Well you know, when we get to the end of the article, I will have been very comfortable, always with respect for everyone and you, dear reader , can take a dose of whatever you want or perhaps ignore everything, as you allow your Ego, that is not in my hand, that power of absorption I leave it to you and to the love that you want or not to give off, because remember, if there is love, that the ego appears, it is difficult, because resentment and hatred will not exist. 

The first, making it very clear, I can say it louder, but not clearer,  Andy Murray  has deserved to be current number 1, I have been so lucky to see his pre-match and pro-matches live a little. , part of the disciplined development that it develops and its execution time; However, as it happens with most of the players, I do not consider their fault, 100%, I do not understand the rhythm or the ways of handling everything that this work office encompasses. My common sense understands the following:  If an office already has a high rate and volume of work, why do you put more burden on it? ( what I call unnecessary stress), and How are we managing the rhythm and volume that already comes by default? It goes without saying that this extra load complicates how to manage it. 

It is true, dear reader, that in this current sports office, there is initially a crusade of games, for the interests of those who  bet financially  on you, the  ego  of your coach, even parents eager to … … then we want to believe ourselves more clever that the power of our nature and ……, once you are “top” a wonderful  advertising makerting  through brands,  journalistic , of course allowed by many sports, actors and others, unable to say no to certain things and being filled with contradictions when times are not good. 

And it is that arriving at the square that you have wanted so much to fight, without having lived and felt what it really costs to be a humble spectator, is a fall into the void, which dear reader, we have sadly seen how it has had, has and will continue to have, cases very hard of internal destruction, distortion of vital reality, and even death, when they already had everything. You know one thing, nothing explodes from new to first, or with the same intensity, previously there were already details that knocked on the door, another thing is the ability to see them and get ahead of them exploding, as I have already said on other occasions, humans we are an immense source of constant information.

Without ceasing to name also, the current situation of society, the experiences and impacts from childhood, with the needle of adolescence in between, plus adult social pressure, …. (Although with this I can be somewhat tiresome, but I cannot not remember what I consider our trunk of life, so once again, I invite you to read my article THE AGES, one of the first that I made. ), more if you read my article mentioned, which in Tennis , along with  the immense desire of many disoriented ex-players In search of improving the sport that their day played and respected much more, than many of the players / players of current generations and even some coaches, I would also say, our kit-explosive movement in unison is not made. 

So, in this way we arrive at social CHAOS and its distortions ,  what are values? What is Mental strength? What is humility? , This in the world of tennis, I have seen it multiply by a lot, although in soccer in recent years it is not far behind, in sport with the appearance of a figure called  Sports Psychologist , and I thought, who was inside of a track, of a field, on top of a stage, it was a simple human being, the same who showers by himself, eats by himself, and walks in his day to day by himself, I think, in my experience I I refer,  would it not be more sensible to work from the side of life than from the side of labor-social labels? My common sense tells me that, come on, because there is more and more a crossfire of values ​​game, lack of control, disappointments, mental explosions and their violent consequences, really worrying.

Observing, dear reader, this whole labyrinth with a knot of paths where we ourselves are not setting our own traps, bolts, with increasingly complicated and tightened knots that can drown us, but rather we learn to undo those knots, to look for them. Paths in freedom that lead us to that desired way out of experience and natural responses,  why do we complicate ourselves? Why do we get bloated? Do we gain something by satisfying our ego? .  

Perhaps a  SPORTSMAN , you should ask yourself these three questions:

1. Do I fight-compete for my own balance or against someone to prove something?

2. Is the deep meaning of my sport (Tennis in this case) representing me in everything I do both on the court and in other daily activities?

3. Is being competitive (cold, distant, sinking teeth, gaze of the “tiger”, personal pride ….. etc.) at odds with being a person who carries an emotional transformation-fair play, with which the fair-play implies ?. Dear reader, I leave it to you to answer those questions.

And a TRAINER-MANAGERS-AGENTS must be clear that their rectangular plastic license, if that trainer’s license , such as driving, without eyes, ears, or brain, is like not having it and a danger to the rest, You should also ask yourself these questions: 

1. Is tennis or any other sport practiced to fight for revenge or trampling between human beings, and even to crush stupid and journalistic statistical materials, or simply as a form of defense or personal improvement on the part of the person who comes looking for of your help?

2. Is it taught to compete so that oneself is independent, free on and off the track or to fulfill my frustrated desires of my non-sporting career or at least the unexpected one?

3. Similar to the last question an athlete should ask himself, is being an unceremonious predator with the rival, full of mental obsession, among many other details, is synonymous with being a true number 1? In other words, is not being a predator at odds with being a lady and a gentleman, with all its emotional field that it drags?

Summing up this point, dear reader, I leave you making very deep reflections, because they are questions with a lot of emotional charge , that you can only answer. Allow me to mention an example that was graphically saved on the net, occurred a few dates ago, we saw how in a video of a TOP coach, has become viral in the networks, due to the way of training his player the rest of the supposed serve of the player who would have in front, which by the way was of little use, because he ended up losing that game and affecting him in the next, another example those players looking for external changes, without internal accompaniments, there are also a few of these and some surprise of this type of changes is coming for the course that is about to begin, for me it is to continue on the same Ferris wheel.

Well, it will be that since my change 3 years ago, and its different progress in recent years, the way I look at sport and see life has changed a lot, apart from giving me a different approach to things, all of the above It has led me to this, in order to understand more clearly my answers to the following questions: 

1. What do I understand by number 1? and

2. What do I think people should understand socially by being number 1?

The truth is dear reader, I have had the feeling, I don’t know if the same thing has happened to you, that when Andy Murray achieved number 1 or even periods prior to achieving it, it is as if all the previous progress had not been worth anything but had managed to be number 1; I consider that we take it and it is taught to later generations as an obsessive posture objective, forgetting that in the end what will always stay with us in our retina, in our brain, is the road, the trip, the rest are specific moments without more value than whoever wants to give it one. 

Being number 1 , for me, is not being better than the opponent, it is not being more than anyone else, it is not being a hero or idol of anybody, nor being the center of attention of any circle; For my number 1 it is without ever knowing, what are my limits, and within the personality of each one at the time of saying within their pyramid of priorities if it is worthwhile to carry out certain activities with a risk, that it is not going to us give more “mental strength”, neither will nor should it limit us in our real life path of each one; but to  be better than the day before, that my self is better than a second, than a minute, than an hour, than a day, … etc before and that people who want to learn from you or your opponent are better than that they were and vice versa, that your opponent also makes you better than you were in a previous phase. This means that your ego is not above your own person (it is explained a little above). 

Socially , what people should understand by being number 1 is not idolizing athletes, actors, or any other public figure, in my own personal opinion, based on a lack of personal love, to love oneself, to appreciate oneself, the lack of searching for one inside, to the point of pulling out the guts and squeezing oneself without knowing where their human limits are, besides I think that we never know for sure. In other words, plugging holes at the expense of idolizing or exalting without balance both public figures and close people for what they do or do not do, that is not being number 1, and also to those people that we exalt we do them a disservice, if as I have said above, you are on stage without knowing what a spectator is and what it means to be down, due to skipped stages. 

Being number 1  are not those Heroes or Legends, created by the press in moments of glory and then with the passage of time turned into Villains by the press itself at the mercy of public opinion, incidentally, in many cases by the non-existent or poor emotional intelligence of those involved as heroes or legends, because when a habit begins to be created, as long as it does not stop in time, then the shark that is usually the habit eats everything it catches in its path including its own protagonist, as we have seen over and over again, with different levels of falls, in some cases death. 

I can only add, gentlemen numbers 1 PUBLIC , a NO in time saves you from many emotional and physical damage and damage, do not be a product, be a human, give yourself an example and set an example to those who follow you, and those than trying to exalt you more than the unjustified. 


We are all numero1 , queramonos, listen to your body and watch your self – esteem !. 


Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .