The leadership of the FC.Barcelona.

Dear reader, I am not usually writting or talking about football, but today have been witness of different facts that should be really enough to mark a difference on whatever context and push the level of the performance highter than actually many of the people are thinking through of thoughts like oh, that is what it is, there are not players,…etc… bla bla,… I mean that are limited thoughts completely locateds on external information but absolutely far away of inner reading that are there, but that understand on the deepth there are not easy to read and place out.

Right, we don’t forget that on that level, elite level practicallly every point is all fake, means, are you going to watch Mourintho to coach a team like the Fulham? or Zidane coaching to the Rayo Vallecano?, or Messi playing on the Valladolid?…etc….  well, all said out.

Ah!, other really important, how much is being the tremedous damage from many of  ¨super¨ mental experts on sports?, because I would take more than one, hold them with a hanger and place them in front of the reality of our mind, our fears, but about ahead of all situations on the real life that bring to the mind to execute a performance on the same level that a very hard situation is demanding us out, because or you do it or you are die!!,  Think that apart of dying on the earth, there are not a worst mistake that are dead alive!, and right now sadly have too much “experts” that very poor have been outside of their office, like on the same way, many doctors, should be to help to human beings on maximizes situations instead of creating some kind of appression to the athletics (dependency relationship), situation that step by step is on higher without any kind of management.

Coming back to the context, the memory is very weak, how many of you remind as start the story of a player called David Silva when he was on the Valencia fc?. let me remind you, Silva practically was all time on the bench, till that Jaime Gavilan a amazing player got a serious injury, then Silva started to play and the rest is story well known (but I couldn’t never understand why were not playing together both of them)…. other case, do you remind as started Andres Iniesta at the Fc.Barcelona, even the inner situation (his open-mind at Japan have been something important to his inner just observing that realise about it) that had that player on many occasions, really commented is many times in a whispered tone but without take my person seriously?. on conclusion before to get in on depth to four details need to talk, the human being is cruel, selfish and owner of lands outside of their own field of game becasue get motions on areas of challenge always is too scary for them.

Details on the fc. Barcelona, on my point of my human, ethic and moral view can’t enter to classify one by one, would be something unfair because I am not inside of that dressing room as there are not time spent on everyone of them either, but from outside and my wisdom on psychology plus my coherence on physicals and sports techniques can leave some details that are reallly very interesting as even might be unexpected.

That Barcelona has much more that offer that they are showing out, for that is very necessary to have clear the backbone of the team, on my point of view should be the next ones:

1. Ter Stegen.  The Goalkeeper are whom have a first voice, so must have firmness, force with their teammates even many times a little bit of touch.

2. Araujo – Piqué, although they are injuries think that should be honest and hard mentors for many of the news one coming up, have to be a kind of leadership that create harmony on the rest.

3. Mingueza. He must give a step ahead as great support for the backbone, means player with more flowing without fear and with more conscious on.

4. Frenkie de Jong.  He must be the soul of the team, must are placing out much more charisma and presence on the pitch, even a postion a little bit back, probably.

5. Depay,  That is a case quite difficult, because if one is not able to get inside of his inner, their perfomances will be totally lack of regularity, because the feeling that all his set is working separate, body-mind, so always will bring stuck peaks up and down, but would be sad because have quality to do much more, without forgetting that it will create an emotional fatigue that would be totally unnecessary.

6. Pedri – Ansu Fati – Dembelé – Coutinho, all of them although some are injuried or recently recovered, if there is a clear pattern on all of them is that psychologically have a long way but in the same time with inmediates consequences if the right person knows well that has to do to recover them from their my personal side, have a lot that offer, really are four beast without roaring loud, in fact think some of them have stuck an stress that is not that considerated as healthy (the activation), is more a strees that charger on their head tones of stones on, so emotionally is unsustainable and is a good feed for the injuries comming out.

7. RIQUI PUIG. THAT PLAYER MUST ALREADY PLAY A LOT MINUTES. Think and observe as every few minutes that he has offer outside spaces, movements, speed of game,..etc…that nobody else do it, but really he has play on his position, today was playing too ahead, he must play on the field from where can create all the game, all the management should go over their foots, create a dangerous connection with Frenkie de Jong, and of course he must take a little bit of pause, place the head up and gain more on conscious of the game which gave him an great spatial opening, have a good quality for that, the Fc Barcelona need now someone whom can magenement that on the field, he must be that player. 

* The detail really supresing on that level, NICO asked for the change, when the camera was focusing on him, I could see that his need to be changed woudn’t come for a physical fatigue, reallly that was more a strong emotional fatigue, think the stress or pressure that are being many athletics, don’t just football players, other sports like TENNIS,..etc.. pushing them out without any good direction, sense of the situation for these that one guess that must be authentic leadership from their teams or business. That situation of Nico think that is someting that affect seriously all the Barcelona Team but of course every time more to others players or athletics, as have said above, that “experts” and old generations even some medias generations to be so innocent deserve a very good pusnishment apart from taking a real cold shower to wake up because the damage to the sport and the own show, in other words to keep a powrful natural perfomances is noticiable so far away, conditioning too much human livings with the conset of a massa that is very easy manipulable.

* Nico and Gavi can be two goods alleys for Frenki and Riqui…. and the rest that haven’t named is because someone i not with the mind on the pitch and other one is because haven’t seen them play too much, although  some one are still a little bit raw, like Balde, together with other veterans, at the end is not more than carry out a very good psychology plan of job between other things, but that area is right now the most important and the consequence the minimize whatever inner information becasue the external give us more impact.

The  psychology, the mental health is something serious, and that fc. Barcelona althouhg don’t have names have team to do a very good job, but is so important to start to get so cleary the backstones of the teams,  give them the leadership without any kind of fear, with a great direction, for sure they are going to respond in way still more unexpected. It is moment to be brave and conscious of the present space, that is all!!!.

Come on!.



FDO. Carlos Azuara Aguado.




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