Dear reader, when finished my cleaning shift of my job at British LTA, during my bus trip till home I am tracking the score, then arrive at home, switch on my laptop, search the ilegal web where always watch all the matches (I don’t have any other choice), connect with the mach that is on the last game from the first set, then when get to focus absolutely on the match to analyse point a point every detail, appeared the Carlos’s injury, but it was also a gift, that let us or at least for who is willing to watch that one on perspective to visualise different contexts that also came with many others millions of points, so hope that each team is being able to read it without getting to fall down in a classic vain that seals between two types of rivers.

Think and again insist you dear reader, that must read the previous last articles that have written along of that week, because don’t need to repeat many of the issues that have been observing along of the week as in three days, it doesn’t change at all, and tonight on the final we are able to watch that one again as in a player as in other, however as I am a human being that always express my opinion frankly and with an absolute freedom because I love to project  an unfamiliar map and also I am not the typical guy who want to transmit you that you wish to listen as I am always seeking a continues level of growing in.

Three areas very clear:

THE MATCH. Honestly both players have given us a brutal lesson of life, believe me that I am not frequented to write that words, but each one of them on his island have brought characteristics that get to cross the borderline of the classic and immature sale of the famous and ” huge ” values. Have been able to contemplate a type of humans race, courage and even a line of inner lacerating (” Desgarro interior “) as expressive and honest that is not often watched on. Sincerely is a match that if you are en academy or club must be watched on trough of the original match where you have the power to go forward or backwards, because through of the highlights is going to be cheating on. it has bee brutal the emotional game between both players, a battle in base to the resistance, acceptation, the maintenance of your place on court and about all seek a especially sign of keeping a free endurance capacity on the maximum level possible. However there are differences that must to clear on individual way, so let’s do it!.


CARLOS ALCARAZ.  From Wimbledon Junior 2019, have been adverting that MUST change his gesture on the serve that it would destroy his legs, on special the left one, that is grabbing a tension technique absolute unnecessary, extremely rigid, is to make a simply small change, a detail that is not going to be something difficult to him to integrate in as is a very soft detail but that at the end as are watching on is drawing issues that start to be really serious if it is not change yet!!!!. About the backhand must work the line of the shoulders, so make him to go late (feeling) and faster which hit the ball so down and it makes to lost a high level of consistency, detail that on the forehand is the opposite, all the movement is clean and on rhythm although can improve a lot of supporters….that left leg….., but sincerely, everything is a mental quote to be aware about that he is doing and then after as must correct it, so would be on him to get a mind more opening and powerful. Look on the third set, with 3 – 3, he had on his left leg a big bandage that crossed all his leg, then he decided to remove it off, on that point, I am sure that all of you, dear reader, have had the same thought, well, it was disturbing him, make him uncomfortable, plus the stress through of the pressure of that moment,…bla bla bla bla…., here could have taken two more honest readings:

  1. COURAGE, BRAVERY, means remove everything off, take my mind outside of the pain, come back to work and seek the way to go for the match, or at least to compete leaving out everything I can on the best level possible, reducing from the mind the high impact of limitation. (Novak Djokovic, as remind as well a reference for me as was André Agassi do it as well).
  2. SOMATISATION. Means, that you close your mind, signing to her that there is an unique way to see the things which in some way are painting a circle that make us to come back to the initial point, the point where have ostensibly the pain, a pain that could be or maybe doesn’t , but as are communication it to our brain, is a basic key that will make that our brain in his mission to deliver it through of our body in transmission with our SNC have to develop an inner effect that will influence to our motor system and after to our digestive system, that in some way will push us to other detail that has the grip of our complete balance in its hand, the body temperature, as more get to be walking in parallel to the environment temperature, much better options to find to manage our mind from our own power, means, that as more conscious are being about it that small detail, more recovering frequency will be our body gaining in. SIMPLE AND DIRECT!!!!.


CAMERON NORRIE.  Firstly that the Carlos´ injury mustn’t  tarnish his victory and about all the tough job that have been doing along the week as previously during the journey to catch up to be there, however is a fact that mustn’t push him to state of self-deception (Auto-engaño) that cheat him about the real point where he is and that need to elevate up his level to beat Carlos, Novak,….etc.. on his best top form, but in some way that must really matter him is as to get to be in self- focus Io break in his own limits and touch all the goals that he is willing to catch up.  On previous articles along of that week have told about few details, between them, I feel that his forehand rest, doesn’t´turn over properly so lost time to grab the ball, his forehand small details on the wrist or elbow would on him to develop a great hummer tool, also the mobility legs and even the exit on diagonal must be much more clean, less holding down to the floor and more connected with the body, for example the fall down that he had was in relation with it, and other small detail important on tennis, the imaginary mini pause once that you are going to hit the ball in small areas of te tennis courts where the next is being bigger on.

An last aspect that deserves tremendously to be noticed in range completely different that the Carlos´ issue, because in Carlos right now is something more externalised and still weak on many points as have already commented, but in Cameron is worked in, which make him to develop a level of endurece capacity (agony – resistance) that is brutal, getting a level of insistence – perseverance that is totally admirable looking it from human aspects, however is true that must improve that curve of interaction to make it much more conscious, breathable and about all that get to be highly effective as in emotional terms as in physical development as in a better technique execution that make his person much more unstoppable, means entirely integral in the whole set.

In conclusion, that if you are working in the tennis industry, that they made today, is a brutal example to bring some aspects of the life but with a gap of space, also a great base de coherence and about all a brutal develop of intelligence that place our inner in  position far away from any bubble.


Looking forward to help. I am super ready to sign out good differences.



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