After I have seen in the last months of last year and the first months of this one (2016), dear reader, in both players I have seen some similarities in minds states, too match accelerating, nervous, stress and anxiety in ranges the most highest bringing the breathing and heartbeat on limits of authentic anguishes, when really are talking about just of a tennis match. Yes, a sport with values, after all a sport, where one must to try to enjoy, learn and growth in all senses possibles, it will just happen if we listen ours owns emotions.

I understand that kind of manage of the emotions as horrible as unhealthy but about all is very bad for them, like examples for new generations and for the crowd that assist to watch a tennis match where they could watch a series of values in relation to human being and with a sport, in this case the tennis, although also depend of the judge of everyone and that kind of importance everybody give to everything, in this case in every moment of situations that is watching. Think, dear reader, that kind of anguish is compliantly outside of place, and it shows the null job about the emotions no given priority to the person in favour of a “imaginary machine”. So I want to believe that there are no conscious about that because if no the situation would be much more dangerous.

Dear reader, I know that Serena Williams is trying to come back to find that fit and feelings that months ago lost, to consequences of a “null” manage of the emotions, putting on risk her health where sometimes seems that she was close to feel a heart attack no agreeable to watch it, isn’t it?, dear reader, and maybe about all, because someone players for finally don’t feel intimidate for her, where probably was surprised in her zone comfort create unconsciously, situation unexpected for her, remind dear reader, Roberta Vinci touch the click!. Is it probably a consequence of that her coach now has his ambitions and egos gone to his head?(“Se le ha subido a la cabeza..exito, ego, ..ambiciones…” in spanish). Dear reader will leave to you that give an answer about that. We will see that the future to say us, but many things have to change if she wants to keep in the elite more time, beginning for her emotions 1000% sure, because her game no think that have any fissure.

About Victoria Azarenka, her tennis situation is completely different to Serena Williams, however about the mind state is very very similar. Why?. Well, dear reader, about her situation respect to the tennis, she is trying to come back to the top, more that in ranking, that it is a collateral benefit, she is trying to get tittles, and reach semi-final and final of Grand Slams, and big tournaments, feeling that can compete one on one with Serena Williams and another top players, after of all problems about injuries that she had last year, in fact, really I have the feeling that her injuries was more for stress mind, behold the similarity with Serena Williams.

Through of all have been able to watch of her in the last months, dear reader, Victoria Azarenka, are playing with much more light, enthusiasm, force, courage, dedication, joy, attitude, aptitude, and a lot of love,…etc… for that the medias chosen her with a the favourites to get up the trophy of the Australia Open, then wow!, dear reader, why didn’t it work properly?, or is it no working well? (at least, refer as well, she could feel better feelings after a score unexpected). I will leave down the mine, but I expect you can leave your opinion where exchange opinions and learn each other.

The answer, dear reader, for me is easy, is true they are no machines if no human being, it means that don’t be perfects but if improvable ( “mejorables” in Spanish)Victoria Azarenka for example during all the Australia Open and some before tournaments, in every one of the matches, so some of them won with quite clarity with respect to the scores, if we only looked it, however, dear reader, in all matches I was watching the same attitude, so good light, and no only how her colourful clothes fit on her body if no also for her attitude, aptitude and determination…etc that I have mentioned a little bit more above, but all that great combination of values was totally accelerated, full of anxiety, looking forward to eat the world. Great it is good, isn’t it?

Not, it is not, because frequently we have to be patient, very patient, in this case Victoria Azarenka, for all that wonderful values showed and internalised (“interiorizado” in Spanish) some very obvious on her, because if no you could’t show it after, like she was showing it, where can be expressed it in total connection, in harmony, in calm, that all of that work for you, and we can’t manage everything, have to let that is working us and show us the way, and she was doing it, but missed it little point of calm constantly, she seemed a specie of tennis table ( “ping-pong” in Spanish).

She has on her hand all the power and the tool find that balance in all that wonderful energy showed in the last months ago, and I am 1000% sure that it will has a great gratification for her and all who love that sport called “tennis”, for the moment she found with the victory again at Indian Wells and Miami.

Will see that the future talk about that two big sportswoman, where I have to recognise that I love more the game and style of Victoria Azarenka, her spirit of achievement, her grateful attitude, her love and way to transmit her emotions to the people, and more, but all of that is an energy as beautiful and of big human value that I am sure that if get to be on focus all o that will have her gift and our gift in way of “a tennis game”.

Once time more, like I have said in other articles, all that is a inner opinion, full of respect to two bigs sportswoman, theirs teams, theirs coaches and theirs surroundings, so if the dear reader, are the owns players (Serena Williams or Victoria Azarenka), someone of theirs teams, or someone of theirs surroundings, who are reading that, hopefully accept my apologies if they find something wrong. I just wanted to share my point of view to the respect to the actual situations of them and my inner feelings.

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis.