Today was able to watch the match, from the time of warming up was able to observe small details that really sign out the way that match would take it.

Emma Raducanu on the warm up had a moment, short but very eloquent where fix in about her and fast can realise that would affect on whatever movement and development on herself, I am refering that probably some would put the label of anxiety (when that is something more serious and get in multiple factors), mean that I saw on her in all area of her chest and very reflected in her face like an apprehension that from outside the feeling of the breath in wasn’t free-flowing, so obviously push out to the rest of the things that you want to do, in fact is was something that very thin was able to see repeated.

Even on the first set with 2-5 on the score, while was on the bench, other point was that must to find in herself, she trasmited off an image of find out don’t just from herself even from the own spatial situation. Evidentely she is 18 years old, was playing practically all the week, there are many factors external and inside that manage properly with too much touch to understand the way to development and live on the process from day by day.

About her tecnique, from an humble personal opinion, detail that I could see in all her shots more specially on the service and the backhand, is that she don’t keep the position of body the enough time so move the weight ahead and natural to get more power and healthy shots, independently of lack of movement of the foots during the match today; other thing that don’t like at all on her and that reduce her dynamism apart of a risk for the injuries coming up, is her position on the rest and the size of her splits, as always said and if we are a deep study about it, would realise that many of players with serious problem of their waist / hip, is to use that on abuse and also becasue their size of the split is very above of their natural size of the waist, so aparts from creating a more likely injury and make that you reaction is going to be few seconds late even obviusly losing a great stability to run to get a good position to hit the ball.

Marta Kostyuk, from the warm up, I was appreciate as shrug her shoulders up, a gesture that could be considered as ordinary however other details give it more strong concious from where take her more force out, because one of that consequences is that reduce her space of action, push her to overthinking too much and then lost consistency at all, that with other players has serious consequences.

About her technique, she moves a lot, which had stuck some dangerous points, physical aceleration, abruptnees movements with spaces and rush off very agressive outside of the size of her own waist, so is a risk of injuries even lost the dominancy of many of the points, probably because that overthinking has a small influence as well, without forgetting that it can acumulate wrong distances with the ball with too much frequently, it has also consquences in the marks of the rythms of the game and keep a leardership in according about all that she is able to do more over there.

Conclusion that is my short appreciations about that match, I coudn’t see others during the week, but think that can be a great help to others from my sincere heart.

Thank you very much.

FDO. Carlos Azuara Aguado.


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