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Let me to come back to the initial structure so designed that website without forgetting my gallery section (as photograher that i am), anyway in that article that could have been divided on three or four articles instead of grabbing everything on one, however believe me that when you are getting to surf on that will understand that everything has an unifying thread, so obviously in pieces as atheltics as psychologics I can´t close my mouth.

VILLARREAL VS LIVERPOOL or better said LIVERPOOL vs VILLARREAL. (In the first leg already had it on to work about it)

Let start to talk about the football match if you are a coach, doesn´t matter whaty type of discipline, as of course if you are psychologist, I am so sorry I can’t count that called coaching of life, that match that even had the luck to get a first leg where seize about a fountain of psychologist information that was leaving the players in a total emotional block without individual resources in, a type of dependecy to grab that moments of confidence without any kind of real supports as result is going to give us a disorder emotional that pushing the body down (unreal psych fatigue), a mental positon outside of the grass, fears, dissaproval issues, habits of conduct that was fixed to a very narrow line that go stuck more for a big wish that through of an inner intention where the self-esteem wasn´t to be covering for a smoke of self-confidence and cofidence without a united cohesion human that pushing to a human being down a levels that on real life out of the pitch through of whatever other new trigger could grab drastics consequences as predectibles as have seen today (yesterday evening) in the second leg, so the psychologic was down in a level of peaks that never should happen innerly, about all it shouldn´t when that detail was active during the first leg which was a constant reading on.


About that firsty days that have already developed on the tournament, as in women as in men really if we are honest with ourselves will be able to observe the patterns that the squad of the Villarreal fc. have lived in, is not far way about that we are watching now on tennis, a circule that is like a boomerang that start and even is going to finish on the same point, however are inviting from an unconscious and huge lack of knowledge to the players that make a severe counts of beliefs and thoughts through of getting to refresh their emotions with a flash that is unreal that are pushing the players to develop a self-deception view, a type of persuasion leaving to the humans beings in a feeling of struggle against something that don´t know where the way is nor against who must work with. 

¨ That is something that must review with a total point of clarity, because the human health sees in itself affected as the own level of the show on causes a level of exposuring far away of a regularity and level of professionalism that let theirself feel free in that case, on the court ¨

So careful when are getting up or take off from boat that don´t have a captain or a engine that is able to open the way to an OCEAN as huge as unpredictable but with the enough level of resources to grab out a level of development as healthy as powerful in every action of movement as in our level of mental perception, a perspeticve that is an basic alley to our body.

Said that, becasue the Villarreal fc, have done the opposite, and right now Thiem, starts to remind me to other tennis similiar’s players cases, sincerely I don´t have the enough information about who is their team of job and as are driving it, however the feeling that there is any missing detail that are not observing is going some step back of Thiem, so is or could be dangerous at the end….. and that case also I can’t be agree about the words that Andy transmited to Thiem the other day for a couple of reasons in:

1. The emotional noise that it can catch up.

2. It is a fucking lie, because when you don´t work emotionally is when then said, ok ritght, the time of process have to be longer…

3. The books as in teaching as about that issue, in realtion that need 25000h, as even as see day by day, when a player have a dangerous injury or even begin their process to retired, sincerely as in their inner side there are not any job at all and have created a life absoluely on dependency of an external issue when it is watching affected the problem is making so huge than it is really.

4. Make that simple and free of loading as in a technique way as in mental way, the body will make its job easy and faster for the nature space brough it.

5. Murray still could be much better even have anticipated about few details if manage or better said worked more about few emotional habits that hold him down instead of being on higher fly.

Alexander Zverev’s case as from many other players females or males, that at then end go in that way mentioned in the first part of that area of article, so need to grab to justifications that absolutely have the base in our same line of impact, the label of the product instead of paying attention to the set of the group, so pushing to innertia that don´t exist, just in our mind without any kind of evolution as fixing to whatever level of the life.

Denis Shapovalov, that appreciated is that doesn´t have any order on but about all every movement or action was comming up through of a body acceleration that pushing him totally outside of the shot without forgetting that kind of unnecessary fatigue is constantly creating on; it means that body-mind can´t understand that type of information is receiving on, as manage it, so leave it without any type of base, doing everything for a kind of inertia but never through of a naturality that let to grab the whole potential of the shots as psychs, techniques as mental in the quality of every detail to realise on. 

Andy Murray, on my point he will always be a warrior, however can observe on him that keep himself too much emotionally stuck down with even a littel emotional disorder so it pushing to a level of stress totally avoidable, so it in realtion that he has a metal hip, believe me that is the opposite way about that his body would need to respond out in more unexpected powerful way, so it does on him lost the temps of the matches, so seriously would have to push more emotional movility on that plus everything that have commented on would be fruit on the top of the cake to place his peformance up.

Nikoloz Basilashvili, sincerely was playing really clean with his shots, but with a type of block that moved up and down in too much through of all the movements from each situation, detail that more suffer that block is always the serve as with innertia is not always enough, so really the wesit hold a position with risk of injury; like that as in his brain area the communication walked in two routes that in some moment have to get a crash at the end, so develop a communicative face totally tighen up in the area more inner that through ours nervous even digetive system place the person in an avoid position that is far away from the context where are on, so can absorve and create after a great execution. 

Carlos Alcaraz.  It is true on Miama, Barcelona worked while now in Madrid still works, however think that should cover with a bandage, becasue it after can create conducts outside and inside of the court more dangerous about are already watching one, can justify it about the novelty, the pressure, the stages,…etc. or whatever other reason but it wouldn´t real, because in argot psychologics that excuses could be useful in the first occasions, through of one, two or three chances, but after it so important to study the issue, understand that is happening on, probably on my point of view is that there is an excess of attachements so the value of independence is the concept that others wait from him and as even a sheep crowded now have a new lamb where support their journeys, sincerely observe a Carlos disoriented but about all that is shattered, it must be checked well. 

If put the focus in ohter aspects more on Carlos in total connection as the commented above, is that he doesn´t hold the court down, and his emotional resistence (strengh force have other meanings) is not there with an excess of movement, so bring to be reduced in corporal positons, so means don´t open body, that pushs the body in when must be the opposite to open a great way as physiologically as of course in mental-brain terms. About his techniques, there are two details on my point basic to improve yet, one is the serve, his body is too down so wastes a lot of the energy as also will create in the future an injury in parallel which Roger Federer had, because the positon is being similar, like that as dynamism; the second one is the position to the rest, his body is too much open in relation to his physical morphology so lost all kind of base creating an unbalance movement that is stepping up with the split, that make the disorder bigger on, so to the next movement is gonna to get there so late, both things must be imporved soon, without forgeting the brain issue commented above.


After already have taken three months studying the degree on psychology to give a contextualization of more than 15 years but almost 39 years of live in cohabitation with an issue that push out who I am innerly, sincery I am aware that the psychology is in a rancid moment between the fight of egos from all the psychologics’ currents as the imperious needs to update many of concepts, as rats of laboratory want to grab everything without having been in an permament experimentation with real facts of life to understand and see with clearity all the millions points of a context begining for the area more extreme, and that as have seen during that politic pandemic have shown theiselves up.

I will talk about it in other article when mix up few referents that all a flock of sheep as individually as in companies of job more far away from the own sport are being used to motivate their staff, detail as dangerous as absolutely ineffective, and said in the begining of the article, the Villlareal fc the last evening must be an example together to many aspects that are watching in the Mutua Madrid Open as is often seen in the circuit about as Psycholigist of Laboratory, can ruin a show if not that is most worst the own person in individual contexts, a disaster that must have several limits on as soon as possible to be honest. 

Some reader would say, what is going on about the WTA, practically have told very few about them, on many of them is going in the symphony that commented a little bit above about the walk in channels on parallel  in relation to the reality real where they are, because a number is not the sign of that if not your own process along of the journey, for it the peaks of lines are being too disproportional as up as down so have a huge connotation in improviming techniques as in physical as about brain issues.

So it is moment that as rats of laboratories as sports coaches, doesn’t matter that discipline start to gain consciouness about the spaces, the context, the development and types of inner influence that will create troubles over situations that can realy to grab in before it comming up, and like that in some way don´t destroy more nor to human being nor of couse the own level of a show, on that case on Sports.

¨ The Villarreal’s case shouldn’t repeat anymore as either the countless issues that are watching all the time for example on my sport, TENNIS, as I can’t imagen that would obsever if had the chance to go to any high performance center. The work must be on freedom without independence and about congruent in every piece of the puzzle ¨

” The psychology are lost in the way but don´t get to lost us in the way as well… but the lack of courage from own humans to take choices outside of regular patterns as well, here is where is the difference or null help to the own psychology and develop from our abilities in. “





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