Rotterdam + Buenos Aires + Some extras.

Honestly, there are plenty players, matches around of the day, didn’t live from that yet, but of course that love to watch highlights of matches from whatever level to check what was going on the courts. Hopefully I have the chance to develop the issues as would, believe me that I am really professional and my determination to analyse every detail as take the time that it needs, when you love something and understand really well it, nothing else is able to steal the focus on it.

¨ A blond woman and her dog, a time later that I landed at London, she said after that I was petting the dog, a little bit surprise as the dogs´ behaviour was with me, that usually bite others if don’t have any confidence or feel that have to protect its area, but when you read the dogs´ psychology and also the owner´s psychology, then you can play with a lot of advantage on ¨.

Anyway, go to travel a little bit for ROTTERDAM and BUENOS AIRES, let me just to tell you a few things from a couple of players, but insist that will leave details missing still to observe on.

Jannik  Sinner. Feel him totally stuck on the same point once behind other, means that you own area of action (movement) is too shorter, limiting all kind of choices, that made that was insisting too much on the same and losing a little control of leadership, even feel that with her crosscourt backhand must go earlier to gain space and speed….. in conclusion he was insisting on the same, must read more and go out from his space.

Daniil Medvedev.  We know that is very orthodox player, but his racket is like a glove, an more extension that let him a space to fire off his weapon, said in other words that watched in the Final, is a movement of loading and unloading, so or break that on him or you are death, A negative point that observed was that so I called deadweight or ¨ Peso muerto ¨ in Spanish, in terms of mental force, means that can happen a double game in your actions or movement, but about all an excess of using of energy, because are pushing everything instead of lifting that, so the field of concentration as the focus of attention on the next as well will have some points of suffering or deviation.

Cameron Norrie.  Maybe I am wrong, but need to break by itself a little bit, means to place his body and mind far away from movement through of the inertia, broke it as fake mind pauses, that draw on him a wide field of concentration, as said in Spain ¨ Va a machete ¨, said in English is like to bring a whip between his hands, but to use it needs to open the skyline. About Cameron which have heard so cruel critical or even underrating him all time because his techniques and etc…., change you are not going to change, but a small detail observed in the forehand on that turn, would do on him a weapon more dangerous, very unpredictable detail, but think could be useful on.

Carlitos Alcaraz. I am a little bit surprise as after that have had a several months between injuries and other issues to recover well but even to work some technical aspects, on the serve nothing have changed, haven’t been able to observe any change, so could be punished him a lot, physical and mental (already does), his serve is too tighten on muscle levels, but it is already coming from the own base of the legs, it is a double side pull that in some way the body have to find the balance by itself, but the repetition is going to damage it for sure, and that in fact undermine his game.

Other point that want to mention that I am always thinking on long terms, is about his stuck mental issues, as its own conscious state is going away without control, because although he wants, when it comes there are not chance to do that, means that must worked previously, feel that it as inside of court as outside of court can grab other issue that called the emotional blockage ¨ La obstrucción emocional ¨, here could start to talk about things much more serious, think that is important that the first step is to take his own self-autonomy on court, as feel that communicative depends too much from an external guide (shield)….   About his technique, love on both strokes as he makes the encompassed and put away of whip through of his rotating movement, so clean, honestly brutal and that being I aware that could grab the ball still much better (space)..improve it.


An extra detail that don’t have just relation with the tournaments, but if is a narrow story with the players, male and women, coaches and even physical trainers:

When are the players training some exercises without racket on his or her hands, just physical movements, action – reaction, as it is being executed on 100% movement rotation – execution, the mind will remind that movement, so then when the player go on court the problems or issues + frustrations will be going to multiply a lot and the worst is that will be going to say them other type of basic excuse because are not able to watch where is the issue, and as it is mutating to the habits, then the issue will be really firm and very few humans who are willing to find a solution to that.

PD: Andy Murray in his first match of Doha was honestly brutal, but if want to continue on that level and want to gain chances on the Grand Slam, must gain on emotional conscious ” consciente emocional “, because it would be a great alley in all the areas of his game that involves his mental area as also in the inner force of recovering of his own body, because all help that can do from your own human resources is a great compliment that will make easier the job of the rest of resources, if want to gain advantage to the rest of TOP opponents, for example against Novak, must start for that point, a type of understanding from a map much less comfortable as usual in. Anyway nobody can say that is not a real Warrior!.


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