Few months ago, the brother of one of my ex-housemate, the same woman in that her boyfriend, an ex-militar from Ceuta said me Carlos you have a lot of endurance, without knowing me a lot, well, the brother after of few days talking in the kitchen, told me about that documental, that it was for me and that should watched that, really I don’t have television but I don’t want neither nor on my laptop, so he invited on his room and watched it, after I bought it by itunes and then have watched that three times, although is a film where many details are missing up and other could be focusing to a marketing point but either way let us to see very clear points about mind-brain, the dangerous and even if we able to read well all the information our ability to anticipate a certain death, probably that would erase some deaths that could have been avoidable in spite of the most that sure argue about the differences between the risk and consequence and every multiple factors that hug between on the middle of.

Really as could begin to explain out a thing that looks like crazy even the own mountaineerings surely are not going to  share that point of view about the alpinism, however on my point of view, here on that context, there is a very hard and powerful lesson about our brain on hold to the mind and as it is working on, sincerely is a something that let myself to make a comparative with my own life, exactly to where I have been required permanently to bring my mind on, so it means, through of a very clear message that or I learned it or soon I would be a man dead, a real reflect of resistencie of my own life, details far away that an athletic could be or even find off in his own field of game, basically on the life I was playing without any net around, like Alex Honnold on his own challenge.

The mind is something fascinating that from very early is conditioned on many parameters that in some way impulse our way of life to do a direction, where think that we are on control of everything even our own cerebral movement but sadly is more far away of that because all our information that get in is contaminated and therefore our choices are never free at the end, it means that the interruption that suffer our brain – mind on every second is a chain full of oil that year by year is faster than the previous year.

A situation where you can observe it, at least I do day by day between others more around of us, for example is in our nutrition, in that known as the emotional hunger, is something that right now is absolutely increasing without breaking on and totally out the control even inside of the athletics as well. Obviously all of that huge count of noise is a great prejudice to get a regular high perfomance on athletics (mental and physical) but shouldn’t forget that even to get in a truth feeling of wellbeing neither.

Other lesson that could take out from Alex, is where we have our point of perspective, mean if you have a tremendous space, doesn’t matter if it is on indoor or outdoor courts, then you could take a pen and go drawing lines on horizontal so will create photographics panoramics that will raise to capabilitiy of reception a lot of information without effort nor noise on and furthermore if you draw lines on vertical position will improve to capability of sorting, that push you towards a field very sharp about the millons of micro-information that you have around of you, a level of conscious that will give you calm and security to whatever stage that you are fighting on. Really tremendous mates!!!

That bring me to talk you about the fear, our loyalty friend, a fear that through of all the information or much better to loud out with a fear that is not there and doesn’t expect neither that appear around of us, because the mind have been development to clasify that information without any kind of noise so will realise a work totally opposite than used to do it or at least should be guided to develop on that way to face on fire whatever situation with the logic that must be a common charateristic that identifies to the human being through of all the senses and their ability of reasoning, even I would say as well that the opposite though of destroying theirs habits of reasoning without getting in fear of anything, means stop all the information that come in, place on order (a back up space) that already you got in and act absoluty clean, without fear and princepally and most important connected as an deep extension more with the environment (situation, object or humans) that you are on.  Believe me that for the teaching (Sports and education) would be a great tool to use on!!!. Needless quanta headaches would save easier!!!

Below will leave some of the few powerful sentences from the documentary, all of them would have a long and hard way to explain out absolutely all theirs context in relation with our brain and then in our mind as well, would you able to bring your mind on that level of conscious to understand that?, as I am not sure that you read my article as it is something very technique and personal, simply as have said will leave testimony of them together a small introductory comment:

1. I feel like anybody could conceivably die on any given day.

2. Soloing makes it feel far more inmediate and much more present. ( Conscious with the context on plus other factors on relation with it….).

3. Without Rope is obviously like much higher level of consequence, more higher level of focus…is a whole different experience.  (It is no about the consequence is more about our emotions and feelings getting on roller with that, means dinamics rythms and psychologics rythm will be the setters that will fix up the consquences…..)

4. It is not like just pushing, and pushing and pushing until something terrible happen, I don’t look at it, like with that perspective. (The self-entrance to infinite visual fields like you were drawing a rhombus where every face always will have something different to gift us…. where liberty and space won’t have any argument at all…)

5. Differentiate between Risk and Consequence.think that the risk, you know, the chance to falling off is quite low even though the consequence is extremely high. (follow the same line commented few sentences above, because the personal limits are not existing anymore, but specially between humans pushing each other permanently to stimulus that are not real even unnecessary so invite to reject options and destroy opportunities…..).

6. ...Appeals of the free soloing…. to take something that seems difficult and dangerous and make it feel safe. (That bring us take such a unique direction without looking back, feeling and repeating movements as an natural communicative extension of our own body and mind, in other words a free communication of our brain addresses without interruption so create in of our set as a whole, that is basic in formation and performance…).

7. ..Groundbreaking,….always felt it quite easy and pretty secure… ( A skyline without net, means are so far away from any attachment, so like or doesn’t like it, most of our ” official heroes ” are not represent that, means that the brain structure that had our homo sapiens are not there, so the actual society push each other to chronic every context…, here alex goes more far away to make something for repetition…)

8. ..Got quite scared in some places and then you start to panic a little bit and then you have to, reel it all back in. ( The close circle commuicative from imputs and outputs, pushing to a reality that is not truth but believe it and push intense on that, a habit of reasoning that our ego knows well and of course likes it, to keep outside of stimulus and let to built a state of activation as own security just for extreme situations that keep always us connected with the media that have in the surrounding of us, must be our goal….)

9. .….personal issues make clear other things…

10. The thing is I will never be content unless I at least put in the effort……… If do all the work, and I am still like, ” This is Messed Up “…………. maybe future generation or maybe is for somebody has nothing to live for…. (that point has an exciting context to go deep, basic on relation to invite others to put forward in front of our ” uncomfortable ” circunstances that leave us and the rest an example outside of comfort or even the self-deception, pushing open-mind anylisis….)

11. I need a good map of what that will take,….a mental image…what  the hard parts are, where they are, what they will entail….. ( I didn’t remark that, because I am not fan of the visualization, here there is more points to analyze that is more far away to recognize the own field of action, insist the visualization is tremendously dangerous because is going to recreate a context so far away of the reality, the best image that we can load in is all of that can be able to accumulate in previous milli-second of our decission making process, on that mili-second is where must focused.. ….)..

12. .….Lead the freeblast…  (It fellows that have justly commentd above, a good leadership and magnement is coming from a good determination but about all the capacity to develop that instant image that one of consequences is that will give you certain in you decisions….)

13. I will just try to take it as far as I can..  (It is all a process of adapting, acceptation, exploration in and out,  integrate and come back to the begining, the times that it is necessary till we get to place on in a point outside of the understanding, means in that point of natural extension between brain and body….).

14. ... it doesn’t seem like you should be able to climb that..  (The mirror effect, coud talk about on that point, but obviously from my position don’t talk that about that usually listen to the people talk about it, rather on focalization about that we do on ourselves and that bring stuck to others in a very silence and unrecognised way with the exception that you are able to detect that small micro-informations that determinante all a inner development….)

15. There is not margin for error.  (When you got that level of phsychology and dynamics rythms, the margin for error won’t exist anymore, because you level of determination and honesty with yourself is authentic on responsability, so leave the brain on white, absolutely free to go up without interruptions, because everything is going to happen out will not about the errors justly about the habits and your way to walk with them, are details really distinguishing….)

16. Imagine an Olympic Gold Medal level Athletic Archivement, that if you don’t get that Gold Medal,you are gonna to die. That is pretty much what the free soloing El Cap is like.  You have to do it perfectly.  (A strong point to analyze with a perspective far away from the common, where the address of the job, pressure or even the peaks of chronification could reach a point of permanently linearity that sincerally could be very dangerous…… that must go on glued with other specificatios already commented above.. ..)

17. .…Different scenarios…moves, body position, and more than anything just thinking about what it would feel like to be in that position without rope.  (Reaction of the mind till plenty factors that must be in a higher consideration without being on presence…. specially a high degree on conscious but is not whatever kind of that, means that apart from our own body – brain – mind (basic) is also about our space up that surroding us, details and influences, but remind that get conscious is not the same that bring noise in, so know the difference about it will bring you to other point of your life…..).

18. … several movements where your whole life just depends on one foothold… ( Most than a foothold, would say of a rythm, exactly the united that is created between the dynamic and the psychologic, because justy is there where suppose risk and consequences there are not present in and on…..).

19. Soloing is like such a weird personal activity, never talk about soloing projects…I have done all my soloing without telling anybody because I don’t want an extra pressure (Here we should talk about the stress, the chronificaction of the facts, the psychosomatic disorder between other things, but where lack of listening (but can’t be whatever kind of listening) is keeping to be the most hot point on all that…)..

20. …. Back of your mind, you are like,  Yes, for sure. (Free and conscious without being concious, means that you didn’t leave your movements on any middle point, is when you feel that you can reach out….)

21. … …. AGAIN personal issues make clear other things…..  sort of dorky loner cause, the whole program was focused on that…… here still outstanding personal issues.. (Lonely people maybe we are run out to the corner for the society but after are whom can offer something different to them). Freaking good have outdone by myself.

22. Work through of that and then to understand that, what we are doing is something that we can live with even in a worst-case scenario. (The panoramic recognition without a lit of fears that is covering it, is a basic key to keep on focus and ready till whateve scenary comes out,…my phobia (my job about it) have given me many of that between other things…).

23. …. … People who really know exactly what he is doing are freaked out. (On that point, that is too much generalised we need to analyse properly all the context and their multiple factors…., to see where is the root…)

24. He doesn’t get emotionally affected by it the way that a lot people do. (Apparentely on the film you see him in a brutal level of relativization, but in other context we need to observe if there is any kind of avoidance through of the negation and its actions, or even by the opposite is really a frozen warrior where the backstone is on balance….)

25. …The science is that is probably a Product…. your body more than it is just a genetic thing… ( There are no doubt from my unlimited exposuring with the fear, that we are more than a molecule, however the science instead of being used as great support to the group is being provided as a tool in excuse to create a huge hole of comfort full of self-deception, means in a false feeling of calm that avoid to see the cause clearly.

26. ….speculation about, like how I deal with the fear and like how I am able to free solo…. thrill-seeker…something defective. (The retention of receiving external noise that pretend interrupt your process, but don’t let it comes in till your task is over, then after analyse that getting step by step to be real strong warrior for every new stage come out….).

27. You have no activation on your Amygdala……. your admygdala works just that it needs a much higher level of stimulation.  (There is details that leave on medical hands, but every time I am completely that the psychology has a lot of the things to say out as so important is that could walk hand by hand more intensely, my wisdom doesn’t put doubts on that, by the way would be good to make a tac on my person to study many things about our brain and its psychology relation in….)

28. …Quite fit, such there is a mental component to free soloing, the big challenge to control your mind…. you are not controlling your fear, you are sort of just trying to step outside of it.   (Here we should do a break and then take a little chat to bring on debate where there would be many things to be out because my experimentation through of my phobia and my personal job, a truth face to face with the mental movement have points of view more deep on it, the control is one the most noises aspects that more damage is creating out…)…

29. People talk about trying to suppress your fear, I mean, I look at it in a different way…I try to expand to comfort zone by practicing the moves over and over again…I work through the fear until it is just not scary anymore….for years freeblast…. has given me heebie-jeebies…  (Here I follow a reflection like the before point, united both of them, because there are many things in the job of that couldn’t be on agree at all,… the fear should never fear that practices are really dangerous because the problem will keep avoid for a while but not over, and will come out absolutely blooding……)

30. ..Tiny edges, variations in the texture of the rock… if your slip, your hands can’t hold you….when you step up there is only one.. (A great paralelism with the real and serious fears of the life…forms and ways…structures without form..).

31. … When he is free sololing, that is when he feels the most alive, the most everything, the most…feels the most, how can you even think about taking that away from somebody, you know?  ( Here is where more devotion and dedication you will be bringing out…).

32 ... You should have a lot of fear right now,..ok because I feel a lot of anxiety, no one of my family has hugged me during all my formative years, I had to teach myself how to hug when I was like 23 years or something, because it was like everyone seems to hug, that seems like something I should get into and then I started like practicing, now I am quite a good hugger. (I had an experience very similar even around of the same ages, that part is a reflected so important about you relation with the fears, the relativiation of the facts or situations even also to force in like you are to face that on (multiple factors)……). L saying love and stuff…in my entire life no one in any part of my family has ever used, you know, that word.  (don’t forget the depth of that continuation..attachments, habits and other multiples factors with a huge weigth in our fights.)

33 ….more personal issues talking about them that make clear other things…..  “Presque ne compte pas ” (almost doesn’t count,  or Good enough isn’t), not matter how well I ever do at anything, it is not that good; the bottomless pit of self-loathing, I mean that is definitely the motivation for some soloing. (A clear example about that important is doing things by yourself that let your person go far away from your limits without stopping over there….other factors that fix out and as face them…).

34. I don’t know why fell off,…weird that he doesn’t even say he knows what happened….always surprised me because I feel like he is always so aware or like maybe he is not always totally aware.  (That point that could be innocent on the film, really have a real weight about the mechanisms that our brain could switch on in according with every situation happening on that present moment, sincerely is really important to get that on consideration).

35. … alex talk about having this armor when he solos and I think as, like a friend or a family member of him, you kinda have to have that same thing……wake up more than normal……….. but I am stressed out about the thing a little bit.. (The matter of perspectives and as we are looking at the things, really show out as the important is even the count of contamination that could create in the neighbour like that as the permanent noise that we are receiving permanently without any break in the skyline even without being conscious of our own unconscious to work or even as know work it to other human being…)

36. Look, I don’t want to fell off or die either, but there is a satisfaction to challenge yourself and doing something well. That feeling is heightened when you are for sure facing death, you can’t make a mistake, if you are looking for the perfection, free soloing is as close as you can get, and, uh, it does feel good to feel perfect, like for a brief moment. (Here we should talk about the ego, types of ego and other things on relation with that).

37. … my friends are like, oh that is terrible, but if kill myself in an accident, they will be like, oh that was too bad, but the life goes on, they will be fine.  I mean, have had this problem with girls a lot, you know, they are like, oh I really care about you, I am like, Not, you don’t.. like I perish, like it doesn’t matter, like you will find somebody else, like, that is not, that is not that big a deal, I don’t know, maybe that is a little too callous. (Here we should talk about the emotions, the feelings, our way of perspective, even about our devotion or selfish characteristics that are delivered off, but on special where is our authenticity?…..).

38. ….. you have climbed 2.500 feet to get to the enduro corner, so you are pretty fatigued. (About the fatigued is an interesting matter to treat on, becasue it is really confuse on concept and development so create us a faster feeling of being tired, however usually is not truth, becasue our mind was pushing in with a noise that create us a emotional hungry in all our senses, means a total absence of rythms dynamics and psychologics, something that I see day after day…).

39. Need words of affection, ….to learn how to communicate emotion, alex has a long way to go…….. sometimes I am going to tell how I am feel and just need you to say it totally makes sense that you feel that way… I can understand….I don’t really think that you do… but I am glad that you are trying.  (Here we are walking on thin Ice, so we need to be careful with a subject that is amazing but in the same time is very personal, anyway here there is a subject where must do a great study of every point in a very individual position….).

40…Alex – Sanni relationship…….. but to free solo on that level, you really have to have the mental armor, having that romantic relationship around is detrimental to that armor, you have to focus and inherently a close romantic relationship removes that armor, you kinda can’t have both at the same time.  (About that point I am completely disagree, because here must get in about which kind of the relationship we have (Complementation, attchament or company..), also for once time and ever, should know the differences between self-esteem, self-confidence and confidence, but about all have to work in the wide field of honesty about ourselves in an individual way….).

41. There is always something that has to give you the confidence to go out and free solo a route, so sometimes that confidence just comes from feeling super, super fit, sometimes that confidence comes through of preparation and rehearsal, but I mean there is always something that makes you feel ready. (In that case, should have on consideration our excess of confidence and its bad allies, also where have to place on the strong points of connection, between other factors to fix in)……  soloing a bunch of pitches, like, get into that right space.

42. … He is really methodical, if you are pushing the edge, eventually you find the edge,.. (That important is to be conscientous and even stubborn through of great care on every detail and the love to do the things, so are allies that create an conscious environment to focus on very hard challenges without breaking the rythms…..)

43. There is some things that you are, like, well, just have to push that far because they are just, they are just that cool, and the Cap is that cool. (In that point is clear to talk about the self-worth, our beliefs and our sense of belonging in our planet, means the feeling of our real force in without ropes……).

44. There is incremental advances that happen in all kind of things but every once in a while, there is the iconic leap, soloing el cap, if he pulls this off, is this quantum leap.  (Here must get in a context where exhibit every one of the phases of exciting world that is always the personal development as also the different factors that might influence to a direction or other one in the progress of that….).

45 …Glommed on….not like I had a fear, but just kind of like this is how….. because you are so tight, you know, I love that about soloing…. my footwork gets really good…..yeah totally… is not for anybody else, is just for me…. you feel like you are…….. it is so important to be doing it for the right reasons.…..I am still totally STOKED, but I feel like from the outside observer, they would be like, oh,  he got a movie crew, like clearly that is wrong reasons….. the worst thing about having a film crew is if it changes your mindset. ( Our levels of exposing in our past will take a position or other one in front of all kind of situations that we have to face on, but that we create an structural chart where let us to see clearly every small detail, many of them treated as some ordinary that in very short time will be dangerous although a day have a success it shouldn’t cover the issue….., all reasons of our decisions must be very clear in the same way that will leave it clear to the neibourgh becasue very fast that decisions will go against you without any care at all, something really super dangerous… ).

46. I am starting to get kind of psyched, the moment of just letting go to it is in some ways the most peaceful because, then it’s like you just do your thing, there is not more stress, there is not more anxiety, there is not fear, whatever… you just go up and do it.……… tight shoes on…. like an samurai pulling out his favorite sword…. oh time for the finely crafted blade, so stoked, I like sinking into it. (The are no most better way that diving on it, but not in the way that usually thought, that it would come back with too much noise and seeking some king of external rewards, so would interrupt our human mechanism, talk about go to own depth or about the neigbour then from there then get in a emotional ease that bring us to other human dimension (characteristics and development…)…. ).

47. …. exciting….. I am processing…… when would you putting me on the equation ever change everything? would you actually make decisions differently?…. if had some kind of obligation to maximize my lifespan, then like yeah, then obviously I would have to give up soloing….. I mean, you saying “be safer” I am kinda like well, I can’t, I AM READY DOING MY BEST, I could just , like not do certain things, but then you have, like, weird simmering resentment because it is things that you love most love in life have now been squashed.  (Interesting point that incorpore aspects focalised about the job in our braind – mind, in relation with some phases of our personal development, like that as also in some hot points that get in of a couple’s relation where should be on concerns that there are three lifes, so means the space, liberty and loyalty are really basic instruments that everytime are totally forgotten by our society…).

48. It is like always about, like excellence and perfection, I was certainly raised that way, you know, that you need to, you need to perform. It is also like kind of rad, because you are doing something for the first time in human history.  (obviosly here other points to debate on with focus on sports and the rest of the areas as well, redifine concepts, even where is our ego hold on to benefit a powerful performance around there?……).

49 I am bailing.…… kind of disturbing……. too many random, random folks about and stuff, whatever…. you never have to go for it…I just to need it to end….. the circus surrounding you….. wonder if he got nervous, there a lot of things that I don’t totally understand about him, …… in some way be kind of reassuring that SPOCK has nervous… (In this case should talk about the prejudices, stereotypes, the time, other more factors but especially about the empathy, its deepth on as also the kind of empathy that could get in, that is a really hard job, however before to face that must put the focus in other subjects first to access clean on that way, which means in my point of view the only way to get the most powerful empathy that you can grab in…).

50. She sees things in a different way,  Sanni the point of life is like happiness to be with people that make you feel fulfilled and to have a good time, for me it is all about performance.  The thing is anybody can be happy or cozy, nothing happens on the world by being happy and cozy,  you know, like nobody achieves anything great because they are happy and cozy.   You are never want to feel like you are getting in the way of someone’s goal and is really hard fo me to grasp why he wants this, but it is his dream and he obviously still really wants this. (In this situation would have to talk about the feeling of guilt, escape or disconnection to oneself and obviously to the neighbour as well, but in the same to talk about the factors that go stuck in…).

51. IT IS ABOUT BEING A WARRIOR, this is your path and you will pursue it with excellence, your face your fear because your goal demands it, that is the Goddamn the warrior spirit.  I think the free soloing mentality is pretty close to warrior culture, where you give something 100% focus, because you life depends of it. (..But that important is that our demand should never come out from our inner but in contrast from the demands that our goals or even situations require on that such instant, here is just where I say that the visualization has a tremendous dangerous because take from us out our instant ability to catch the details up just miliseconds before that coming up…)

52. Having all these people around requires a higher level of preparation, a higher level of confidence basically. I need to like dial it in so much that, you know, it doesn’t matter if there is like a stadium of people watching me because it is so easy for me that I am just like “Check this out”, and just do it. ( That point we could talk about self-deception, codependency, our hold on to many external things in excess,….plus other concepts that they are mixing-up, from my point of view..)

53. ………………..autopilot- Period…….. (here must put it on context to don’t bring the human being very far away from its own essence and then create on them on very serious problem that pushing them a mental and physical situation where reach a healthy way will be a path very dark and painful so most of the society like cowards will be running away basically because the emotional demand will do then so high to understand in and focus on, here is where would be a real influencer).

54. Ueli died….it is interesting as he justifies all that stuff away so quickly, he was just kind of like shrugged it off, he is like “Oh yeah, yeah it could happen” . (Here again we are walking on thin ice, so must have so careful when are in that emotional situations that can push without end to other humans to a permanent way of self-deception between other things..).

55. Ueli’s relation with his wife,….. Alex said at one point, what did she expect?…… (Blood from body and mind….).

56. If he went to solo it and fell and died and I hadn’t helped him prepare that would be harder for me, like, just I know that I am, I am one of the people that’s gonna be able to do that the best with him and so, I should. (Cooperation, work on team, force from others, one by oneself can’t do anything, but also know and get to understand the space to don’t interrupt on the enegies of others when is working healthy and properly, so get to be aware about is not easy although it seems like that).

57. Not mistakes tomorrow….I am worried that tomorrow is gonna be it, like, you know, like Alex’s existence will be over, I was like, oh I have to be prepared for that outcome and I have to realize that, that is real possibility. (As so important is to get on the table all our maps of possibilities, where we are able to see all the structure completely naked, and from that start to built an inner clean but super conscious about the options that could coming up, then feel ready to react so well in according to any situation that very humbly put all our tools over there, where the obstacles don’t exist anymore as in the same way your mind and body will be on flow.)

58. ………..The whole like saying goodbye thing like I am like……….is not goodbye, it is goodbye for a few days……weird though of like don’t freaking let that be our last hug or whatever, you know, like I shouldn’t be having that thought of like, what if something happens? what if don’t see him again? What do you want to do this? Like it is a totally crazy goal. (On this subject could talk about the concept in relation to the selfishness, but there is other strong point, that you don’t depends of anyone, that the relations as explained many times, on my point, like I said there are three types of that, for company, for attachment or for complementarity, the last one is where should be focused all kind of the relations howeve sadly is not like, then when different maps coming up is when all our world fall down on a lot of pieces….could continue explain more…)

59. …………….This way is too gnarly…………. (The are not a dark way as either a bad situation, all depends as have our perspective to go directy to take the way with the determination and humble that it can determine on.

60. …….. So delighted………..That feel so good, it is freaking raged…….. like a gigantic weight off of my shoulders too…. what a journey!…. I just can’t even believe after eight years of dreaming….. (All event is just an instant, all object is a thing that don’t have feelings and its time of live is brief, however the process determine your journey as get in a great influence in the way to take the things and as do to resolve them, and obviously all of that had a strict demand as our body-brain-mind need to respond to keep on the balance, specially if we are being healthy and honest in its help in….)

61. inaudible….. so delighted, that is putting it lightly. I have like never smiled so much…….want to see that smile…… I have like never cried so hard and I didn’t see it coming, showing that you talk now It was just like “Blah”…. sort of at… risk of crying ….. i feel quite emotional….appreciate you and proud of you… (That so important is the communication and then mix up the force of each other……that without getting in depth to explain it out and for other factors as well….).

62. I don’t think the mountain looked that scary this morning…. it is funny because does look the same and hiking up looked the same, everything just felt, pretty much the same, except that I didn’t have much of a backpack, I did, forgot my rope and rack. I FELT SO GOOD.….the experience was like what I hope for and didn’t compromise on any of the things that were super important to me. FELT GOOD. ( That master key, something that I have repeated many times is before go to anywhere to do anything, that everything is out through of clear message where you have give all of that is on your side, means, that there is not movement of a point of escape o affliction, leaving all your inner clean, transparent and ready for your own goals and path…) .

63. What is the next? what are you gonna do Alex?, …probably hang board….. A NORMAL PERSON WOULD PROBABLY TAKE THE AFTERNOON OFF.  ( On the last point could talk about stereotype, predjuices and all sort of points signed on that push to the human being to make list instead of helping to take value about that we are in themselves…). 


Dear reader if you have been able to get in that point, let me to give you thanks to take my values on consideration and in some way that can gift each other a little of mutual knowledge; honestly have read some articles about colleagues of him that dead over ther while climbing and even remind well cases about my own country, as if you let me through of as the unlimited as fascinanting way that is our brain – mind to make a comparision between a matters about the mountaineering and the life in a hiding place, of course you read properly, saying well, live in a hiding place, about it I am not taking about my own experience, when I listened or read the news about the kidnapping that made some terrorism band and some other exceptional case, on proporse to see the videos or pictures of the place where they have been locked up for days, months or even years, I knew that could empathised with them so well, also understand with certain in that point of their minds could find on, like as the brain would be communicating through of the body and of course as manage that situations with success, because for my phobia I lived absolutely locked up on myself between four walls and even hating the light, so means that as I have insisted many times the limits of our mind like that as the functionality of our brain to the own labour of our body is not far way to open out about everything that is able to gain on, however we prefer go around in circle through of our ego instead of walking directly to the brain when the answer is in front of us, being everything most simple to bring a good marine if we start to pause, observe and listen ourselves.

About the film, as have said apart from that I have watched the film three times as in the same way read articles in relation with it, where through of analyse small details, some patterns are very easy to identify, because many of them follow the same line of the action, so means till situations that was brought to the extreme, the study between risk and consequence was going to elevate out without any control, then there the habits will make that the mistake is coming out in a high price, but the own emotional liberty from a right context doesn’t have any price neither, but reach that point of the pyramid requiere that on previous phases have development a great job, where can know clear that we are doing, it demand to be brave and honest, so in the same time avoid to be grabbed for mind control that human being with career or without it pretend to make to others through of own fears of themselves, about all and the most important that I have always insisted, so could be hand on to other areas, the kind of exposuring that we are willing to get in is going to define our knowledge and that in the same time in a short space of time will built of level de wisdom, so on psychology on my opinion can’t have any argue at all.

Alex honnold, on that film have showed us as the power of relativizing create an effect absolutely anesthetic in all the set built an only instrument between the body, the mind and the brain, giving a clarity of ideas, situational positions that finally are basic keys to the manage of the whatever situation; other matter as well is that many times after analyse properly the context if all of that is applied on the rest of the journey, said that because in a short frame there is comment about the gelocatil, it can seem ridiculous however actually If we observe the society, the emotional hunger and consequences about that eat in, the feeling of fatigue “tired all time”...etc.., but all absolutely out of the control, of course also on whatever sports of competition, tennis included, have built too much apprehension on the atheletics so belong together a poor psychology pushing out serious injuries and even other pathologies close to the death or the own death, coming back to the explanation about that frame or even others, on my reflect in that bring me in depth of the subject so is pointing me information to be on concious where always check the real balance on the context, in that case that keep a line of doing the things for the right reasons as well he said on, that last thing always have information to talk about on.

Psychology and Medicine should walk most close together, our mind – brain, have a lot that offer over there, really are absolutely unconscious about all that could offer us there, however the habits, the plenty unnecesary stimules (specially if you live in a city), the populism, heroes without reflecting nothing more that the politically correct, the social pressure,…are taking out all the power of our mind, the several answers about it that is in front of us but about all whatever kind of authenticity, because represent some kind of cool behaviour give credibiity to the zero demand to move out the way marked in our thoughts that belong us if not was impose, then by the way could lost great opportunities through of don’t give time to pay off to all that there is inside to show out, Alex on the film remind us also as the important is that time of the process but in the same time on my opinion without being concious about our abilities to make it short or long in according with our position of reading on.

As the said on the beginning the article, that didn’t know it till some people talked me about it, really recommed to watch that, let me without that it sounds arrogant that I don’t think so that the society can be ready to understand it, or at least take a minimum base to our brain even with more vigour if you work with other human being, anyway remind that I have seen the film three times, some reason there is apart from analyse frame by frame as you have been able to check on the whole article if have reached that last line, in conclusion never stop to learn and integreate it in.

The responds are in front of us if we stop to be stupids and leave of walking around of us and we are enough brave to face up with zones outside of our comfort.


SGD. Carlos Azuara Aguado.

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