Dear reader, before to go deep about the subject, I would like to mention that have just watched some few moments from each match except these fighting between Carlos and Fabio. Means that everything I am writing right now is coming from my memory, my brain is so good and conscious about it.

Ok, let’s do it!!.

Alexander Zverev.  In some moments there was a shining from that Zverev before the injury when played absolutely loose from every corner of the court. Yesterday (Wednesday), his forehand gave some good vibes, but on many moments he wrapped too much with the body, losing consistency, but about very poor choices. His forehand had a big handicap, the timing string – ball was too faster, the shoulders lost the line as even his position was too tight up, need to blend and transfer the weigh more natural, that issue made him big mistakes on the hot points of the match.  About his legs, during many moments was so slow, too shorts, even would say that something blocked him innerly. Bad choices had tough consequences on that match.

Andy Murray.  Insisted about that said on the previous article, must gain conscious emotional, honestly feel that brutally have a huge emotional fatigue in comparación with the physical one, however as he didn’t place any limit on that, blocked the information and draw about himself a tremendous state of fatigue, and really with that ¨handicap¨ that he has, it don’t look like too intelligence to counteract it; so in fact, he many times has to play many extra strokes because had too bad choices that is in relation with that issue, so gives a little life to the opponent, while he waste a lot of energy. Must mature on that aspect if want to gain a Grand Slam again. It is an authentic Warrior, a model, but must improve on it.

About technique level, first the splits, must gain consciousness where make him lost time or even create on him more impact about his body when doesn’t need to execute, so it is preferable to give good steps instead of a intensity that is avoidable. His serve must be more clean, avoid bad habits, and look after his hip and a better respond on. About his backhand I like it, usually don’t lost the control of the point, but about his forehand, must seek better supports, and about all, must extend much more the arm and avoid just lift the ball up or at least accompanies it with turn and deep direction on, because frequently had to go behind of it, that the action let him to go on balance between both of them.

Liam Broady.  His crib as about his forehand as backhand are completely blocked, which means that can’t give a good acceleration to the ball nor hold a control by inertia, said in other words have to go all the time behind all the ball, it is a huge waste of energy, it is an exhausting time, as just push the ball or lift it up, but don’t create any movement on.  Also his movements of legs, as on the rest as in other strokes, don’t have any exit from the dominant leg about the stroke executed on, practically doesn’t exist, so has consequences as lost a several number of fasteners against the floor, it forces to jump or runner more and again bring out too much energy, that is so difficult that to top players can give some kind of result.

Mentally, must drop the inner load, that let him to be more light through of every moment, that let him to develop a sharpest focus that will help to make faster movements previous to the ball comes on, means, have a visual reading that have the ability to predict the action without lost the essential seconds to go for it.  Also is important to develop a big inner opening that develop a free movement that leave out whatever type of somatisation, so draw a breathing clear, intense and clean.

Daniil Medvedev. I am not sure that he know the opponent that had on. Like lately he does through of the match, goes increasing his level, but sometimes it could be too late when want to do it. As said in the previous article, mentality goes with that death-weight and all that it means in action – reaction – execution.  That type of predisposition draws an excess emotional, that make you lost the focus and courage to be more aggressive on the way to take the best choices ever. About technique, his forehand hold through of blind pause could help a lot to hold it a little bit earlier without need to correct in excess frequently with the body.

Thiago Monteiro.  Here have a small story, when was in Barcelona exactly training with a player from the Queen’s Club and his coach, we were on the gym, just Thiago was there, it was days next to the Conde de Godó, so could observe small details, because a thing is the own personality of each one, other issue is psychology vibration that you can wok in. Feel that there is an emotional acceleration that create an excess of job in the whole body, so fatigues every area of the body overloading all the muscles, a heavy feeling.

Technically, observe that as on the forehand as on the backhand hit the ball a little bit late, even don’t develop all the stroke, just bring up the ball while cut the movement, so lost all option to create control and speed, ok is true have a grip a little bit extreme, but is no going the strings with the ball….

Mentally, as said in Spain ¨ Ir a Remolque ¨, for example Christian Garín (Chile) have a similar pattern, mean that push your mind more from the external issues instead of making the moving on the inverse, it is a super waste of energy, it add that have said a little bit above.

Cameron Norrie. On the previous match have already explained few things, between them the fact that called ¨ IR A MACHETE ¨ , an mind aspect that grab strong your brain, lost whatever time to make an imaginary pause that about all in balls on movement that demands more technique with more intensity if are forced to go in. About technique and without changing his own style or essence even his game, really his forehand with a couple of small tips would be absolute a hammer much more dangerous, and other stroke that can improve a lot, is his movement on the Rest, today (Thursday was a little  headache) as the turn of rotation can be much more marked instead of keeping a little head on, anyway are details that must know well to observe on.  (impact physical – mind)

About his mind, although have already mentioned it, but is fair to show my respects to the solid way that is playing on, the attitude and aptitude that shows on every instant, it looks like to be a rocky wall, but as said must to stretch all the body up as if was a elastic band that stretching without limits to help him to take better choices and get to be much more intelligence on courts.

Nico Jarry.  A good friend is his coach, so for that reason watched his match, on the serve about instant between blend and lift the body think that lost a little balance that avoid to take the ball a little bit in better sweet point. About backhand should wrap and blend down a little bit more that can take more inertia action.

Mentality. I love that watched, managed so well the rhythms where found points of balance between states of calm and action, a feeling of peace and total focus, that let me to extend the field of concentration, a fact that benefits to execute an full attention that help to anticipate movements, however is so important to manage the new mind speed that it could draw on.

Pedro Martinez. I think, he was holding up to the floor, even position too down, that create an excess of wasting of energy, and about that extreme humility conditions is reduce oneself all type of advantage on. Also his body position is blocked to ahead so when after have to go out with the arm, will make so difficult a turn on balance between control and power, in fact is force you to make a bigger strong gravitational…

Carlos Alcaraz.  On my last article have already commented that I don’t like his serve, too much tighten up, means that have different consequences, physicals, techniques and even in his match with Fognini observed other thing more in relation with that, is that when must respond to the opponent’s rest, that rigid position on the serve make him to lost the position of reaction to a better position, it is few thousandths of seconds, but enough to gain position.

Other fact, is his backhand, really has had a beauty image on the first set, when the tv in a slow movement placed a definition of point between the backhands from both players, honestly, Carlos should watch videos from Fognini, will learn it.  The shoulders are going ahead too fast, always the first shoulder keep too in front looking to the net, there are not a good turn around on plenty of the times, lost consistency as grab the ball too by the down side.

Mentality, think that was with lack of attention (clarity) so it mixed up between peaks of maximum reaction to peaks absolutely blocked, that splits up all his body and brain.

¨ PARA ARRIBAAAA!!!, the shout out with his backhand, that today (Thursday) was a headache for him, must look his body position and extension after that, as said above, time strings – ball ¨. 

Fabio Fognini.  In his supports on the serves are a little bit tighten up so is a prejudice later one through of the movements, the backhand as have commented above on the Carlos´ issues the gesture is nice, the forehand, he waits a little before to kick off the arm. Mentality, felt a little bit rigid which it is transmitted to the body, in some way have to balance it, and of course it closes whatever space to reception in a properly information and after be able to transmit it in a good direction.

¨ The injuries has a lot of influence about our own emotional state, every movement action – reaction is in contact with our way to manage the emotional information that our brain receive in ¨.  

¨ The pain is usually minimum in relation to the reality where point out permanently to the issue that could have in, is equal that bring our brain to a point of comfort, that by compensation its best election will be always the somatisation of the pain, and from that point it could be extended to other dangerous consequences ¨.


Conclusion, miss a lot of information, between others those that can just get through of live or chat with the primary humans. Just try to help from a point of view so different than usual, although don’t have any surname, don’t have anything to envy anyone nor don’t have nothing to hide in. I love that sport so much, and just try to contribute with my small grain. I hope one day can live from that world.

Ah!, if you will ask, where is the analysis about the ladies’ games?… I am so sorry, but the times of their tournaments are being something different, so couldn’t watch it. But on the same way I love that, the tennis is beauty chain where the humans can develop a great and complete context as in as off.



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