Dear reader, will be short on my explanation, look barely watched the match, just the last set but obviously if was following the score.  Justly when I was watching the match the journalist said that it was the best rally of the match, both players hit the ball with a lot of fury and anger, destroying absolutely the ball.  Well where was the difference in all moment?, simple every gesture was a geat sign of evidence, as obviously I have explained clearly a psychological concept on my last post becasue I was aware that it would be on the game’s table.

Well, let me to go to the body of the matter, specially with the thoughts in next future events with the goal to keep a regularity on performance and outcomes (others stages include Grand Slams).

The RUSH (BADOSA). Small detail that was punishing her on body positions, focus and choices, even for sure mcuh more damage or said in other word, a suceptible charasterict to come up of the injuries, which that aceleration misunderstanding with intensity was very close to cost her the tournament, but as said that is small detail with a lot of the relevance that must to put the focus on to bring her performance in other level, think that would be necessary if want to keep a very good regularity and specailly get to lift up whatever other the Grand Slam on the way.

The DISORIENTANTION (AZARENKA). It brings her to do many things for impulses without an order, so don’t bring in clear shots, besides that force permanently herslef to don’t cover all her corporal space that in the same time reduce obstensibly whatever focal space. It is an permanently integral suffering without logical presence.

That was my short analysis so obviosly to execute others aspects as the tecnique, or the tactic / strategy to develop out, but that last concept alwasy is coming with the psychology by hands on.

Hopefuly that can be useful for all you. As there are a lot aspects that could be transmitted to other sports or areas.

All my respect and affection on everything that always try to inform out.

All my congratulations to PAULA! and Azarenka as well for the tough match offered over there!.

Thank you very much.

Fdo. Carlos Azuara Aguado.

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