In these last one year and half approximately, have been said so many other things, on medias, on social networks, on the street (clubs, pub, school, subway,….), to be honest sometimes one had the feeling to want to puke on whatever place, for the out the proportion things that have been said or written about Rafael Nadal, included on early year that if that year (2016) is no good, he must retired!!, compliantly unbelievable!!, no let to one enjoys in his sport (profession) without being number one, anyway here I don’t think to encourage all it fucking shit!!.

Just one thing before to start to give my opinion, he is the number 5 of the world, so nor he has never gone to any place like neither has to come back from any place, he is still a professional player, where number 1, or, 3 or 5, or 21, or 43 or 83 or 110,…etc, I mean, all of them have the merit to be these ranking on the world and be able to fight for a sport that in theory they love it (tennis) and have decided that it was theirs lifestyle. Ah, however a thing that all professional must to have very clear to be a public personalties, like o no like to them are indirect teachers of many people in spirit and values (that dear reader, hear of me a lot because will never tire of repeating it).

Listen, dear reader, now let me go with my opinion, in base on the Rafael Nadal’s statements at the press conferences, signed drawing in his faces and corporals during their matches through of the first half the season before June 2015 (Queen ́s & Wimbledon Championships), perfectly I realised about that happens to Rafael Nadal, like also I have passed somethings but no in a sport level if no in ordinary life, but finally both are human being. Finally I was watching these known like “The Self-deception” (El autoengaño in Spanish).

Never, I don’t have any doubts about that, apologise if that one sounded arrogant, however If I know it and believe in that, must defend that till the end with theirs consequences but of course, without being inflexible because is very important to listening others thoughts. Well, detected that months before June coming, and after I really felt lucky to thanks God and to the life ever, to have given me the opportunity to have lived the Aegon Championship (Queen ́s Club) since inside, in a good mature moment, where have been able to see and feel many small details, all it together with the developed during the Wimbledon Championship could do only that confirm my point of view (soon will live it again with much more wealth).

In fact, in a of my network social, just after Wimbledon Championship 2015 through of a very beautiful conversation with two coaches (for respect won ́t give the names), who have already on level of respect in my country (Spain), with a very respectful exchange of opinions, also some friends or some acquaintances that like to listen my opinion, imagine that because charged of sense common, logic and coherence,….etc,…and then threw them my opinion, say to them:

Look, dear reader, It is very easy to talk about him since a sofa, hidden back of a computer, the ideal would be to do like a Spanish tv program “traveling with chester” (Viajando con chester in spanish), I mean, you can be with him in private, face to face, in a private area, where he can be himself without any medias or even fanatics that no lovers of tennis, maybe other option, a breakfast, a lunch, dinner at a private area of this hotel or whatever, you know?, because the only way to know the deep of matter at hand, the rest would be all bullshit, even my opinion that leave below, although one has the certain that is close the true, all is in him.

Well said it, dear reader, and one more time with all my respect to Rafael Nadal, think that if we make analysis of the career of him with the of others young players, the nature like human being is no too much different of the another ones. If you are young come in your progression with determination, force, enthusiasm, good energy, listen, work hard, but about all humble, sincere, grateful and admitting when you opponent is much better than you and then that energy, that moments that you can’t have the control and will never get to have it, always will run on your favour without realised. Then when you are young and have it behaviour usually you are clean of bullshit, worries, because still have crossed the line definitive to be adult, then can still take advantage about that.

So Rafael Nadal made that, work hard, behaviour in concordance with our nature, good energy, conscious and unconscious was like that. ¿What is happening now?, very easy, all human being have to cross that line, where leave to be young for ever to be adult (like I have said in my articles about the ages, about 25-27-28, usually depends of the develop of every person), then when you are adult, even in the final years of the adolescence, can see one still details about that although no stop the success yet and maybe if you do this change right never stop to have success. However Rafael Nadal haven’t done very well this change in a inner level, it is obvious, thing frequently in the people, from my point o view.

Think that Rafael Nadal, dear reader, when he started to play tennis, found all doors open, simply he has to choose where he want go and work hard with humble because he know he was a lucky guy where no only boys can access easily, apart of the tools, together with other fields of their life, where his way have been all, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, take the opportunity and make the most of it, he did it and more, so everyone have enjoyed with that during last years.However, what happen with the “no” answer?Where has he left the job of the “no” answer?. I mean when you knock a door, other, and other, and other, and other, no one open to you, always is closed, how could you manage no only one door closed if no seven, eight, nine,… maybe every day one more? in other words, respect to a tennis match or even for the life, How could he manage no only one loss, or even one loss every prolonged time if no one loss follow of other loss and other loss, and other loss to someone don’t be too familiarised with loss in a row? Exactly the same that is happening now, or isn’t it?

Although is too arrogant, but dear reader to that you and the rest the people can understand my point of view with respect to Rafael Nadal, let me to compare myself with Rafael Nadal, honestly am conscious sounds too arrogant, but let me to do that, please, however like that think that you could be able to understand my concept much better. My case is totally opposite Rafael Nadal, my lack of experience with a yes, and other yes, and other yes,..like that successively, a “yes” answer makes me feel terrified, super nervous, with anxiety,…etc.. because I am no familiarised with that answer and find it so hard, about all in cases where require of me a jump of level outside the comfort zone (If I want to leave my music in the world, you have to leave from there, yes or yes..).

About that, dear reader, could have many reasons, but honestly now, in that moment of my life is just lack of experience; however when you have to knock a door of whatever field, and it is close, one time, and other and other and other, doesn’t matter how many times, that I have never give up, being able to be a specie of rock very hard and strong, with a big capacity of suffering, maybe I have a familiarised too big with it, so makes me a specie of iceman and also for other private matter is no relevant hear, simply I know how manage the “no” answer very well to its constants appearances and my work about them. Like you can see, dear reader, completely opposite to Rafael Nadal’s case.

I mean with all that comparative story, simply is that everyone need to find the balance between both fields, if really for example, your dear reader, are in the side of the “no” or even the “yes”, have to find the balance between both, everyone have to do that, because if no like Rafael Nadal now, or even other athletes or people of the others fields, where have had a fall down very dangerous, even finishing with a tragic final. Much worst if you dear reader, or whatever other people are not on the “no” answer and neither on the “yes” answer, probably you and your mind will be personally in a situation very very delicate where a tragic final is more dramatic yet.

Think, dear reader, is no necessary to remind you that Rafael Nadal is in the situation of the “no” answer, to find the path to manage it very well, without that through over him, where create all symptoms that he is feeling now. Obvious that one “no” always will be more hard that a “yes” and get to overcome no only a “no”, because one “no” is no practically painful, if no a “no” after another, and other and other, is very hard for whatever head, remind as well that when you leave to be an adolescent to convert on adult, you have in your head too much bullshit, worries, stress,….in definitive all the imaginaries problems that you want to have in, because it depends of the importance that you give to everything, obviously already are no adolescent or children where our mind is more free o practically free the contaminated thoughts, for that is most difficult and need more time to recover of a big number of loss in a row, like Rafael Nadal, now.

Apart as well, let me, dear reader, do other aside before to follow explain a little bit more about Rafael Nadal, to me, Rafael Nadal, remind me a lot, and every time, more and more, and more, a chapter of the a Spanish series “Verano Azul” in particular with the chapter “EL IDOLO” (“IDOL“ in english), if you haven’t watched that or even no remember very well, I invite you to see back it a more time, if you are no Spanish speaker, don’t mind, watch as well, very frequently we don’t need words to understand many things. (In www.tve.es you still can find that series).

Every time that have watched that chapter, exactly to come to say like an ordinary person tell him, “you are very good” “you have an attractive image” “you can earn a lot money”,….etc.. wow!, you brain when you are young, then someone adult see you, and then talk you like that with all those kind of things, you go crazy with those wonderful words and besides in relation to a world that you love, how could someone reject an opportunity like that?. In the beginning everything are amazing, all work properly, success, the medias talk about you, every time more sponsorships calling to your door, all is an circle that every time is bigger and bigger, with many difficult to leave from it, “THE IDOL” is here and done, the person is destroyed inside step to step, because in fact everybody selfishly want more and more of “THE IDOL”.

In this case, dear reader, everybody want more of Nadal no of Rafa, the person, probably Nadal is more strong than RafaNadal is that IDOL, this Myth that everybody seek to make money for some people and make dreaming to others people, however about Rafa nobody want to know anything, Rafa doesn’t want to put out his eyes, because maybe could damage to him, or even his image of “IDOL”. So from my point of view that is one of the things that can be happening to Rafa. He has the necessity to feel free of the weight and the oppression of the other, of Nadal. In that point, have a question with difficult answer or maybe no, How can get Rafa to throw away to Nadal?.

Well, dear reader, It seems that Nadal is on live yet in Rafa, living of his name full of records, millionaires contracts, even interests, maybe journalists accomplices as well, in definitive a powerful and huge assembly around of him that is too much for Rafa (sobrepasa a Rafa in Spanish), maybe for the reasons that are, Rafa can’t or even don’t want to stop it or throw away to Nadal. A chain very well organised, where every link of that chain know perfectly that have to do to keep it united, however think they forget the main link of this chain that is Rafa not Nadalbut for them is Nadal, that IDOL that satisfy theirs egos and theirs interests, after I don’t care like Rafa is, like I have won my part of the cake,….ah?….sorry…(like Maria Sharapova a few time ago).

For all the commented above, dear reader, I consider that Rafael Nadal is in a state of self-deception (auto-engaño in Spanish), in fact I don’t think so that he is the only tennis player in that situation, but must a his level, his position in the ranking before so has more media coverage; however I can venture that in the top ten there are someone else like that after I have seen and been with them in their trainings before the Master Cup at the O2 of London. The curiosity that everyone have on common is work very hard and more on courts or even in the gym, hours, intensity,..bla..bla..bla..and maybe like that the scores improve, but they don’t realise that are in a wrong way, honestly though from my point of view.

Coming back to Rafael Nadal’s case, that is the matter at hand, dear reader, I won’t say that he must do or don’t, it would be too arrogant if the person in question hasn’t asked me about that, only say on base to my feelings, sometimes seems only have importance about the money, in tournaments, sponsorships, and other unnecessaries publicities, maybe as well “The IDOL” so I have mentioned a little bit up about that, well where I think like all must have a balance between all, because maybe that also is a problem of defocusing, is a objection nothing more, because come to the world without nothing and go away without nothing.

Well, when after of Wimbledon Championship 2015, in the next ones tournaments and months, the medias wanted to sell us, a reality opposite to the true (don ́t want to repeat the comments to respect to Rafael Nadal), also of course because Rafael Nadal with his statements at the press offices encourage to do that, with thoughts like “the Asian Tour and UsOpen would be like a preseason for me”, even seemed that some improvement have done, it wanted to everyone that we believed. I think, that maybe because Rafael Nadal used that to cheers up himself in seeking of some solutions.

However the only thing that I could observe day to day is a level of self-deception highest of that I had thought, dear reader, now we are in 2016 nothing change too much, although in the last month he has won at Montecarlo and Barcelona, however I have my doubts about if it will be the begining of a regularity or for the opposite some punctual, so in a few weeks will come back to where he was before, let me to have my doubt, so think that wil came back old and bad habits, will see that the time talk to us, now look th sun, just there, is the solution, stop, look around, leave that the light come inside of him and to everybody as well.

Nothing more that add about Rafael Nadal, dear reader, more that the medias must not be cruel, dirties and inhuman like they are doing, and also if the reader in that moment is Rafael Nadal, or someone from his team, or even of his surroundings, that with all my heart, with all the consequences of my personal opinion could take it since a constructive criticism with the only intention to expose my feelings and that I think and see, in base to my emotional perspective, without being a professional of psychology-psychiatrist, without having a paper or any certificated of nothing as well and my great lover for that sport called tennis wanted to share some that I consider useful tools without intention to damage to anyone. If there are something wrong and it arrives to them, hopefully Rafael Nadal and his team can apologise me.

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis.