Dear reader, here there is  a chapter more with more information full of quality, as on levels of tennis as psychology knowledge, just trying to offer you a little of details that have seen on and consider it really very useful, a type of perspective that you are not familiar with.

Daniil Medvedev. An octopus that is able to grab everything on, in fact he was playing with a good intelligence, the issues are the facts that have already commented on previous articles, is recomendable to read it. Well, as even he declared on press conference I think, he wouldn’t depend too much from something that is too vulnerable as is the confidence, as said on previous article don’t grab it weight – death that makes him to develop an excess of energy or even open on him space to disconnect, so jumps out from there would do to him a more strong opponent but even as on court as off there, would be a detail that would give him a great benefit.

Andy Murray. From the first second of the match, could feel on him that his legs was completely stuck, but his mind come back to the habitual noise that he develops in, of course that could be the legs so heavy or don’t, but as we are moving that information in our brain makes a huge difference between leaves it as something temporal or bring it to a point of somatisation that will go loading more weight on silence without getting realise about that, he showed himself on that week that is ready to gift to himself a battles much more solid that he shows frequently, he did it yesterday against Jiri, and must know as find that point back, because I am talking from a little bit outside, so for sure I am missing some basic information, but I am sure, because have blind faith on it, that he can do it!!!.

Bernabé Zapata Miralles. The story that have with him, made me back to the last summer 2022 while played the Qualification to Wimbledon, when for the ranking mustn’t play it and here must add the stupid choice that Wimbledon did to the players to avoid points to them, simply commented that because was a funny match to see it on live but about all for the personality that he spreads out and also in some way lighten up some details, even today saw somethings similar.

About his technique, about the serve, doesn’t make sense that with the height that he is, on the preparation is dropping his body down a lot, which after that create an effective reduction about the toss and this in turn play in opposite way to go up for a clear point of impact that let you a huge consistency with the serve. His forehand was other disaster point, because he lift so well the ball but made everything with the arm and barely use the body so is losing all balance and transference ahead, means that don’t have any control of the ball nor option to give a high speed neither, however the opposite way is his backhand with that if was able to manage the control of the point.

About tactic, is a detail that have missed to talk on the last previous articles because didn’t want to make that longest, but in that about Bernabé can say that it wasn’t properly to try closed a lot the court for later on then to pass over the opponent, must seek a wide variety and read where made him to suffer more.

About his mental game, as have already observed at Wimbledon, his brain go so faster so accumulate an excess of noise in, that overloading all the system, and then the body is made as a rock firm that don’t let to do any extraction to lose all the muscle, it is like to take a steel bar and then tighten it up but never get that the bar can take other form, that exactly is that happening on his body through of the mind communication that he has, anyway I feel that Bernabé  is a player that has much more quality to express out.

Cameron Norrie. Dear reader I think that mustn’t repeat many things already have said on the last articles that recommend you that read it. Add some detail about today, the huge and emotional stability that he showed along of all match, said emotional, read well dear reader, because that today it was displayed out more clearly, that is so good, love to see it. He was so solid, as said previously must have patience, also to find that called on tennis ” imaginary pause ” so let me to stop the body, take space, view and lift the ball without making the easier more difficult on, as also said his forehand could be still more hammer if corrects small hidden details on wrist and elbow, at least I have it so clear, as his backhand is what is and mustn’t do it to him uncomfortable. Tactically moved closed on perspective while gazed the left area with some angle, but must leave from that physical area and seek to damage in the weakness point of Bernabé during the match today, forced it more.

Carlos Alcaraz. Dear reader as have said about other players, recommend to read the previous articles, as nothing change in three days, as said his left leg is a serious handicap if doesn’t work that (in fact the body is wiser today during the match had issues with medical attention, as the body must balance by itself that impact), also think that must improve a lot everything in relation with the supporters as lost balance and focus with the net, obviously also as have already said, must seek his own self-autonomy inside of the court, because if doesn’t made will happen as are watching today, that he goes deep in a spiral where need an excess of external help and go loading a type of overthinking that place to him in a position very far away from the game, because is important to pay attention to the peaks of the curve as to a side of it as look to the other side as well, since it is a score that sign you the level of information that is saving in, as can see accumulate there, develop a high level of frustrations and different types of reactions, most of them quite predictable on.

Nico Jarry.   Forehand on movement doesn’t wrap the waist on (Vascular), too much unforced mistakes from that strokes, sincerely I lost the account of unforced mistakes, also the positional forehand is a skill to improve as usually grab it too close to the ball so can’t wrap it properly grabbing it up or down, and then lost a lot of consistency, the curious or isn’t is that on the inverse forehand, as the space as the gesture was really so good, in some way think that is the stroke that unbalanced to the rest of his game.  On the serve, that when the match was longest to the third set, that leg cramped, but more his mind, justly that leg is too tighten up and straight during the serve, super rigid, that is so unhealthy as with Carlos, but in positions or different gestures, is harrowing to see that.

About the mind, from the first moment on the chat with the umpire (head or tails) and during the warm up, could observe that everything he was bringing up during the whole week, has disappeared or at least it was mixed up, so it wasn’t a good signal….but the serve that during the first two sets where didn’t make any double fault and the inverse forehand will help to keep on the boat, feeling is that grabbed so much inside, like hat as his own wrist draw it through of that rigid gesture on between his hand and the racket. Obviously, I miss information to develop much better all the context, but was clear that something was choking him by inside, so he must do an opening Job, read all the context and start to work from there to a mental development that walk outside of any types of lines, without fragility or any state of threats or intimidation ( both are bases of the self-esteem). because observe that the walls are there, but where are the pillars?. Must be aware about where is everything through of the breaks things during that week.


Dear reader insist one more time, I just try to help to other humans beings through of bringing our a different type of perspective…because a solid wall, many times can look like to a real, however with the time if we are crashing against some hot points that open or undermine that thick wall, it is destroyed and show us out, the reality about that type of point we are right now,  but is important to read it before that it can collapse. Through of good base the way will be easier to transit for it.

Today as you have been able to contemplate if your are a little bit clever, the journey was based on legs or more specifically in a leg that imbalances the rest of the body!!!.



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