Dear reader if you are a human being that read my articles or follow my social networks or much better whom know me face to face, you will know that never recomend to advice books in a general way, obviously with more intensity on those that have a very narrow relation with the psychology or the spirituality, because they are books with too much intensity that need to go in step by step, exactly a pace like a Tortoise does to be able to understand the complex of that contents, so I considere sincerely very unresponsible to that human being whom are recomend with too much liberty books that are not for the all levels, in other words, every human being is in one emotional situation, his level or even on that exact movement gets other one, so means that everything should be measure with sensibility and making recomendations in an individual way once time that you are able to understand the figure about the human being whom you have in front of you, so creates a specification for each human being. Believe that is really important!.

Once that have left clear that point commented above, let me to do a small positive criticism about the book, although some details could be conduct to debate on between human being that show out their differents points of view as every human being will have different emotional state on that actual moment, anyway the book is a good guide that address you in a simply way so easy for all kind of minds to gain consciousness as stepping out till different situations that happening out; on my personal influence it brought me to travel through of three different trends:

  1. The simple way. Although in my case could chose many skills from everyone of the types of the tortoise describe there on, even characteristics from the hare, well I have been a little bit hare, even recently with a of the best woman that have known on my life against my own wishes that never are involve on darkness or materials interests in the risk of repeating myself, because the only intention is show out in a excesive faster who is hidden behind of the first impact in a relation between human beings, independently about that is happening in a labour or even personal enviromment, however the outcome is so disaster becasue the human being don’t believe that truth, get to scare inmediatly and run away without getting any option to respond all the doubts or those situations that could remove them out of their familiar places, so honestly the human beings made that other human being is going to cost them too dearly, simply becasue the fear on the own emotions and feelings block whatever space to bring a clear and wonderful communication between human being that one of most high skills is their capacity of reasoning.
  2. The Queen’s Club. Easy, as I could work here during 2 years, so that gave my chance to know Mat Little on person and exchange a few words, but about all I was able to observe on very sharp way his job during different moments, two Queen’s Club tournament, also during the ordinary period where sometimes are popping up for the club and most specially where the tie of the Davis Cup between Great Britain against France, because in that week the space of time was wide, so made me easy to understand a question that made myself from the first day that saw them in the club, why are these guys working with Andy Murray? or said in other words, why have Andy chosen them to keep in his team?.   Specially the situation the open my mind to the answer seeked was one day, when were on the corner of the Spa Area with a small inflatable swimming pool full up of Ice in, all that situation although had others more, but that specifically showed me the importance of characteristics more far away that simply that you do on your professional way.
  3. An extra. Wimbledon Championship. When I was walking around of the club, I don’t remember if I had tickets or didn’t have, I think, didn’t, anyway, just on church road close to the club, while follow my way up through of the pavement, on the left, saw as on the right pavement was Matt walking on, well to be honest he saw me first, then remember that I didn’t to disturb and wanted to keep on my way, but saw that Matt start to cross the road, then my inner voice said me, carlos, he is coming, is coming, is coming…why?, well, we exchange a few words, went to buy something for Andy, I think, after as well I gave thanks feeling grateful in that someone on this category leave his in a side for a while, small detail that when you read the book, can feel it perfectly.
  4. The family’s company. I coudn’t get much better reference of the leadership that to my father and my uncle, together with a special woman and other firm man, the four made a great team to convert the company from 4 person to 800 people with and carry on, being the main customer the most hard that you could have as customer, the banks, so as staff of that I was able to visit every day all the builiding the most important banks of my city Madrid, so let me to trip around of the building, treat with people on the lift from every colour, understand as everything works, but even get to involve in some lunch meeting where the napking could be really important papers. In conclusion understand on deepth, the tremendous sacrificie to get a business keep opening, the fight in tough times to that your family had a dish of food, and persistence to that never throw the towel off, because give up was never an option. A thing of the multiple things that learned that everyone we are human being independently of your category of job, that must never feel fair to tell them, simply to be ordinary, means polite, friendly, frank, coherent and specially get to be enough decisive.

On conclusion, although for me was necessary to read that becasue knew Matt during that period but of course read it with an absolute point of objective, really is a book very simple without getting in deep about complex subjects to show out the need of a firme line of job that give oneself a personal base of developmente in all the levels, situations that you must get in the mud for yourself to learn that lessons. Well as said, when know or that case known the author when read the book is like feel that he is next you on your traveling of the reading.

Enjoy and learning, and like said on the beginning, whatever book about subjects so intense and specifics like usually are most the books on relation with the psychologoy and spiritually a general recomendation to the public since my wisdom and work put on that, would be something really very dangerous and irresponsible because it must always be studied on an individual way in according with the actual situation about the human being whom have in fron of us (something that have always repeated a lot).

” It’s a reminder that people can be so compassionate, so decent, and so loving. People rooting for someone who faces obstacles where we don’t face ”  (comment on a video of Jason Mcelwain’s).  A history that bring my person a few reminds, because I have always been on the bench without being on consideration, but the few seconds that could have after always receive nice words. So instead of thinking to be so INNOVATORS and create yourself like a fucking SAVIOR, first must be human being since where be able to use all our pontential, that example have so nice mental characteristics to explain out to grab very human success.

Fdo. Carlos Azuara Aguado.

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