Dear reader, the Roland Garros final , I was able to see it out of the corner of my eye from the hotel lobby, I managed to change the channel in the hotel bar and connect with the game, from the second set onwards, previously I followed it by statistics. 

Well, about yesterday’s article, which showed the keys, within the difficulty of being brief and doing it in writing, I honestly have to die with my ideas until the end, defend them, take my chest, show here I am, my personality, I know what I do and what I say, a kind of Steve Jobs, stepping on very firmly because no one has given me, nor will they give me or give me anything, rather on the contrary to search through their complexes, fears and empty bodies to get me out or block a route trip already marked.

Returning to the match, everything commented yesterday (Saturday) in the article, has been fulfilled during the match, especially in the first two sets, especially in the second, the route that Thiem made in Barcelona , he marked in that set, making it difficult for Rafa to “find” the ball with sensations, if he squeezed there, or he told himself to lose a little space (he didn’t) or the racket couldn’t get it out, because the movement of the arm there, that stayed there in the second set, and some specific moments of the third and fourth.

At the end of the second set, Rafa to the bathroom, returns with a gesture of firm decision and madness, which shows the previous gestures on the bench, on the other hand Thiem , blocking especially mentally, was instantly noticed by the facial and more pulmonary gestures , the breaths, he forgot to look for them in some way they would return to his being, the sensation of each x breaths, arose deep but forced, overwhelmed, the answers in the end only have him, his head and his intentions, speaking others has never It has been my style and it will not be now either.

Obviously, Rafael had a lot to do with it, he did not give him a break, he looked for him, he varied in the executions, he remained aggressive, and above all with firm decision, an important detail in this Roland Garros, on question for those who love statistics, if this Roland Garros, has it not been the year with the highest or one of the highest percentages and strength of Rafa with the first serve?


Final reflection:

“I am neither a fan nor a fan of any player, just a lover and passionate about this sport, its source of health, who wants to help, share its music, if I were a fan, when I worked at Queen’s I had many opportunities to make myself photos with everyone, from the big4 or 5, as top 10, 20, 50 players, or other legends, Mcenroe, Lendl, Becker, Caratti, … etc …, I left without any photos, because I was only interested in one thing To be valued for my person, not to give an image away from what I am not, I had a certain fear of the opposite. 

I do not like that football vibe that there is today in tennis, like that fanatic today in the stands, disguised with the same phosphorite outfit as Rafa today, nor many other stories, in the end they damage the true meaning of this sport , because a piece of tin is not worth a fucking shit, what is worth and what remains is the road traveled to get to that top of the hill, but not what that hill up there has to offer you, because it really has nothing to offer you “


Rafael, congratulations on your 12 Roland Garros , but above all for your journey in tennis , dying on the court as I will die with my ideas, regardless of who I fuck, whoever fucks him, because I have not come to fuck, or to to be acid, just to be myself, to share what I have learned, I learn and will continue to learn from the highly respected processes that life has always had with me.

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .