Dear reader, that last week while had the chance to work at the restaurant (hope soon can change it for the the tennis and psychlogy world) with a guy from Romania who has a metal on his right feet after a bike accident, reminded me some personal issues, also the case of Andy Murray, human being that while I was working at the Queen’s club had with me many times even in ordinary periods, so face to face always there is so reduced information to pay attention on and in of the context, like that as also reminded me to a couple of psychologies movies, however on that point my insistence will come full of fervor because exactly on the same nature of the nutrition, on psychology every case must be studied in an wide individual way, means should never recomend that kind of things in a general way because would be a short time of waiting to see as it is coming up with serious consequences that are always predectible in high porcentage.

Andy Murray on my way to see the life is an example of authentic real warrior and of course say that absolutely with all my respect many athletics (from tennis and other sports as well) that are finishing or simply has finished in one or other corner of the equation of the success above emotional situation completely far away from their own level of understanding, so is pushing them to feel on theirselves in a way of depth loneliness super dangerous in according to their lack of working together with it to understand justly that weapon as our tool more powerful to face up with whatever situation that is coming up to fight against us.

Why do I consider to Andy Murray an authentic warrior?

1. His story of life with inner ingredients that are not easy to bring a good magnament (the few details that have been able to know)

2. The ability to share human/emotional details with others, small details that was able to observe at the Queen’s Club.

3. The metal issue. Here is where one can feel absolutely devote to that passion, love in that one development in his much better way possible without any kind of complain or even any chance to let the pain come in (here is maybe where would have a small taks to avoid a noise that interrupt his way out), as the most important don’t let that anyone stop him to that he love the most.

Really from my side to see the life, a real warrior, a authentic human being should never leave his own music off when he knows that it is that know that could do really well, even much better that everybody around could think about it, sincerely Andy Murray represents properly all of that, his passion, enterteinment for the game and speciall an ambition to push himself in some of kind unknowledge limit, although that could be mix up with some part of the ego, is really exciting to receive it in our own blood, obviously if you wish to see it with a perspecty really open-mind in all and every area of all our senses.

You know, dear reader, we are living actually in a society where the authentic is destroyed step by step because the fear of the establishment tops of every area of the world are not ready to make many changes that in the end are necessaries to bring out, even becasue they don’t have any idea as manage that, we are not built leathership just a group of sheeps without address on.

Remind you an “advice” that such yesterday (Sunday night 21st november) on the last day of my colleague from Rumanian guy said me:  ” Carlos Remind that, a head chef said, the establisment don’t like people that is complaining about everything, of course they are many things that don’t like at all, but you must to place your head down and carry on, change the chip, focus on your duties and that it “……   I don’t know dear reader that you think about that words, from my side is not the first time that listen it, and sincerely is very sad that the human being is reaching that point of human cruelty where we are walking without charisma, attitude and about all leave in the most dangerous limits whatever intention to exchange some kind of wisdom between us on benefit of a behaviour full of commanding (bluring of the meaning of the respect) as the pushing to destroy the mind of the people, an mental issue that every time is more and more on pressence without being able to stop that rythm of growing so it also has consequences in our own body.

I don’t want to finish that article without saying a few the curiosity or storys that really didn’t like or like from Andy Murray, think that sometimes it plays in his dynamic and psychology rythm and others one didn’t it:

Don’t likes things:

1. SIR. In nowadays use that kind of terms to address someone is out of the place, think that sometimes should have the valor to don’t get it on while in the same time you are grateful to that thought about oneself.

2. Aceptation. Sometimes you have the chance to traing with guys that for them is an unique experience, although from his side have seen a treatment very acceptable in some moments, from other top 5 players, so woudn’t say names, so the behaviour was poor with lack of empathy, so even is worst from them, because that you get from your sparring is block their emotions instead of getting to force their motivations.

3. The Speechs. That is not an issue that involve such Andy, obviously also that goes for many other players, that usually in the moments that have the chance to be a great warrior usually take the easy way to be politicially right without thinking in the staff (ordinary – temporary), ball boys – girls,…etc… that involve many issues that should have more common sense but the egos don’t let it, so the body pay consequences.

“Gain money but have that invert it in recover your body, the stupids rules of the human being create it “

  • That things that I should say out, because must always be honest with myself while show out all my exposuring never will hide that Andy Murray whether likes it or don’t like, represents tremendously well that is really warrior in many of the aspects that must be in; Ah, dear reader, it doesn’t be ilogical if your perspective is place in a properly position. 

Like things:

1. The material disorder. That depending on the context could go included in the things that don’t like, but in that case leave it here, because was interesting observe as every area occuped for different player have a particular order of the things, from the Andy Murray was the most flashy that really could create both directions of working, means was able to earse weigh from your back or even the opposite charger on too much weigh on your back that pushing yourself to a emotional stress that leave your movement’s options very shortly limited, a small detail that could bring a big emotional noise which will demand a high level of the magnement and anticipation, really don’t easy to get in.

2. The commitment. A great story represent it, there was a couple of members playing to snooker in the room desinged for that, Andy wanted to play, but obviously he coudn’t because the room was busy, then so didn’t care about it, he was there, so the face of the members after being for at least two hours playing to the snooker with Andy said out everything, that level of conscious to others and of course in the focus about the task that he had signed and that wished to bring out without letting the obstacules to stop him, even could get a benefit to others, it was a generous behaviour for both sides.

3. The delivery.  In a ordinary period, if my mind is good it was on february, a small kid coming at the morning with his father in a very quite day, means that dressing room was empty, but Andy Murray was in the gym with Matt little, using the different machinges and doing other exercises with his physical trainer, but the kid and his father didn’t know that Andy was there, so I was directly to them, asked to the father for the permission to take the kid with me and brought him to gym to introduce him to Andy Murray, just on that moment Andy was doing the machine of the whole legs, made the presentation, then I placed myself on about 5 metres far away, because it was the moment for the kid, his moment, then decided once that saw everything works well, left out of the gym, leaving that kid have a great fun in his moment of life, when a time after came back to the dressing room, the gesture and his face had all the human value that one living being need for a simple day, the best gift to give between us.

Inside of that article about the figure that represent Andy Murray, that specially in the last two years has represented much better each one of small details that an authentic warrior must have in: passion, love, loyalty, compassion, sacrifice, improvement, the fighting without time to the pain, commitment, devotion……etc… but on special the way to find the answers where many times spend time to make questions on predujice to focus on the answers.

In that figure of the warrior, I couldn’t forget of his brother Jamie, once the best human being that I have found on the tennis world (could name some spanish people as well), that is permanently below of that image, reduce cruelly on a level of perspective to others to see out the other way of being a real warrior in other class of level, where focusing on the mean actors also has  consequences that could limite perspective of action so push to leave it in a circule – rutine that avoid new movements that push him a higher level of the execution, means to take choices on development.

Look, I can’t hide that I am sick and tired about that fucking enquery about “The goat”, like that as the focus of working on technique, mind and physical that is received for everybody that involve all a business, and also other material things, a warrior shouldn’t be a wet marketing that make to the people conditional their mind through the kinds of thoughts that the medias through of the first psychology impact want to introduce us as unique truth possible, a way of pushing to fanatize everything, limite absolutely our capacity of analyse for ourselves all the information that have, the medias together with our emotional states create a mindset that is too much poor to don’t care that sweet where the cover is the gift to know on perfection everything that is posible to make with a society as stupid as blind in their observations, the ego through of theirs fears (insecurities) already make all the game.

Thank you very much Andy Murray to show us as a warrior should be in every frame of his frame of action where always keep his gesture up, a gift to take the tennis as fountain of life!!!. (whatever other sport as fountain of life if appreciate the hidden details).

* In the 99% to pay attention to the profile or even the cv on paper coud be enough, but in 1% through of having been in the depth of the kitchen as specially to get on possesion of high emotional development can do great differences through of a experience that without exposuring lost its whole value which will limit to get nature solutions. A WARRIOR is all a SET of TOOLS outside of our principles!!! surprising yourself!!!



FDO. Carlos Azuara Aguado.



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