Yesterday, shortly after publishing my article on THE QUESTION, I got another bomb that is happening during the teacher’s course, someone who is acting as teacher and student at the same time. Is this influence peddling? From my ethical-moral judgment without a doubt in every rule, absolutely unacceptable.

The truth is I am fortunate, although now I think much more about my own person, I still end up thinking a lot about others, it is inevitable for me, going to the bottom of the question for the rest of the students of the profession I do not consider that it is something objectively balanced in evaluation, generating an emotional subjectivism of playing it, and an enormous attentional defocusing, whether you want it or not, you will not fool your brain with that influence, I can tell you, it is practically unfeasible, except for clarity and emotional doses, that allow me to doubt it greatly that they count on it, in turn it ends definitively in an evaluative and formative outrage,with a great damage to all parties including the final client of the student, that is to say for me always human beings before clients.

Not only is it a very serious fact, which is generating precedents, the same direction as being with two heads of teaching, nicknamed the puppet and the shadow, already known this way by the bulk of tennis outside the gregarious, which already has to give them to them more shame, but the saddest of all as nothing surprising, to find many human beings, between the alleys and the stretches, holding the candles, also being sold to their fate in formation, with very chumpy attitudes, who defend this type of action with the excuse of “it is normal, he is very involved in the ITF and for him it is a mere procedure”, sorry? Really you can get to justify this at this point and with which it is falling? …. so any of all aberrant situations that are occurring around the RFET, something also politicians take us for idiots, They only have to rub their hands, if 90% of the work has been done, you just have to blow a little and they fall. “The world of idiots”.

Here is a new BASTA YA SEÑORES, Spain is ashamed in a large part of the public, I would never accept being both in the same formation, not only for conscience and personal ethics, but for consideration towards my colleagues in the profession, both parties must unscrupulous of “having the eggs well laid” to cramp unscrupulously, leaving objectivity and coherence absolutely on the ground, with what that means on a psychological and formative level . There is only room for a cruel subjectivity where it shows itself once again, that it does not matter what you do on the track or field, there is only one thing to enterthe dark emotions of that person or those people that will lead to a prison evaluation without critical thinking, therefore, or creativity, that is, the easy and pleasant label, since none of them have PERSONAL – EMOTIONAL SELF-RESPONSIBILITY with themselves, very seemingly brave on the outside, but very cowardly to who should care first, themselves.

By the way, without forgetting the aberrations that they play with digital teaching , not only because in tennis 90% should be yes or yes on the court, for reasons not only tennis, but personal, that is, psychological, but also to displace the people from all regions of the country for the course to Madrid , but some subjects the teacher is on the screen from Barcelona or another city , or to curl even more, the joke, joke or whatever you want to call it outrageous that they continue to have towards a subject that they do not find out, nor will they find out, it is too big for them, and neither does it give the feeling of having sought the most appropriate advisers, regarding psychology,at least what I would consider basic precepts for a future trainer (sports, institute, nursery, college, university, business or other group manager).

The lowering of the guards, overconfidence, it is very easy to carry it out, usually occurs, almost always accompanied by the same profiles and final expressions, “The guy was very nice ….” “He was close ….” “He was there with us … “” It didn’t seem like …. “” I had no feeling that …. “….. etc …, that’s all a game of behavioral psychology, social psychology, Fortunately or unfortunately in my case, if you know me in person or have followed my videos and articles, you already know, it was and is for me an innate attentional obligation of survival and internal activation , for a reaction-actionof immediate management if my phobia makes an appearance, it is a present connection memorized corner by corner of every detail through my brain, as I say live or die, a long time ago I chose to LIVE, AN ABSOLUTELY UNCONDITIONAL LOVE OF LIFE, FREE from the inside to the outside, conscious for this of the external Freedom that precedes us as an individual.

Personal examples in relation to all this: (Maybe some already told ..)


Grudge absolutely none, with a memory like mine, for both good and bad, already explained, 2 promotions give many situations, but the second promotion, with so much temporary space in between to go fresh, adaptive (resignation, surrender and acceptance), the hostile reception during the entire promotion, I remember it was the second!, but especially on the day of the exam, including a wrist sprain that I did in the course itself, eaten by the desire to change the focus through the work done and not words, it made me lose focus and make mistakes that few or never usually make, to this going back to the exam day, I am left the last, almost 3 hours of waiting (I like to arrive a good time before, make my flexible rituals), in the last hundredth of a second, the shadow arrives, tells you that it is going to record you, dislodging everyone,My own classmates included, I no longer knew what to do, I felt more than sentenced, and the game test was nonsense, because the teacher was hyper-nervous, everything was contrary to what she was telling me through my mouth ….. etc … (In other articles I have been commenting on different aspects and triggers regarding this situation, more than evident)

This part has already been told many times, what is new and what comes to the case with this influence peddling, those internal voidsto justify what they can’t even hold, they come up with the following: One of the days of that promotion, although there are several of both, but I stay with this one for the following, after an umpteenth humiliation of myself in front of the whole class As soon as I finished, I went straight to the box office, took 1h off the track, and stayed 3h, skipping some classes in the afternoon, before starting, it was still the lunch break, I sat on the bench of the track , I tearfully released what I had to say, 3 colleagues called me, one that I train with Esteban Carril and Johana Konta, assuming where my tears came from, skipping the conversation a bit so as not to make it too extensive … I will say my final answer:

MY TEARS were not going to me, simply that they humiliate me, stone me, crush me, insult, prejudice, … etc … it slips me, it does not suppose any aggression because I have more than solid tools and worked for more than 37 years biting day by day, obligatorily allying myself with great enthusiasm with psychology, I have no other way out, but not all have them (I saw him in most of them with less severe punishments or more silent situations), if he cried it was because he did not stop to think about my coach (well known Madrid and national, with sparring on the circuit), my physiotherapist (known by chamartin players) , my speech therapist (well known in the performing arts) and my psychologist (In this phase simply coaching, good self-criticism) , plus the extra physiotherapists to accelerate recovery from the injury with an indiba process from another clinic in Majadahonda (working with athletic players and many other athletes), all the work that was done during 2 years followed, day by day, with them and without them, also in very complex personal conditions, from the hardest phase of my entire life, I saw how human beings with very bad personal management, with a fear and an absolute abpression generated a lack of consideration towards colleagues from their own union or related to it, THAT WAS THE ONLY THING THAT HURT ME, NOT MY PERSON, IN THE END I can catch myself going to another place without stained shit paper, with a good teacher, continue learning and be the best coach – emotional advisor in the world than I was the day before, also with my own TRAINER I ALREADY HAD THE TRUE TRAINING MASTER WITH ABSOLUTE TRAINING FOCUS (this detail is very important), with a training, a knowledge that most of those who go through such obsolete, stale and contaminated systems do not learn . I DO CARE ABOUT THE WEIGHTS, WHAT I GIVE THEM WITHOUT EXPECTING ANYTHING IN CHANGE, ONLY MY HUMAN DELIVERY. (My grandmother rest in peace, my grandfather, my parents, they taught me that …, I don’t change that).

About physiotherapists, With the first one there are not many and very similar style, with an absolute base of my knowledge, but with those of the indiba process, being more neutral because they did not know me, it will represent more to this particular article, I who I am a human being who always maintains the same humor, character, affable, cheerful, pleasant, close, with. everyone, while I was pounding my wrist, there are always conversations, the guy my age or a little younger than me, but accustomed to more sports stories than a server, he was surprised in my head, the interpretation of the impact of each point About my sport with physiology and psychology, apparently I was freaking out, because I said that I wish I would meet coaches like that because it would make their work much easier; however I wanted to put them to the test to see where they were going, To what extent did they really think that (although they do not believe it in the RFET I have also gone ahead on many occasions), once you enter straight, you can psychologically read every detail or gesture, wow, it is appreciated, it is more with the reception , the same thing happened, and the little point one more thing, I don’t know how you play, but what you have there the RFET has to do with it, of course I also put it to the test to see if they were bluffing, but evidently they were going directly to a comparative truth with all the folksy experimentation they carried behind their backs. We keep you informed !!!! That’s how it went…. The same thing happened, and the little point one more thing, I don’t know how you play, but what you have there the RFET has to do with it, of course I also put it to the test to see if they were bluffing, but obviously they were going directly to a Comparative truth with all the folksy experimentation they carried behind their backs. We keep you informed !!!! That’s how it went…. The same thing happened, and the little point one more thing, I don’t know how you play, but what you have there the RFET has to do with it, of course I also put it to the test to see if they were bluffing, but obviously they were going directly to a Comparative truth with all the folksy experimentation they carried behind their backs. We keep you informed !!!! That’s how it went…. It is a pity that in the RFET it coincided with a situation beyond my control, as said in the previous paragraph it does not take away my sleep, I have a wisdom that many would like to have within the formative chaos, they would avoid falling into abuse of external factors to justify the gaps doubles, personal and formative to achieve progress.

Latest works.

Company. From different advanced phases of my psychological development, I went from being silent, just using all my five senses, already explained many details, in this and other articles and videos, to never shutting up, to being forceful if you have to be, to always looking explanations, to find THE QUESTIONS, to move the next day to a higher state internally than the day before, I learn very quickly, I continue to do so, with those a colleague arrived one day, with precipitative prejudices about me, and in front of all I let go of the room, look at what happens in the apartment, it remains among the colleagues, outside it is forgotten, I do not speak it, nobody forces you to be here, nobody has put two guns, the human being is freeto go wherever you want, if you don’t want to be here, go away but don’t waste time with things that aren’t like that, we all freak out, even myself included, because I didn’t see myself capable until that moment, because not only did that serve to unite us much more later, The effect, although there was an accident inadvertently in between, was brutal !!! Walking clean, knowing how to say and do things at the right time, take care of people without traffic that conditions the rest and those who incite them to deceive themselves and seek a control security that will never have it and also shows more openly some Shortcomings that in positions of responsibility are unacceptable, marks a before and after.


In my last jobs, in a four-star hotel, small, typical English, they wanted to impose on us a uniform with an excessively thick jersey with a shirt and such, obviously I was the only one who absolutely refused to wear the jersey, for obvious health reasons and hygiene and subsequent performance towards clients, arguing absolutely everything, I knew that the deputy although agreeing on many points was not going to offer his collateral agreement for reasons that I will not enter, with which I continue to maintain good contact, he continues to appreciate my values ​​very much Seeing myself capable of whatever I want, yes, I did have the feeling of having a certain activation People, after many years, somewhat caked, my presence made them reflect, in the end I continued in my thirteen and I was left with the pulse, as well with some other details.

“Health and awareness of the impact of movements according to the work performed must be above a supposed image more in our brain as a feeling of power than in clients or partners with more attention to other details.”

Exactly that same dynamic is what I will follow when I find a project or a job, since the explosion of this pandemic policy I have not managed to go back to work yet, if I did, I would categorically refuse to wear the muzzle, for a matter of health and meaning common, because unlike the explanations of some, is that that does not even occur to the butter cheese, let me explain, if the excuse is that the doctors already used muzzles for a long time, to say that one thing is to use them in a specialized site for it, sterilized, disinfected as well as psychologically in accordance with the matter, which generates a clean mental union with the action (information from the brain), but pretending that it is used in lands withEnvironmental and meteorological influences are not only sources of infection, they are a dirty bitch, I think that you don’t have to be any eminence to realize this, it does not enter the sensible minds of absolutely anyone. As a good friend of mine from Palma would say, from LOCOS.

It has been more than 30 years almost living in a cave, I have worked a lot about it, and I do not intend to live enslaved, or oppressed or repressed by suicidal forces, with aberrant situations without any logic.

*** I would continue with a thousand and one anecdotes of all kinds …. including psychological, as human beings that component is always present in each of our movements ..


*** This is added to what is explained in the article of THE QUESTION and following this article that I already have prepared more in relation to health – Therapeutic Approach.

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .