Dear reader, sincerely that dates about international days of something and bla bla…etc, is not walking on my side, because on my thoughts is place a seed on every moment of our journey, so if we talk about tennis, there a lot things that if learn to pay the enough attention a simple detail could change a life, not justly on tennis everything might be to transmit into other sports even other areas, becasue a great development let yourself to be so effective and even efficient in other sports/area through of an field area really worked, understand the rest the field obviosuly is a extra strong ingredient but don’t the essential as primary thing.

A thing is true, tennis is probably one of most sports where psychology and mind can walk from the hands holding on, but I am sure that far away from everything that all people are thinking about, means that is not coming just for the own game, is just for the huge noise on lift without control that permanently is coming in from everywhere, where the human being don’t make that oxygen space between them and the own situation so is really fundamental to push oneself in other level on regular basis.

Honestly, I have taken long time ago that don’t watch even reading any media/news neither, doesn’s which kind of media, just something through the social networks, where once behind than other to the people like to write or even tell stupid things without sense and wisdom through of a power of knowledge where feel so happy to put out all their anger in the middle or even in the deepest of a sand bag where place in all the concepts like ansiety, depression, sad or emotional intelligence together as well, making that all of them widespread as if it was the same on every situation, in other words a very bad habit of standardising situations give them some kind of name without kind of criterion, authentinc ignorance.

Raducanu, need time to understand herself, where she is and as want to make her journey independently of all economic interest around of her, like as said once Nick Kyrgios when I was working at the Queen’s Club, I don’t know if the people are approaching me to help me or just to take adventage about my person, so means that she must to take out all her charisma to show out that her leadership as human being is there, because there are many ways to make a journey so it should never go through of the wins or losses justly the opposite to get flow everything you are in a very healthy way, like tennis and all sport have to be, “A great fountain of health “.

The big trouble of all is that the group of society is so far away to understand the impact as on situational mode as in the own human nature, like for example explained on my last article about Pau Gasol, when the physical trainer his answer was, sorry but I can understand your question, even also for the informative’s relation around of the own Pau Gasol, where the knowledge without wisdon is just a dangerous weapon of the EGO, that sirve to destroy everything that is to find on its way without care anything or even anyone as well.

The three videos attached below, specially both about her previous day’s trainings, have given me some information, very small details (corporal, psychologics, human and tecniques) that if I start to explain now, probably you will get to desconnect because will be difficult to understand as in the same way would be too long to keep you reading.

Carlos Alcaraz vs Murray, was watching that match from the beginning to the end, let me to make a conclusion in a sentence, after you dear reader analyze till your emotional situation let you, go there!!,  ” A chest outside of the body without space to fix in and a corporal position that goes over his body size so that last issue doesn’t just make him lost wonderful seconds to get a better position of the shot, even creates a great emotional damage that therefore affects seiously to the body in some way. (His waist on special) “

The rest of youngs guys included my homonym Carlos alcaraz, have a lot of the artificial noise that pushing their mind to blow-out in a high grade of intensity, so is not a simply headache, so means that till whatever external factor, the weather, injury, pain,..etc.. are an authentic odyssey that come in to get over about them without abilities to come back of that, just as get to involve in a physical self-deception that draw a psychologic fatigue that really doesn’t existe on the facts. Simple remind as are coming some Italian guys, all the group of canadian guys following usual psychological patterns, also as some american guys groups follow a signs in reaction – action that chuck whatever kind of identity,

* We are Imposing things instead of creating a path of guide, “the professionals’ in nowadays thought that have to educate or even teaching something, drawing a demand that is not more than their fucking shit of their mirrow, so from a dangerous ignorance pushing strictly the players to a path outside of theirselves, situation that on my point of view is really macabre, a very dirty way that the “new coaches” come exactly on the same way although absolutely much worst. ”  THAT SHOULD ALREADY BE CHANGED!!!.

Thank you very much.

Fdo. Carlos Azuara Aguado.

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