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It has been few weeks to seek as would be able to develop that article, that honestly from the beginning didn’t have any reason to be on relation with the Laver Cup of tennis and about every emotional context that was happening around of it, however the famous picture, ROGER & ROGER, that was flying over every corner of the world, without it was on purpose, is a great representation about the context that I was trying to go ahead, between other things, through of that critical point that I use to do on, but even with myself as well to push me to improve about each small detail that sign out an unique and personal difference, so never better said, I am never follow the ordinary currents either on, from that corner it just depends of you that you are willing to know me or maybe then to take a run away of me, because never leave a middle point on, but with more weight of influence when know the matter in question so well. (Tennis, Psychology, physiological impacts..).

Well, must begin to define WHAT ARE THE DRAINAGES MEANING? Or otherwise will never get to access to a point that would everything in.


“ A drainage, is an inner channel, where are sealing through of an ocean of emotions, feelings, beliefs, fakes responsibilities,….etc and even the own results of the process developed or still in development, so don’t find margin of the space that should have out, between a fact and own reality of the fact by itself, so the set of all immense informative inner accumulation that haven’t practically treated nor either detected in some point of the ocean to avoid or reduce the level of inner accumulation, which in turn, without closing a process, we have to jump to other one, then other, plus one more and like that successively without taking dynamic rhythms nor opening ways and either levels of action that adjust the situation without that necessarily have to catch up the definition of drainage in itself ”


Once that have been defined that is the drainage, so it involve multiple factors to detect it several moments before that it is coming up, which we will never be able to manage nor the address that it can grab nor the own force that it can have innerly, however if can read so well as the own structure that are assuming in as even the level of force that it could have if don’t stop it on time, so would have so dangerous circumstances for all sides involves on or closest ones, and even if we talk about sports, in terms of execution and technique is quite clear as the retention or blocks as in physiological impacts that provide of an psychological automatism that leave out whatever game of clever consciousness on, anyway probably I am not explain it so well, because is something complex, easier to make it in graphic, but I am not update with that kind of programs. 

Look, make it with a few personal examples, which let you, dear reader, understand it, at least a little bit, well, on the beginning of that year, in my last job months before where I am right now (that is not a job, is a privilege, as because I can feel the tennis 24h 7 days a week, as for the nature and peaceful environment that is rounding to the place), it was in a prestigious five star hotel, so made a number of trainings that it supposed that would help the team to be better on, so it sounded great but I know very well the psychology so looked it in absolutely scepticism, then in a of the sessions, where was development a kind of coaching from the first second could realise that would be so dangerous to those humans who don’t have their emotions and own feellings in order with theirselves, basically if was going to be open without being concern about, the kind of drainage that it could leave on them, would be as a leaking of blood that after, we need to go back to reinforce that, so make on it a job so tough that is not always success, as there will be a lot of factors to be on consideration for it. 

If for an instant, we come back to the famous picture from the famous laver cup, but also in many previous interview as also have done some of them a posteriori, (remind that have had them on person, it is an advantage in the moment to grab a certain information on, although is never absolute in…), throwing away from us our fanatic side to be able to observe in a deepest context while grabbing in every small information that is warning us or better said to theirselves, about a reality that don’t like to face us, maybe because we haven’t been teaching to recognise that on first point, but about all as how manage it later on, honestly in a context where each small grain is so important, because it works as a well in construction, so you will never see the bottom but accumulate on every instant more  and more emotions that in some moment  the pressure will be so big that the own walls will not able to resist that level, so have to get on explosion for some side out.


“ Our vulnerability and our skills of own autonomy are the tools who will sign the automatic way that will go to grab out without being totally conscious about it “.  By Carlos Azuara. Have it on mind!!!


That point is placing me, on the second part of article that was the initial engine of that, a follow line from that coaching that was commenting a little bit up, made on my job, weeks after, come up with many questions or interesting chat where was always keeping on silence, often if you are not requested, a good warrior keeps it on silence, because are aware that whatever issue that you said wouldn’t be taken on value.

However, when came some humans, and still come, Carlos, asked me:

  • What do you think about that guy or other guy, or about that “psychological schools”, or about that or other issue?.
  • What about the inner confrontation from the own variety of psychological’ Branches?, of course that sport psychology…..

Or in the worst of the stages, in sports or n other serious context,

  • How do get that someone can take out from there?,
  • How do you get to manage personal or physical issues that are already there?,
  • What do you think about that technique? How is his body impact? …
  • What is your point of view….?

Or the most dangerous issue, the standardisation about facts or drainages, the life is not casual, at least let me to think that is not, as could be movement in other places, or go out seconds before or later, then are in the right moment, on the right place being able to grab situations or better said, a shower of information that analyse in an instant as in the same way that if were executing  the technique of a stroke, where there is different areas, millions of points, that is there, is it easy to see?, or maybe should seek a tough respond through of other kind of question, do you really want to? Are you ready for?.  Look, for me that on sports is a brutal master key,  and to be honest with you, hate a lot to see someone crying, frustrating (with or without racket on)  even to see a woman is still harder on, doesn’t matter it is on or off from the tennis world,… but let me to say you, that in a field so beauty and powerful that the tennis could be on its own nature way on, through of everything that I am and delivery in a total altruism way, ask myself questions that beginning is, When…….?..  (I don’t make questions, seek for better answers keep in growth).


“ Weird that I can be upset (maximum at little millisecond) but there are three things that considere unacceptable that are to be incompetent, the hypocrisy and being a liar, as could considere it an offence on my face, so sometimes the silence is the best answer to don’t place on the same level on, but except when the level of responsibility is so high because are surround of items that in a bad use can be dangerous weapon for everyone, on specially for the most vulnerability, on that cases take a serious behaviour  without doubts and faster on, keep improving on the process will always be an incentive on..  “  


I refer specifically on the last abstract paragraph is about all the psychologic currents that were living in nowadays next to us, from the own more professionals inside of the own bench of psychology between them the sport psychology, as the famous schools of emotional transformation or mediator strategic or whatever kind of name that you want to do that, as even the fact to push to practice some techniques that should be complements to a long period of personal job instead of being using as saviours marketing that will never be real on, the answers about our own psychology are closest than we could think about it, however our lack of courage always leave us too far away, it is always an authentic fire bomb.

Here, is the point that I want to catch up, where I could say so proud that 39 years of life have given me a way full of resources, awareness and an integral personal development, that never stops to go ahead, however mustn’t confuse that we are an kind of ages in as where are locating our real personal development, sadly is not common that are in relation, because through of multiple factors leaves us in a outside position to be able to grab it, so if we are talking about sports for example (musician or arts) would be other great example, have live it on my own hand, all a job dynamism practiced from the years ago, push you against the worst enemy that a human being can find on his way: THE HABIT.

” The habit closes all the senses that leave us in an unique bubble world, in a context well dominated, but on the real life, when a crash is out, will leave us in a soaking way without direction to go on, as in levels of thoughts, beliefs and that is worst in attributes have been holding as our unique way to do the things out, so then are forced to hide our vulnerability “.  

Other personal example (but I have a book in where my memory grabs everything in):

When I was 24 years old while was studying photography, wanted work in the same time during the mornings, but I didn’t want to do that on the family’s company, because wanted to understand to myself, means to be able to prove myself without being treated as if was someone special, I wanted to be a simple more worker on where could face up with a different reality, so decided to travel around of the Comunidad de Madrid, that wasn’t just included the own town, just around, cities like the Getafe, Leganes,…Las Rozas, Majadahonda,…etc.., so although I wasn’t being aware that on many places wouldn’t be contracting me, the simple fact to draw out the own scene, it was my value, because don’t mind to be in front of the people making the ridiculous or just to was a option that they could laugh about my person, that was my KNOWLEDGE, I made it on PURPOSE without that they know anything about it, just my psychologist know it, but without that she had any news about it, but knew that could expect it from myself!!!

Well, then that situation, placed me on the PUENTE DE VALLECAS, I saw an curious advert placed on the streetlight, “ doesn’t matter your age, without you are tired of ordinary jobs, want to be your own boss and want to be easy money, call us “.  That was a wednesday from may of 2007, on thursday did something look like to an interview, on friday did a training that brought me to Parla, a small city from the south of the Comunidad of Madrid, it was simply observing every detail, have never said anything about my intentioins, were moving from a block to others, call to the neighbours doors by doors, I felt sad and anger, as were taking advantage of the vulnerability of the people, it was not easy that could do, finished the journey, had clear that wouldn’t come back with them.

Then, they said me, tomorrow have a great event on the Port of Barcelona, come with us, I pay you everything (just the coach as went and came back after that), that are coming branch from all spain, Italy and Portugal, so accepted and was there but always with a step back, during the traveling, the own act with the king of the company as in the traveling back, where everyone was sleeping except my person, who didn’t stop to look at the skyline through of the window while thought about everything have lived there, once arrive to Atocha, Madrid. 8:00 am, I went to straight away at home, took my rest, and as woke up, obviously although was a Sunday, through away that “company”, but about all drew something new on me will evolve me forever in a direction that have never stopped on.

From that moment, I rejected so huge opportunities in big companies, Grupo Anaya (Books), Google,…etc, but my priority was clear although had barely a few on my pocket, because the most basic already was developing on me, step by step, in an authentic natural way without getting the chance to look back, it wasn’t possible anymore, so on barefoot must keep walking on, that better present I could get on, or couldn’t I?……………. My story of life keep going……… many experiences from all the colours, included in cohabitation with different kind of humans, races,….. even had big psychology issues as in human as in animals (Often own reflect as the owner is on itself)….., between them tough cases as mistreatment, migraines…… that my presence made on her a great change in, so through of my own hypersensitivity and my global experience, although could have small genetic could have some influence is nothing in comparative way that the own personal psychology world can be able to do in oneself, but must stop first and begin to be honest with ourselves as real priority.

What do I want to get with that article?,  When in the last six months, as have commented above, people struggle with many psychologist issues, or as are friends of friends, or even own friends that are in fighting with other personal issues, or are watching on sports daily where many of the physical injuries are avoidable, or even obviously see in a global space as are the angles of focus about that being treated many aspects on with some of them  have a great psychology influence on.

In two words, COURAGE AND CONCERN, that nobody can’t teach you to get access to your own inner channel, but that mustn’t do, about if we are really professional is the fact to use an figure or image, to see a story or even pretend to teach concepts that on the reality of the life are so far away about own function of adaptability to whatever process that life are going to face us up as it always will do on; even it damages to the own mainly actors, because as have explained a drainage (the definition will be just placed at the end of the article), without calibration while is covering on routine, when it is opening without control independently is it is from a bad practice or even for the own life, will exposure in a situation that probably will raise up without inner control although want to cheat to our mind with our wall of Super EGO, or an inactive Ego or whatever other external ingredient that we are receiving on, at the end, in nowadays on special someone known will do hidden mistakes to easy to see where there are on inners ways. ( On formation should apply it as well, tennis technique or evolution technique on for example as well).

In ordinary people is happening the same, will see it, but is need to see that with objectiveness to don’t fail on mistakes of judgements on.


“ The visual impact of a image or set of words will look like attractive, but to gaze on the global set that image is on itself, as peel an Onion, layer to layer, where each one of that have its own information, and no one must be missing off to don’t consume us as sugar in cup of tea that will an extra flavour but at the end our real power of senses will keep stuck on the own development by itself “  ( Actors and spectators for the same regulation).  By Carlos Azuara.




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