At the end of the article I will leave you a small T-shirt of a writing that I saw yesterday on social networks, in line with the analyzes and evaluations towards others, it makes us very clear where we are in training, in this case Spanish tennis and those who they allow themselves to be “advised” without questioning a single detail, see that there are curious, striking and less striking (Silent). (The next article that I already have prepared will come sugarcane, but it is necessary, you know, I propose a map and the search for questions I let you ask yourself).

*** A live, YouTube or Twitch and talking at the same time about what is happening in the game, it would be a very good idea, tennis means a lot to me, I love to go back to my natural essence of why I developed my website in 2016 and last year my YouTube channel, as soon as I have a minimum of conditions I will do it yes or yes, but now I do not live on it and the priority is to find what to live on, but my dream and my help I will not put it aside, the obscatuli woke up an integral beast that will not stop.

* Comment that my analysis is always above regularity, to be consistent (I do not record opposite terms) to the detriment of lifting something material, which will be a natural consequence of the previous process and enormously enriching on a permanent basis. In this case most based on the poor but sufficient information from the summaries.

For now let’s focus on what corresponds:

Being reasonable that it is unfeasible to see all the matches, do the analysis one by one of each and every one of them, ATP, WTA, challenger, ITF, juniors , … etc … doubles, singles …, I I have focused on a couple of details that I consider useful at a general level but then with my own specifications, I say this because I do not marry any category, only with a word called TENNIS (I know that the RFET made me an exaggerated and out of context prejudice about my person in this aspect for not seeking communication, I will not enter the anecdotes where I noticed that, some betrayal along the way as well.)

Leyla Fernandez: Punish the rival reverse and eat the track, the tactic was as closed as it was clear, the so-called square, recurrent in many players, taught robotically, using resources such as intelligence, to a limited extent, which leads to a large increase in irregularities, visual narrowness of the space in this case the track, apart from lowering that level of anguish well above the performance of a task in maximum possible performance (limiting), not beneficial in any of the pillars. On a technical level, if I see things, especially the reverse, not only a sudden issue, but also health.

Sara Sorribes: Many details were discussed in last week’s article, knowing the difference that comes from character, own personality and that it is an excess that will never play in favor of regularity, on a technical level I already commented on the reverse and open right needs a certain improves to raise the level more counteracting the serve, but a detail that even catches my attention, very frequent in many players, now that we are going to talk about the HIP in a couple of months, I have been saying it for a long time, I am not Eminence not to see it, I have my qualities developed, well I am referring to the SPLIT, together with what I also explained in Leyla, on the grid system of teaching, when losing the vital seconds, to do it when not appropriate, or in this case the most exaggerated, Kivitova is also one of them, .., the reaction is much more explosive than normal, you take the hip or knee in front, in addition to many times not arriving well positioned or directly or reaching the ball. Another detail that I have noticed, is that if I were consciously softening the use, it reaches more than enough even too much on the ball.

* The SPLIT I have been saying for years and nobody has questioned anything, about what it means not only at the level of performance, but the direct physical impact to the body, the HIP who suffers the most, but also other parts, along with other technical aspects of others blows, especially the serve, but also two-handed backhand (according to dominant hands), open forehand (upper trunk not used ..) .. I know that the results of conducting an investigation in this regard would not disappoint me. * in boys also much more aggressive …

Aslan Karatsev: Apart from the fact that many people, through social networks, accuse him of doping, due to his more media irruption at a surprising age for them, for me not so much, the presumption of innocence should prevail; He is also doing a lot of good at tennis, for two simple reasons the joy with which he plays each of his strokes, a tennis of use of all resources without shrinking, with great fluidity, which should be a non-mechanical natural tennis, consequence of “psychological attachments”. Technical aspects, the reverse is where it has the most problems, it does not generate a good transfer of weight, a bit forced at the end too much on the ball, less speed and handling, compared to an absolutely comfortable drive, see that here the Splitit is very light. Detail that I find great, is its preparation for the rest, very natural and that allows you a great reaction without bodily aggression, compared to the physical blocks that are taught, too nailed.

Lloyd Harris: Thinking excessively, expectation instead of reactive, feeling too automatic, which left him standing on his legs, giving him balls to his right, not punishing the backhand, the tactic was not very clear, the changes in height Karatsev if they would do a lot more damage for his track space. Here a much longer Split, very unnatural, and decision-making also comes together, reduced and limiting all intelligence, not going into other technical aspects such as on your right.

Alexander Zverev: This is one of the details that I most wanted to mark of the week, surely many people when in the first game a shot without touch fails, which gives you the option of making a forehand, failing resoundingly, they would think that it would not be “the day” or Any other prejudice, they analyze externally, they forget the interior, the issue is not the failure, but the emotions with which I fail, the how and the immediate reactions that he has adjusted, having seen him all week, I said careful because it looks good for him. Emotionally, she has been seen very on the court, overflowing with tranquility, and above all in a natural way, marking a few hitting times, which generates you to support yourself very well and trust your arm, if it is able to maintain that energy, be aware of it and integrate it well, it will be a wall that is very difficult to break.

Stefanos Tsitsipas: I do not know if you remember not long ago I was busy with the boats soon to the rest, they are the ones that more related to emotional agility require in my opinion, an anticipatory use of intelligence, sometimes we can get involved in working with the wrong material; Regarding other technical adjustments, I would insist on the right, speed and damage.

Martón Fucsovics: Tactically too focused on the rival than on him, to certify even more the fun final reaction, crush the backhand, get closer to the net, to close my court and open yours, but very little in what sometimes he asks the situation, flexibility is necessary. On a technical level, in the end they go in many details along with the emotional, much more intensity, more counterweight to give more speed feeling more accompaniment with the ball, the splits too fierce, even their collation to the rest, small variants to reduce to someone as intense as RublevIt would not have been bad, intelligence and self-assurance, initiative. In a gesture of entry you see how you need to hold on to yourself, it is a need for survival, but the real survival comes from the ease towards the uncontrollable and showing your weapons, not just what you think is right to do thinking about your neighbor at the beginning of this paragraph.

Andrei Rublev: Last week I already commented on several details, it simply has a detail that can be productive or unproductive depending on how we interpret it and be aware of it, is that a player so intense that from the first second invites you to get as plugged in as possible, such as I say you can play both tricks, the more focused you are on intensity and not aggressiveness, the less madness you will release, the more you will go towards your root, and the more breadth of the court you will observe. On a technical level, it gives me respect because there are human beings behind that I value a lot and some have affection for me too, if I point out something the other way around, don’t get so hooked and gain in speed while maintaining initiative at the point, which makes you lose it too much.

* Some will tell me by seeing in the video of Rublev, Shapovalov, Sinner, Nishikori , …. this week also Mussetti. Nishikori as long as he does not break mentally, look for his joy, it will be complex, I think he still has a lot to give, Shapovalov has a right hand that is a whirlwind, but he must have some serious problem with the serve, in the Australian Open he did not serve like that, and it is that he is positioned to serve as if he were playing a doubles, very far from the central point, looking for an opening, my feeling seeing him through different gestures, and having witnessed live as many “wise men”Sometimes close to federations, they generate mental chaos for players as silent as they are expressive, when the correction is much simpler, the first thing I would say returns to what you are !!!!.

Regarding the new ones, especially the Italians, cockiness is not leadership, I want to see them … being them, not robotic or with evidentiary and comfortable solutions, for example Mussetti, did the same as Shapovalov as a doubles punch , but there are many more details, this is the most visual, it is necessary to look less for the obvious and more for the surprising, widening of views, I see much less or zero use of intelligence than in young women who go up, such as Leyla , without encouragement to compare, apart mentally, very soft, more in tamping than in evolutionarily reinventing themselves, to a lesser degree but also valid for girls …

“Help is to guide in the natural search for solutions, to contaminate is to see one side of the tortilla, but the tortilla has a large number of sides.”

I finish with a paragraph that I read yesterday on social networks, very much in reference to all the last thing that I was talking about, and that leaves us very much in the hands of those of us, in this case in Spain , without forgetting its enormous international influence, it is a very serious issue in which you have to start taking it from ALREADY VERY SERIOUSLY . The apprentice learned from the “master”, for the irony! The reflection of all the information that hides below I leave it to you. The text, where out of respect I will not say the name and I have cut areas out of consideration for others, says the following:

… “I was able to enjoy the game and listen to your comments, perfect analysis. Good start for Fucsovics, with a successful approach to dismantle Rublev’s game, and that he collapsed in the decisive moments of the first set, after” disconnecting “3 minutes The importance of maintaining that mental strength in the decisive points and being the whole game “plugged in” … “

I find it too sad that they continue to play with so much mental health, with a very poor ignorance and what is worse, without surrounding ourselves with good advisers in this regard, even playing with oneself, and also unaware of the physiological impact in this regard. in addition to a complacent mass . A wonderful and unique opportunity has been wasted or is being wasted, to redo a job from the brutal root, as well as to enter fully into research work with productive quality that is to say with open informational weight, although it may seem absurd at a technical level, for For example, the Split, in which no one has noticed, or looked beyond, from which to do a very powerful work, but evident in any investigation, no matter how much knowledge we have, ourPersonal development will determine a lot all our sensory capacities applied there, which will determine our useful quality of the work, that is to say “A more knowledge but poor emotional laziness, regrettable or limited final work.”

Let’s look for Questions not answers, in the analysis of questions you find a whole ocean of information … Daring is the following …

“There is only one teacher, we must all be apprentices to walk at the same level as the teacher, never ahead or behind, with will and confidence in who we are ..”

“Emotional intelligence sounds beautiful, but before we learn to be Smart, let’s not run to the roof before time, because leaks or damage will cost a lot ..”

“The solutions to problems, such as the hip, are usually always simple, and they are always closer to the detour or egocentric trip that we want to give, only real interest and a little Common Sense are enough.”

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .