Well, dear reader, yes, I was awake up till 3:30 am watching that match in an illegal website from my laptop, so as you can see on the title of that small article was so clear from the same time of the warning up as the information that could go reading on was going to move on that direction between both opponents. CARLOS ALCARAZ VS JANNIK SINNER.

In Spain, we have a proverb that said like that: LA CABRA SIEMPRE TIRA AL MONTE. (WHAT´S BRED IN THE BONE WILL OUT IN THE FLESH), basically means that our behaviours, actions and movements are going in directions where the conscious point doesn’t let that the consciousness place some type of space in our inner, so push us to repeat patterns far away from our identity and also that don’t develop a brain flexibility that invite us to open a perspective as in space as in the self – consciousness of our human behaviour neither that will bring back us some type of physical consequences and also barriers in our space of movement.

CARLOS ALCARAZ.  On brain was more distracted and full of acceleration, or said in other way, have a mobility with an excess of emotional noise that draw arches of overthinking in. Technically there are two clear things that push him to work in excess and need to improve:

The serve, has three prejudices on:

  1. Tighten up, don’t let any mobility, lost a brutally of consistency.
  2. The left leg and its physical consequences that could move around of his body.
  3. Counteract the opponent’s rest, as has that base so stuck to the floor, the leg leaves blocked to the next movement it makes that in the first stroke has always too much difficult to hit it clear.

The diagonal triangle.

Basically, on that point I am sign out to his movements of exit or in to the ball, more specially those that force him to move out, think that is something which must improve a lot, as in the same way that muscle tighten from the beginning of the points, specially on the serve draws a negative influence on him as physically as the fact that couldn’t hit the ball clean.

The detail.

When he made a loud scream saying out: Cabrón Machoooo!!!!!  Reminded me some old players that at the end your attention is more pending of many external things but barely in paint a map of concentration that can focalised the attention in a free way on….. as said the title of that post WHAT´S BRED IN THE BONE WILL OUT IN THE FLESH, although in the case of Carlos would be as an air hot balloon (Globo aerostático) that is flat but in the same time charged with too much emotional back, that stopped that can fly our intentions at least in some point on.

*On previous matches already had warnings about.


JANNICK SINNER. Although is true that the game was as he was expecting on at the end, if think in other terms much more consistent and variable in development, couldn’t settle for it, basically the reason is simple, the inspiration the title of that post was for him, is that as in strategy as in strokes are fit in a pattern really equal that make one behind other in row without breaking out nor point conscious to exchange or fix something up on, that pushing to waste a lot of unnecessary energy on, and about all swell the balloon inside of a small frame or farmyard where is closing on by yourself, is as say you make that, come back to make that, but don’t find resources in, that as insist again paint limits on ourselves.


As hit it a little bit over the body, the point of impact is many times up, lost the count that the balls were against the red, as said in Spain ” De arriba a abajo, la bola al carajo!!! ” …  that scale of weight can be works better.

The detail. 

The stability and smallest movement of the steps on, it is details that apart from being damage his ankles, also has a high influence in the way to move on, which makes that is stumbled, confuse and losing a base of logistic that open in him a mental break to grab the position to the ball in a state much more clear and efficient for the next as well.


In conclusion, in both case there is a parallelism to be conscious about it, however there are differences although in someone THE BRED IN THE BONE WILL OUT IN THE FLESH than others, is that have missed a bigger value of self-autonomy, as always said all fact has some point that is not coming for any reason, the issue is there, but simply must search perspectives that we are not use to do on.




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