I am aware that the importance is not in the people, things or substances, but how we look at them, that we want or can interpret according to the level of fear and its coverage of the Ego , as well as the predisposition to play cards always out of position, detail that bothers us more or bothers us less, is the only vital way of the game.

Out there we have countless examples, it is not a question of what the human being, living being or being invisible transmits or stops transmitting, because the situation itself “is absolutely irrelevant” which is what our “fictitious security” dictates for Supposedly, we feel “safe” , the current human being works in that cuddly way, he forgets his powerful root, a conviction without complexes, just by looking at the nature that surrounds us, how the living beings that inhabit there behave , it would be account of the opposite sense that the human being has chosen to accept, although the EGOI deceived them by believing themselves Gods or simply Commoners, under all that armor what there are are human beings rotting little by little until they consume the entire box that compose it.

So with these, the power of the spoken word , maintaining a right of freedom of expression , as well as a space between the Ego in alert mode (the only one that should exist) and the rest of capacities (the famous values ​​another bar from where give themselves the name, the use is inconceivable …), I feel with the luxury of speaking or expressing, the following without concealment or fear, representative content for many, but cowardice, without entering to judge reasons make them become oppressors looking the other way.

I don’t focus on politics, only on human details that can be extrapolated, on development and leadership issues, on the effective and the inefficient, of course there are details that I do not agree with, but throughout the video it leaves very interesting reflections, apart of a firm attitude in itself, in the minute 5:36 it begins with one of them.

It’s time to SAY ENOUGH GIRLS, ENOUGH !!! , with a pandemic or pandemic policy, nor for those is it serving to have a minimum of hope in the human being … what happens in the SPANISH TENNIS is shameful, yes gentlemen, shame, whoever sees it, who who follows Self-deceiving and deceiving who is left, but ENOUGH NOW , at least have dignity to do the following:

1. PARENTS LEAVE THEM ALONE. Yes gentlemen, a broken record of many years, always blaming you, throwing the children at their mercy without knowing them (the children) or why, what if school for parents, or this and that, ladies and gentlemen for when the day will come, what you sit down and DO A deep SELF-CRITICISM in a bloody time !!!!!, The Trainers. (See beyond your horizon).

2. CHILDREN, LEAVE THEM ALONE. There is nothing more miserable than using another human being to “self-relieve” emotionally, much worse if children are also used for it, race and color do not matter, and if that is not the image you want to convey, then have the courage to reflect on what you convey. Gentlemen, leave the labels, typecasts, search for likes in this regard (fictitious rise of the mood) or any other justification, there is no standard, it is individual according to multiple factors, and it is a priority to know how to do these individualizations.

3. Teaching. ITF. Tennis x stages and more. 17 years go a long way, especially training human beings above paper, unless you get a teacher on your own, to position yourself at their level, because there is neither more nor less, neither better nor worse, in there with that Obsolete system is unworkable. Silent habits tend to sink vocations , oxidize, substituting motivation for routine (long explanation ..), without identity or personality, ultimately in any exposition the zero belief in what is being said through the mouth remains in exhausted evidence, lack of experience on the content, it is said because it looks good and is what “supposedly” must be said because the mass is too “stupid”, an absolute disconnection with the training. ITF the excess weight without coherence and chaotic on a national formation, where the positional balance of mutual identity, is null, if what matters is to presume that “200” online “free” courses signed by …., allow me not to I see the grace and if the concern, as well as the Medac beach bar with a super title of master whose name is precious when pronouncing it, but basically everything is said; They taught me that the title or titulitis is not worth so much, but training, getting into the kitchen of where you want to be to learn from those who really get wet, and that when you look at a course or career, forget about the title and read that the content has coherence, you really learn and you can use it very well; I consider thatOne of the fundamental pieces to recover is identity, without it there is no way forward, without identity there is no cleanliness. THE SYSTEM IS RUSTY.

  • Tennis x stages. When the name itself is already a very marked label, if this can be called a project it already starts very badly, if in addition to seeing them, the origin of an interior void full of fears, covered by the EGO , is observed with total clarity a feeling of made on the run, without adequate lighting, or free and clean sound, fallen (who has been a photography or video student like me, knows what I mean), without transmission, inflexible ….. etc .. without going into other more personal aspects for obvious educational reasons, that is, it does not feel that it is a job done from the affection, love and passion that could be received, nor a strong job or a feeling of flexible planning , which would lead to aOrdago development and conceptual chaos ; without forgetting, by exposition, that when one allows oneself the courage to play with a permanent abusive language of the verb BE (I am not saying it only towards myself, because those are habits that have been hardened in time, nor was I the only one, nor the first nor will I be last) with the “value” from the position to demand different circumstances in which not even one is shown as an example in this regard; eg: “demand to make the bed, but if you never make it, it is like asking for straw from the mud . ” As I have commented a little above, “it is not what one transmits or how one transmits it, but how we want to interpret it without being influenced by our own emotional states, giving us a path of reciprocity”Are we aware of what it means and entails in development and execution?
  • Allow me an anecdote from the end of 2019, being at the National Center of the LTA in Roehampton, London, UK, watching a tournament for the blind ( tennis is my Passion without distinction of discipline or level, erroneous prejudice that I am sure those components made of the RFET), there were a couple of Spanish participants with whom I was speaking, and I asked them, “why don’t you seek collaboration with the Federation or with Dani who is a good uncle, although it is another discipline but it is disability and his person has a lot of pull, there should be a strong empirical empathy , right ? The answer said it all, “there are too many interests, he plays in another league with his sponsors, .. etc, accelerated does not stop us. “, my answer, ” He is always interested in promoting chair tennis, swelling his mouth with that, it would benefit him if you could do things together … “. … ** To say that I also know who I have in front of me emotionally Despite the disability, I treat them as full human beings and, what’s more, we would have to learn a lot more about it, in the development / acuity of one sense or another, depending on their ability. (I remember always staring at people from the ONCE posts to see how your reactions are and your relationship with your dog, pausing gives us great wisdom.
  • Ancestry. I would like to know what we understand by leave of absence, as in the documents on the environment, I admit to being ignorant about it, not knowing how to interpret it very well, for example from what I read in the Pdfs of the RFET website , in the end the meaning common, the fine print and a little dedication, in the end you reach the tunnel of coherence. Since a leave of absence voluntarily cuts a working relationship for a period of time, it is presumed that you will want to disconnect from there, dedicate yourself to other tasks, travel the world, live in another country, or go to another city, or be in other areas with slower pace. that is, you are looking for new stimulations, however it seems that in theRFET has given a new definition to the concept of Leave of absence, it is take advantage, keep taking advantage, point your finger, hang around here in courses, conferences and others, we also associate master, we do not believe anything we have, it looks nice and the mass he buys it, despite continuing with the same consequences and with much higher psychological demands without perception and ability to anticipate and manage where they come from. The image that emerges right now is that out of there and the 5 clappers that cover a fictional reality, is that there are two heads of science, a puppet and one in the shadows,The little good that he has done in 17 years in just 9 months is being carried away with a stroke of the pen, I know that many people are silent out of fear, but think in a similar direction (I do not say the same because wealth is variety). * Below in the conclusion I leave you a very interesting reflection in italics.
    The figure of Rafa Nadal. Always much to be thankful for, but teachers, psychologists, … etc … use it to justify or try to argue any content without having the content, as it is more empty than abundant, as it is a personal psychological irresponsibility towards oneself and later towards the society; If you allow me to be daring, that I do not agree with certain things, Toni Nadal , do not let yourself use your image so that they can boast at the cost of covering the miseries and inaction of many years.

4. Psychology. The lack of respect for the Code of Ethics and ethics by those who are mainly psychologists is idecent , the unscrupulous intruders let us leave them aside; One and the other, power and scene, but then cowards at the moment of truth, as well as unheard of with or without incorporation into the social – digital bars, even if they are condemning an individual or several psychologically at the cost of being manipulated / s , straining all the vulnerabilities , leaving you on the edge of the precipice permanently, is obtained by the denial of the situation, faced with the fear of recognizing a fact that, no matter how humiliating it may have been or is being, the subsequent reward at an individual level as a collective towards society, such an action of courage is better; As for the RFET, not only the image but the entire central bone is received an image not only of a kind of mockery towards mental health, but a feeling of being overwhelmed and not even knowing where to shoot, in the face of such a rich demand as strictly demanding, it is a really very worrying and unacceptable irresponsibility.

“With the infinity of students who go out in a single university, there will be no preparation and also with content ..”

“The easy and close access to psychology from those positions of responsibility, not having the courage to take advantage of them for oneself is a social condemnation in the future.”

The statistics of Psychology speak for themselves, although I do not like populism, nor do they give a shit, I leave you a video of Iñigo Errejón the other day at the congress, from my point of view, showing a very worrying touch of the Lack of awareness in the face of silent details and also due to unconsciousness makes an issue that is not solved only by increasing the number of Psychologists , because without content they will do reverse help, other of the highest priority issues in this aspect were for the schools of psychologists to update many of the concepts and contents, but of course interests and money, are materialistic opposition. I hope the video makes you reflect a bit.

“Let’s not normalize what should not be normalized as normal.”

“Life except extreme situations has to be lived and focused naturally without the support of external factors, human beings, living beings or materials, such as medicines ..”

5. Priorities. Following my sharp line, with which it is falling over, the amount of things of real weight that are ahead with demanding demand to be able to carry out or that could be done are immense, the wonderful opportunities within this current situation that is being wasting to refresh, to plant a root with weight and rasa , yet continue to see human beings close to the RFET , after all, clapping each other, they get ideas that I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, so unnecessary right now as useless, the fruit of a brutal mental limitation due to the lack of tremendous emotional self-responsibility with themselves, “Brave with those outside, but enormously COWARD with themselves !!!”, distracting the RFET with empty things, when if you had a list in conditions, there are a number of vital prior priorities, than being with all my respect wasting time in bullshit that are not going anywhere, simply to satisfy a internal emptiness, of which among other things they confuse admiration with fanaticism. Please, LET’S BE REALLY SERIOUS !!! There are very serious things to STOP !!!.

6. RFET elections, continuity of president. I follow the same line as in the Teaching section , I will say that a golden opportunity has been lost, not only because of image (it is the least relevant) but also the current social situation, having brought new airs, freshness, that is, honest incentives to a solid evolution of what is said to be loved so much, in addition to being a sport on a social psychological level , it has a lot to be able to transmit. However, the only candidate does not resign, in this country who renounces a seat? Albert Riveraand little else …, to have encouraged new airs. If this happened in a private company, both above and below, many would be outside, so as not to sink the company and responsibility towards oneself and towards the employees. What is Leadership? What does a boss do in a private one? … in order not to get too long, I won’t answer them, but I have a lot to say knowingly, lived twice and then independently. But if I leave you an interview that Jano García, economist and YouTuber did the other day with Toní Cantó, from minute 19:58 he explains very well, certain parts of what it means to be A GOOD LEADER !!! (details the type of leadership of Albert Rivera), of which I am quite the case with the approach, because I consider it a fundamental piece in the health and performance of myself and the team.

“A puzzle with millions of pieces, corner by corner takes shape, you arrive at a moment when someone passes by and demolishes everything that has been done, a setback without progress, that is the current path of both comparisons.”

“The advances are to provide support not to replace what we must do from within.”


In this case, I should not remove it, you must remove it, the initial question of the cover photo, which I will attach here below, in conjunction with that labor comparison with influences of the psychological state of the personal zone of each individual that compose Both institutions, never personal comparisons, although the line is very fine, they should give you the answers, but being frank, instead of answers, I would look for questions, if more profound, direct and consistent questions, there we will find the conclusion, and the actions What should we do, now if you prefer to continue being MASS, without Critical thinking,following a small group of palm trees with rusty systems, possible only advice (even in favor of injuries), … etc, it is your decision, to continue wasting time and energy looking for answers instead of having the human courage to ask questions, as I consider that tennis has lost and is missing a great opportunity to have put on the table an attractive table of current and clean controls.

I know that there will be human beings who will think the following, but I am going to add a coating:

with a risk of feeling useless outside the current in which you have remained for excess of time, which makes you hold on stronger than ever to the only thing you know, an “escape” to face your own fears, for this and other reasons, taking risks, making decisions that would bring new structural incentives to society, with the current situation is more essential than ever, however COWARDE FEARS OVERCOME, taking what is needed ahead, including the individual himself. ” With the current situation it is more essential than ever, however, COWARDE FEARS GET OVER, taking what is needed, including the individual himself. ” With the current situation it is more essential than ever, however, COWARDE FEARS GET OVER, taking what is needed, including the individual himself. ”

Two last notes, to generate a little awareness,

I wonder,

What kind of professional colleagues, friends, etc … does one have to let go or shamelessly push us to the edge of the cliff? Self-immolate or immolate socially? Before that, loneliness is a great weapon, I embrace it before being manipulated unconsciously , probably with total security, is the most serious problem of the current human being , THAT DOES NOT KNOW TO BE ALONE.

“The interior emptiness is like an enormous hole where wounds accumulate, forming a hemorrhage, depending on the situation due to the level of demand, the resistance or holding of the hemorrhage by oneself becomes untenable if not to go for the only option possible, to face them, going for them without fear, however the fastest solution, which we see frequently ( RFET I consider a current example of this), is the Way of escape, clinging to WORK or also sometimes to some Physical Activity or even today meditative, which are still mere functional patches in the short term, in the long term they will make water if they have not done it before, a supposed elusive way towards our FEARS (Wounds / hemorrhages), remembering that this grip on the outside has immediate collateral consequences “

How is a human being capable of rejecting, retaliating against another human being (in no situation should it happen) who has shown him every day, an unequaled passion in the same profession as well as in research, sharing a work that he would not even read , who also showed an unchanging patience and perseverance, always in permanent elevation?

What are we doing with the competition people in their emotional development of analyzing themselves and then walking in a parallel reality to what happened?

Do we know how to break structured ladders for general critical thinking and courage without selfishly seeking a sense of belonging? (valid in any field …)

….. so I could continue searching and asking more efficient and effective questions
……. the ocean is immense,


* * * In my opinion, it is important to read the previous article on Laughing at oneself, as well as the peaks and other content of sufficient value between videos and articles that you can find on my website, social networks and YouTube channel .

“The questions are the way, the answers are only a concrete point.”

“The work is an access, the content is a daily training in all action maps with priority of focus on the personal side.”

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .