Days after reading certain news in the Spanish and non-Spanish media, with their corresponding videos, situations experienced in this regard, and especially this last personal situation experienced last Friday, October 21, or rather I could say that October 22 By the time it was, it forces my heart to express an opinion closer to reality.

On Friday, after finishing my work shift, arriving at my house in the Wimbledon neighborhood , around 12:45 a.m. at night, 10 meters in front of my door, between the curb and the asphalt, in the darkness I could contemplate a being lived with long hair lying on the ground, making movements and coughing, he was not able to decipher whether a man or a woman; I went into the house, and from my bedroom window I kept watching, because I couldn’t look the other way, and go to sleep so calmly, which I decided to disturb the Landlord, wake him up and call an ambulance.

So we did, we went out to the street again, we could realize that it was a woman in her twenties, we were with her, a small ambulance car came first, and then an ambulance, simply to be able to take her home, not too far from where I live. I will never forget two details, the look and attack of the girl, nor the passion, joy, enthusiasm of the two beautiful nurses with their work, with that vocation that must be had to see and feel in many occasions situations not pleasant to see, but that however it has to be filled with many emotional situations and internal assault. 

The curious thing about this story came to me the next morning, when while I was having breakfast, my Landlord, told me what a night yesterday, you were a  HERO  , I answered very simply, I was just a HUMAN BEING  who could not turn his back to a situation, that needed my help, where I should use my heart, and not my mind, because although it is not my responsibility that the girl enjoys a party in an unfortunate way, if it is my responsibility to remove that other part than her. Nature has given us, which moves borders, LOVE  with its benefits pre previous and previous post in those who use it from the most real purity. 

Continuing on that day, with that word “HERO”  still in my head in the form of an analysis, of how much damage the media, federation, associations, etc … always do in the search for that scientific, spiritual “HERO” , literary, musical, sports, ….. etc in such an easy way to create them by the simple internal emptiness of looking outside that “IDOL” that saves our life, where very easily on many occasions that “IDOL” that is capable To live from his dream, he is internally much worse than the fans themselves or the people who created him.

Then I find myself in the newspaper, news “HEROINA for defending Spanish” or something like that, in the face of the alleged racist attacks, which are supposedly lived in the United Kingdom . I am going to tell you the truth to these media, look at everything happens for something, one day before Friday, to live my situation, like others lived in that week and some time ago, I went to a Gallegos store, not far from Fulham Broadway Just talking about it, there is one thing very clear about the Spanish, in the videos it is not appreciated much, it gives the feeling that first there is a provocation, it does not matter if it is first with a look or with words, it is the same, the situation is defined in one sentence:

“In recent years many Spaniards have come, many of them also Latinos with a Spanish passport, both the pure Spaniards and the Latin Spaniards, who have my affection for their simple courage to jump into the void in search of a better future, They do not adapt to the country, nor do they learn the language, nor do they respect the culture, nor the habits of a country that is not theirs, which you must respect their habits and traditions, their culture, that sadly does not happen gentlemen, there are many who carry here three, four, six or more years, and they don’t even know the language and they don’t respect the English or their culture . “

This Gentlemen of the media is reality, not Spanish-style racism, I am going to give you a very simple graphic example. For a while I was working at the WALKABOUT , for those who do not know it, Australian pub-disco-sport bar, near embarkment, that is to say in front of the River Thames , well every Monday we had a Spanish-Brazilian party, Do you know that everyone On Mondays we had a brawl in said joint, between Spaniards, and some occasion between Spaniards and Italians? Not a Monday went by without something missing. 

In fact, a few months after I stopped working there, in a local newspaper, I read that three Spaniards, right in the middle of the closing, fell into the river, thanks to the shouts, a Spanish Runner (Collect glasses), who heard them, reacted Their quick reaction kept them somehow safe until the Salvage team arrived. In short, we always give the note, and we do not respect that we are not in our country, but in a culture that you like or not, it is English, which deserves its respect, and nobody or nothing forces you to be in it if you do not want to.

This is the reality, not Spanish-style racism, but rather go to any Spanish gastronomic restaurant, where Spanish is liked a lot, here there are no HEROES or HEROINES , but ARROGANT and IGNORANT , where it is easy not to make a real version, to take it to the side of self-conviction, self-affirmation but not to the truest reality. 

The Brexit is not hate the Spanish, Italian or any other language, as far as I have understood and experienced, it is more because many of the English and British, their grandfathers fought against the Germans, do not want back in control Germans, also due to the lack of immigration control where they feel drowned, at least this is the reflection of the most veteran people, their opinion is logical and respectable. Healthy Multiculturalism is always good.

Neither I was a “HERO”  the other day, nor 3 years ago when in Avenida de los Poblados in Madrid , I found a sports backpack, with clothes, and a mobile, where inside the pants there were 1500 euros in cash, where I could return everything to its owner, it was not money earned with my sweat, nor did it belong to me, regardless of how the other person had earned that money, where many people work extra in black to support their family, that was what I thought the most; Where by the way when I publish it on my Facebook , not looking for anything concrete, just awareness that there are many ways of doing things, I take more sticks than good words, to return money that was not mine !!!!.

I repeat, I was not a HERO , I was a simple human being, coming from a city like Madrid, and from a small village, Valvieja, Ayllón Segovia,  which has truly taught me the depth of many of the values, those famous values ​​so fashionable today In its most artificial part, this tiny village of about 4 inhabitants per year currently, with a more populated summer, its people have taught me simplicity, humility, generosity, humor, … among many others, perhaps as well bad, envy, the game of egos, but above all the most important of the geographical point of my village, the power of silence and solitude, the love for the beauty that surrounds it, that includes the general good heart of its People, without that Village I wouldn’t be who I am today. Thank you Bamburrinos !. 

The “SPORTS HEROES”  are not HEROES either , temporary successes, momentary, where behind there is a team of work, good or bad advice, etc … and a team sport without the companions around you are NOBODY. What to make of the sport a world of statistics or of money, can only have a single and solitary devastating ending, “THE DESTROYING OF THE ALLEGED CREATED HERO MADE INTERNALLY ASHES, EVEN IF I WANT TO EXTERNAL APPEAR THE OPPOSITE” . 

Remember there are no “HEROES” not in London , not in Madrid , not in New York , not in Miami , not in Los Angeles , not in Paris , not in Rome , not …… anywhere on this planet, there are living beings, including a human species, in unpredictable situations one usually or should act from our true nature, which is none other than the HEART , LOVE.

Without the connection to UNIVERSAL LOVE, my sanity tells me that we would not have had scientific, technological, cultural, sporting advances, ….. etc .. Let’s not kill that Love, at the cost of “NON-EXISTING HEROES” or ROBOTS with a pilot Automatic that sooner or later will rust, if you do not put in the necessary Love to take care of it, pamper it and clean it, as you can see, even the Robots will need our greatest ingredient of happiness, LOVE.

I am not a HERO, I am a Spanish, Madrilenian and Bamburrino around the World, proud of taking my roots to where life sends me, with personal value ahead, our human Love.

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .