DOHA – RIO DE JANEIRO OPEN. Andy Murray and some details more.

Dear reader, let me to keep writing about that I love so much which must feel so grateful for everything that gave me when I was on my childhood and years after that as well, it was a pillar of standing up on that years, on that conditions have the rights to share my knowledge out.

On that occasion barely have watched some moments from each match, about Carlos vs Dusan was able to watch a little bit more, below will respond you how Andy Murray made to manage that 5 match points down.

Felix Auger Aliassime.  When is moving though of impulses (inertia movements) is not something that would recommend, so as have happened is as take a picture broke in two pieces, where each area is going for its own side but never on connection, that draw frustrations, or stuck movements… said in others words, must start to active that mind, seek an better self-understand and a map of intelligence that let him to dominant in keys movements without sealing by opposite poles in negatives ranges. Technically there is an issue quite important, the extent of the supports (legs) that I saw today was unbalanced and in the moments to give the steps was so bad to moment to create a good space and a turnover to the ball, it was a detail repeated several times!.

Daniil Medvedev.  Dear reader, must read my last two previous articles as don’t want to repeat the same, simply would say that his turnover to a side as other are really so good, but in relation to the split as his movements of legs could be much more clean to catch up the next ball in a better position and also draw a less impact against the own body.

Jiri Lehecka. When lost the first set 6-0 is that something had happened, so as just watched the last set, went to check the highlights to see that was going on before, although had an idea through of that was watching on that set, the readings never cheat us and said in Spain ” En algún sitio ha percheado ¨ .  Well his backhand spilt the ball out so faster, means that push it, but don’t create all the impulse to keep a minimum of dominance with that stroke, also the splits and opening stance was moving wider so in the counterattack lost too much options to send back some type of damage on, about the rest frequently the movement is not complete so get himself to go on troubles with it, and the forehand the body goes often back, so lost the transference and dynamism, also is a consequence of an important point to be realise about, it is the way that is blending his knees (body) as previous preparation to the strokes, is really too much down and is executed with an excess of mechanism, poorly natural, which made him lost the next position and that the strokes are not being so clean like it could be.

His mind, here there was a gesture from both guys who were in his box, that if received that information was a unconscious issue that rest him concentration while draw a point of relaxation, that ease him of his space, the issue is that his mind was completely holding up, means closed and full of insecurities, lack of confidence with a minimum issue, where the body even change to a pale skin leaving him as a belt that is tighten up but don’t have resources about as manage it, for sure that self-esteem isn’t on the way.

Andy Murray. Dear reader as said on Daniil, but on that case insist still more, please must read the last two previous articles that have written, but anyway want to focused about two small details that have seen today, and that must divide in two parts:

  1. Self – Criticism, Means take a perspective real from every facts and grab strongest that could do much better for the next chapters without cheating to the reality of each facts lived on, grab a base absolutely unstoppable.
  2. Conscious reading about that he did on the last set. As was his mind through of the whole body expression, may have lost o win, but that was doing is a detail that he must remind in, never better said innerly, the issue is that the reading was transmitting is as if have taken a master key from a trunk, open it completely and leave that everything go out by itself, in an absolute stretching pathway without getting interference that blocked it… Everything was going so natural…. HE MUST KEEP the connection Mind – body on that way, where the information is away because don’t have any more chance….If keeps on that way, many surprise could come behind of that!!!!!! LET’S GO!!! LET’S DO IT!!!.

Carlos Alcaraz.  Dear reader, as with Daniil must read my two last previous articles as don’t want to repeat the same, I am clear with that, his left leg draw on him too much issues that affect to many of the strokes, it is a work more technique than muscle if not then could have serious issues on, however is something that condition his game, and think that level that is showing out against Novak that we watched on the AO wouldn’t be enough. Anyway must recognise a small detail which he was superb or at least was able to keep a better stability, it was in mental terms but still can be much better.

Dusan Lajovic. On the serve as he toss too behind (almost at 10:00) made it more predictable, but where was struggle today was with the backhand under line, on many phases the position too open to the net, and with his forehand, a small issue when has to wrap it through of the movement, it was shorter and removed so early, so lost option to draw more control and speed to the ball, because Dusan play a lot, as would say in Spain ” es un jugón de la leche! ¨, but that details break him to push more than Top players.

Sebastián Báez. There are not too much to say, but through of the heigh that he has on, the fact to paint out that huge splits don’t make sense at all, the lost of time between the split and the action to the ball, was too much, that with someone like Nico was today, was absolute death, between other factors.


An extra, 

Nico Jarry and Arthur Fils, about Nico told on the last previous articles, won’t say too much, but today he was on the same way, in all the set, small details to improve in relation to the times and pause mind mixed up with the speed, so reduce unforced mistakes,…. but careful as he is coming up, I like all the set.  And about Arthur, I didn’t see him today, but have analysed him from few weeks ago, his strokes are really super clean  and very complete in all the set as to go to take a position very top up, but on the serve and forehand must improve and change some details in benefit of his health and get a much better performance on court, so think that France is going to have someone interesting up, also Carlitos will find other serious opponents that pushing him more intense job….

I don’t want to forget about the WTA Tour, that also there is an interesting game and variety of players now that will do and already do more interesting that Sport.

Good challenges!!!. when got that let me to work also will develop about the table several resources to the players putting more competence on the Tours.


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