Dominic Thiem and some detail more.


Lately are in the mouth of everyone the fact about is going his come back on courts, so about crowded that are moving in the same rythm that a quantity of water found inside of vase on shaking, means zero observation and critical thought that place base of development and intelligence in.

Anyway, I was watching some highlights about that could be happening to Thiem in his come back, but well by the way, let me to remind you as in the begin of his career very often the journalist drew an image of animal making several tough and intense training on the forest, means or just meant that the priorities mind-body and body-mind were mix up, even with change of rythm and speeds, obviously that always will grab some consequences on.

If we talk about his match at Estoril for example, have observed him get to move in a little bit rushed (” Atropellado “), means that the movements are not natural, it was as if were in two temps without a clear natural extension from the body, so generate an abrupt feeling and surely an muscle overloading…..etc… and to finish about my brief perception in relation to him, is obvious that without getting in about his own feelings is so difficult to talk more and also keep us in a ethic way.  ¨ Could say that in psychologic terms, the fear or excess of sensiblity over his injury and other factors could be on the air?, Yes, it could be happening as well, but I don’t think so is the consequences, as there are issues that tighten all; but like I said, respect from the ethic and the common sense.

” Yesterday I had a very example on my job with a guest in her 70s plus some issues in her knee and ankle and about her predisposition in her workout in the Gym, but permanently there a lot examples with very narrow and hidden details on”. 


Keep on my thought that independently of the rankings, and watching as the female circuit, the WTA right now is in very opening way, full of variety and great matches, that she is a firm option to reach goals that doesn´t expect, in terms of Grand Slam, through of small emotional details on magnament is able to do whatever she want.


I don´t think so that she has any relation in all that changes, as on tennis there are always too many people around, is like a singer, if you play a note wrong in a couple of times, all people is going to throw over you, leaving their memory behind of them. Means, will have to get tidy up, find her space and temps, from there will find her own rythm as on brain as in motions movements.


Maybe I am wrong, but on female matches, the stadiums and the facilities is keeping very empty, barely there is some few people probably with some invitation for elevating the feeling on, in conclusion keep going a way of reticence in relation to the woman, it is in relation to the poor knowlege bagage about that sport, and a marketing most the impact that careful on.

About the Wc everything have been done, even if you know about tennis, to presence a match of Verdasco, although his head is in excess of speed and unconscious, that make him lost the concentration and after of focus, (I was lucky to have him at The Queen´s Club), in a rush without breathing by himself at all, so the body keep back, anyway that if you want to learn about the technique on tennis, Verdasco is one the best model to learn about it, then grab in every detail to place all of that in other level. Although the public of Madrid is excessively relationed with the football so in the forms or behaviours to be there is not the most healthy way, someone like Verdasco always is a help in calm that stupid spirits.


Right now it looks like more opening as well, I don´t think so the consistency is going to be a tool in use on, maybe can see some process on innertia, so means transitoriness, but doesn´t create something that keep it in a healthy way as in as off the court.

Stop to make smoke, then to be coherent or at least to find that way of coherence, and lover our own mirror, will benefit to our perspective or placing of our eyes over the contexts that have in front of us.



FDO. Carlos Azuara Aguado.


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