I BELIEVE ON THEM, What do they have in common?

Dear reader, although once more time could be misunderstood, it can’t stop me to share pertmanently my thoughts with absolute conviction through of my own wisdom. it is that I am going to do on that accurate moment.

Yesterday an influencer of that world called tennis, about a player ” SOLID ” ….. today (thursday) the player was tored him off a strip.   (the heritage to take analysis from the basic external information)

Why do I believe on them?, or better said is there any reason to don’t do it?. Look dear reader, let me to be trustworthy with you along of my personal reasons that is holding on an wise field of wisdom, a base of job through of moving the knowledge to a very high level of conscious about all of hose that is surrounding, means as imput as ouput issues, details that mark a huge difference.

So I will be probably the lonely guy who is going to defence out to the end with all consequences, becasue I don’t have any fear at all, about everything that you are going to read below right away.

Andy Murray, although he has a metal hip in, is even now much better with a tecnique more healthy, powerful on speed and more dangerous, really is still really compeitive, I believe absolutely on him is able to win a Grand Slam or at least give himself a gift that deserve to enjoy again as would be to get in other final, on my opinon he can do it, if and when fix in small emotional details that put his conscious of the emotional space in other level, details that will give him an advantage really important in contrast with theirs opponents, really he needs that an primary ingredient to balance out his maybe a little limitation for his metal hip, small emotional adjust that sincerly let him got a inner fresh never feel in previous periods.

Nuria Parrizas. Right now, think that for Spain is the only one girl able to get a win in a Grand Slam, or gain things in huge stages. From the first day that I saw her on Roehampton to play an ITF (being my person the only spectator, becasue the other three were friends of her opponent, although she decided to go for other door, evem so had options to say something to her in other moments or even other days during her two tournaments in a row that played on), realise that she has something different to others even many things hiden to show out, means some unpredictables limits, so that overthinking push her to bring the focus off of the situation lives on tha moment, so takes a pysical stress that bring to her development’s graphic to draw an image with curves on and below too much higher as in the same way is manageable if really are able to see the points of departure of that emotional agressive speed.

Arsenal – F.C. Barcelona…. teams that are on my heart.  Let me to do the description together for the plenty points of common at the moment. Although looks like that we are in world where the fake is given like an triumph and the truth is eager to underratte without hesitation to defence a story load on of hot air ( Vende humos). On my point of view, follow a opinon that not so far away on the time show out Santi Cañizares, both of them have much more team to competive on efficency and efficacy independently of the circunstances, because are human beings playing against other human beings.

But also mustn’t forget that in a team’s game is necessary to take on consideration a clear information about that the psychology components are going to contaminate inside of the team so fast through of wise field of limited thoughs that obviously will be a prejudice in whatever kind of performance, where the individual will take a rythm meanwhile the team will take other one, so will create a swap of dinamic rythm and psychological rythm or even creating around of the actions a hybrid system that could reach a level of nosie really dangerous for those human beings that on middle of that circle of the game is the same to say out that will come a level of contamination that will reduce ostensibly whatever level of performance that in others words mean obviously that to them to stuck in the same point without any resources to develop on.

All that cases explained above have much more to offer to theirselves even also to ourselves than those that are showing out, thus everyting is as simple as justly to adjust small psychology and dyanmic ingredients in where could have the feeling that is quite tricky to spot out that tends, somehow to hold all of that onto hangers to go step by step developing each depth in is sincerely easy if have the tools to understand and as after working on each of that mirrows. The process on that mirrows can reach out on different ways but must travel with the same focus on.

Working on high spatial conscious and will gain on performance and life on. (Please don’t forget other humans beings on both side of the bridge, i have named few cases through of my firm belife through of all my wisdom, but all that well done is a great powerful tool to bring to the rest of group of players).

Fd. Carlos Azuara Aguado.

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