete.  it took me about 20-30min minimum.

1. The Extractors. Exactly were 8. In theory should take all of them, and clean it one by one, with a traditional sponge and a knife to take out a lot of fat in areas very narrows. A good and real cleaning of everyone of them could take hours, before on my back to that restaurant was much more clean, when came back, I got to take out many fat, but there is still a lot and remind you that it is so sharp, so must have so careful with your fingers while use a simple knife and sponge, also which was my surprise that apart of seeing that the cleaning is not the same about when I was there on my first period, is that who cleaned usually put that on the machine and that is all, so the smokes that there is now in the kitchen some kind of relation will have with it, because basicallly also we need to use a ladder to go up and clean the spaces where the extractors are placing on, well there on my came back, found a good amount of fat accumulated that wasn’t from a day or two, or a week, that is comming from more time, obviously commented it to the head chef, that didnt justified anything, I just made my job, at least do it well.

2. The grill. Take out the film, clean it, replacement the film and clean the 8 bars of iron, so needed a knife, a metal sponge, a metal comb, and scratching so strong, if you wanted a good cleaning, it could take hours as well, in fact, on my point of view was really important because in some of them on the top is going to hold on directely the food that after go to the customer, the risk of toxic sustances stuck on the food could be very high if there was a good cleaning. Two habits called my attention when I came back there, remind that on my first period said to them many times that at night should put it on hot water with any soup or chemicals to do it smooth and then in the morning could be a little bit easy to clean, never listened me as with other things, however when came back, that was already doing it, althouhg on my point isn’t being done in the a full way more effective.

3. The oil. In the same area that where the grill is.  Think that mustn’t be ever our job, really is so dangerous, obviously although it sounds egocentrism, is not if I am doing it, but when I have to teach someone or saw other colleagues to do that, the risk that could mix up with particles of sanitarser or soap or blue paper or other small things is really high and it isn’t just because sometimes is not going to throw away all of the oil, maybe half and half of each one, also because how you clean that area to after to place on the new one. When one have decided to be chef is should be so clear, although would take someone and hold them with a hanger, because it comes in at 10am and go 10:00pm and didn’t touch anything, when you work is so easy if we tallk on physical terms, and work in a station with a high risk of contamination that if you are not conscious how it is, although from the first impact could look like cleaning, apologise that I can feel that is a high risk for everyone, customers and staff that also eating food from there.

4. The Delivery. Before, during and after, because there were things to bring downstairs, during to tidy it up in their places, and after because can form a huge piles of empty cartons. Of course, you can’t wait that someone from the bar coming up to help you, although they are using it later on, or even the managers put their sleeves up and the knee down to help you, when many times I have been able to see the waiters, managers, sit down to take a coffee or just chat between them or writing by the phone or even went out to smoke a lot of times while that get through ahead of that the same times, always with their arms empty and kicking to the cartons, after the manager in a hypocresy way coming you to say, ey!, that we need to open in 15mins, you need to take out all of that!!! what is the point?

” Even the chef and head chefs, you need to finish all of them about 10:30 or 11:00, while went out like three or four times to smoke, of course crossing through of the all cartons, while you are full up, never stop at all, didn’t need at all neither, always up with their arms empty, but after could demand unfairly. “

5. Washing up. Obviosuly the kitchen is not going to stop it, so while you are cleaning the grill, all the bars, the space of extractors, the extractors, in the same time have to clean the items is comming you, at least from my side tried to be careful to don’t contaminate the toxic thing provided from the bars and the extractors to the ordinary items from the ktichen, a small game that could do lost a few seconds but considered really important.

6. Carton’s Machine. Once that you have got to bring up all the carton, you must place it inside of the machine, and then when is full up, tight up properly and take out, here recognised that wasn’t easy for me and sometimes got on trouble a little bit, however left everything super tidy up, because like that when other colleague came in, his help was so easy and effortlessly for him.

Afternoon – evening shift.  From 11am or 13:00 am or 15:00 am  to close it:

1. Washing Machine. Here, it is no necessary to repeat which one was the task to do, simply that most of the waiters the behaviour and as were placing on the things were really unrespectful to us, even to behaviours that if you have two arms and two legs you can’t do,when you see other human being super busy, a little bit of humble sometimes would be grateful to receive on.

2. Oven. Clean it, how is happening on many places, the cleaning is just around of surfaces, in some way as practically was used for the staff food, the caring is no too much special.

3. Bin Bags. That is happening in all places, if you see it full up, why you are still pushing things, call someone is no there, looking for any tricks but we are dirty ones. On that case is that some of my colleages if we working two, stuck on the kitchen porter area just washing up but never moving in, so I was always on everywhere.

4. Plates.  Here is happening the same thing that with the bin bags, accumulated a lot of them without bringing back to the kitchen, after like alway my person on everywhere, even the worst although it could do a stupid thing, at night leave on too much for the next day, and if you see all the task that you must do it in the monring, it was so selfish and very poor considered.

5. Fridge.  Sweep and mop the floor, obviously to do that when the service is on, usually is not the best idea to do it, just that we are two, and maybe is not busy, however is something that I am not sure if we should it as freely because there are some risk.

6. Walls and sanitasers. Obviously in narrows places, always there are marks, much more when work on speed through of a dynamic rythm plus a pshychologic rythm is confused that to get crazy.  There was to clean the wall and fill up the sanitarsers, yes it depended from us.

7. Closing. That point is something that will never understand, for 10 or 15 or 30min more or less, people get absolutely crazy, as happening in the last two closing that had to work with two people so agressive, say them the same thing, look, when arrive the time to close, leave me everything in order, and you can go and close by myself, don’t worry like that you are not going to lost your train, made it like that, closed by myself, independently what time I finished. When finished it, very often, I went by walking from the restaurant (soho) to South Kensington, a way to move the body much more, take out things from the back and regenerate your mind, the fatigue and the pain is not exist on me. (sometimes that closing was double shift from 7:00 am to 1:00am, almost 24h working in a row, always willing to help others).

” Always need to think in all detail with the objective to get the less possible impact that get in my person but even of course on the neibourg that is coming behind of me and like that as the human (other workers, staff, or customers) at the end will collect it.  ”   (I learnt that from the life, my grandparents touch me that, although is something that is never seen outside, always I do, because don’t need words of anyone, just the reward of a job well done and feel that make easiest the day to others human being).



When the other day, felt that were being treated as in a cruel way as totally unfair, or at least I had the rights to feel myself like that, although understand that all hidden details couldn’t be seen, however on that life, although I have to sleep in the street, there are two things that one servant can’t let at all as are the hypocresy and the selfishness, before of that time, just when worked at the lawns had to go on the same way, before of all that never to take that kind of choices, even all the chefs taking a great value about my job, howerver the managers, supervisors that many times even are not around of there, so lost many information on the way, is not because are not around of it, is just because when go down are not paying the enough attention the details that really are relevant in whatever human behaviour and about all in keep on them a great perfomance; but in addition is that the communication between head chefs and managers look like practiacally non-existent and if there is anything it is a garden of school while are whispering things without caring about those that is really matter and make the difference, as result a vicious circule that people is getting through one behind of the other while we keep the fake with the risk that it has.

I have a lot of patience, really quite, always on silence, but talk there when must do it or even feel that the other person deserve it on the same way, can give a voice when someone have crossed a line after many days of patience and have given warnings about issues that are not able to see on, even as have said above I take a behaviour like if was a fool, however while you are understimated my person every time with more intensity, my person are going ahead because if there are something that my phobia have gave me, is a psychology reading that very few people will have in their life, but that is true if you put the truth in front of them, will get the opposite effect, will damage to them and myself as well, the perspective and predisposition to recgonise the things will do that things never get slippery from your hands.

” If you have any issue, you have to come on private, you can’t swear like that in front of the other managers, people who work in the bar and waiters, that is an unacceptable behaviour, I know that you working so hard, but is not good enough. ”  The manager said me.  (Obviously when I did it, was before opening, wouldn’t do it in front of the customers, in fact, first tried to call a manager to come in, but nobody reactioned to show a situation that is repeated once behind other from the people who worked in the bar or in the salon, in a permanent disrepect, humilliation and feeling of abandon to the kitchen porter, have never seen a level of selfinessh like it was, here for that there are not excuse that can be accepted.)

minutes later, a colleague Kitchen Porter as well, saw face, but I didn’t say anything, then, while were with the carton, say me;  “ Carlos, I don’t know why the others are taking shit things about you, even think that are better than you, but I don’t think so, you are so good, really happy to work with you, say them that let you in the afternoon-evening to work me, would be happy about it..”, that is that reallly matter at all. When someone is able to see things that other have fear to see or better say to face up on.

Like you can see, through of the all job that I made, must never be about perfection or don’t be it, I am not pefect but if know that I can offer you out, however the past of the people are affectiing too much in the present on the way to see the things, means on the time to manage situations where are not able to read the things to anticipate to siuations that have converting it in habits, then in the same time the habits in thoughts or beliefs that although is going a space of time through of all of that will keep us in the same line of the perception without braving enough to change our angles of perspectives always that need it, that practically will be on every moment, day, hour even second of our own journey, like that we can opening to a way that just will have an unique direction to go ahead without any chance to look back, on that way will change the way you look at the things, let yourself that offer you qualities that always have been in front of you.

Obviously, all that, when you open yourself on body and soul without fearing anything while on the same time are using the value of the pardon, however insted of receiving a honest, empathic and empowerment choices to go for a evolution for all, specially from people whom should be showing some kind of leadership still receiving a humilliating and sarcastic laughing thinking that are going over you, that think that are something diferent but with power to others, or maybe surely, without confirming it at all, is a way of defence theirselves from their own fears and heritage from the past, but with dynamis or without it, have got to manage a responsabiilty that are over them, with all of that although I can be in an ruin economic, the only I can say is till here, the dignitiy and the value for oneselve must always be present on.

About the kitchens that hope have been the last time that have worked there, want to think that on the michelin star the organization, the enviroment and communication are being totally opposite to all of that restaurant in that I have worked, a italian (nasty chef), one of origen australiano, two japaneses, a production kitchen of well-known gourmet place (careful as well), other gourmet shop well-known, a building business, a star michelin (didn’t accept the job, but here there was good things), a club of golf (here if who play golf see it, I am not sure that wante eat there again), the laws on the Wimbledon Championhip.. (nice catering and organizartion, a pity that there are nasty people who know each other while tried to abuse of other, even although was oldest ones),

” Come here, made our job, gain the money and go back home ”  The textual words from a head chef said me recently, heard it was hard, I am so sorry but couldn’t see the life like that… to me to bring there caring, affection, loved, delicacy and an human attitude to every living being through of all kind of situations on me is so important and withouth any chance to argue at all.

As I was saying about the kitchens there are four things that will never forget from:

1. The NEPAL’s PEOPLE, Although some cat is loose around, they really work as a good team, caring of other others so well, you don’t need to say anything, when they saw you with something they come to help you, said you, have seen you, don’t worry man, or it is ok man, I do it man because I know that you make a lot of job, or even when bring you the items to wash always with so much respect in general, even with the food, although sometimes is a pity that manage of responsability are slippery from the hands or that humble attitude some europeans take it in a selfish way to suck them up through of some stupid interest, maybe they are not conscious about it, when that should be is so grateful with the different kind of culture, although is truth, the woman must take more value on themselves and don’t let that the situations taken a kind of level absolutely degrading (made a post about it few weeks ago), but if let me open my mind, just can be so grateful to them and a culture that must know more on depth. 

” Nepal people are example of hard working, generosity and human caring when they are theirselves without contamination and on freedom, they wanted to come back there, did it, they are so happy with my job but other issues put your away, as also have never stopped to believe on my dream, my feed “

2. The gazing of many of the kitchen porter, specially those are from AFRICA.  That is happening in many kitchens at London, is an absolute abuse, a war of fake power where the attitude as narcissism as selfish of head chefs and managers without any kind of supervisor from the head office, so let them that can walk over the bridge without kind of scrupulous nor feelings neither to the neibourgh, a world as dirty to other human being that although they are kitchen porter, firstly are human being, as the end result that can arrive to the customer that every time is look like more on a high risk, isn’t as about the quality of the product is more about the treatment them, the lazy way to work on to make the maximum possible as handmade as also because the cleaning is finsihing in a very surface way.  When looked to other kitchen porters, but that woman and man from Africa, that their generosity and humbe behaviour is integrated with poor resources or different, without asking for this tooth or hair, just looked their eyes, why are suffering or just allowing that kind of behaviour or abuses to their person, that eyes the way that they are gazing you, is all one respond so sharp that if you have heart leave you as so painful as a feeling of helplessness without knowing that could do or must have done for them.

3. The lessons, negatives but also the positives words that many chefs gave me, from the all places that have been in, included people from Nepal, who were them that made me back there for a second period, love the job and energy with that I do the things, but is so sad as on many places sometimes they have to content to express their real opinion to keep their positions although in front there are situations that are going opposite to a good way for the company, but the most important is that finally talk so good about your person over as your job is, altlhough finally everyting go together in.

4. A wonderful girl. Between a lot of shit where never better say you go from a side to other, like a tennis ball, because the human being don’t want to work, wish to get everything faster without sacrifice and through of a plenty of adictions, where by the way many of them don’t have a first impact, but all is there, something good must appear off on the skyline, independently of the situation, the best gift that life could give my person without request back, because to the woman must never be conquered if not just to care them as the golden that are for themselves and for us, because doesn’t matter the culture or the age or even the language, is just that are saving inside to offer you, our instinct is our alley in all of that self-dicovery when someone like that appear up between millons of lifes on.

” We are human beings but about living beings, everyone want to manage their personal issues, emotions, feelings on their own way but never should forget to treat each other as living beings that we are, who can breath, jump, move but about all live with nature and consideration for it “

Thank you.



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