Dear reader, on the last days through of watching a few highlights from the football and the tennis as well, like that as some videos of that “super” influencers of our loved sport that is calling as Tennis, made me to reflection about an aspect that is really important to be aware about, because it change absolutely our performance as in the same way our own relation with our body, the injuries and our spatial situation on the environment that round us on that exactly moment.

Believe me the difference will be huge!!!

Look, that I am referring is that type of focus are moving on and our teaching/responsibility is focusing in, mean about our where are hace our position place   such on the conscious or unconscious way and even obviously with our neighbour (the receiver).

Really is very easy that we stuck on the surface through of a basic information (limited thoughts)but in the same time is saying out much more things but even could be tough to get recognised by the own receiver, you know, so take a leap around of the videos of many of that “influencers” or other highlights and your could be able to identify that if turn around your personal perspective.

* Even look around of you with that actual situation on whatever field is also very reliable.

It is so clearly, that is not relation with if it is good or bad, is about to take a rope and bring out all that need without covering a trouble over to other ones, repetitively, so will be serios “invisibles” damages.

Insist: “ the receiver in his point conscious won’t recognise it because the unconscious level will a point totally unknown or limited for him, that make the fears appear on“

We must never work from the conscious to the unconscious, is really important to go in to the unconscious side, pause and understand, then after will built a way that will bring us to the conscious point, the capabilities that could get from that way to do the things, will be something(performance and walk for the life) that might don’t get to imagine in our own mind.

There is a thing that is very important to leave so clear, on that point of working from the unconscious to the conscious, someone could ask out, what is going to represent internally those humans known as “Mega Cracks” or Elite Athletic sports performance (or other items as well)?.

Well, is very easy that the way between unconscious to the conscious are going to get mix up for HIGH DYNAMICS PERFORMANCE by Repetition from an very early age, really both are totally opposites things, as we are watching once after one have several consequences on many cases, although have points on the way that will finish united by itself.

Honestly dear reader to be aware about that think firmly that is our real way of innovation without needing to invite anything just open there that we already have in front of us.  “ A way that with a click through of a feed of conscious will you and your neighbour (student, player…) a immediate, powerful and constant performance) “

That crazy guy will be always signed out for a group of the society that are no willing to leave the map, because move permanently on circule is the common, but I will be fighting that other ways is possible, because there are not much better way specially on psychology to explain about it that have been on exhibition in a permanent and stress way to know well every insignificant detail.


FDO. Carlos Azuara Aguado.


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