Being a human with his own profile, that is, he goes like a free hare, without gregarious or following a path of sheep, something like a loose verse, exposing his convictions with coherence, giving meaning to that loose verse, moving outside the collective , which on the part of the group is uncomfortable, directly generating a moral and ethical punishment, by not valuing themselves as individuals and if as groups, forgetting that the individual himself is relevant, an obvious sign of lack of trust, fears trapped by the EGO, cowardice with themselves as individuals. Being a loose verse It should never be seen as a handicap, but to see it as a gift to learn from, it is something really very positive.

I am not a doctor, nor a physical therapist, nor a psychologist (in the near future I will study it yes or yes), however in the last two I have a lot to tell about it, a lot of wisdom stored inside me, if you usually follow my social networks, my channel YouTube and my website or better yet you have met me in person, giving you the space to do so without prejudging ahead of time, you will not be surprised by what I am going to repeat immediately; In psychology , it is an innate tool in me, literally life or death, it continues to be so to manage at its highest level with what I have lived with since I was a baby and will live until the day of my death, conditioning at the time a lot the social aspect, that is innate in activation does not mean in the first instance possession of content, that has always come in parallel, it is the key to a subject that without content, that is to say “living in experimentation, not traveling in experience”, remains orphaned of interpretation, management and anticipation of what is perceived, that is why it is almost always evident in those who call themselves “experts” as behind they hide a void without battle.

In physiotherapy , well because of my “psychological battle” from a baby’s carriage, throughout all these years, I felt the very direct direction it has with psychology , especially the digestive system (* let’s not forget nutrition) , the respiratory and nervous system, through the cerebral blood supply and the mental information that we transmit, in turn the intense influence according to the psychological noiseenvironment in which you find yourself. The sum of all the information behind all this, my innate ability to quickly apply each new gesture or detail learned, valuing it, questioning it, filtering and executing with personality, in turn added to the arrival in my life of a physiotherapist ( known by several Chamartin Tennis players ) , below in the anecdotes, in one of them I apply it a little more, with a fundamental incorporated tool that should be extended in all branches, the so-called therapeutic approach, a tool that I have not yet talked about, here is no place for it, which I will not go into to explain so as not to extend myself, but which is essential to get extreme performance from the tools or techniques acquired, as well as to expose our own resources humans (according to the level of each one) that if allow me to mark the two possible approaches :

* In both cases it is to place you at the emotional level of the human being that we have in front of us.

1. Without psychological support. Given the logical and possible absence of an optimal level of psychology, use the human resources we have, especially coherence, sensitivity, and common sense, through a series of language and body gestures that are accompanied by an explanation delivered in passion and clarification, a whole benefit for both parties, the professional and the patient.

2. With psychological support. It is exactly the same process as the previous one but with the ability to use as reinforcement (I do not support be careful with this) all the wisdom (knowledge in psychology time to time is useless and placebo) acquired on the psychological root.

As we can understand, we only have to see the current situation, Medicine, psychologists, physiotherapists, trainers, teachers … so I could continue listing professions, practically almost no one uses as a resource for care or teaching, the THERAPEUTIC APPROACH, today taken to a end called HOLISTIC , detail that squeaks me, pissed me off, in the end it is very evident, much more solid in certain centers with the incorporation of the INTEGRATIVE concept , but even so the application of what I define as a therapeutic approach is not impregnated in all the essence that at least one server would consider as such.

Do you know why the Therapeutic approach is not applied almost anywhere? For me there are two very clear reasons:

1. The excuse of time , lack of dedication, that is honesty, a lack of emotional self-responsibility with ourselves.

2. Always being above the human being in front of us. This is constantly seen in all areas, doctor-patient, coach-player, player-player, physiotherapist – patient, teacher – students, husband – wife, boyfriend – girlfriend, businessmen – employees … ..etc … that is, walking ahead of what we have , an Ego in a defensive situation, looking for justifications for our argument, prejudice anticipatory ignoring the essential information, without joint participation, in other words, not walking in parallel emotionally. with the human being that life has placed before us at that moment or period.

* The absence of this therapeutic approach generates situations that are quite ridiculous and unhealthy ,
before the pandemic or plandemic policy, and with it, let alone, the fears, the accumulations of the years without management are a source of power shot upwards without any management of down.

Before going on to tell several personal anecdotes of mine, very eloquent in all this, some very recent, full of great brutality, many of you will think what relationship this has with medicine, physiotherapy, psychology, training, with the RFET and going much beyond it, about what the word tennis encompasses , because seeing the different subjects that will be debated in the coming months in different situations, online and in person, without going into judging what it seems to me, continuing with this , honestly for a server it has it all, basically because there is no path in parallel with what we have in front of, but a cushioning (medicine or other tools are not invented resources for that purpose) of some badly preconceived tools or ideas, obvious reasons, that are either directly unfeasible or that instead of being used as punctual reinforcement, they are being used as support / support or substitution.

That is, how we are currently seeing, we have seen before and unfortunately we will continue to see, that absence of a parallel path, goes in the absolute line, without a doubt, in areas such as Medicine, physical therapy, psychology, training … etc. … of course in tennis too, if we specify, knowing then to transfer it to the rest, due to the situation we live in the health field, also through inflexible action protocols greatly limiting the use and performance of all the human and technical resources available This happens through two frequent and clear fields of action

1. The ocecation . It is lowering your head, closing your visor, continuing to the end in that possessive, anxious and blind attitude with spatial information, greatly reducing our visual field, wasting all the available resources, harming oneself and the rest. A football or tennis simile, just thinking about the name of players will come to you many of those who bow their heads and do not lift or raise it late, or an even clearer example, riding in a vehicle at a certain speed, seeing blurred each one of the sides where you walk …

2. Everything to a letter. It is a restless walk, placing all our self-confidence and trust , a blind faith in everything studied, acquired or worked, that is to say, trusting absolutely in our developed technical quality, however this robotization brings a very dangerous internal risk under its back, generating an excessively pronounced elevation of peaks both up and down, something that psychologically speaking should never happen because it entails serious situations even if they are camouflaged with different actions, work, family, … etc … If we are looking for a football or tennis simile, only think of many players within the TOP 5-50-100, those that are normalized and glorified as heroesBut behind it is not so much, you will get names of easy players, we have seen the facts, consequences … It is like having a vehicle and putting it in automatic mode, while we relax with our hands on our heads trusting in all the mechanism developed and programmed.

In both cases, there is a brutally striking common point, is that of the four pillars and two areas of which every human being is composed, the personal area within the individual’s own individual area, that is, our essence is absolutely forgotten, left aside, everything that is our nature , both from the professional himself, and from the professional towards the patient, without counting on it, we want external solutions for everything, doctors do the same, coercing or limiting, in the end It is like a car the more “sheet metal and paint” you have to do to it, the more problems you will get, more mechanical codependency and less internal autonomy;We have seen it many times at the medical level, relapses, … pata tin pata tan, .. support in medications, psychological apprehensions, … etc .. even in vaccines (not always necessary) …… I consider that nothing is black and white, the corners at both ends are never good.

Own earthly example:

“To the heat, to the cold, easy external resource and unnatural heating, air conditioners, ….. who knows me knows that I do not want them, not only to save me a possible acoustic noise (its absence is more pleasant for my phobia) but because they are not really necessary for me, when you accustom the body to the healthy routine of nature, we are able to withstand any type of situation, no matter how extreme it may seem, if we remove the mind from all kinds of PSYCHOLOGICAL NOISE(I already talked about it) benefiting in everything, new adaptations, recoveries, actions to develop, … etc … but if you have used drugs, doctors and physiotherapists for everything, as I usually say with closed arms in both padded paths not taking advantage of their medical and technical resources for an intervention of greater visual enlargement, increasing the quality of the intervention or scientific research, we will lead ourselves to a path of co-dependency with no way out, I recommend you pause and look at how the animals behave in their habitat in their different seasons, they do it too, we are not as different as we think, ah and letting dogs be real dogs will surprise you (I say this because of the “humane mattress” treatment that is given to them, if they already have layers natural prepared for everything) “

In every profession, in some with more immediate need than in others, to remove the Fear of the uncertain, of the game outside of our control, that is to say of that layer of Ego, appearing an unreal security, because a label or achievements do not define existence of Self – esteem , it should be almost a personal self-obligation to carry it out, for a service with Own Identity, with Content, squeezing all the human and technical resources to the maximum of their capabilities, but above all giving them the use of why and for what purpose. they invented . If you allow me a medical note, because that is how I perceive it, it is that Medicine, psychiatry and psychology should go hand in hand , I consider thatThe social failure on the part of that division between psychieatry, psychology, in this regard is evident, but of course the pharmaceutical companies will not be very interested in this union, a great psychological work could be obtained by limiting aggressive interventions or last option . “And let us remember one thing in the past, the only psychologist or emotional advisor was the village priest, sad that the Ego and the real disconnection of the hands have also disappeared there.”

To say that all this, in previous generations and those still active, if one could observe exceptional cases, but in those of now, they are more than reportable, just by observing and knowing how to read the psychological reactions of the new ones who arrive at the top, And the little that I have been able to see below, they leave us apprehensive as an initial market, not only psychological but also rebound for obvious physiological reasons ,which the sum of both elevations, without sightings of therapeutic approaches around, will not only increase the mental and physical injuries, they will suppose a decrease of intention in action-reaction and the honest and critical interest about oneself and our environment. (I could name certain details that many of these players that I saw in the tournaments of the previous weeks, even this week).

* Remember the previous article, the search for questions there in that ocean as extensive as it is simple in the actions – reactions we have the right questions for each situation, look for them without fear of facing them, it is to go over our Ego , to be there so as not to give ourselves importance towards the person in front, he is a human being, independent of the conditions in which he is, who must be shown something is to oneself, not to others, and less abusing the blind generosity of others to elevate a state / fake life.

“Let us walk in parallel and we will be surprised by the evolutions and facilities that it gives to ourselves as well as its benefit to others.”

“To cast anchor, raise anchor, purify wax, give wax, is to enter into the being, supposedly it makes us ugly of ourselves, at the same time as the most powerful and enriched, delivering efficacy and efficiency wherever we go, because it will always leave us in the same path of life that the neighbor “

* Below after the anecdotes I will finish the article with some questions.

Now let’s go with the anecdotes, that makes you understand a little more all this, although I am aware that entering the gears will sound a bit like Chinese:

1. The strange case. Open neck, scar for life, at the end covered in the hospital magazine, but the doctors never knew how to explain how he was able to heal, with 16 years witnessing this, observing and seeing, that he had not felt any explanation, the importance of being inside of the pool, it is not enough, calming the waters or going to the curb, to use your personal resources that enhance your university techniques to support you in experimentation and not experience, it was one of the clearest ideas that closed in me that moment, I only had to go to Jesus de Medinacelí to pray every day, since then I always pass by there every time I go down to my city.

2. The pin-pong ball for doctors. The public and private you go bouncing from doctor to doctor, from the ambulatory to Aguacate, or to the October 12 hospital, to the Gomez Hulla hospital, from a private center to another private, you walk alone, but nobody listens to you, they only worried because you came only,worth the parental, nobody listens to you or they observe you, only prejudices, with two different cases, but here I am talking about one, along the way a traumatologist, directly prescription of anti-depressants, which obviously once read the leaflet, back to his recycling mailbox, until I got to a neurologist, charming, old school, he did what he had to do on a human level, and at work level, first X-ray, under suspicion of something else, an MRI, results, four hernias, 2 cervical , 2 lumbales, and several protrusions, as soon as he saw the result, he told me the following forcefully: And how has no one seen you before? … tell your teammates ….. You should not do any contact sports , swim a lot and don’t even think about getting fat, three stories that were not a problem for me, and that at that time,It had been several months since I had caught the bull by the horns, when I decided to spend a bit of the doctors, also you know between consultation and consultation can spend more than 4 months, and I had already been swimming for 3 months, going to the physiotherapist and my psychologist unlocking small psychological details, phases of what should be a personal development, that only me and those who have worked with me will be able to understand, the rest will only make judgments. As you can see, the parallel path here was non-existent by all the doctors, there were many for 2 years, until after 2012 there was not one that will supplement it with an old-school personality, explained above, who took care of me seriously, it lasted until December of that same year when I got the result, 4 hernias, 2 cervical, 2 lumbar, plus several protrusions (Of which I have no pain at all … a long history of development and without drugs), another curiosity 3 years Later something similar happened to me with the doctors but this time with a certain issue of digestive intolerances.

3. The suffering in our flesh. I heard this story from my current landlords, recent a few weeks ago, it is very good, it takes me a bit to what a human being does not do even if it touches him closely, until he does not touch him in his own flesh (RFET we have what it should never be done), this happened to her a few years ago in Barcelona , a doctor of hers, it seems that although she did not say anything, at least not to the patients, she must have been suffering from some type of cancer, she continued to attend to their patients, but in this case with a difference, before filling them with medications (it seems as if it were the only solution-demand of those who go there), he said to have psychological talkswith them, relativizing a lot in the state in which they reached them before reaching the last option, what a brutal experience of comparison of what is a real problem than what was happening to her. Is this done gentlemen? I never see that therapeutic approach, parallel path, it is more in Tennis or joke we see this, there is no this orientation of psychological teaching. (Explaining this is long and extensive, because we would get into many concepts, some already treated as the types of empathy, and specify them extensively for this specific case for example or other cases …).

4. The voice on the air. These are situations that I constantly encounter, some cases in a very direct way, it saddens me and makes me angry, I mean, both in medical cases and in external cases with the derivation of the current situation, a situation of having a loved one with a chronic disease, harder if it is your daughter / or, the situation of helplessness, bewilderment can be to a certain degree understandable, however in certain components at that moment just by the health workers with a certain emotional baggagedoes a lot not only in the direction of patient management but also consequently “ease” (BEWARE what I refer to with ease!), of the development of the task. In the current cases of now, acquaintances, former co-workers, relatives, even if they do not tell you anything, because we are not taught to open up emotionally, the tone of the voice, the placement of the voice, or the way of writing. A text tells you a lot about the psychological situation in which they are, not only without their own resources, unfortunately a situation that is too normalized or cheekily exploited by espablilaos (mental coach, spiritual gurus, psychologists, mostly without content) and even among professional colleagues or friends, looking the other way, watering a fountain more, the crystal clear water only has the little sign. In both cases, the parallel path will lower all tension a lot, creating more focus, close to consciousness to face a situation that they want to or should not face.

Doesn’t this have a very clear relationship to how the toilets are currently?

How are they seeing and managing the situations that are presented to them?

Are they not conditioning or conditioning what they think they are observing? Nobody has invited them to this visual exercise, we would all win !!!!.

The relationship with tennis? The bad pre-concept of the tennis clinic?

The ex-players coaches without precepts about it?

The fear of the human being to function outside his known frame?

Are we not far from what our ancestors were?

Are we aware of what the THERAPEUTIC APPROACH means and implies in execution and development?

Are we brave to banish our EGO and place ourselves in PARALLEL with the being in front of us?


Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .