Well, dear reader, since the before week to the beginning of the Roland Garros, the medias, coaches, and another people were saying their bets to who will be the new champion of Roland Garros 2016, think that it is unnecessary to put in that pressure in them.

Why does Stan Wawrinka be dangerous in that Roland Garros?. Well, dear reader, like you know perfectly so is the mainly subject of my Blog, The Emotions, I fit my eyes on everything around of that, because is just there where the hidden details give the information of as a person is inside.

Stan Wawrinka had taken some longs months, very low about results, even between them some problems no related with the tennis, he was distracted but in the same time looking foward to come back to the win, but about all in recover inner feelings where he could feel a great confidence and a dangerous player for the rest.

Dear reader, on the life everything happen things for some kind of reason, like that appeared it, that situation that did on him come back to feel there that needed, it happened at Genéve where he got to throw away the inner rubbish, recovering confidence an security in himself, some that can be casual connected with the inertia of a tournament in a row, or something permanent, approximantely something similar to Rafael Nadal has lived somes weeks ago.

In the way that he is emotionally in that Roland Garros, for me is the clear favorite to be the winner of that tournament in this year, the situation that has found days before to go to Paris, and like is being his first week in Paris do from him the opponet to beat, but think that he is the unique rival for himself, if he get to manage that properly don’t have any doubt he will be the winner.

Like have said in the begining of this article, tennis and sport above the names, continue enjoying with the tennis.

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis.