I would like that you are able to read till the end so will check my human maturity but about all the grade of deep that is my emotional maturity on, so I will never stop to insist that the emotional side isn’t not necessarily moving on parallel with our job category or status social, as it is something much more complex but in the same time is honestly a stage absolutely wonderful.

Obviously the guy who is next to me on the picture, is not ROGER FEDERER, exactly is FERNANDO REDONDO, but WAIT! BELOW explain you why have published that picture, which was taken in the Madrid Arena during the Madrid OPEN in 2006 or 2007, remind perfectly all the scene, believe it was after of the Rafa Nadal´s match against Thomas Berdych, and minutes before to keep alone in a empty stadium to watch a new player was coming up, but no one had on mind, a guy who was 19 years old, called Novak Djokovic that played against Fernando Gonzalez.

Once the picture was taking for someone from the crowd that requested for it, as usually spend a lot of time alone, I took my seat, looked the picture, even check it days after on, so said myself that logic had it, even because seconds after I saw as other player (Raul Gonzalez Blanco) while hold his son on, had that got through a crowded that didn’t respect anything, so it made myself to seek for inner answers. Well usually on football paid attention on special to midfielders or goalkeepers as thought and still thinking that are who play the harmony to create movement without getting ever a back up behind of them, as in waterpolo fixed on the goalkeepers or in other sports athletics (running, skiing, ice skating,…etc..)..

Here must remind other two cases:

First one with Cesc Frábregas, when was youngest many people on the pubs, streets (that included to stop the traffic, with someone take off from his car) to request to take a picture with me, so gave the thanks while grab a honest smile and accepted it, then a day walking for Hampstead, saw a nice car, crossed next to the car to take a look, sorry but I am so curious, I didn’t know that there was a driver inside, so when I am already on its level, look for the Window, then were Cesc Frábegas and Fran Mérida, on that time both played for the Arsenal Team, was a surprise, took a little chat and after a picture as well (but didn’t make sense).

Second one, when was to a tennis congress in that was the academy of Carlos Moya and Roberto Carretero, so Roberto didn’t see him because was on court, but Carlos was the image of the congress, I had very clear my ideas inside of me, however in that moment of my life was as express it out, I didn’t want pictures nor that no one was using the word idol, as the idol is on you, however although I was collecting information about some human areas of tennis that didn’t like at all and still have never got to access to a way of evolution, simply the fact to seek some kind of interest that drew on the same time an identification (tag) that always self-limit whatever type of inner movement that a human wants to do; apologise to extend on that, but there was some humans that were working on that way, so I didn’t like at all, but a group picture there, other individual there, but in not one moment I want to do that, but although was already in a nice personal traveling, however that congress was my first crash with a complete new industry for me, as it is, would and will be the TENNIS for me. Lesson learnt and have never accepted anymore to work on that way.


Why Do I have to look for different kind of answers?, well, it is a detail that is not new on my person, my phobia, in nowadays called hypersensitivity, although stole many things from my life, on the same time pushed and still cheers up me to investigate whatever kind of answer, so means to go diving without losing the time till whatever kind of the control, but about all once of details that have integrated on my inner is looking to the humans, the things or whatever other kind of context from a point of view that is going over whatever kind of game that could place my person with a cover so far away of my own inner, it means to be able to grab a congruent, solid and real growth without getting lost the dimension that I must be able to be in.

*Remind you that have study photography on my country, in fact was the last year that analog photography was teaching on (An authentic present have studied it) and that relation can add about it on our brain, is as wide as ignorant on its own applications on, but as everything in the life a weapon that is not being used properly always have consequences waiting for us as the warnings don’t wait that you are able to take action over it. (Appreciate the photography, the frames but in a nature and sincere contexts that don’t develop a noise that is always as predictable as avoidable.

In others words, a picture is a material full of rubbish, a picture a the end is going to finish in a folder, don’t offer any kind of growing up, simply is a faster satisfaction for our ego while show it to everyone, till that then the time go, the new is old, and will get to be absorbed for the shit, a situation that through of the time can grab a dangerous draining in our own inner. The beauty is in to share a quality time to know each other while keep a mutual development, as it will be the value real that will bring in our memory where active that cerebral area that will let to stretch in our own and mutual skills.

I have wanted to explain you that, because when worked in the QUEEN’S CLUB, during 2014 and 2017, I could have taken a several photo album, with people like Cristiano Caratti, John Mcenroe, Ivan Lendl, Chris Kemorde, David Ferrer, Guillermo Garcia Lopez, Frances Tiafoe, Nick Kyrgios, LLeyton Hewitt, Kevin Anderson, Brain Brothers, Jamie Murray, Bruno Soares, Roberto Bautista, Milos Raonic, Stan Wawrinka, Grigor Dimitrov….. and of course with Rafael Nadal, Roger FEDERER, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray…. Even with the king Juan Carlos I, without forgetting during the ordinary time, people as George Soros and other personalities…

I remember as some colleagues in a super friendly way, said me, Carlos put there and make the picture with him (whatever guy, on special obviously insisted with Spanish ones or some tops one) for you, I always said the same answer, I don’t interested to take any picture, it doesn’t have any value, that really matter on me is spend time of quality where serenely can share a chat through of different kind of contents far away of the own tennis’ world, it is worth the most in the of a journey that the fact to hold a paper that is exactly it a wet paper without a basement in, so nowadays is used to show off on the Social Networks, so it is the fallacy of our ego, a way to cheat it to avoid to face up with a seeking of real inner base.



RAFAEL. I was in dressing the room, suddenly all people have gone out, then came in two humans, they was, Rafa and Marc Lopez, so meant that during 1h30 mins were the three alone on the dressing room, till that Fernando Sanchez from ATP, appeared through of the door. 1h 30 is a long time!!! , much more when from the second one, Marc Lopez, signed me, said to Rafa, you know that guy is Spanish as well, however I wasn’t the guy who have growth in nowadays, so I was the whole 1h30 mins on silence, in a stand up position with my spine hold on the stick wood that gave a structure to the benches on, means that didn’t open my mouth. An authentic pity, as Carlos who is right now would be impossible that didn’t open the mouth, so right now can’t stop to try to talk with everyone, included Andy.

NOVAK DJOKOVIC. It reminds two scenes, a on three sides, with a Spanish – Catalan member, the own Novak and myself, as a super open guy, so friendly, but was going on too much on a rush, detail that have appreciated on him as well in other moments next to the training courts, and the second scene, was on the training court, once he finished his training, on the court next to him, there was a couple playing tennis with their baby hold on the mum chest’s baby, so Novak didn’t doubt any second, then was straight away where the mum was, spending about 5 -7 minutes there, a nice detail on.

ANDY MURRAY. Apart of some wonderful situations lived actually, on Queens’s club, I have several on my memory, that included the Davis Cup, GB vs France, a super funny moment inside of pool’s kid full of ice, other two in ordinary moments, a day he want to play snooker, but there were already middle Ages member playing on, so meant it was occupied, well he didn’t care about it, so went to the room, the face from both guys is quite difficult don’t forget, “made my day”, said to my colleague and me.

Other day, maybe the most special moment, a quite day, club practically empty, a father and his son coming to the dressing room, the kid was about 6 – 7 years old, then took close to the father and requested him that if could bring his son to the Gym, that had a small surprise for him, then hold the kid by my hand and went to the gym, there was Andy with Matt, left the kid there, and then step by step was walking back on till that definitely take out from the gym, want that the kid could have fun there, it was his moment, so didn’t want that he could distracted with anything one, respect his unique moment. (Have learnt from the Rafa’s Issue)

ROGER FEDERER. Probably in parallel with Dimitrov, one of the humans more gentle that have crossed about there. Really was super open, close and even could say that even in acceptable level of consciousness to every detail that could appear over there, meant have a great level of acceptation but also a kind of calm that hid emotions that after his blossoming could look like unpredictable,…etc… anyway two facts that always remind, once, every time before and after, came to both of us, my supervisor and me, to shake the hands with some little chat, in details that must be ordinary, sadly it wasn’t, but Roger made it.

Other moment, was when I was going to tennis courts as did usually, because my position of job was insider of the Dressing Room, so permanently tried go the most time possible to the tennis courts as during the tournaments as in ordinary time, specially to watch the trainings, details of the matches, etc… the Davis cup in the dressing room, was an unforgettable experience in all the senses on. Then when this day decided to go to the courts for the upstairs area, it meant that had to get through all the stands from the REAL TENNIS (a similar game to the squash but harder on), then open the door to cross it, and directly face to face, pump! FEDERER was there with Luthi, he was sit down in one step of the stair with the phone hold on his hands, then he stopped, keep gazing me for a seconds, smile, give me greetings, came back his task on, they were waiting to have the allow to get access to one of the REAL TENNIS, where after made a intense physical training, as have liked to have been able to help there on.



1. A photo don’t have any value more far away about that you want to give to that, it is exactly the same that be part of a show as a mere fanaticism where lost all the sense as own as about own sport or ordinary reality that we have in front of us.

2. Foolish! GILIPOLLAS!!!. I know I have been a foolish, so have lost a several chances on, but on that times I wasn’t ready, but as have repeated without breaking on, I needed to prove myself if could be useful but about development completely as in human as emotional characteristics, so could look like to be a small detail but have been clearly gained in as a mirror without scratching on, and also I wanted to know the kitchen of a world that is my world, as have learnt from my family, get super wet about the area where want to move on, although sometimes it has to be done for free as it is area that beyond from the own sacrifice that made it satisfactorily with a permanent smile on your face, through of the listening and the own observation (my hypersensitivity about that questions let me to go deepest than usual), about the kitchen where want to move on is when acquire the basic knowledge that need to walk about it.

3. Well, that I value Federer, yes I do, as did and still doing as other players as Andre Agassi, Jennifer Capriati, Serena Williams, Thomas Muster,…etc.., as will do after when others players announce their retirement as well, but the fact to be clean innerly, let me to value myself as my own IDOL, and that is not Ego or Super Ego, is have a self-esteem solid, worked and about all absolute freedom of any kind covers on, so let me to place other characteristics as the Consciousness in the sharpen point that it must always be.

About all if remind for example cases of some sports man or actress, or whatever other humans (included ordinary people), that will won everything even many times, as that same stupid idea created for the medias about the subject that someone have to be a GOAT, so at the end as an ocean of information as wide as clear that is a drop of water, leave on evidence that you can win 5 or 7 or 17 or 20 or 30 or 40 Grand Slams or titles, but you keep being a human in the end of the road if there are not a good personal job, will find as on as off the court in a serious issue, that independently from the dynamic issues that have pushed to make an activity so well, as the boundaries to see the facts or frames from a point of visual impact but without giving a free space to make a coordination of the context between that we are watching on and the dangerous issues that in long term will be playing on, without forgetting of weight of influence that got in a gregarious crowded deliveried for the caused on.

Anyway, hope dear reader that if you have catch me up on that point, can have clear as is my mentality or said in other words, where is placed my brain development in terms that are moving my inner far away of shaking the hands on without getting involve in a real sense of personal belonging in.

Thank you very much.



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