When few weeks ago, in my last job that by the way have already rejected that (it was to work in a Spa from a famous 5 star hotel), happened an interesting situation between four colleagues (Beautiful soul’s ladies) that was consequence because that day minutes ago had as client to someone who is dedicating about the coaching’s life, psychology by saying something like that, but must be super honest as well, so have to recognise that acted with so much consciousness as made attendant’s job so easy for us, so is not usual. 

Well, come back to the important that if not then get to lost in the way, place us about that situation with my four colleagues (ladies) once that already gone, they created for approximately 30mins of an interesting chat, however from weeks before through of reasoning outside of my control, I always was justly placed over 5 metres ahead or 5 metres back of the group, so very often wasn’t inside of the group, but obviously although I wanted or maybe didn’t want, but was listening anything at the end, because on my inner although the job didn’t help to create that space or time that was requested to delivery off, sinceraly was really important in my inner to respect in the maximum level possible those that was requested on, independently about that were receiving back on me with the time go off. 


” A human being deserve to be respected in everything needs till that feel ready to move on to the next step from the own way that everyone have to develop in and live with, that is basic and can’t admit any type of argue ever about it, just to help to make the things carry on…”


In some way, that chat on my last job was diving about a subject that is moving in my inner about high levels of depth, means that is in contexts very intense, that can’t be explained in barely few minutes even need a clarity of time as also a level of predispostion and focus from the receiver were placed in opening on; however although was 5 metres ahead in that moment I can’t avoid to move next about 3 or 2,5 metros close and try to explain something in very light way, as it wasn’t a moment for many more issues on; otherwise the danger issue is to see as the silence about everything that we are saving in can result as dangerous for the own person as after converted in a game of group work in a manipulation to keep in an unreal confort, but about as through of an agressive and even enjoyable break moments marketing is moving on can get to grab the people to fall down in traps that is coming from Religions, spiritual maps or nowadays as the trail of coaching life’s movements or that bestsellers of a super possitive attitude on.

You know, dear reader, doesn’t matter if it is happening in sports areas as every time is more frequently to contemplate, or even in corporative business as well, as for example I have lived in many different jobs included the last one, through of chats or sessions of coaching or others subjects in parallel (look around of you and will see it coming in your face up) so is coming from a ear and as faster as it have come in then is gone for the other one, but with a damage much more elevated in than before to face it up, because when you are opening channels of communication the dangerous is that leave it open, so can be unpredectible in intensity but never in which will be the outcome.


” The fashion sweeping to grab to the fashion without believing in the concept and lost in your good comunication while didn’t say anything is not the most etic way to make your business up at the cost to leave human beings in their own way of luck “.


A basic objection,

” Observe as the life have respected all a process of development (the human is the most important area from us), where grab out a lot of exposuring, that is place where find our high level of experience, and even have been able to observe as a path or a team human is built from zero (some detail have seen other times but never with so much intensity as watched in my last exposuring on) is great gift where grab or improve resources that let yourself to jump out to othe level of quality even can be able to delivery to other humans the best of theirselves, because it is that all human being will deserve to receive in from a consciouness sensibility in. “


A small story of me attached you below because is on line to a couple of previous paragrahs about the 5 metres and my absolute state of lonely (In some moments for sure I deserve that punishment on):

” Remind me to multiple situations that were to look like to the story mentioned above, but on special one had a context unexpected, well when studied a BTEC (Grado Superior de formación profesional) in IT, also I was always alone, in class, in the breaks, even when had to work in a team so had to do it by myself, and then a day on the time break, so decided don’t go outside to the church near of that college as did it very often, so was in the canteen quite and alone like usual, then a girl, Anabel from Cadiz, saw me there, interrupted her way to go outside and decided to came first where I was, then said, listen Carlos, You are worth a lot in comparison with the rest of the class, so means that I can manipulate them to make whatever I want that they make for me but with you I can’t, so please don´t be sad, you don´t need to be worry, everything will go so well for you, then she went outside with them “, remember that I didn´t know that say, so was there lonely till the end of the break and like that was the two years that the course took on time. “



Well the point where we are going to catch it up is that very often has it next to us, ordinary people with an earthly wisdom, but normally our need to place label on in the fast way possible, because we need to define everything instead of playing with it that life bring us as a gift on that exact moment, surely is when need that energy, issue or context on to us, however our fears that are not more than small things that an ocean of insecurities, to that through of our genetic development, the visual impact is being converted in our unique field of action, totally immovable, so create two ways:

  1. Take a way that is going straight away to the world of the self-deception, being manipulated to that self-belief our own lie of the comfort through of humans that don’t have soul in because the material interest is their main movement.
  2. Take from the neck to the human and then pushing that human against the wall to get finally to embed him/her in ( “empotrar”) without placing in action or movement to be able to show an minimum about who is.

Sincerely, if the human being was able to visualize it by itself and about listen his/her own communication, the words that is using on, the tone, the volumen, the gestures that coming stuck with it and even as from our concisousness are using the neighbour or group to that afirm our points of perspectives, while are not only losing our critical sense if not even whatever natural power of developing our infinites level of abilities in.

In that point, the limits or boundaries as the intense habits that is coming up from the back´s side of them, will have a level of consequences that won’t be irreparable but that is going to make the way so tough and just available to who decide to grab that level of demand or said with other words is being able to understand that new and intense demand in; so the opposite is to see that usualy observe day by day, on sports, Tennis, my sport for example, ATP, WTA, Mutua Madrid Open or whatever other tournament,….etc… as also in coporations as in my last job (Spa, 5 star hotel),…etc.. means about humans who is composing the context or group of job, the justifications, excuses or super limited level of reasoning hidden as commented or rights complains that are not making anything more that explain their fears (unsecurities) in an indirect way, through of other human beings who are accomplice or cowards on the matter.

The references as typical to request for example in UK, as every time more in demanding on each country is the example more clear about limitless shortcomings about a decent psychology reading, a context totally unbalance, which those with a typical or common predisposition with value or don´t, barely have to make a effort to get in, while others that observe with total clarity diferent levels of component that is moving in their sourrounding have to make a multiple effort to break barreirs of excepticism, when without that it can sound arrogant will be able to bring in more issues to share from an attitude (focus) so different to the rest. 

The age, the experience that is awaful called to be expert or even in nowadays “influencers”,  the number of years, the type of contact that have had with it,….a long etc… is our justification to sign out if you can access here or maybe you can’t, even that is most dangerous we are opening doors or bring someone up to positions where are no ready and can create a damage as on level human (Children, adult,…) as about the own busisness or concepet of development, that after will take much more cost to get to repair it as properly as about in a strong permanently path in, but sinceraly that are not more than issues that are coming from the fears (unsecurities), ignorance and about all of a silent habit that is the biggest enemy of the human beings

Sincerely, in that point I am not talking just about me or my own experiences, try open a field more wide (Sports, coperative areas,…etc..) while I am focusing about humans beings that have crossed on and have a tremedous potential to grab out because already is there or simply need a small push to know and develop their self-esteem and then after go out to gain over there the enough confidence that let them be able to show it out without needs to hinge about where that confidence is placed on that right moment, however the negliglence, cowardice (both sides) or the ignorance that have the human being, involve in the own side as well (self-responsability) make that keep lost in the way, through of dangerous way to hold a directions that block or pushing out definitely their music that are saving in.

” Develop those that you love the most or at least to put the most love possible in everything that you make on, must be cared from our maximum level of affection and devotion, so never must be destroyed not by ourselves not by anyone around of us, it have to protect in and development as innerly as in external paths “.

” The most of the boundaries have a huge lack of sense, so tear all down without mercy in, then will see clear our potential and the human being who have in front of us, out mask!!! “


The sentence that resume the article,

How many times are we able to get quality conversations in along of our journey?. (Sometimes can be painful but will be wonderful at the end).


PS: The limits, where, when, how, to who even hong long and about which is the right moment to place it on or take it off, all of them are concept very important that walk in parallel but is not that trying to explain here…. Mix it up is very explosive and a dangerous predictable but never in the type of intensity, for that avoid to hold the high peaks should be a duty to be on consciousness.



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