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A new year is here, on my case will be the year that will celebrate my forty, a good age, but wish that many months before my person can collect everything that innerly are deserving, that doesn’t´mean that others don’t deserve the best or get whatever other achievements, but that the honesty with oneself must be our first value placed on pitch, independently that others are never willing to take their own self – responsibility to recognise the things where in some moment lost the way that should represent on them.


” Seek to be authentic although look like some freezing when is draw out, however at the end of the way our doors will close far away from trying to figure out ” By Carlos Azuara.


Well in relation of that, you know dear reader, there is a thing that make me so ” sad ” about the actual world that are living right now, of course that year 2022 already is over hasn’t been an exception about it and on my case  had many of that, even the people is too silly that think that I don’t realise, happened myself when started the year working on AIRE SPA, after it continues happening in The SPA at CLARIDGES’ HOTEL, or in other restaurants where worked as (Stick N Sushi or Megan´s) and of course on my last and actual chapter till the moment, on the LTA, well that refer with that words is that I develop to everyone a consistent behaviour so humble while accompany it with so noble actions between other plenty real values that I have been working innerly as for survival (My Hypersensitivity) as for a free choice to want to bring my person to the most higher development ever possible that can catch in, and honesty I GOT IT!!!l (But it mustn’t stop), anyway, wanted to say is that is so sad that forwards what is a good human being, the human instead of seeing it as a great chance, pretend to look it as a chance to take advantage from my person all time they can or even as a way to attack or defence to theirselves, but who lost out through of throw way a lot of judgements or tags (unreal profiles about who I am) or simply underestimating whatever type of knowledge human or technique that could have in, at least I am able to learn from them about every small detail and after to integrate it on my inner, fixing in a bigger own potential, (A FASTER LEARNING) it is pity that on the inverse couldn’t´ be the same because decide to put me away.


What are we missing? (Depends of each Individual case):

  1. Reading and knowledge, then in a future to transform that on wisdom… 
  2. Fix or renew small details…. {make more stronger that you already have as once are there we never lost the consistency).

*Referring to human, social and psychological interactions, without forgetting other techniques aspects as on that last case could be the TENNIS for example. SET THE COMPETENCES.


If we don’t have consciousness nor generosity in a level human as then, I ask you dear reader, could we help to develop the potential that others human that we have in front or have on charger?… An example, that UNITED CUP on tennis that we are living now, there are several details that are going out there, that have already observed as in my actual job as when worked at the Queen’s, as a human could be a great human, but in techniques and psychological terms are being linear as the inner evolution can have many clashes that don’t have or have found some type of evolution, believe me, I hope that was being wrong, but I love to anticipate to the next actions that are coming on.

With all of that feelings that I want to wish to the new year 2023 that have already begun, firstly send a thought to the rest of humans, is that hopefully could learn to make easier the journey of each one of us, that in some way help them from a point of action (senses) that could leave them in a free inner context to face up by theirselves don’t just to fix resources with an immediate performance if not also providing skills that anticipate facts absolutely observables; and about me, my own two wishes, first that have the chance to develop my potential, show out all the powerful inner that have  in, like that as all the ability resistance that have had to develop for my hypersensitivity that let myself to be a solid piece of IRON without need to look the clock, can work in long hours, maximum intensity that will never find my surrender, but the most important is resume in a personal proverb:


” The best money, is never that you gain in your pocket, is that one which as human being can help others in their struggle or wrongs to get over them a different type of journey, the consequence of that is the big benefit that, at least from my person more value I gave when I arrive at home, as nothing can pay to bring that human benefit to others in an absolute altruist way, means that don’t expect anything on change, the get a honest smile on the neighbour is the unique and best price to receive back in “.


I don’t like tennis, I LOVE TENNIS, it is traveling with me from I WAS A BABY, as after came the photography, the headline picture is mine, studied it on my country, but live the photography in other sense that haven’t explain here, but TENNIS, PSYCHOLOGY AND PHOTOGRAPHY, have more on common in their depths that everything could be thinking in, anyway wish that new year 2023, let myself TO SHOW everything I am, live from that I love so much, as it is THE TENNIS, although live everything with intensity, obvious on tennis I put much more higher extra intensity, also bring out a dignity life in parallel to everything that try to bring every day to each human although sometimes just crash with many obstacles, and also never stop to know cultures, traditions and inner development from other places or humans.

Well, about it second other to find some Woman, a real woman who understand don’t just my person, so is so easy to live with, just to empathise with everything that usually is involving to my hypersensitivity (don’t mix with to be sensible, of course I am as well), but anyway my inner job is so brutal that when spends time to know my person probably will get a huge surprise between the image that people can receive and who I am really, maybe her “ brave prince ” ( Príncipe Azul ) still exist and is not so far away from where she can think about, because sometimes if we are enough brave to change the way we look at the things, then dilate our pupils that is a reaction that is anchored in our area most deepest, because if in some point, I understand that a relation between two people must be based on a complementary action of mutual growing, through of a state of individual freedom, it means that each one gave steps without need to justify or excuse or apologise for any action or plan that want to do with me or without me (other side), said in a words still more clear, keep the other side away from that feelings of inhibition, obsession or feeling of guilt, as an relation between two humans must be base on the authenticity, honesty and the loyalty in the other side of your life, but must never be placed over a base  of emotional blackmail that at the end is not other thing that pretend to seek in the other side that inner area that one must work by oneself.


” Seek truth, seek love but never pretend that others pay the price about every small detail that we must work by ourselves “.   By Carlos Azuara.

” The perfection is never existing there, as the control neither will be over there, but we work so hard as enough brave to move so close of the perfection, it must be for the own demand that everyone must have by itself from a total independent point of movement, because develop different works through of the attachments have an short existence of life or level of performance but in the moment of the truth, it will leave you in an neutral point ( ” Punto Muerto ” ) as if in a car you were driving without moving the gears, it means give a step blind to a field of uncounted and automatic repetitive lies (Not mix it with the concept of self – deception) ” . By Carlos Azuara


I want to help, I want to contribute and I want to set up others humans. 




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