In the last weeks I have seen 2 different and opposite ways of presenting a book, its subsequent publicity. Two of those books were on nutrition, the Idiot microbiota and the intermittent Ayurnal, although I have not read them yet, coming from whom it comes, recommended, as simply the publicity was done freely without coercion or self-promotion on the part of the authors, beyond the moment of presentation, leaving the path to run its course.

However, in tennis , we are seeing something embarrassing with the use of children involved, and of course with the innocent complicity through the dogmatic bases of those who with good intention without knowing what lies behind the psychological reading of the person, they share it, winding up the lie. All this is creating a very shameless forced marketing by the author himself , moving away from truths and accumulating lies as truths , a whole wheel of life around a lie that has grown like a tower of cards, a self-deception at stratoferic levels that continues without brake, because the human beingfollows currents without questioning anything, beings with stupid behaviors without personality to challenge or challenge themselves outside the comfortable or pre-marked, allowing Egos like this man, to be coiled with more vehemence in thick layers of erroneous emotional sensations, states of spirits in ephemeral high, at the expense of those considered “weak” and even of generosities given without asking how they will be used later (Africa) , something that the great injured will continue to be the same and later the collective, especially those who decide to absorb themselves through the current.

“Good ideas, with the passage of time, if there are no breaks in the psychological rhythms of the Ego, they are stained and scattered by the EGO and dogmas in a way as silently as bloody, losing the essence of their beginning”

Last year, during his quarantine, and afterwards he was leaving brushstrokes of the same style, apart from the networks, I have seen him work in person in an academy, with different motivations to the whim of concordance in his form or not, without any adaptation , with a very eloquent case that I have already talked about in an article, that of a boy who came to his class without self-esteem, when the class ended and the parents asked how he told them the following:

“The truth is, he doesn’t feel like working, he was in an idle, lazy, uninteresting attitude …..” I was biting inside, jumping or not jumping and in the end, I regret not having jumped, the anger that He took the boy on the way to the car, it was unjustified, the words reflected the coach’s own mirror, in psychology that is called I think cognitive dissonance, days later I saw the boy with his backpack, wandering alone in the dining room … * I felt very identified … and if I was also very similar to my own experiences as a child.

Those typecasts, labels, aberrant classifications, complicity of tennis, etc., he continues to do them, because when he does them once, in addition to other details, they are silent habits very entrenched in the subconscious, repetitive if they do not stop and another test is the same. wild, it was the beginning of last year, although I shared it, then on December 1, 2020 through my social networks the following post, even a video breaking down word for word how creepy this hides behind, with the following text:

“I’d rather have 4 thug boys on the track, and take on the challenge of turning them into well-behaved boys, than 4 breaded boys , because the breaded ones don’t move anymore, you’re not going to convert that one, hey the other listen to me listen to me, try to be my friend let’s enjoy this, don’t behave like that, don’t drop your racket, don’t start playing on the other side, when I told you to do this, don’t talk when I talk to you, Trust me, go go, we are going to be friends, I try to win everyone’s affection, it costs, aag, … because you do this, …. I told you so …, we are going to be friends yes, .. I can get like that with them … I prefer to have that profile and try to have the challenge of taming them, those 4 savages,and not having those 4 turtles that are never going to move, … poor .. “TRAINER HONORIS CAUSA.

Those words from the text above, were transmitted as I have written them, in the final part of the video that I share just below, however the video has no waste from beginning to end, that final part being more eloquent visually, in summary they are facts and data that are there to be analyzed and seen by everyone, including the protagonist himself.

Although when I shared the post with these words, I resigned that I would not share the video, seeing the hasty situations that are taking place, the blind and dangerous game, I am forced to share it, it is also a public video that has been on YouTube from just before of this situation, where in that same channel, there are other cases with zero waste to visualize them and let’s not forget the videos of Tennisxetapas, also of order regarding MENTAL and Physiological Health , so it would not be bad that if you want, you can repeat the same CHALLENGE that I propose below.

Before moving on to the video, I leave you a CHALLENGE that should be a must for all those who want to take a step further in themselves, not ocean with me and see the VIDEO in all its splendor, I propose the following:

1. Take the Video. Visualize it in full as many times as necessary, on your own free from Ego thought.

2. Draw your conclusion flexible, free, and lockless.

3. Take the Video. Now visualize it in the same room with a psychologist and a speech therapist or vocal coach. All three together watching it at the same time. (THAT IF BOTH HAVE TO BE NEUTRAL AND COMPETENT BUT IT IS NOT GOOD FOR ANYTHING).

4. Take your conclusion and compare it to the joint conclusion of the three.

* Remember that you will visualize it if you are honest two or three times, always adding more details to each visualization (or so it should be), unlike the accompanied visualization, that the professionals will be seeing it for the first time with you, but remember they are professionals to do a much more in-depth read than you.

* This to the implicated himself and the dogmatists would also do very well.

* Always a visualization in coexistence never in prejudices (what they did to me in the RFET) because you would limit any field of action – reaction – integration.

* That you enjoy it and be something constructive for everyone, that is the only intention and of course to defend MENTAL AND PHYSIOLOGICAL HEALTH against very dangerous, rusty and based on fear and own insecurities (THE EGO).

* I recommend reading previous articles to put you in knowledge and situations.

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .