Dear reader, wished to write that article from few days ago for a sharp reason that if you know me or in some point have followed as my article as my own story, will understand that when trying to share some type of knowledge is not in relation to argue about the outcomes (material or humans doesn’t matter), but it is about real facts that even doesn’t blow up on stages could be more visual from a consciousness closest to our real psychological state that have on that right moment, but even also is walking shoulder by shoulder through of the type of behaviour that are drawing on that point (Level of predisposition – Active awareness), What does it mean?.

Well, maybe I have the ability to see everything SIMPLE, or said in other words have my five senses in a total higher level of activation (a need from I was kid) that let me to make a SIMPLIFICATION about the fact that is moving surround of me, and if about it add a personal knowledge about the subject in question, then the SET can be super powerful, so doesn’t mean that is perfect but if is 1000% efficient. In that situation, as I always said ” the hidden “ details are a “whistler blower” about actions that sooner or later on will be going to happen although are ignoring them, of course that most of them hasn’t done on purpose, as it is simple the reflect about our level of consciousness and point of reality are located each other about the own space on that moment, then in the end of the path wants to say that are working from a panoramic outside of the camera or the context where should be on moving, and that dear reader, if we speak in humans terms, means that are acting from the subjectivism and all the ” hidden ” consequences that it has attached in, between them the distortion of the realities, because the Self will have too much presence on.


Point central of the article.

Obviously that if I am Spanish as almost a British in adoption but opening to cross borders, means that where I usually placed more focus on my analysis is about Spanish and British players, even my actual job, that for my person is a privilege to work there through of as feel the tennis on that healthy way that I use it from I was a baby (on my way to my forties), which on person can observe very clear technical and psychological aspects of everyone that have crossed in front of me, details that on several times is to be on the right place and on the right moment, as nothing is casual because could be in other corner but a reason that can’t explain cross over there just in the minutes that need to see it, or simply stretch my hand to someone that need from my heart on that moment, after as it is closed will be other story, but the opening, the curiosity and the aperture is done without a doubt.

About all that, if you add the RRSS and other medias where can grab an infinite extra contextual information where develop a FLEXIBLE plan (Diseñar un plano) about the humans are moving around of you, as a result, then can manage properly that would need everyone to grab them to others levels as on as off the court, means to know about that they are made of, both as on tennis as psychological consciousness (body positions, inner circulation of the systems, mind, brain….)..that it is a simple reading that grab from the ROOT, but sadly it is not on my hand yet, keep on silence, working hard and saving information on my memory, so it is as if you have a camera of the photos and then begin to play with three points and two extras:

  1. The lens.
  2. The range of aperture of the lens.
  3. The shutter speed.
  4. All the field that is always outside of our own focus.
  5. Go depth about each one of the previous points. (Senses on ALERT POSITION. ACTIVATION IN CONSISTENCY)


” The value is placed for me out through of all effort and sacrifice that have pushed me to catch up the actual inner state, which is not going to be ever about the disdain that others pretend to make to their ignorance (fears that are covered on that way) “.


A detail that always break my soul on millions of equals pieces, maybe because have known that area on my past, or also because don’t like the injustices nor observe as other humans (don’t usually on purpose) can play with the curve of the vulnerability (well used, it should be a great weapon to explore in) of the neighbour, but about all my PURE LOVE FOR THE TENNIS, break my heart when see someone struggling with some issue and after it wear attached several different consequences as externals reactions (broken rackets, physical frustrations, verbal communication….) as inner issues (null set-esteem with too much co-dependency of the confidence state…, ), but if there is some detail that express a total combination between that inner feelings and a total breakdown of the emotions and that make me feel that painful as if it was mine as well, is when observe someone on floods of tears, that is my level of empathy!!! (from my point of view, already commented in other occasions that there are different kinds of empathy in relation to our level of inner maturity), but it is obvious that is going to be more intense about those humans that have warned from months ago that it would be going to happen, or about those few humans where I am aware that him or her soul can represent much more that are already doing, through of my contextual level of reading, means my skill of detection about each small detail is beyond all doubts, but as have said previously at the moment is time to be patience.


“ Nothing is casual, we have warnings, that must be able to read it on that right time and on the right place“.

“ Analysis numbers is right, but are able to observe that we are watching on the live time is much more important at the end of the road, is those that will change whatever kind of road, our skills will come up with our own root “.


In front of the cameras, have seen a minimum of three humans beings broken on flood of tears, someone on first hand for my job (break my soul, as have commented on the previous paragraph) but how many will be crying as well behind of them, in the dressing rooms (when worked at Tennis Queen’s Club, between that can read on newspaper and which is the other reality there is a huge gap!), theirs hotels,..etc… ; but when something is happening is too curious as the humans beings are focused obsessively about the impact, lost their control from the space and then forget that the other human, independently of their physiological state, has some inner area more depth that is broken, much more damaged and on that moment is too late (on prevention) as has got too much influence through of an external representation, maybe should begin for a sincere and long hug, and after seek that real need to keep on them a real human and brain consistency, however if we are throwing or better said push to the other human who is already with a complex curve of vulnerability, when should be our solid area to next step, then simply are getting to INCREASE their DISTORTION OF THE REALITIES.


” Every time I have more clear that the 90% of the injuries are avoidable, as it is a reflection sooner or later of our real psychological state, and THE DISTORTION OF THE REALITIES is a tough fountain completely dried and too friend of the injuries, and even a great ally to convert a injury in chronic (ever). “


UNITED CUP, AUCKLAND,….other tournaments in Australia or some on first hand or during the trainings or even of course about other means that already have around of us, but why on the picture have placed the logo of the UNITED CUP?…  for you dear reader, I would like that can reach and understand that try to explain you, and on that UNITED CUP, the details are figured in a bigger and “colourful” to say the least; look the details can’t cheat us if you watch them from a neutral point (permanent OBJECTIVISM), that the SENSORIAL IMPACTS (for you dear reader, or might be like that) are much more serious and visible over the ground, so even sadly could take a blind extension through of a figure, the CAPTAIN, the contamination as individual as in group grab a inner context too high in comparative to the ordinary moments that the players (humans) will live later in their individual way through of the tournaments, but after that ordinary moments, probably can keep drinking from that state of DISTORTION,.. ok, ok, ok, CARLOS stop, stop, low speed!!!, then What is going to happen during the Davis Cup or Fed Cup? aren’t they the same type of competitions and get a similar level of influence in?.  The answer is to the second question is: NOT, They aren’t. About the first question, in relation as to the type of the emotional noise as the management of group can observe is completely different (change on so far away), and blindly gets to cut into the whole context, as innerly as outside, that insist one more time, draw a sharp clear DISTORTION OF THE REALITIES. 


” A brain with a map totally flat that is or have been resistant through of a way based dynamism blind will be potentially expose to demands where have never had a requirement to develop in, but the life sooner or later demand it, but even like that, have drawn other systems of comfort that is always acting out in our position, so when our seat change the prism, our inner competences come to the light while leave on evidence the lack of resources, anticipation to be able to see far way from our own self, and on sports level will have inner consequences that in some way if we don’t take action must have a representation about some canvas, inner or outdoor  “


Our choices must be based on competences and individual behaviours that a human have in their inner or the level of flexibility to keep developing each of them, in favour about as could offer or affect it as individually on each human as after in the management of the group, right now on tennis the inner demands have changed too much, that help others is not about that you have won 20 or 50 Grand Slams, or whatever other tournaments, is more focus about the ability development in individual terms that involve multiples and complex factors, but in the same time are authentically thrilling to grab with the heart, a challenge that if is not taking is as keep the rest moving on circle, but the dangerous, here Is where I represent my second picture, THE PIN, a Spanish proverb which states: ” Estar pendiente de un hilo ”  (hanging by a thread). It means that our vulnerability have changed their direction of movement while on silence was developing an intense level of dependency to multiple external factors and leaving behind whatever chance to built our treasure, our tool that identify us from the rest, the SELF – ESTEEM, that very often are mixing it up with other multiples concepts and elevate that powerful fake state through of our decision-making process on. 


” Every time is more often to open inner channels and after feeling absorb for the emotional ocean that have created on, but then our lack of resources force us to leave hanging by a thread to other humans without being conscious each other that is happening in “. 


And about the last picture, there is other Spanish proverb which states: ” Dar una vuelta de tuerca “, but you have to be Caferul!!! because in Spain could have double meaning in relation to the context that it is used on, one that is addressed to a context positive – constructive and other to a level of dominance too negative and cruel, so, obviously on my case use it to a positive meaning of the things, on English would be as to seek turn around of the context to find meanings much more depth and functional. Who know my person, means my real self those pure essence between those that other humans want to interpret (profile or tags that make in relation to theirs own influences) and who I am really, so mustn’t stop to work to get the whole set is closest about who I am, but there are many things that will never be on my hands, so means, that I am a human what love use my freedom inner state to grab a different point about that are watching, then it involves to develop a crucial points that let to open a door more far away of the simple context that we believe that are watching on, said in others words paint maps that are always outside of our familiar zone, so consider that a detail essential to develop a total level of well-being (Compression, value that move us closest to that concept called happiness), anyway place again the foots on the land, also is way to anticipate many issues as also to understand the needs that others can need on that right moment, open my own emotional channel to bring it to the neighbour.


Look, dear reader, must finish the article with a small question, what do you understand about THE DISTORTION OF THE REALITIES?. If have to define it, apart of making that article longest than it is already, then also would probably need to write a whole book to that are able to understand me, so invite to seek small information on data bases, so doubt that is close about as see it, so will leave a several points that are non-negotiable for me:

  1. Consciousness (Content). It is not the consciousness by itself, mean to get in a level of content that spread in percentage to the same extension that it has by itself, where it must begin about our own person and finish the movement about our own person as well. It involves a level of focus, reading (spacial, conceptual, body,….), absorption, integration, self – management of our systems, actions and reflects need to live in total communication. (My hypersensitivity on special to the pyrotechnics gave it me and after my personal job let me develop it still more deep ).
  2. Understand the environment or space that we are movement on (Adaptación al medio in Spanish). It must be adaptability real to where are, as we are working innerly, like that as have to develop the focal points (direcciones in Spanish), as also know the way to classify the information and also learn how would be able to jump in a faster movement from a focus to another multiples on, and even integrate the ability to forth and back between them without losing any detail of reading, but the first reading must to ours first.
  3. Break our skinny thread that involves our reality.  A dangerous psychological state, is not just because we would be living in world that would cover by a protective coating, so leave us absolutely disconnect of the environment context, but also here is the warning call, is that would be absolutely about our own personal reality, as physical position (body) as mental (brain).
  4. To disappoint others. Our place is stolen through of future prospects that others have about you, it is a blind interest that is moving beyond from our human side, then lost our areas of management as on physical as psychological levels, means that our adaptability to the ground will be missing on.
  5. States of Inhibition and obsession. It reduces whatever psychological conscious state from the human that is next to us, honestly is action that is totally blind as comes on silence through of the habit – gestures, because our focus are too stuck about external factors and practical unconscious about the inners reactions or brain develop that other human can or could be instantly suffering on.
  6. Body movement goes together in harmony. On physical trainings is usually seen on, but if we go to our court / ground, and even to other ordinary contexts, it is happening as well; look, is simple that means that our brain ahead or backward from the actions required, that can block our areas of action, development and about the real power of our decision-making process on, and even place our body in some kind of unnecesary risk.
  7. Opening to our free variety of choices.  That follow the previous points, on special from the 5th, well block or interfere a vision clear of the total extension of the field, where later on could do millions of the things with all that information, however are injecting a several emotional noise, so will develop a overloading about our inner, that create a “fake state of psychological fatigue”, and a need to introduce an type of energy that as faster come as faster will go out. The dangerous point is reach a chronic state as in physical aspects as about in inner areas.
  8. Reality of the EGO. It is our alley to justify many of facts or choices that are providing from the previous points that already told and some one more missing,  but it pushing to a path will damage once behind other without breaking between them, because our power of BELIEFS is on charger of that, is the beliefs are the most weapon to move us from the subjectivism, so place us far away of whatever option to jump to other level of knowledge, it push us to grab to several dynamics – external points that can work in some cases, but must be way nor the example to others as after grabs consequences that limit our fields as physicals as psychological (brain – its circuit for SNC between other systems). Gain consciousness about our ego, its positions and like that as the different way that it is comes to be able to live free of any kind of inner interferences, said in other words from a permanent Objectivism.
  9. …………….. holding feedbacks (dangerous at the end), types of psychology used on, communications,…etc….



Obviously that I am leaving out a plenty of points, the mainly ones, thinks that at least are over there, as actually have other tools that in relation to use that are doing about it, in some way are doing still more chaos on all that human system, like that as some roles that we grab as own, and that from point of view are punishing more to the environment that help a clearing inner.

On tennis, but on the life as well, must change the typical external question,  What had it happen over there? or What was it going on?…etc, then pay much more attention to details that will represent the real situation from the fact happened on, but about all the truth need that other human need straight away.  The other relative fact that much pay attention on tennis, is about as we are interacting (teaching) on tennis, specially in relation as are focusing the concept of MAKING – DECISIONS (Proceso de tome de decisions) and like that as also about the human position in a highly arbitrary game placed far away from the environment (el medio). Reflections that leave over there.



FDO. Carlos Azuara.




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