Dear reader,

It has been a long time since I wrote, lately only visual content, not because I have no motivation to create content on both platforms, but because of the feeling that it does not reach anyone and I cannot help, marketing is not my thing, and not only because not I get the hang of social networks, nor do I pay much attention to the way I use them, but above all because I am simply myself, who I distance myself from being a product, mercenary or sheep without criteria, it is preferable to be a lost sheep even if no one comes to help you, caring more about the sheep they already have in their pen, well tamed.

Going into the matter, those who have dealt with me on a human level and not on a sectarian level (indirect for those who want to be mentioned), know that I am a moderate being, away from euphoria, hysteria, ephemeral noises, and everything that The creation of a path is neither constructive nor solid, it is just an open-mouthed advent, to be eaten in ice cream in one go, losing the flavors and essence through the “invisible” air.

Is Rafa Nadal good at tennis or bad at tennis? This was the hypocritical and inviting question to create confrontations between one and the other, which in the two promotions that I did at the RFET, they threw us on the first day of class for both promotions, repeating embarrassing story twice. I will not answer this question, I would give for more than one article and several explanatory videos, I will only say that I had the opportunity to meet him in person, and have him and Marc lopez, for 1h30min, the three of them alone in the Queen’s dressing room Club, as well as those who form or try to be part of the sector, we should never walk with an engraved phrase as if we were going to press a baby bear, so that it tells you the phrase “funny” that it has grafted.

Continuing with the matter that touches us, as I now walk both through social networks and through life, with more intelligence, not promulgating my ideas, reflections on the games I see, or what I see unless they ask me, except Let him see that he observes a game with the irresponsible mind-brain (and I would be short), without marrying if it is ATP, WTA, ITF, National, amateur … etc …, something well known by those who pierce my interior, together they need each other, it is the only way to create strong paths and institutions.



If I focus on the two human beings, who encompass us today, without forgetting so many others, since in my last years, I walk without television, a nomad with a direction but without direction, I only see summaries, always without knowing Before the result or looking at the starting thumb image (which is the final clue of the winner), I could say that if Djokovic had put into the fray, as days ago, what I call VISUAL ACUTE, I will not talk about it because it would lead to mistake, but I’ll leave with a phrase defined, a capacity to anticipate your own thought, to constantly change the course of decisions regardless of breaking schemes both outside as mainly outside. In view of what he has seen, he did not apply it for reasons, external may be obvious, internal only he himself knows, as I am not a journalist, nor am I a fan, nor am I irresponsible without education, I will not enter or evaluate or said in other words what it means the same, take a criticism that no one is worthy of it.

On the creation of Rafa, on topics that those who know about tennis are known and discussed a thousand times, nor am I going to enter into it although it would be important for the impact of well-being, not everything can be taught, nor the fine line between the resource or reinforcement and the harmful habit, less for a text of difficult explanation, now on the head, the mind – brain, everything that has surrounded, through a mass manipulation, docile group without own thought, not even other athletes who should give An example of sanity, they get out of that docile set, even more necessary in these times, each one has to take his share of responsibility for the way he uses his own means and the means of others, if he stops them when he should, he ceases to feed a mass, howling at the invasion of falsification of concepts,It is also true because of the use taken away from their image by someone or those who do not know what they are talking about, but want their hole to consist of an empty and distorted content, taking advantage of it through the creation of a sea of ​​confusion for others, since they only care about them.

The only thing that I have always questioned about Rafa, if he gets to read this article, I hope he understands me, with all the affection in the world, from my good sense and moderate state through high personal development, is if I am really seeing a Being a human being or a commercial product, many times I find it difficult to be clear (the last one was with the issue of muzzles), not because of being part of sponsorships but because of how they are used, through the intensity that that information carries attached ; Because curiously, the ones that take that mercanate to the extreme are the ones that are the most empty and the most questions are asked inside, that in the end for me is detrimental to any sport, in this case even for being individual or doubles, the ease of individualizing, point, creating white or black,Protoganists themselves and the sport itself, I am sure that those of us who really love this sport, those who never move by names, nor sign up for places by names, knowledgeable about the history before this one, and perhaps more difficult to know how to apply it all This naturally for the body-mind, they will not stray too far from this reflection that I try to explain with the greatest possible clarity and consideration.

I have always believed it and I will always believe it that Rafa would be even more dangerous, if these “details” I will not say until harmless points or not, because I will not be the one to enter into it, of his disorders or obsessions with certain issues, some human beings , in Rafa’s case as if it were another human being, they usually justify him with “is part of the character” “is his personality”, … etc …, then later come other regrets or steps beyond what What is a sport, in this case, how could it be a day, a business, or any other situation or area, to which I meant that if in those details I had focused on seeing the triggers and working them, with all the characteristics that it is not necessary to name and are printed on it, by education, experiences and values ​​(subject that is super distorted,both due to abuse of labor dynamics, as well as ignorance and a huge lack of work from a root of which there is no knowledge.), it would still be more dangerous, but especially with a more liberated and obsessive path (according to ambition management it may have positive part depends on multiple factors).

At this point, you will ask, in the rest of the players, if they worked on their own details, would they also be more dangerous, more liberated, enjoy the road more, emotionally managing every moment, redirected ambitions and used with cleanliness … no ? Obviously yes, and it would be more grateful among other things for the global team. This would be a debate of give and take, offer and give, that due to a text, the speed of reading and the lack of reading it several times, it will already be creating confusion or dislocation right now, in person, face to face, not from behind. , would be the clear means of explanation.

I end with several more reflections that I have already spoken on other occasions, through my experimentation, the current situation outside and within the sport that we are having to live, seeing that we continue in the same daily loop, a Ferris wheel that turns and turns, always with The same arguments, without development of observation, analysis, decision, work, execution and integration, are:

1. The probabilities of finding ourselves with serious or very serious injuries , if certain technical things are not changed, as well as the work system such as of course the ruined system of training coaches, in physical and mental anticipation (too populist in our sport).

2. Legend, best ever …. I am disgusted to read this type of comment, whatever the sport or area, whatever the athlete or professional …… it shows something so simple that whoever He speaks in those terms, regardless of his work gift, it is very easy to manipulate, with a single social psychology test, it would be seen that it is easy, but beforehand they show their emptiness.

3. Athletes , I was going to say also professionals, in this case athletes, specifically some more than others, those either because of their sport or because of their ego through “successes” (I call it personal satisfaction, who knows me know that I invite you to eradicate various words and verb tenses from our language for the unconscious damage they do), they should more today, apart from showing their power in their sport, not only economically (they will do it without noise as it should be from behind), but on an emotional level to show a Real Leadership, a power to be with the people, allow me that in this period for many innocent people, asleep (Maybe they are also like that?), that type of leadership, I have missed it.

4. For me a tennis court is like an office, so for me, an athlete, is someone who does his job very very well, through repetition, a lot of repetition, intensity, it should never be acceleration or crazy speed, work, a lot of work, effort, sacrifice and a lot of personal dedication, that I know that does not have much to do with MENTAL RESILENCE OR MENTAL STRENGTH , although there may be a fine line that resembles it or helps open the door to it.

5. The vision , the practice of a sport, in this case, but perfectly also other types of “leisure” or “professional” activities should be seen as an escape, due to the different pieces that make it up, some more expensive than others. , or with more egocentricity than others, or with more irresponsibility and miserable attitude than others, in many with exclusive harmful damage to themselves, in others with reciprocal damage to the group of those who follow, listen, applaud or cheer.

6. Ethics, morals, coherence and moderation. A good leader cannot be in the dark, nor embrace a material object (I am not saying this because of Rafa ill-considered, although he should reflect on another image that represents himself more and does not invite amateur fans to worship or work for worthless things ), nor cling to ephemeral and closed systems, nor to arrogant egos that look over without knowing what is really happening around you even though you think you know or understand what you are seeing (I have lived it in many areas, including the RFET, and the Queen’s Club itself) there is only an external focus, in Spain we currently have a very clear example in our government, if I go down to tennis we could also point out, the truth is that I have lived with that type of ego, day after day, both in my work in Spain like in London, the Queen’s club,

7. Exclusive tennis, when you enter stadiums, seeing the last few years has become a fight as immature as it is stupid, tennis is tennis, period, separate fans, fans, some become coaches or those who already were, without The demand that they should have had, of those of us who love tennis in their line with life, without skipping what it is, if possible, to have a psychological, human, emotional, spiritual development, or at least with a minimum, I understand the difficulty and the process of years that this entails, this in line with pedagogy cannot be something that is so absent, it is cannon fodder for the rest of the points previously mentioned, in this please stop blaming or using the image of athletes to justify one or another fact, when acting and walking through life, included in that of teaching.



I will simply say RAFAEL NADAL PERERA, thank you very much, thank you for what you do for this sport, for what you show from your personality, the good and the bad, details that you can share more and others not so, we are human beings, and we are not perfect , but for me behind an athlete, a tennis player, of that character that the media, sponsors, with your permission, perhaps in your case with too much persistence, increases it takes it to a point that is not good for society or for your person, I had you in the Queen’s club, although we did not speak, unjustifiable on my part, when I had a good time with you without anyone else being around, I was able to observe details of the person below that character, that human side that so easily forgets society to use you as a lifeline of their own life, they forget that you have emotions,feelings, breaths, and adjustments that will not be anchored no matter how much you practice a sport so wonderfully well, even if it is contrary to the pro wellness technique that many of us can profess.

Simply put, RAFAEL NADAL PERERA endless thanks from one human being to another human being, is what is really really worth in this entire journey of life regardless of our social label.

Let’s be helpful, let’s take care of each other, let’s be aware of who is in front of us and never play with the mind-brain.

Thank you.

A lover who does not stop on his way to good.

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .