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That short article is address to those whom read my last article about I BELIEVE ON THEM…. where surely when pop on the area about the Spanish’s Tennis because said that at the moment just see to Nuria Parrizas with conditions to reach bigs stages, stuck there while on the line could be able to watch as Paula Badosa reach the final at Indian Wells.

That made me to take a deepest psychological reflection that have nobody stopped on her, let me explain because is really important on benefit to avoid to push to anyone to high level of self-deception.

Listen, as I have commented many times the self-esteem is our security’s system, so means or you have or don’t have, but always will on the level that you had want to work with, however the confidence or the self-confidence will move up and down all time that it is necessary here is where must have a balance in our curves of life, whatever kinds of peaks in something to take care of.

Well after said that, when you are going in new relationship, more specially in those are personal, practically very often bring you up to the sky through of kind of inertia where in relation to the kind of relation that have been chosen that go to pull up you to one or other direction. The kind of relation that exist on my wisdom (experimentation through of a hard job):

  1. Complementary
  2. Attachment
  3. Company.

I don’t want to explain now one by one would be too long, the case is that in the last two the level of inertia is super inflated, so means that the confidence and self -confidence will be very dangerous in a short time of space. Just on the first (complementary) although will be really intense the inertia will work in pure healthy consistent.

“ The way is not gain the things is as are traveling to archive them “. By Carlos Azuara Aguado.

Pd: I won’t be to decide which one of that relations have an identity with Paula, it would be so disrespectful, simple explain a general psychology concepts that have a great influence in our brain, in some way must follow to defence the mental health.

Thank you.
FDO. Carlos Azuara

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