Before start to talk about Garbiñe Muguruza, dear reader, there is a thing that don’t like nothing, that also happen with others future new players that is coming now some probably already with corrupts personalities and others maybe still cleans personalities (if you have read my article about the ages, will understand this point), is that the medias, bands, sponsorships maybe are the same bands as well, corrupts coaches, parents,…,are awaiting to launch like vultures. It is awful!. Anyway, I think “when one don’t want to go in, two can’t do nothing”, but all that without a very good manage of the emotions will pass over the person, hoodwinking them to a feeling of “you are a super star” or maybe with a “you have a super talent for that” forgetting them where they come from.
Talking already about Garbiñe Muguruza, dear reader, I have an anecdote: A friend, that very often goes for different European Challenger and Future Tour, Fed Cup and Davis Cup, so she knew to her before to became at a well-known player. My friend knew that I have been at Wimbledon Championship, had a ticket for two ladies singles matches and one invitation doubles match: Garbiñe Muguruza vs Timea BacsinszkyMadison Keys vs Agnieszka Radwanska and Justin Gimelstob (USA) / Ross Hutchins (GBR) vs Jonas Bjkorman (SWE) / Thomas Johansson (SWE), apart of that I was able to see the previous training as well, and days after around the Wimbledon Championship, close to the area where they do some interviews to the players with a beautiful depths, then could be able to see other detail more respect to Garbiñe Muguruza (Hidden for me), also like my friend knew the different comments that I uploaded on my socials networks about tennis constantly, one day my friend asked me. What do you think about Garbiñe? (Also asked me about others players..).
It was simple, ah..I am no who to give a opinion about that, but in base on my emotions, my emotional intelligence, and every detail that I have seen, think that have a lot of enthusiasm, energetic, overambitious, intimidating presence, so some things are good if they have a balance and a calm, a break to breath, so consider very important, (if no look like Serena Williams was in the last months, that added now), so I said that mentally wasn’t seeing her on focus, with many pressure, no good for the body, future injuries, also some observable in too many players. About her ex-coach, I think that have the feeling that he looked a good-nature man (bonachón, campechano in Spanish), nothing bad, the opposite, dear reader, has many good things, however in a mental level would come a problem “he could learn more from her than she learn from him”, so for my opinion needed to keep with him but with a extra person that helped in this mental job and maybe in others aspects of the game, or maybe break the relation and take a new coach that could have influence in those aspects. That´s it. It was that I said to my friend.
My surprise, dear reader, maybe not of the all was when two or three weeks later, Garbiñe Muguruza communicated that broke relations with her coach of big part of her life, my reading again wasn’t wrong, neither I needed collaboration of facts, nor looking for that, principally when you believe in yourself and your personal job, in all these kind of things that can´t manage, and use the emotional intelligence and the experience of life, after we run in accordance to everything that can see. Careful!, that is no magic, no predict lotteries, nor am a crazy man, all are psychologies aspects of our mind, of that really are and how no do that it destroys you, when you learn to manage, then find at least your personal propose and maybe it called happiness.
Coming back to the matter at hand, dear reader, weeks later of her communicated, maybe a month later, before of the USOpen announce the name of her new coach Sam Sumyk, so was a surprise because he was working with Eugenie Bouchard is like “off with the old, in with the new” ( “A Rey muerto, Rey puesto in Spanish” ), I don´t have any against with him, simply I like them who have a regularity constant no for one or two Grand Slams or whatever other title, because I know that was working with Victoria Azarenka, (was able to see them in a training on live in 2014 at the Tennis Queen’s club before Wimbledon Championship), if no who get a change in value in theirs players to a good regularity independently of the level.
Of course, dear reader, have to give time to see what happen, however after have seen that happened at Australia, how physically Garbiñe Muguruza had her sole of foot, although have done a very good Fed Cup recently, after in the rest of tournaments haven’t been very well, so I am my afraid that have my doubts about all in an emotional level, because about tennis I don’t have any doubts that will learn a lot, and maybe have emotional situations where can learn as well with him. Otherwise is very clear that the kind of injuries that are punishing to her are consequences of too much pressure, stress, anxiety, maybe behaviours inappropriate (more corporal tense and its derivates problems),.so need a type of job and communication that neither I have seen at Sumyk nor Bouchard nor Azarenka.
In conclusion a very bad manage of the emotions where take time to relax and like that get to have a better point of vision, connection, and communication between body & mind working together in a properly healthy way, probably she would feel herself much better and the frequency of risk of injury would drop a lot and even maybe an injury on would calm down much before she could imagine, because we are who more can help to our body. Well, we must leave that the time and the future transmit itself to the respect of; of course I want all the best for Garbiñe Muguruza and for Spain, that is just my respectful objection.
Thank you very much once more time, dear reader, If you are Garbiñe Muguruza, or someone of her new team or even from her old team or maybe from her surroundings, hopefully can apologise me for something that you consider wrong, just only wanted to share my point of view and put my grain in the better way possible, always open to exchange opinions to learn each other.

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis.