I am not a lot of these things, because education, respect and my remorse of conscience can help me, and especially for me tennis is above names , but since tomorrow (today Sunday) I will not be able to see the final since I It is time to work at the hotel, I will follow her through the official page, result by result, statistics by statistics with the permission of the clients.

Following what happened in Barcelona this year, about the change in Rafa’s game pattern more in or near the line, more aggressive, more immediate, with shorter rallies, and playing with much less topspin than on other occasions, no covering a whole possible space, that in Monaco, Barcelona and Madrid diminished him, in Rome he varied in the way of constructing the points (Did you notice Toni Nadal’s hand , with any indication?) … with many players he can play like this , but with Thiem I think not.

Thiem , is a player with a very good topspin, he nails your balls very deep, with weight, and full of biting, also with Rafa’s technique , which he achieves by moving away from what has given him so much success, is that the point sweet of impact, do not find it, at that height it is very difficult to hit, perhaps his thing to lie back a meter, and burst the opponent in his game of “tran tran” until he reaches a point of inpatience, fog, of where to know where to attack.

If the pattern of play is seen again, repetition of shots, without risk and courage to the gap, Thiem has the upper hand , because as I said in Federer’s analysis , lately as I go back in the Scoreboard, I have the feeling internally, It is created as an ocecation, not to be confused with the tiger’s vein, something essential, very characteristic in it, it takes away all the visual resources that it can have on the table, at each point.

Two keys:

1. How internally Thiem has recovered between yesterday and today (Sunday).

2. Rafa’s game pattern and decisions, to create a one-to-one match, where the smallest emotional and intelligent details are decisive in the outcome and not so much the technical-tactical part. (In the end more entertaining for the viewer and even for themselves, now to enjoy the game, The game.)


I have a lot to keep improving and learning, but this is my perception of what I feel will happen in a few hours.



“Does it have so much value, lifting a tin trophy? Or the money that comes with it? Or getting the contract signed to go play? Sport or success in sport, I feel that it is not those values ​​that are imposed on them. through thoughts, but the journey traveled to reach that top, that present moment, not what the top gives you, in the end what remains in the memory of those who live it and in the memory of others, is the journey of that moment of life, and the rest of the routes lived within that trip “.

Thank you very much, and allow me to continue learning.

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .